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SMG4 and Shroomy as T-Pose Zombies

T-Pose Zombies are zombified characters stuck in the "T-Pose" reference pose that attempt to infect the entire Mushroom Kingdom.

T-Pose Zombies are formed through a virus that has four vectors of transmission: being killed in proximity of a T-Pose Zombie, struck by lightning from Waluigi's Staff of Rejection, or consuming a poisonous T-Pose Shroom, or being in the radius of an exploding T-Pose Shroom.

In the SMG4 series, T-Pose Zombie outbreaks have occurred twice, and both were directly caused by Waluigi.

Personality Edit


Mario preparing to kick Bob off the roof to be captured by the T-Pose Zombies below as punishment for getting Luigi zombified because he wouldn't let the Mario Bros. enter the roof.

T-Pose Zombies appear to be almost completely devoid of personality, instead being a mindless force concerned solely with the propagation of their kind by killing anything that is not a T-Pose Zombie. Meggy is an exception, as she was saddened by the actions of Tari and even tried to hug her. T-Pose Zombies rarely (if at all) demonstrate any form of intelligence, doing little more than simply chasing a target for infection. Owing to their low intelligence, T-Pose Zombies do not change their expression at all, even when being assaulted or capturing a victim, showcasing their lack of conscience.

Despite this, they can sometimes display minor emotions, showing that their mind is not completely erased during their transformation, as was shown with Meggy when she shed a tear while being hugged by a sobbing Tari. This implies that their consciousness is buried deep within their minds and it's possible to get through to them emotionally by reminding them of their personal memories.

T-Pose Zombies do not put their arms down for any reason, and in fact appear to be completely incapable of having their limbs moved at all, as seen when Meggy attempted to fight her way out of a T-Pose Zombie horde. T-Pose Zombies also appear to be extremely resistant to any form of damage and might not even feel pain, as they quickly got back up after Meggy knocked them all down during her fight in Peach's Castle in SMG4: Mario And The T-Pose Virus.

History Edit


Shroomy served as patient zero for the T-pose virus.

The T-Pose Zombies first appeared in one blooper, SMG4: Mario And The T-Pose Virus.

The first known major outbreak of T-Pose Zombies occurred in their debut appearance and was caused by Waluigi, who encountered Shroomy in a forest and conjured a T-Pose Shroom using his Staff of Rejection. Waluigi commanded Shroomy to eat the T-Pose Shroom, to which he happily obliged, turning him into patient zero for the T-Pose virus.

Afterwards, the infected Shroomy went to the castle, where he infected SMG4 and Toad, so Mario and Luigi went upstairs to warn Fishy Boopkins, Meggy, and Bob about it. However, the T-Posers infected Boopkins, and Meggy attempted to fight them alone as Bob refused to help her, only for her to get turned into a T-Pose Zombie too. Bob then went to the Tick Tock Clock room with the Mario Bros., but before they could formulate a plan, the zombies broke into the room, and the Garo abandoned them to escape to the roof, much to Mario's anger. Unfortunately for him, Shroomy had somehow infected numerous people, resulting in the castle being surrounded on all sides by T-Posers, and as such, Bob wasn't able to jump off the roof and instead had to block the door to keep the zombies at bay.

Mario and Luigi wanted to get in for safety, but Bob repeatedly declined and told them to die quieter despite their begging. Fed up, Mario used his "Fat Powers" to break down the door. However, as he and Luigi celebrated, Luigi got captured by the zombies and was infected; Mario, blaming Bob for Luigi's transformation, kicked him off the roof, after which he was presumably infected. Unfortunately, the roof was now loaded with zombies who were preparing to attack the shocked Mario, but Princess Peach (who knew about the virus and was prepared for it) then showed up in a helicopter and saved him by curing the T-Posers with 1-Up Mushrooms, ending the outbreak.

Another outbreak started in SMG4: The Mario Convention! at the Glitchcon convention center, when Meggy and Mario went up to talk to "Mr. Hideo" (actually Waluigi in disguise), whom after Mario told him to see Luigi, held up a T-Pose Shroom that had been primed to explode in order to turn everyone into his own personal minions. Meggy then ran up and sacrificed herself to save the panicked plumber as it detonated, becoming patient zero for the second outbreak with some other convention goers, much to Mario's horror.

It was also revealed that the zombies can no longer be cured by 1-Up Mushrooms, as Waluigi was now so powerful that he was able to create a new strain of the virus that is incurable, at least by the conventional cure. As everyone (except Tari who was unaware of the outbreak but remained hidden) fled Glitchcon, Waluigi used his Staff of Rejection to spread the virus and infect as many people as he could, including Luigi. By the end of the day, he managed to amass a very sizable army of T-Pose Zombies that he planned to unleash upon the world.

In SMG4: Mario and the Waluigi Apocalypse, the majority of this army was unleashed from the convention by Waluigi, and had begun to wreak havoc on the Mushroom Kingdom, spreading the T-Pose Virus all over the kingdom for the second time; meanwhile, Meggy, Luigi, Bowser, Master Hand (who had been mind-controlled), and a few other T-Pose Zombies remained inside the convention center as they'd been assigned to guard Waluigi's Staff of Rejection. Tari, having finally emerged from her hiding spot, stealthily grabbed Meggy from the crowd and tried to bring her back to her former self by reminding her of the fun times they'd had together. When this didn't work, Tari hugged Meggy and mourned the loss of her friend, causing Meggy to shed a tear; this was the first instance of a T-Pose Zombie showing any sign of emotion. Shortly after this, Mario, SMG4, and Saiko (who only wanted to help because the zombies paid no attention to her) fought their way through the T-Pose Zombie army using SMG4's Deathbus, and were able to break into the convention center. They proceeded to reach for the Staff of Rejection, only for Waluigi to move it away from them and turn Saiko into a T-Pose Zombie after capturing her with Master Hand. Subsequently, Waluigi then told Mario and SMG4 that his "set" of T-Pose Zombies was nearly complete, and then made the two vanish with his staff.

In Boopkins Plays VRChat which is set during The Waluigi Apocalypse, The T-Posers make another appearance where they're seen chasing FightingMario54321 and presumably infecting him, while Fishy Boopkins is horrified at the events. He then decides to play VRChat until the apocalypse ends, but when he finds himself in a room full of anime posters along with a replica of himself, He starts screaming in horror, and the blooper abruptly ends, with Waluigi assaulting and infecting Boopkins.

In War of the Fat Italians 2018, Waluigi temporarily turned the zombies back into normal people specifically just for SMG4's and Mario's challenges. After SMG4 destroyed the Staff of Rejection with help from Tari, all the zombies were permanently turned back into their normal selves, ending the 2nd and final outbreak.

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  • T-Pose Zombies look the exact same as their original self, except they're doing a t-pose.
  • T-Pose Zombies Have some sort of emotions, like humans.
  • T-Pose Zombies can't show that they have emotions, because they're stuck in a t-pose.
  • T-Pose Zombies are able to cry.

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  • The concept for the T-Pose Zombies is a reference to the "T-Pose" meme, where 3D anijmated characters are shown in a reference pose with their arms sticking out, making their bodies (sans their head) form a "T" shape.
  • There appears to be no limit as to who can be infected by the T-Pose Virus, judging by the crowd shots. Powerful characters such as Bowser and Whomps get infected, and even characters with reality-warping abilities such as Baldi are shown to be victims of the T-Pose Virus. Not even non-living characters, like Mega Man X, are safe from the T-Pose Virus!
  • Master Hand was the only character who didn't get into a T-Pose when infected with the T-Pose Virus; he simply became mind-controlled by Waluigi.
  • T-Pose Zombies function similarly to the zombies depicted in the Max Brooks novels The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z, where they are infectees of the "Solanum Virus" that are completely devoid of personality or intelligence beyond animalistic instincts and solely focused on spreading the virus and the consumption of humans. An exception to this was seen during SMG4: Mario And The Waluigi Apocalypse when Meggy shed a tear while being hugged by Tari.
  • The name "T-Pose Virus" may be a reference to the Resident Evil Tyrant-Virus, aka T-Virus.
  • Mario is the only character of the main cast to had experienced all the outbreaks but did not get infected by the virus and turn into one of them
  • Mario, Wario, Waluigi, Master Hand, and Tari are the only characters that never became T-Pose Zombies (Except Mario if we count when he was becoming a T-Pose Zombie in SMG4: Mario And The Waluigi Apocalypse).

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