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THE OFFICIAL SMG4 MERCH REVEAL is a video uploaded by SMG4. It mostly promotes a new SMG4 merchandise as it was revealed in a SMG4 Direct video.


THE SMG4 MERCH LINE IS HERE! Now with all NEW designs ranging from the sleek and stylish like the SMG4 Japanese face slap shirt all the way to cute and fun character designs like Meggy and Boopkins. All printed in high quality on an inexpensive premium shirt. THE SMG4 SIGNATURE HAT HAS ALSO RETURNED!


I have absolutely no idea what's going on "I have absolutely no idea what's going on."
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Mario is outside of Peach's Castle sunbathing naked. He says that it's really fun and he should do it more sometime.

Mario finishes sunbathing and goes to get his clothes, but before he could grab his clothes, it got ran over by a van, stolen by Klepto, then Klepto got hit by a airplane, the plane crashed, and then exploded killing klepto and blowing up Mario's clothes.

Mario runs over to his clothes and says that he has nothing to wear now, then SMG4 pops out of the grass with a weird face. and Mario is confused about why SMG4 looks like that.

SMG4 says that he heard Mario say that he had no clothes. Mario says that he doesn't want his clothes, but then SMG4 pushes him aside and starts to talk.

SMG4 says that Mario's lucky, because he has new shirts in the store like Simple But Sexy SMG4 shirt, and it would show how much you support the channel and series if you bought it.

SMG4 forces Mario to wear the shirt, but Mario didn't want to wear it. SMG4 says that you can show the world how much you LOVE HIM!!!! Mario takes off the shirt, and burns it with a flamethrower.

Because of the fire, SMG4 said that it's getting hot in there, and what are you going to do when it gets hot. And he means REALLY hot! Then a giant Angry Sun goes close to the planet then everything (Including Mario) starts to burn.

Mario starts yelling, then SMG4 says that you don't need to worry, because the authentic SMG4 Cap has returned! This time with a fresh new look! The official SMG4 text is imported into the hat now, with a T H I C C black outline! Perfect for showing your support for the channel! Not only will it protect you from the sun, but it'll make you look super stylish, and sexy!

Mario says "Mama-mia..." and then dies of heat or fire, but then multiple caps are dropped onto Mario and the fire is put out. SMG4 says "Fantastic!" and on the screen, there is text that says "Safety First".

The next scene shows Kermit wearing a suit, sunglasses, and is holding a crowbar around a bunch of ladies.



  • Despite the "SMG4's Merch Line" being the official SMG4 store, SMG4's Candy Van is formerly the official SMG4 store, before being possibly replaced by "SMG4's Merch Line".



  • "Oh boy, sunbathing sure is fun! I gotta do this more sometime!"
  • "Great! What's Mario going to wear now?"
  • "No! I don't want whatever the heck you're selli-"
  • "oooh...Can Mario go home now? ..."


  • "I say."


  • "Astonishing."


  • 0:00 - ???
  • 0:25 - Wii Shop Channel
  • 1:51 - ???
  • 2:17 - Mii Channel
  • 2:42 - ???
  • 3:10 - ???
  • 3:51 - ???
  • 5:48 - Birabuto Kingdom (Super Mario Land Remix)


  • Klepto - Hit by an airplane, then exploding with the airplane.
  • Mario - Burnt to death, but is alive later.
  • Fishy Boopkins - Hit by a van, but is alive later.
  • Bob - Possibly died when shot with orange paint.

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