Swag Tubbie

Swag Meter = OVER 9000!!

Can I help you?

—Swag Tubbie

SuperSwagTubbie is a Teletubbie and the main antagonist in Retarded64: Mario Simulator. Mario steals her glasses like a douchebag. She reappears in front of Peach's Castle getting retaliation on Mario when she gets an army of Teletubbies to kill him. She is also the final boss.

☀is retarded for stealing glasses for swag


Trivia Edit

  • According to the rule according to which a name in plural which ends in "-ie" ends in "-y" in singular, the name of this Teletubby should be "SwagTubby" and not "SwagTubbie". It's probably a mistake made by SuperMarioGlitchy4, who always writes "Tubbie" instead of "Tubby" in singular.
  • This character is dead with the others when Mario throws the cartridge of the game into the Sun. In other words, SwagTubbie is lost forever. Despite this, she has made a few more appearances after this.
  • If one looks closely, SwagTubbie has a Ferrari 360 Spider.


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