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Smart(ass) Mario
Super mario 64 bloopers smart(ass) mario

Super mario 64 bloopers smart(ass) mario

Season 3, Episode 5
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Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date November 25, 2012
Idea by Unknown
Directed by Smg4
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Smart(ass) Mario is the 104th SM64 Blooper created by SMG4.

Synopsis Edit

Sick of Starman3 and SMG4 hating him for being dumb, Mario touches a stone and becomes incredibly smart at the cost of his own memory, but SMG4 and Starman end up disliking the new Mario and try to change him back to normal.


Starman is playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time with SMG4 watching. Mario shows up to play with him, but the second he holds the controller, the game suddenly crashes, and angry, Starman blames the whole situation on the red-capped plumber because he didn't save. He then calls Mario an "ass" before exploding in anger.

Not fazed by the situation, SMG4 starts to play Super Mario 64, only to realize his file was erased, forcing an embarrassed Mario to reveal what happened. Apparently, he and Luigi were fighting over the controller 2 days ago (Toad saw the fight and thought it was interesting), and in the struggle accidentally erased SMG4's file so they threw the N64 away. Angry at this revelation (as well as the fact he had to buy a new N64), SMG4 calls Mario an "ass" and kicks him out of the castle. He then yells at Mario to stop being a moron for once before slamming the door in his face.

Humiliated, Mario angrily leaves admitting that SMG4 was right and wishes to be smart. A mysterious voice then appears and orders the red-capped plumber to follow it. Mario manages to do so (though he accidentally entered the ladies bathroom with his eyes closed) and finds a small hole where the voice is coming from, leading him to a crystal. The voice then tells Mario that the crystal will grant him any wish if he touches it, though at the cost of his memory, but he doesn't listen and touches it.

Meanwhile, Starman is playing Ocarina of Time again with SMG4 watching him. The doorbell then rings and SMG4 goes to get it only to find Mario. Annoyed at his presence, SMG4 is shocked to realize Mario doesn't remember anything (not even his name), and when the youtuber tries to jog his memory, the red-capped plumber incorrectly deduces him as "The Janitor". Insulted, SMG4 runs to the corner crying while saying "I'm beautiful." multiple times. Mario enters the castle where Toad greets him, only for him to unintentionally harm the mushroom's feelings by saying "I'm friends with a midget with stubby arms?".

Starman then comes out of the room after rage quitting the game and deciding to take a permanent break and discovers Mario's amnesia. At first, SMG4 is happy since it means no more crazy antics, but 20 minutes later he finds that without Mario's antics (such as breaking something or setting Luigi on fire), life is boring, so he comes to Mario in his room, asks him if he ate spaghetti, but Mario doesn't know that food. SMG4 says Mario is dead and was replaced by a nerd and has a flashback of him and Mario having fun from yesterday. Then, he and Starman try various failed attempts to jog his memory. Finally, they decide to interrogate him on things he usually knew about by knocking him out and taking him to Bowser's castle. After various failed questions, they finally realize that he touched the crystal and that's why he lost his memory. However, when they turn around, they find that Mario is gone, and thinking he made a run for it (as well as fearing his brain power would be too much), SMG4 tries to find him and jumps into a pit of lava, only to realize Mario was just going to the bathroom.

Afterward, Mario leads the 2 to cave where the crystal is and the voice greets them (and calling them travelers and homosexuals, much to SMG4's shock). Mario asks if there's a way to reverse the process, but the voice tells them the effect can't be undone, much to SMG4's anger as they can't live with Mario like this, and repeatedly makes the red-capped plumber kiss the crystal, but it doesn't work. Annoyed, the youtuber decides to give up and eat some spaghetti he brought with him. However, after Mario sees the spaghetti, he manages to get his memory and stupidity back and eats SMG4's spaghetti, much to his chagrin, while Starman is relieved to have the old Mario back.

Later, Starman is playing Ocarina of Time again with SMG4 watching him. However, after getting hit, the game suddenly crashes, much to Starman's anger.



  • At the start of the video, there is a running gag of Mario being called an ass, with a picture of buttocks appearing over his face.