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Super Mario Guides: HOW TO CATCH POKEMON is the TBA episode of Season 6 and the TBA overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

Several Pokémon such as Mimikyu and Litten are introduced here. It was aired on December 21, 2016.


It's time to learn how to catch Pokemon, the MARIO way!


The video began at a tropical region with a Litten meowing away. Suddenly, Mario appeared from a nearby bush and threw several Pokeballs at it but did not catch the Litten. Mario quickly told Luigi to hide the Litten to make it look as if he managed to catch it. He then asked the audience if they wanted to be a Pokémon master just like him and that he would show them how to be one.

Method 1: Battle the Pokeman

For the first method, Mario told the audience that everyone knows that the easiest thing when it comes to catching Pokémon is to battle them before saying they were going to find one. As Mario was searching for one, Mimikyu appeared trying to get his attention but it failed. Mario eventually found one, a Pikachu and sent out Bulbasaur, which was actually just Luigi in a Bulbasaur costume. Mario commanded Luigi to use Razor Leaf while Luigi told him that the audience already saw that Mario had no Pokémon. Mario was angry and told him to do what he was told. Luigi reluctantly agreed and used the move but it did nothing due to him just tossing a few leaves. Pikachu then attacked with a thunderbolt, instantly frying Luigi. Mario then said that it was nothing a good potion couldn’t fix but instead of spraying the potion on Luigi, he simply dumped the bottle on him before heading to the next step.

Method 2: Set a Trap!

For the second method, Mario said to set a trap if their Pokémon was too weak to battle. He first said to use a bait (he used Spaghetti for bait because it was delicious). He next placed the spaghetti on the bear trap and then he was done. As he turned to hide, he saw the Mimikyu from earlier but disregarded the Pokémon as a mop before tossing it aside. He then quickly hid as a Pokémon was coming. Turned out it was a Sylveon. It approached the trap but found the bait disgusting and left. Mario, angry at Sylveon's thoughts, suddenly found the bait he set attractive and went for it, resulting in the natural consequence of having his face be clamped by the bear trap. Luigi saw all that unfolded and facepalmed.

Method 3: Seduce the Pokeman!

For the third method, Mario said that if trapping the Pokémon did not work, then seducing them could work instead. He indicated that there was one, which happened to be an Alolan Dugtrio. He then showed how to seduce them, a disguise, with Luigi being the test volunteer. Luigi, of course, did not want to wear the costume but Mario pleaded with his brother to do so (Mimikyu could be seen wearing Justin Bieber's hairstyle to get Mario's attention but it also failed). Despite his horrible face, he relented and headed near the Dugtrio wearing a Dugtrio costume, He tried to show off his costume to the Pokémon but it did not like it and used Hyper Beam to decimate Luigi into a skeleton. As Luigi walked back to Mario sadly, he replied that at least he was not as ugly.

Method 4: Go Fishing!

Mario indicated that there was no need to only use land Pokémon. There were also water pokémon to catch. He used his rod but caught a skeleton, Mimikyu with a fish on its head, and Toad. As he tried for the fourth time, he managed to reel in a Gyarados but seeing it was not looking pleased, Mario slowly put it back into the water before asking if he should do something else.

Method 5: Use the Z-Move!

Mario was exclaiming how that using the Z-Move would have to work and tried getting Luigi to use his Z-Move but it failed due to Luigi collapsing. Mario berated Luigi and decided to do this method himself. He looked for who to use the Z-Move and saw a Mew, a MissingNo., and the Mimikyu holding a "Notice me senpai" before deciding to use it on a Magikarp. He proceeded to use his Z-Move, Italian Thunderfat, which proceeded to destroy the whole world. Mario then realized his Z-move missed the Magikarp and it proceeded to taunt him. (Luigi was now a pile of ash save for his hat)

Method 6: Talk to the Pokeman!

Mario approached an alolan Exeggutor while wearing a poorly made disguise while pretending to be a new Exeggutor called "Maria" that just moved in and asked if he could catch it. The Pokémon believed Mario to be its mother and chased after him, causing Mario to run for it.

Method 7: Distract the Pokeman!

As Mimikyu tried getting Mario to notice it, he just pushed it off the cliff with a Pokédoll, which he said that he paid for with Luigi's surgery money. However, he did it to distract a Pokémon and then catch it. Soon after, he hid as one was approaching. It was a Jigglypuff. It saw the doll and activated it. It was soon interested in it due to making a song. Mario quickly snuck up on the Jigglypuff but suddenly, the Pokémon turned around and sang (albeit horribly) to counter Mario's attempt to catch it. It worked and Mario's head was blown up. Jigglypuff then told Mario to learn his lesson before walking away.

Method 8: Ask Nintendo really really nicely.

At Nintendo Headquarters, Mario asked to speak to the boss, with the Secretary asking for his name. Mario angrily reminded her of his name before the secretary realized she forgot and led him to the boss's room, which happened to be owned by Reggie. Reggie said he had been expecting Mario, who told him catching Pokémon was a dumb idea and wanted one right then. Reggie replied he would give him one, causing Mario to be happy before pulling a fast one on him, saying he had to battle him. Mario took out his AK-47 before Reggie corrected saying it was a Pokémon battle. He transformed into Regigigas and the battle started. Mario fired his weapon but it did nothing. Regigigas then attacked with Reggie Beam which consisted of firing several of his heads at him, along with a Shigeru Miyamoto head. Later in the hospital, Mario, who was turned into a pile of ashes too, asked Luigi why he did not come to help him, with Luigi just staying silent.

Final method: Give Up and cry...

As Mario cried about not getting a Pokémon, Mimikyu approached him, wanting him to notice it. Mario was happy and asked if it wanted to be his Pokémon, which it happily agreed to. Mario then told the audience that giving up and crying was how to get a Pokémon. As he proceeded to hug it, he accidentally took off its cloth, making him wonder if Mimikyu was wearing a disguise. However, what he did was a fatal mistake, as when he looked at Mimikyu, he wondered with horror what it was. Soon, his head fell off and he exploded.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters

  • Pikachu
  • Sylveon
  • Dugtrio (Alola Form)
  • Magikarp
  • Exeggutor (Alola Form)
  • Jigglypuff
  • Secretary
  • Reggie (as himself and as Regigiggas)


  • Litten (appears near the start)
  • Toad (appears in method 4 as one of the rejected catches)
  • Gyarados (appears in method 4 but was quickly put back into the water)
  • Mew (appears in method 5 as one of the possible candidates for Mario's Z-Move but not used)
  • Missingno. (appears in method 5 as one of the possible candidates for Mario's Z-Move but not used)
  • Shigeru Miyamoto (appears as one of the heads in the Reggie Beam)


  • At 5:31, two "the" can be seen instead of one.

Music used

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  • 00:14 – Enter The Vertex, Conker’s Bad Fur Day (CBFD)
  • 00:29 – Main Theme, Pokemon (TV)
  • 00:36 – Delibird’s Delivery, Pokemon Stadium 2
  • 00:40 – Mushroom Bank, Mario Party
  • 01:02 – Vs. Trainer, Pokemon Red & Blue
  • 01:25 – I’m Gonna Kick Your Ass, DaleG. #HankBlock FBK
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  • 07:03 – (variant of They’re Pretty Tough, Should We Be Careful?, needs verification)
  • 07:31 – Here’s Some Weapons, Super Mario RPG
  • 07:39 – Mimikyu Song (instrumental), Duo Draco


  • In the core Pokémon games, Z-Moves can never miss by default. However, in this case, Mario's Z-Move missed.
  • In one of the Hobo Bros video, Luke and Kevin discussed Mimikyu, regarding what was underneath its cloth.

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