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Super Pokeman 64 bloopers: GYMS AND BADGES is the 174th SM64 blooper made by SuperMarioGlitchy4. It is the second blooper in the Super Pokeman 64 series.


The blooper opens with Mario and Luigi mercilessly beating a helpless Pokemon (Axew) in an attempt to capture it. He brings it to Professor Oak, who tells Mario that if he wants to beat a gym leader and get a badge, he'll need a better Pokémon. Mario questions what a gym leader is, but nonetheless heads inside of a gym. After being bugged by nearly everyone inside, he finally finds who he believes is the gym leader. When the man explains that not only he is not the gym leader, but that the gym leader wasn't even inside of the gym, Mario gets super mad commands Luigi to "fuck him up". Luigi however, actually attempts to have sex with the man, enraging Mario even further.

When Mario furiously exits the gym, he finds the gym leader, and ends up getting into a high speed car chase. When he leads the gym leader into a patch of trees, they begin a Pokémon battle. Luigi's attack isn't very effective, and the gym leader launches his attack, "Singing WTF". With some back up vocals from SMG4, the gym leader sings a remixed version of the theme song of the Pokémon anime. The gym leader then strips naked, and SMG4 accuses him of being a molester. Cops begin to pursue the naked gym leader, and as he runs by Mario, he drops a badge.

Mario triumphantly holds up the badge, claiming he will keep it forever, only to accidentally hand it to Steve, so that he could tie his shoes. Steve, seeing a Pokémon he is convinced is his own chicken kin, runs after it, taking the badge with him. Mario storms after Steve, and throws a Poké ball at him in an attempt to slow him down. It instead traps the chicken Pokémon, causing Steve to become furious, sprout devil wings and give a full-red tint, hollering and yelling at Mario, "YYOOUU SSOONN OOFF AA BB**TTCCHH!!!". Mario hesitantly releases the Pokémon, which causes Steve to revert back to his cheery demeanor. Mario again traps the Pokémon, and Steve becomes enraged, sprouts wings again and becomes red again, roaring like a lion at him. He lets it go and traps it again several more times, just to see Steve's reaction. Steve, fed up, now gets mad at Mario anytime he even goes near the Pokémon. Mario, accepting that he will never get his badge back, decides to go kill himself.

In a post credits scene, Mario declares Steve as his new rival. Suddenly, DICKS (Gary) appears, and disappointedly asks Mario why he is no longer Mario's rival, and Mario said it was also because DICKS was a nerd. Mario and Steve then close the video by high-fiving.
High 5

Mario and Steve high-five.


I have absolutely no idea what's going on "I have absolutely no idea what's going on."
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Main Characters

Supporting Characters

  • Gym Leader


  • Axew
  • Magikarp
  • Woman


  • Professor Oak breaks the fourth wall when he says he hadn't seen Mario in seven weeks, because the last super pokeman 64 blooper was released exactly 7 weeks before this one was.
  • When Mario and Steve high 5 and the end of the video, while Steve uses his hand, Mario uses his foot.
  • It is revealed that Steve loves chickens. (Possible homage to Ed from Ed, Edd n Eddy, A character loves chickens)
  • This episode was where Wario was seen gay.
  • This episode was where Smg4 was seen as the geam leader pokemon.
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