Page Fixin' Efforts

Now that we have fresh new talk pages, let's actually get to actually talking about the actual articles. It only makes sense.

So this page needs quite a bit of work. It was probably only nominated for featured status based on the popularity of its subject, and I suspect that's how the other featureds are chosen. (I really don't think polls are good for these things, guys!) In any case this article is really unhelpful. It gives minimal content, doesn't really explain who SMG4 is or what he does in the bloopers, and seems like it wants to be some parental-warning type of thing (when in fact you can make a parental-warning page now, making the warnings thrown around on the page unnecessary as shell). Based on what I can remember of what I was ranting about a while back, this page needs:

  • all of the stuff from his channel info removed;
  • actual description of SMG4 in the bloopers;
  • maybe a quick description of SMG4 as the blooper-maker he is in reality;
  • a pointer to Real Life SMG4, to avoid confusion and keep the article contents more relevant ("''Part of this article covers information about SMG4 in real life. This is separate content from real-life SMG4 as he appears in the bloopers. For SMG4's real-life self as present in the bloopers, see [[Real Life SMG4|here]].''");
  • to get rid of the "SMG4's videos are inappropriate for children! Don't say you weren't warned!" clauses;
  • to re-relevantize the trivia section;
  • to probably have the gallery looked over too;
  • to be scanned over another time for MM-canon stuff;
  • to have the MM-canon stuff removed;
  • to add a personality section (maybe?);
  • do we even need a section header for the blooper list? I can kinda see the logic in putting it on the article, but I think it isn't immediately related to SMG4. Besides, if someone wants the blooper list, won't they look up the blooper list? Why would they look up the name of the guy making the bloopers?;
  • and a general quality check.

Anything I missed? Any other suggestions? In general I think the article's content should shift more to SMG4-in-the-bloopers kinda stuff. We can still have some stuff in the SMG4-who-made-the-channel-and-bloopers sense, but this is a wikia predominantly about SMG4's "canon" and bloopers, so we should appeal to that encompassment, for lack of a substantially better term.

Regardless of what we decide to focus on, the page still needs work, and everyone is hoping that these talk pages will allow consensuses to be reached more quickly and easily. You know who you are, "everyone". *cough cough Pink*

 ~AgentMuffin  ( p?t?b?c? ) ?

I'll try to do as much as possible (without screwing up). MuperSario1234 (talk) 05:17, January 22, 2015 (UTC)

Alright, I tried. There are still things needed to be done, though.

What I did (or tried to do):

  • All of the stuff from his channel info removed
  • A pointer to Real Life SMG4, to avoid confusion and keep the article contents more relevant
  • Got rid of the "SMG4's videos are inappropriate for children! Don't say you weren't warned!" clauses
  • Re-relevantized (?) the trivia section
  • Removed soem unnesscessary imagers from the gallery
  • Removed the Blooper List section header and moved the link to the intro text.

If anyone has any spare time, please do the rest. MuperSario1234 (talk) 05:35, January 22, 2015 (UTC)

Looks pretty good. I might try.
 ~AgentMuffin  ( p?t?b?c? ) ?


How about a section abou SMG4's relationships with other characters as there's on the Mario, Luigi, Toad, Peach, Wario, Waluigi and SuperMarioGlitchy3 articles? 12:31, March 26, 2015 (UTC) The French anon.

To add extra information, which he's accidently missed, to his articles. -

Yes, add a sig whenever you talk here. Gave you a sub. I am Pinkolol16 The Colour Code Master! 07:46, April 28, 2015 (UTC)

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