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Super Mario 64 Shorts - Bob-omache, more often simply called Bob-omache (and sometimes misspelled as Bob-ombache), it is the 138th video made by SuperMarioGlitchy4. In this short blooper, Mario accidentally eats a bomb, and then decides to make the rest of his time worth it.


Mario accidentally ate a bomb that wandered into his spaghetti after SMG4 set it down to speak to Toad, whose pants fell off (again). In the next scene, Dr. Mario informs Mario that he is pregnant, but reveals that the news was actually meant for Princess Daisy. The real news is that Mario's guts will explode in 24 hours.

In the next scene, Mario is naked, enjoying his spaghetti, and SMG4 gets mad at him for returning to eat even though he knows he will die soon. He then states that he can't let that happen, and angrily asks Mario if he knew how expensive it was to clone him. SMG4 decides to have Mario attempt to remove the bomb by using the bathroom, but he fails to do so, instead farting out loud. SMG4, along with a heart and lungs, finds what he believes is a baby Toad in the toilet, but it turns out to be Toad's doll.

Next, Mario is standing outside the castle, stating how serious this death of his will be, and then climbs to the castle roof naked, and decides that he will enjoy life.

With 15 hours left, Mario says farewell to Bowser, who is upset about the situation because he wanted to be the one who would kill him. He then runs away while crying, and jumps off of the stage's edge. Mario questions why people are taking his death seriously. Mario goes to tell Luigi that he will be moving to Mexico forever, and justifies his decision by saying that he's moving because nobody wants to see Luigi's face.

With 10 hours left, Mario tells Toad his death wish, which is to have Toad stuff him with spaghetti and leave him on the couch. Toad replies by saying that his skin would be blown up, and Mario tells him to find an Italian from the street and stuff him instead. Toad doubts his wish again, which Mario responds to by telling him to draw a mustache on a toilet, and walks off. SMG4 opens one of the castle doors to find Mario, naked, with his plate of spaghetti.

With 7 hours left, Mario remembers his life since he was born, which was apparently as a failed experiment which was dumped in front of the Castle.

With 5 hours left, Mario states how time is taking forever.

With only 1 hour left, Mario calls for everyone's attention, demanding that nobody touch the picture of Peach in his room. He then says that he should be going outside now, and slowly steps down the stairs... and explodes after a few steps. SMG4 states that it was time to clone another Mario, to which Toad responds by asking why they need another Mario when they have Toilet Mario, a toilet with Mario's cap and a mustache drawn on. Toilet Mario laughs in an evil manner, with the background changing to a fiery inferno, and the video ends.

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I have absolutely no idea what's going on "I have absolutely no idea what's going on.
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