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Super Pokemans 64 bloopers: WELCOME TO POKEMANS! is the 167th blooper made by SMG4 and the first blooper in the Super Pokemans Blooper series.


GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL!!! Mario is the main character for an unimportant game, called Pokemans! I have no idea what that is.


The video starts out with Mario sleeping in a house, until the lights went dull, awakening Mario, then Oak appears out of nowhere to greet Mario and asks if he is a boy or a girl in a very creepy fashion. Mario throws Oak out of the window, making him yell out "SHIT!" Cue the intro.

Mario goes downstairs, where he meets his new mom and dad. Mario's "mom", tells him to go visit Oak to which Mario declines. She pops out some shoes for him and Mario goes outside, where he comments on what a "beautiful" day it is. When he tries to leave town, a woman blocks his way, telling him he needs a Pokemon or else he will get killed. Mario goes to Oak's house in order to get one from him. Oak starts to tell him about how the world is inhabited with Pokemon, to which Mario cuts him off with: "BITCH! DO YOU LOOK LIKE I CARE?! NO!". Gary appears asking if Oak will give him a Pokemon as well. Oak forgets his name and asks Mario who tells him it's "Dicks". Dicks challenges Mario to a Pokemon battle. Mario sends out "Super Useful Luigi" while Dicks sends out a Groudon. Mario wins by shooting Dicks' Groudon with a pistol. Then Mario asks Oak if he can have all his Pokemon to which he replies: "Get the fuck out of my house!" Then Mario ventures on to a grassy field and encounters a wild Jigglypuff which gives Luigi "Jiggly Aids", instantly fainting him. This causes Mario to black out as he has no Pokemon left. He reaches Nurse Joy's Pokemon Center where she refuses to heal Luigi as he is not really a Pokémon which Mario calls bullshit because he believes Luigi IS a Pokemon. She still refuses to recover Luigi, angering Mario who forcefully shoves Luigi into the refresher. Meanwhile, Dicks is looking for Mario to exact revenge.

At the Poké Mart, The Clerk at the front desk suggests that Mario should try catching Pokemon. Mario tries catching many Pokemon (even trying to capture Dicks) but all of his attempts end in failure with his last-ditch attempt to capture a Foongus makes it evolve into a mentally pissed off toad, who chases Mario all the way to Oak's office. Finally, Mario manages to capture/lock up the toad.

Steve tells Red to check out his new friends, which are 3 legendary Pokemon, surprising Red. Then Mario decides to try out the Pokédex Oak gave him.

Then Mario faces a really creepy guy, who effortlessly wins the battle. Mario then heals up Luigi. Dicks finally finds Mario and challenges him with a Weedle, Mario (with a toad) then laughs at Weedle, before it defeats Toad in a single shot. This forces Mario to use Luigi. Luigi tries a punch, but it doesn't do anything. With no options left, Mario tells Luigi to eat his spaghetti, which causes him to mega evolve into Weegee. Weegee defeats Weedle and Dicks, making Dicks become a bird, just before Toad comes out of nowhere and kills Mario. SMG4 then receives a Game Over, revealing the entire episode to be a game he was playing, causing him to rage quit.



  • This is the first episode where Mario enters the world of Pokemon.
  • When Mario blacks out, it says "WASTED!" and the text under that says: "Mario ran out of Pokemons." This is a reference to the GTA series.

I have absolutely no idea what's going on "I have absolutely no idea what's going on."
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