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The Tails Doll is a toy robot of Tails built by Dr. Eggman that serves as an unlockable character from the racing game Sonic R, the titular character from the many creepypastas about him, and a character that first appeared in SM64 Halloween 2016 - SPAGHETTI.EXE, where he arrives to attack Mario, only to get his butt kicked by Slenderman. Though, a Dark Web version of it appeared in SMG4: Into the Dark Web.


In SM64 Halloween 2016 - SPAGHETTI.EXE, the doll makes its first appearance as one of the many foes that targets Mario and was defeated by Slenderman.

In SMG4: The Mario Convention!, he appears in a bargain bin that Tari was hidden in.

In SMG4: Into the Dark Web, when the gang hit an onion dump, a Dark Web version of the Tails Doll was summoned, and they tried to target Melony. Bob fought the doll and managed to kick him out of the ship, presumably killing it.


Overal 3 appearances

  1. SM64 Halloween 2016 - SPAGHETTI.EXE debut/Cameo
  2. SMG4: The Mario Convention! Cameo
  3. SMG4: Into the Dark Web


  • Both iteration of the doll served as a minor antagonist for their respective episodes. Though the Dark Web version is most likely the most dangerous iteration as it can use a chainsaw and had a hard time fighting Bob while the first iteration was defeated easily by Slenderman.
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