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That thing. It scares me.

—Super Ultra Comfy Bed Deluxe, before getting returned to normal by Melony

Super Ultra Comfy Bed Deluxe or SUCBD is a minor character in SMG4 series.


Its intended form is a cute dog themed bed. It also has a robot form which is supposed to be the "right side". The robot form resembles Porky's Bed Mecha and is what makes this bed a character.


Axol ordered the bed from IKEA for Melony, claiming that it will give her the best sleep possible. However, they need to assemble it first, which Melony fails at spectacularly. Suddenly, Mario bursts through the ceiling. Axol tells Mario that if he helps them build the bed, they'll let him borrow it. Mario's delighted by the idea and assembles the bed in an impressive yet wrong way. Axol tells Mario that he needs to follow the manual, which Mario declares that they've been reading the wrong side. The "right side" had instructions for turning the bed into a robot which Mario perfectly constructs. The bed recognizes Mario as its "owner" and pulls him inside it.

Mario finds the bed satisfying and falls asleep, but Axol thinks that Mario's in danger and tries to get him out. The bed recognizes Axol and Melony as threats and starts attacking them. Melony can't use her deity powers because she needs to recharge by sleeping, but she can't because the robot is making too much noise. The bed chases Axol and Melony into a room where Axol finally manages to put Melony to sleep. Axol is able to stall the bed for long enough for Melony to finish recharging, but her powers are not enough to make a scratch on it. Melony notices the word IKEA on the bottom of the bed and says it, giving Axol the idea to call IKEA. Swagmaster6969696969, who was the tech support, instructs Axol to look at the manual as it tells him how to defeat the bed. Axol instructs Melony to unscrew all of the bed's offences before disassembling the vulnerable center.

The bed miraculously reassembles itself into its intended shape. Mario wakes up, unaware of what just happened. Melony punches Mario off the bed and is finally able to sleep on it.


  • Despite being the antagonist, the Super Ultra Comfy Bed Deluxe was actually doing its job: giving Mario the best sleep possible. In order to achieve this, it drives off anybody that it deems a threat to Mario's sleep. Sure enough, Mario was able to sleep throughout the entire conflict.
  • In robot mode the bed's personality is extremely weird this might be because it was connected to Mario.
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