Susan Diane Wojcicki is the real-life CEO of YouTube and a minor character in SMG4. She made her first appearance as a minor supporter in SMG4: The Day SMG4 Posted Cringe.


In the SMG4 series, Susan is depicted as a large raptor dinosaur with blonde hair. She wears blue slacks, a pink shirt, and has blonde hair.


In the SMG4 series, she is bossy, rude, and has zero tolerance for most people.



  • Her voice clips are that of Gruntilda from the Banjo-Kazooie series.
    • She also has the same hair as Tooty from the same series.
  • A running gag is that every time she talks her surname changes. The changes were:
    • Susan Wojilkkjiik
    • Susan Weoweojkil
    • Susan Wang
    • Susan Weiner
    • Susanalbumparty
    • Susan World of Warcraft
    • Susan WizzleWozzle
    • Susan Winrar
    • Susan Wumpafruit
    • Susan Wankotron
    • Susan Wario

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