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Super Minecraft 64 Bloopers: Herobrine is the thirty-ninth episode of Season 2 and the eighty-eighth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This is the first episode of the Super Minecraft 64 Bloopers series. It was aired on June 1, 2012.


SMG4 and Mario are back in Minecraft with a black stalker in it!


Mario and SMG4 are pulled back into the portal to Minecraft. The story starts when Mario and Steve go mining before meeting encounter the creepiest version of Steve called Herobrine. Mario takes Herobrine home with him to SMG4. SMG4 then takes Mario outside and tells Mario about how a long time ago, A traveler was walking in the forest and suddenly Herobrine is born from the sky scared everybody. SMG4 is convinced Herobrine is dangerous and cannot stay with them. SMG4 shows Mario a picture of the scary dude from legend and Herobrine puts on woman's underwear, throwing Mario off the similarties of him to the picture. Mario is convinced SMG4 just hates him because he is black. SMG4 admits he is black but is still convinced he is a threat.

When the moon rises, however, Herobrine's eyes glow red and he blows up their house. After he attacks SMG4 and Mario fails to counterattack, Herobrine begins chasing them through the forest. Herobrine corners the two on a cliff and the two jump. SMG4 lands in the body of water and Mario painfully lands on the ground.

Mario and SMG4 build a giant cross hoping the power of Jesus compels Herobrine. This doesn't work and Herobrine blasts them. Eventually they are chased into a dead end again. Suddenly Batman arrives to save the two "little girls". Herobrine attacks Batman while Mario and SMG4 escape.

Herobrine quickly finds the two and after they all are creeped out by Notch for a second, Herobrine creates a tornado to kill the duo. Mario and SMG4 are pulled in and sent spiraling around and around. Herobrine, after being creeped out by Notch, observes contently. Fortunately, the sun begins to rise and the tornado suddenly stops. Mario and SMG4 find that the tornado stopped because the sun is Herobrine's only weakness and he catches on fire and burns to ashes.

Steve reunites with Mario and SMG4, not before Notch creeps them out, and they follow Steve. Steve reveals that he found a whole cave full of Herobrines. Mario is p*ssed.


Errors and trivia

  • During the scene where Herobrine gets distracted by Batman, the nighttime turns into daytime.
  • When Batman appears, he says "STOP RIGHT THERE EVIL!!!". The quote "stop right there" is often said by Policemen in SMG4's videos nowadays.
  • Disneyland is mentioned by Mario when he and SMG4 get aspirated in a tornado (he says that it's better than Disneyland).
  • When Herobrine tries to creep on Mario, Mario thinks it's Luigi trying to shove Wario's Underwear in his face.

I have absolutely no idea what's going on "I have absolutely no idea what's going on."
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