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—Tari, There's Something Up With Meggy...

Tari (also known as Turbo Artificial Rapid Intelligence in Meta Runner canon) is a major character in the SMG4 series. She also appears in Meta Runner as the main protagonist as a counterpart in an alternate universe.

She is a major character in Season 8, the tritagonist of The Waluigi Arc, a major character in The Rapper Bob Arc, Season 9 and The Anime Arc, one of the two tritagonists (alongside Meggy Spletzer) of Season 10, a supporting character in The YouTube Arc and a major character in Season 11, The SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special and the Genesis Arc.

She's a cyborg girl and pro-gamer who befriended Mario when he needed to learn how to improve his gaming skills against SMG4, and as such became friends with them both and the rest of SMG4's Gang, namely Meggy Spletzer and Saiko Bichitaru. She was introduced during the Waluigi Arc, and since then has become a major character in the series. She is the only member of SMG4's Gang to not live in the Mushroom Kingdom, but instead in Onett, Eagleland (though Kevin Lerdwichagul have stated that maybe her place of origin is Silica City, just like her Meta Runner counterpart but Kevin wasn't sure if Silica City exists in the SMG4 Universe).

During the YouTube Arc, Tari was sent to the Internet Graveyard in SMG4: Deleted due to Belle Fontiere (on behalf of SMG3) altering the events of her debut in SMG4: Mario The Ultimate Gamer, having Mario prevented from meeting Tari. However, she and the rest of her friends were rescued by Mario in SMG4: A Totally Normal S̷͍͖͉̙͚͎̑̃̿͑̆̇̚͠M̸͇͇̦̮̌̿Ğ̴̫̗̖͎͔̳4̶̞͇̰̎̀́̚ Episode.

Like many other members of the gang in Season 11, she winds up being demoted to a minor character to the prescence of new characters such as SMG1 and SMG2, and returning characters such as SMG3 and Axol, most likely to keep her and Belle Fontiere from becoming stale characters following Meta Runner's Season 2 release and the upcoming Meta Runner Season 3 set to premiere in 2022. This minor role is set to continue with her absence in the first three episodes of Season 12.


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The Waluigi Arc

SMG4: Mario The Ultimate Gamer

Tari makes her debut and, by proxy, plays her first major role in this episode. Tari is first ever seen in the series in a games store called Games and Stuff playing Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. against Bob Bobowski. When Bob had challenged her, Tari believed that she could win against him. Tari is annoyed by Bob when he insults her, telling her that girls generally shouldn't play games and that she should leave playing games to the boys. Though he intended to lower her morale by saying this, Tari was only irritated by his irrationality, and fully intended to beat him instead. Inevitably, she easily beats Bob as retribution for his prejudice, the audience spectating her high-level ability as a gamer, and she shyly thanks them for it before leaving the store humming a tune casually to do something else. When she is about to enter another part of the mall, Mario appears out of nowhere from behind the partition, causing Tari to jump. Tari, thinking he is going to hurt her, gets into a defensive pose, but even though she is immediately corrected on his intentions when Mario says he wants to ask her something, she still decides to walk away due to her fear of meeting new people. Looking back, Tari crashes into a water bottle vending machine due to failing to survey what's in front of her, causing her to jump back once more. She is temporarily relieved that there isn't anything there, only for Mario's giant head to unexpectedly pop out of the machine, throwing herself back into another vending machine long in the distance that is made to store sweet and savory foods. The impact forces out a bag of chips, which Tari picks up due the opportunity for free food.

Mario walks up to her once again in an attempt to start a conversation with her, which he finally does, and Tari holds the bag of chips over her mouth as she speaks to him. He starts off by complimenting her ability to play games and asking for her name, to which she answers that it's Tari. He asks her if she can help him get more experience with playing games. At first, she denies his offer, possibly under the belief that he is hopeless, saying that she "isn't good" and only plays games for a living, the latter being more plausible to believe. Mario corrects her, saying that she is quite the opposite since she was able to beat Bob 1v1 immediately after the match started. Tari very calmly agrees to help Mario, only claiming that she'll try to help him improve. Mario celebrates over her agreement, of which at first makes Tari happy to see that she made someone else happy, before taking off his clothes in public, much to Tari's bother. A Goomba walks by the scene without context, and to avoid a bad reputation around someone she doesn't know personally, she claims not to know Mario, of which is the truth as of yet.

The now-duo search around the mall for a location where Mario can learn how to improve at gaming, to which Tari finds an arcade. She decides to play Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. like she did in the previous location, but Mario decides to join her in a versus, and knowing that he has no experience with games whatsoever, she is only confused by his decision for an implausible conclusion. Knowing that he's clearly the type of person who can barely do anything at all, she only watches over him as he fails to control his avatar, ending up staying in the same position and failing to remove any health points on Tari's character, while she herself is holding in the urge to burst out laughing. Since Mario is barely able to fight at all, Tari simply has to attack him once and she wins against him. Finding Mario's total inability to even defend his own avatar to be hilarious, she haughtily laughs for a second as she recommends he tries something less elaborate, that being a Whack-a-Mole parody involving his brother Luigi. Mario questions how a children's game like Whack-a-Mole is supposed to help him improve at virtual games. Tari answers by saying that there's more to gaming than just mashing buttons, and that focus is an additional requirement in being experienced with games, knowing Mario clearly doesn't have that element. Testing him anyway, she activates the machine and waits for him to get any points at all. He ends up getting none, avoiding every single Luigi that pops up due to playing the game in a fit of blind rage as he does the exact opposite of what Tari advised him to do by not focusing whatsoever, the sheer friction of his energy setting him on fire. Forced to stop Mario from his hyperactive burst, she steals an Ice Ball from the ice cream of the nearby Ice Climbers and throws it on him, freezing Mario temporarily and stopping the game. She reminds him of what she just told him to do, that being to focus, and she watches Mario try again. This time, he actually manages to hit a Luigi, but only hits one located in the corner of the game. As Tari praises him, she gets in front of Mario and in-between his trajectory between the game and the hammer, in the way of Mario's ability to play the game, inducing Mario to smash her head onto the top of the game. The duo finds a claw machine located across the area, to which Tari expresses that crane games are her favourite form of game, since they allow the player to improve hand-eye coordination; accuracy and agility, and most importantly, in her own words, it can start "a chronic gambling addiction disguised a as a child's game." She is entranced by all the plush toys stored inside the machine and wants one for herself. While Tari pays attention to the toys and presses her face up against the glass, Mario is instead focused on a random half-eaten pizza dropped inside. Desperate to catch it for himself, he kicks Tari off to the side and tries to get it for himself, only getting random, useless things that don't even fit Tari as an alternative. Tari gets back up and points out the half-eaten pizza that he's trying to get, to which he loudly responds that he doesn't care. Tari tells him to focus once more, and demonstrates with poise how to operate the crane carefully. Mario's enthusiasm gets the better of him instead, and he ends up extending the crane far into the outside distance with the force he's exerting. Instead of catching anything inside the machine, he picks up a randomly-wandering Toad, much to Tari's concern, and Toad tries to hold on for dear life as he is pulled by the crane. Though she expresses concern for a nonspecific guy, it turns out that it isn't Toad but instead Mario, whom she helps to catch Toad and reel in by operating a second crane and adding extra force. Finally having caught something and won a game, Tari and Mario agree that the latter can somewhat be an achiever in playing games. Moving on from the arcade, Tari recommends the two try a different method in one last lesson. Mario asks her if it's an advanced gamer move, but it turns out it's something better than that, by her standards at least.

The scene unexpectedly switches over to the outside world in the countryside, with Tari holding out a baguette and white bread to the ducks from Duck Hunt, confusing Mario on how it improves his gaming ability. Tari enacts the lesson because being calm prior to playing a game with someone else is important in any case. She asks the ducks if they agree, only for it to turn out that one of the two of them decided to attempt to bite her hand off while getting the bread she offered them, presumably as a final literal indication to the "bite the hand that feeds you" type of misfortune Tari receives. Feeling the pain from the bite coursing through her, she spontaneously runs around in the forest, screaming and smacking the duck against the tree stumps and the ground to release its grasp while holding the uneaten baguette, which is what really turns out to calm Mario down. With all of her energy taken from her through her suffering, she announces that Mario's training is over. Mario offers Tari to come along with him, but she denies and excuses herself by saying that she wants to continue to feed the ducks, despite what one just did to her, implying that she doesn't learn her own lesson at times. Before leaving the scene, ambitious to win against SMG4 for once, Mario shakes her hand in gratitude. With Mario out of hearing range, she expresses relief that she doesn't have to meet any new people due to her shyness, saying that she wants to stay in her current social position. As she holds her hands up in celebration, it turns out that the second duck that she was feeding joined in with the first duck in trying to bite her hands off. Tari realizes this pain, and presumably tries to smack them both off her hands off-screen, giving Tari the epiphany that her life isn't as fortunate as she first thought. Since Mario never told her where he lived, nor did he tell her his name, it can be presumed that she immediately chased and tracked down Mario in secret after releasing the ducks from their grip on her when finding that her life would be better off meeting other people.

Meanwhile, back at Peach's castle, Mario challenges SMG4 to a rematch of the game he failed at the first time. Regardless of how much he learns, he still fails and is nearly beaten once more. When Mario seems to be on the short end of the stick, he sees Tari outside through the window motivating him to focus. She only waves back when he questions how she got to Peach's castle and found a way to look through the window, as the only way she could get onto the high window located where Mario and SMG4 currently were was a flimsy support beam. Promptly, the beam breaks and she falls a metre down into the castle's trench. Later on after Mario is successful, she goes into the castle, and peeks through the doorway into the room. SMG4 notices this as he's about to leave in sorrow of being beaten by an idiot like Mario. Realizing that she has been noticed, she apologizes for potential intrusion and falls back. Since Mario knew she would be there, he goes out of the room and forcibly shoves Tari in, explaining that he managed to beat SMG4 because of her help, and he demands she celebrate his winnings with him. Feeling pity for SMG4, however, she offers that he plays with her for fun, to which SMG4 accepts, still sad. Consecutively, Tari and SMG4 play the game with each other for fun as promised while Mario continues celebrating and shoving his success in SMG4's face in the background, to which they both completely ignore as they continue to focus on their game.

SMG4: The Mario Carnival

Tari plays her second major role in this episode, as well as making her very second appearance, though she only first appears halfway into the episode. She is first seen by SMG4 when searching for a game he can beat Mario in, struggling to play the duck fishing game that SMG4 is interested in. Seeing Tari there, he abruptly alerts the currently-oblivious girl of his presence which inevitably leads to her accidentally smacking him onto the ground with the fishing rod she's holding. In the midst of the pain she unintentionally brought unto him, he questions why she's at Bob's carnival and she answers that she's just there for the fun of it, wasting her money, and trying to get cute rubber ducks for herself. To demonstrate the money she has, she holds it out in bags for Bob to take as equal exchange. In a direct parallel to her previous appearance, SMG4 asks her if she can retrieve more tickets for him, leading to Tari doubting her abilities as she denies that she is as experienced with carnival games compared to virtual games and that she doesn't desire to have to "get up and do things" as getting carnival tickets requires her to do. She does, however, clarify that she will assist him if she ever gets a duck in the duck fishing game. SMG4, annoyed by Tari's total lack of cooperation, picks a rubber duck up out of the pool and throws it straight at her, fulfilling the condition and allowing SMG4 to get Tari's assistance.

When Meggy shows to Mario her skills in the carnival game featuring moving targets, SMG4 shows up with Tari hiding behind him to challenge her while desperately claiming that Tari will help him in his own ordeal, as though she agreed under the same ideals he did. Though Tari did in fact agree to help, she was unwilling to challenge anyone with the same ambitions and continues to hide herself from view as she feebly greets herself to her opponent. This event highlights Tari's first encounter with Meggy. When Meggy finds her, Tari doubts her abilities and states that she has played Time Crisis, a first-person shooter arcade game completely unlike reality. In order to receive more tickets from Tari's absolute capability, SMG4 demands Bob to up the ante of the game so that the players get more tickets as compensation at the expense of some of his dosh. Bob turns the carnival game's difficult from Normal to HARD. Tari seems to be unsure of if she can accomplish the level considering how hard it seems from the exterior, and SMG4 tells her not to be shy and to focus on the task at hand, a standard of which she fulfills under the knowledge that Tari can do it. Fearing that she may fail, she closes her eyes in preparation for failing to shoot the first target, but much to her surprise, she does in fact manage to hit it, and she proceeds to hit every other target on point as well while casually and playfully humming the NES Super Mario Bros. Overworld theme, also to the surprise of all of her background spectators as well as Bob. Scared that his team is losing through Tari's natural experience, Mario gets Meggy up onto the stand and pits her against Tari to challenge his opponent further. Meggy requests Bob activates her gun, assertively rejecting Bob's demand to do it at the expense of any money she may owe out of desperation. Painlessly and at the same difficulty, she also wins the game without even paying attention to where she's aiming. Seeing Meggy has potential, Tari also challenges her and the duo battle each other out, getting countless tickets for both teams.

With Bob desperate to keep his tickets, he ramps the game up to the highest possible difficulty, enabling a mode called POWER DRIVE where the targets move inhumanly fast to the extent where they can't even be separately seen. Though Meggy is defeated by this, Tari sees through Bob's tricks and enables one she has of her own, quite literally up her sleeve, specifically her Expert Mode, which allows her to hit all the targets in the game no matter the speed they are going. The sheer level of ability Tari has is so unforeseeable that Mario's head explodes, due to him being the least experienced at playing games out of the quartet. Tari gathers so many points that she ends up breaking the counter on the scoreboard, forcing it to count over to infinity (the Lemniscate sign), as well as setting the gun's tip on fire from the sheer friction of the ammunition escaping from it. Though Meggy seems as though she is going to express envy in the form of agitation over Tari's absolutely inexplicable capacity for playing games no matter the genre, she actually expresses her admiration for Tari's capabilities. Meggy wonders the reason for why she's as much of an ace as she is, and Tari technically corrects her that she isn't even human in the first place, actually being a cyborg. Meggy wants to get more tickets with her, and so she immediately and forcefully leaves the scene with Tari physically in hand and gathers more tickets off-screen, later returning with multiple tickets more than even the shooting game gave them both combined when the prize that SMG4 and Mario plan to get is actually far more expensive than it seemed. The sheer mass of the tickets gathered was enough to crush Tari down onto the ground.

With the tickets exchanged, SMG4 and Mario are finally able to get the Eggman Football prize they were planning to get the entire time, having to share it by Meggy's obligation. Though Tari is by herself after everyone else got a prize they liked, she still expresses that she is happy for everyone else, but doesn't want to continue getting tickets for a prize she likes of her own that doesn't involve sports like the Eggman Football. With Tari's concern of inconvenience in question, Bob shows her a leftover rubber duck he has, which Tari automatically gets for herself, and she leaves the carnival practically worshiping it as she dances around happily as well.

SMG4: The Mario Convention!

Tari plays her third major role in this episode, wearing her first costume, a Link cosplay. She is first seen exploring Glitchcon with an extremely reluctant Meggy as they casually walk by the chaos caused by Mario and Luigi, completely oblivious. Though Tari is completely entranced by the culture mayhem that is the convention, Meggy is not so much, as she would much rather not be there at all, but still decided to come with her. Meggy came with Tari due to the latter being too shy to cosplay on her own, to which she expresses her gratitude for. Meggy explains that her motive for coming is that she is willing to try new stuff, though considering how much she seemingly hates the place, she wanted to make an exception, but didn't due to not wanting to make Tari cry out of rejection. During the convention, Tari reveals that she is just as much of a fan of anime as Fishy Boopkins is, immediately showing interest in his stand, containing dakimakuras and figurines of various anime characters. While Meggy desires to get away from the stand, Tari is fully invested and she investigates everything Fishy Boopkins has on display. She also tries to play a simple basketball game by making at least one successful shot into the hoop, but due to sports not being her forte, she misses every single one of them. Even when Meggy gives her advice on trajectory, Tari instead ends up causing the ball to bounce off the hoop and directly back into Meggy's face. Thinking she has hurt Meggy as well as feeling guilt for accidentally getting a friend caught in her mayhem, Tari obligates herself to apologize constantly, though Meggy assures her that she is fine and isn't hurt at all.

Distantly from where they currently are, Tari notices a crowd cheering for a celebrity meetup, and she wonders why they are so excited. It doesn't take too long for her notice why, as the figure being surrounded is actually Hideo Kojima, the creator of the Metal Gear Solid series. Tari wishes to simply greet him among the roaring crowd, but she can't even do that as she is blocked off on all routes. Sympathizing with Tari, Meggy attempts to bypass the crowd herself and bring him over to Tari, much to her surprise and, additionally, her worry. Meggy isn't the only one who wants to bring Hideo over to another, however, as Mario also wants to bring him over to Luigi for an autograph, and they both start to have a tug of war over who gets to be with him first. Unaware that neither of them will succeed, Tari prematurely celebrates that she'll meet her idol before she gets distracted by something far in the distance that was behind her. Interested, she walks away from the scenario and tries to get it for herself.

It takes her the entire afternoon as well as until midnight, likely due to a misadventure in its own right, but she eventually gathers the object she was interested in, which was a rubber duck playing the role of a wizard that she found in a nearby bargain bin. She realizes that she was there until nighttime, and that the warehouse is suspiciously inactive. It doesn't take her long to realize why, though, as she sees someone who she recognizes as Waluigi holding an army of people stuck in the T-pose under his control, standing where her idol, Hideo Kojima, once was, and also finds Meggy to be among the crowd. Tari begins to realize her situation as helpless, as she is trapped in the warehouse with Waluigi and Master Hand, and she begins to cry under the stress, redirecting it into the rubber duck she spent all afternoon trying to catch for herself by clutching onto it tightly. One thing she does know is that she is well-hidden from the danger, and can stay out of sight as her only method of survival, since going out into the open in direct sight of the enemy would not be the optimal method.

SMG4: Mario and the Waluigi Apocalypse

Due to this being a continuation of the previous episode, Tari plays her fourth major role in this episode. Tari, still trapped with Waluigi and Master Hand alone, tries to pick out Meggy from the group, forcing her to have to be out in the open and therefore needing a distraction. She throws a normal rubber duck far opposite her direction so the zombies are lured to it, allowing Meggy, the closest one to her, to be easily filtered from the group of zombies without anyone noticing her there still in the warehouse, for long. Once she has Meggy in hand, she lays her down back in her initial hiding spot, and Tari attempts to pull her back to reality by calling for her. Meggy immediately stands up, and Tari noticing that Meggy makes herself appear as a threat, she tries to neutralize the situation by reminding Meggy of her relationship with Tari. As she realizes that Meggy is completely emotionless and unresponsive to this, Tari cries sorrowfully as she embraces her friend, thinking that she'll never be able to return her back to an animate state.

Among her commotion, however, she unintentionally alerts Master Hand, the obliged assistant of Waluigi, of her presence, promptly labeling her an intruder even though the reality is that she was at the location from the very beginning, to which she faints from the pressure. In a desperate attempt to escape, Tari is chased by Master Hand around the warehouse before jumping onto the stage holding the Staff of Rejection to get the high ground. Trying to find a tool to defend herself with, she only has a rubber duck and a Nintendogs disk, to which unsurprisingly have no effect. Finding something more useful, she gets out her NES controller, notably not connected to anything, as Master Hand charges at her with a rocket boost. Forced to get out of the way to divert the attack, Tari jumps to the side and throws the controller in the opposite direction, the controller ending up colliding with the Staff of Rejection. After Master Hand knocks her to the floor and the controller falls directly in front of her, Tari finds out quickly that the controller she was holding gained the power of the staff when Master Hand charged at her again, and to test its ability, she targets her enemy with it, to which she finds out that her controller has a necessary amount of telekinetic power for her to take hold of anyone who tries to target her during battle. Finding it entertaining to manipulate her enemy's actions, she starts to play with Master Hand similarly to a child playing with an action figure, making him dance around foolishly before she is interrupted of the fun of her newfound power by SMG4, Mario, and Saiko, establishing Tari and Saiko's first encounter, battling the enemy. Mario attempts to steal the staff from Waluigi so he can no longer use it, but fails due to his telekinetic powers. Promptly, when asked by SMG4 for his motives, Waluigi announces that he is doing it for all for a game before he disappears into a portal.

SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018

Tari plays her fifth and final major role in the Waluigi Arc as well as in her first appearances in this episode, before the next episode has her serve a minor role.

Challenge 10: Last longer in a match of "Super Smash each other in the ass brothers" against Tari

In the last challenge, Waluigi requests SMG4 and Mario to play the battle game Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. against each other, and since Mario believes himself to be better at video games than anyone in the universe, he presumes that it's the game itself without a twist. Waluigi corrects him, and explains that he is actually going to play it in real life against SMG4. Waluigi gives Mario a power that forces him to fight against SMG4, the latter stating he doesn't want to fight the former, and the two fight for sometime with Waluigi reveling in the despair he is causing to them both. The reveling doesn't last long, as the fight is interrupted by Tari calling Waluigi out on his villainy in the background. Waluigi turns to the direction he heard the call to justice, and he sees Tari standing on a mountainous piece of the rubble he caused, proclaiming that she'll put an end to his rein. Initially, he underestimates her, foolishly so, when she trips and falls all the way down to the bottom as she attempts her dramatic speech, straight before she pulls out the overpowered controller she gained in the warehouse. Tari declares that she'll help SMG4 and Mario in completing the challenge and saving her friends as a bonus, zapping SMG4 with the controller in order to heed the power of his body. With the power of her own abilities on her side, Tari challenges Waluigi with a battle by controlling SMG4 to fight Mario. Due to their equal grounding, however, neither of them end up winning, and SMG4 instead ends up knocked into a building by Mario, to which Waluigi through Mario as a vessel responds by approaching SMG4 and trying to kill him.

Realizing the desperate situation, Tari enables her Expert Mode, allowing her to control SMG4 to the best of her inhuman abilities and directing her straight to Waluigi, the enactor of the challenge. Waluigi tries to stop him in his tracks with his staff, but with Tari's superior dodging abilities, he fails each time, and she ends up knocking Waluigi's scepter out of his hands using SMG4 as a vessel, causing it to also blow up. With Waluigi's magic gone, the T-pose army falls out of his control and the victims of the second outbreak return back to their original animate selves, albeit extremely out of their element, and SMG4 and Mario are able to move by their own will again due to Tari not having to control the former anymore. Regaining their consciousness, they all return back to their normal selves and join Tari as they fight Waluigi with a rap battle.

Rap Battle
See also: Rap Battles#2018

Among the rap battle, Tari has one line only where she insists everyone to call off the insults towards one another, suggesting they play video games as an alternative. No one agrees with this, of course, and they continue to play the rap battle.


After Wario recommends a therapist to Waluigi so the two can reconcile, the gang are taken to a studio where they are told by an audience prompter to applause, and they all do so accordingly. The studio in question revolves around SMG3, who apparently owns a psychiatrist degree. SMG3 reconciles the duo by asking questions, in which Waluigi expresses how he generally feels. SMG3 notices that Waluigi has repressed emotions, and pent-up rage. To counter this, he asks Wario if he has anything to say to Waluigi. To confirm these senses, he tells Waluigi that he still loves him, and then cry tears of joy as they hug each other, to which the audience watching responds with endearment.

Mario interrupts the moment by pointing out the Mushroom Kingdom's state and how it's still completely destroyed. Having to ignore this due to none of the gang having any architectural experience to be able to restore it, Tari forces out a smile as she recommends they simply play video games together, much to their agreement, and they immediately leave the studio and return back home.

SMG4: Mario's Late!

Tari plays her first minor role in this episode, and wears her second costume, an 11th Doctor red bow tie and a blue hat with a Pac-Man pin. She is seen in the epilogue with Saiko and Meggy, waiting outside the theater where The Mushroom Awards are set preoccupying themselves with various electronics as SMG4, Mario, Toad, Luigi and Bowser come to the scene. When SMG4 tells them exactly why they took so long to get ready for the show, he explains that Mario glued a hat to his head, Luigi was sent to another dimension, Toad turned into a lightbulb, and that the castle almost blew up, and gives no context as to how it led to such chaos. Appropriately, the girls are simply perplexed by how they all managed to get into something as extravagant as that in such a short time. As Tari hears an applause coming from the building, she wastes no time in telling everyone that the show is going to start, and SMG4 urges them all to go inside immediately. The gang sit in the audience together, and Jeeves enters the stage to announce who is going to speak for who the winner of the awards is. Initially enthusiastic, SMG4 reads out the name of the winner in question, and he loses all of his energy out of disturbance that the winner of the awards is SMG3, for saving the world from Waluigi, though a certain other duo of individuals, herself and SMG4, were of the higher credit for the task than SMG3's therapy. Due to the rivalry and the irrationality of deciding for SMG3 as the winner of the awards, the two fight each other out, and Jeeves converts the awards into a gamble for the winner to pass the time. When the scene cuts back to the main gang, Tari is understandably shocked by the development and the result of waiting for something as mediocre as what the awards they waited forever for ended up being, but also edging into a visible state of disappointment.

SMG4: The Mario Purge (Halloween 2018)

Tari plays her sixth major role in this episode. She is seen quarantining herself during The Purge in the foyer of Peach's castle with the rest of the main cast except for Bob, recommending Super Smash Bros. Melee to Saiko. Saiko initially denies the offer until Tari mentions that the game is filled with violence, and she enthusiastically accepts playing the game with her. When everyone sees that Bob is trapped outside the castle through SMG4's monitor, Tari is the only one who wants to sympathize with him, telling the others who want to leave him outside to die, with good reason, that he's helpless. After Fishy steals SMG4's remote and allows Bob to get in, Luigi alerts everyone else that the Teletubbies are right outside the door. They all watch as the Teletubbies outside threaten to enter in another way besides the front door, requesting they have Bob for themselves, giving a countdown from 5 to give them Bob. When their countdown is done, the Teletubbies unexpectedly burst up from the floor in the castle foyer, and everyone screams and tries to take evasive action. While Tari appropriately tries to desperately escape the carnage the Teletubbies will inevitably cause, Saiko is under the belief that she can take them on, but immediately realizes that she is overpowered by them in terms of psychopathy, and Tari, knowing that the only thing they can do is escape, forcefully grabs Saiko and pulls her away from the chaos with her.

Tari and Saiko hide underneath the castle in the basement, and Tari says that she doesn't want to die yet, having planned to play more video games in her mortality. Saiko tells Tari that she plans to get them for herself if she has a weapon, notably without watching her own back, and Tari immediately notices something directly behind the distracted Saiko, which was an arrow behind shot directly at her head from the distance by one of the Teletubbies who had found them. Tari jumps onto Saiko to push her out of the trajectory to save her, and they see who the arrow came from, a duo of Teletubbies. Though Saiko was not harmed, Tari found that another companion of hers, Quackington, was, finding him pinned against the basement wall by the very same arrow. She runs straight up to her "dead" rubber duck and starts to mourn him directly next to where he ended up, unaware herself that she is in the total advantage of the Teletubbies herself, and to repay the favour, Saiko has to get Tari out of the trajectory of an arrow that was aimed directly at her head as well. They both hide behind the corner, and Tari expresses that she plans to fully take revenge against them for the sake of her rubber duck. Seeing a torch pinned on the wall in front of her, Tari swiftly formulates a defense plan, and asks Saiko if she is still in possession of the bottle of wine from the prologue, to which she confirms she does. To start, they both hide behind the next corner onward, and when the Teletubbies approach them a second time, Saiko smashes wine bottle onto the two Teletubbies and douses them in the wine to make them inflammable and allowing a fire-based attack. With the setup in hand, Tari calls out that the Teletubbies have fallen into their trap as she enthusiastically throws the torch in their direction. Due to her physical weakness, however, she ends up being unable to throw the torch far enough to reach them, only being able to toss it at least 60 cm away from her current position, and the plan ends up a failure. As her failure left herself and Saiko vulnerable, even with Tari's plan having worked as defense if she was luckier, Tari simply laughs nervously as she awkwardly has to accept that she is going to be caught as a victim. In the background of the situation, Saiko simply facepalms, annoyed greatly by Tari's fallen ambition. Off-screen, Tari and Saiko are taken out and tied up, then thrown into the Teletubbies' lair.

SMG4 and Luigi are thrown into the Teletubbies' lair along with the rest of the characters featured who were caught via fastening rope around them. As Bob is about to be mutilated by the leader, The Purge ends, the Teletubbies return back to their traditional forms, and they immediately leave the room with all of the victims incapacitated. Still tied up with rope along with everyone else, Fishy Boopkins asks Bob what he did to motivate the Teletubbies' anger, and he responds that it was "the most badass illegal thing you could ever think of". What exactly he was referring to was kicking the Teletubbies' traditional Tubby Custard in front of them, specifically Po. Rightfully so, everyone including Mario huddle up together and glare directly at him at the peak of their fury, aware of how much the Teletubbies value Tubby Custard. Unaware of what carnage he caused and inflicted onto the main cast, or rather aware according to SMG4: The Mario Concert, he continues to insensitively praise himself for his act.

The Rapper Bob Arc

SMG4: Mario And... The Well

Tari plays her seventh major role in this episode. She is the fifth character and the second major original character after SMG4 to join in with the ordeal of trying to get Fishy Boopkins out of the well. Tari first confronts the situation on a casual stroll around the Mushroom Kingdom, and she sees Bowser, SMG4 and Mario by the well, Bowser holding Luigi down into it using his attempted method of vacuum suctioning Fishy out of the well with his vacuuming. She asks for context and SMG4 tells her that Fishy is trapped in a well. Unlike everyone else, however, she didn't have a method to actually get him out of the well herself. Instead, she sends him down a care package that accidentally hits him in the face, containing anime discs, and a TV to play it all on, but no electrical socket to give power to the TV, making the care package redundant. Tari, under the belief that her care package actually had any reason to be down there in the first place, calls Shroomy and Jeeves over to their location via mobile phone due to their street smarts. Shroomy attempts to get Fishy out by using a rope, but his arms are too stubby for him to be able to climb up a simple line. Jeeves recommends the alternative method of pulling him up as a group, and all seven characters join to help pull Fishy up from the well. The plan almost works until Mario is distracted by a nearby silver quarter, and he drops the rope to pick it up, causing everyone to lose balance and fall down, dropping Fishy back into the well. Tari, furious over his stupidity, shouts to Mario for his reckless lack of attention.

Thinking that Fishy is trapped forever, unable to get out and presumably to rot forever, everyone gathers together for a funeral with Toad as reverend despite him not being dead. After Fishy tells them in annoyance that he isn't dead, the Woomy Brigade, consisting of Meggy and Saiko, enter the scene with a firetruck, announcing their plan of attack. Tari, being her easily interested self, is fascinated to see the duo with a firetruck. Mario tells Meggy that he didn't know they were firefighters, but Meggy, caught in a logical fallacy due to her never being one in the first place, insists that she's always been one before being interrupted by Saiko, who casually confesses they actually stole it. Meggy, not wanting to suffer a lawsuit for it, angrily insists to Saiko that they didn't, only borrowing it instead. She goes through with her own plan of trying to get Fishy out of the well by overflowing it to allow him to float to the top, but he doesn't seem to, as he had eaten a large amount of rocks beforehand. Meggy immediately facepalms, irritated by the lack of logic and her misfortune from having stolen a firetruck for nothing.

With one last option remaining, SMG4 puts up a poster where the one who finds Fishy Boopkins receives 2 coins, which in turn would also guarantee them trying to get him out of the well, knowing that anyone would do anything for money. Immediately, the scene floods with civilians and FightingMario54321's police cars as he orders his crew to get Fishy out with Nintendofan997's accompany. Along with this, Yoshi, Wario and Waluigi, Donkey Kong, Po, Professor E. Gadd, SMG3 and Steve all make their own attempts to get him out of the well. None of them succeed at this, and instead of helping the situation, they end up causing spontaneous destruction and chaos all around the area, with Jeeves remarking it to be a problem.

Unexpectedly, Bob rides into the scene on a helicopter, claiming that he'll be the one to finally save Fishy. He hoists down a ladder to pull him back up and onto his helicopter, and when Fishy points out his generosity, he tells him that he will do anything for money. He sees the main gang bar Bowser, Toad, Saiko and SMG4 cheering him on for the rescue before plugging his Soundcloud artist profile and announcing his mixtape, and then returning Fishy back to Peach's castle.

SMG4: Mad Mario

Tari plays her eighth major role in this episode, wearing her third costume, which is best defined as various apocalyptic gear. The episode is set during an internet apocalypse. She is first seen surveying the area for any trespassers on the territory of her gang known as "The Wild Childs". SMG4 advises them all to not make themselves obvious, but due to Mario being idiotic, he doesn't listen to this and makes himself obvious to Tari by waving out and greeting her loudly. Having to get the rest of her gang for defense, she ducks down and leaves her perch. Eventually, Tari and her gang of girls, Meggy and Saiko, are all seen on motorbikes atop a hill, hooking SMG4, Mario, and Luigi's bus down with a rope dart, stopping it in its tracks. They circle around the suspended bus as the three of them capture the three boys by hooking onto their legs and dragging them, proceeding to knock them unconscious.

In their rest, they are taken to an arena, where a mutant, later revealed to be Bob, is set on them to attack. When The Wild Childs hear SMG4's plea to help, they deny him, thinking he's there to steal his internet further. Tari shuns them all collectively by telling them that she needs it to play video games. However, they all change their mind on SMG4's group being the overall culprit when he states that SMG3 is the one truly responsible. Unsure on whether or not to trust him, the girls have a private discussion on the plausibility of his argument, and finally come to the conclusion that he is right, and they retract all suspicions of him and his group, agreeing with him and helping him just as Bob ends up destroying their makeshift arena.

Finding their real enemy, the girls and the boys have joined forces together, combining the mechanisms of the motorbikes of the girls and the apocalypse bus of the boys. Following behind SMG3's vessel, Tari hooks onto the vehicle with another rope dart, connecting the group. Eventually, with SMG3's other forces neutralized, Mario walks across the rope and onto SMG3's vessel, defeating him in the process and returning the internet to everyone. While the girls declare a valuable reason to have it returned, Meggy wanting to watch Splatfest, Tari wanting to play Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. online, and Saiko wanting attention from everyone with her photos, the boys wanted their internet back solely to look at memes.

The Rapper Bob Arc

SMG4: Mario and the Bob Mansion...

Tari plays her ninth major role in this episode. Tari, after entering Bob's mansion, obtained by his riches, is as confused as everyone else who was invited to his mansion when she sees the ambition he indulged in to create it in the form of a giant statue of himself seen upon entering the building. Bob greets his companions from the top of the entrance stairs as he thanks them all for participating in his "Bobsgiving" tradition. Bob takes note of the paintings littered around the walls of his house, demonstrating one of them with a giant painting located on the right wall of the entrance of himself, which Tari naively takes great interest in. SMG4 asks how he managed to afford it all, and he answers that it's due to the success of his career on Soundcloud.

Bob invites the group altogether into the dining hall, and reveals the traditional dinner he prepared in the form of an uncooked, live turkey, confusing everyone further. Claiming that "he forgot" to cook it when Bowser reminds him to, Bob retrieves a shotgun and prepares to shoot it to death. Bowser takes the turkey into the kitchen nearby to cook it, and Bob offers Meggy to help as his cooking assistant, to which she accepts. He also tells Saiko, Mario and Fishy Bookins to retreive his "Secret Bob Juice", and he tells them to visit his "special" room in order to retrieve it, leaving behind SMG4 and Tari as the only two people in the dining room in awkward silence, with nothing to eat at all.

In order to break the awkwardness, Bob offers to tell a story about the history of Bobsgiving, which Tari optimistically accepts and SMG4 monotonously denies. Accepting Tari's will to listen to his story instead, he tells her about how the Bob Tribe saved the pilgrims, and how the pilgrims praised them for it, making a holiday about it called "Bobsgiving" to worship the Bob Tribe, being blatant lies, of course. At first, Tari gives a standing ovation to Bob's story and deems it to be "educational" while SMG4 denigrates it due to being inaccurate to the true events of Thanksgiving, but she immediately flips her opinion on the plausibility of his story when her hidden intelligence resurfaces, and she questions why none of the members of the Bob Tribe have ever been president of the Mushroom Kingdom. Bob, stumped and unable to form a fake answer, distracts Tari with a second story, the story of Bobmas, a holiday that is Christmas centered around Bob. The story, which is also an obvious lie, is never heard on-screen, but the snippets of it are that he based it on events that happened 2,000 years ago in the North Pole and how "Bob Claus" will visit nightly to give someone a present. Either way, it was also a Bob-themed parody on the history of a holiday event that had never happened. However, Tari, being her gullible self, wells up with tears and cries over the beauty of the story. She is so enticed by the story despite it having zero weight that she asks if having good behaviour will guarantee her getting a duck for Christmas from Bob Claus. SMG4, annoyed by her gullibility and falling for Bob's clear-cut lies, shouts in both their faces that the story isn't real and that he's lying, and Bob shames him for not believing. SMG4, irritated, leaves the dining room to check the progress on the turkey that Bowser and Meggy were cooking in the kitchen. Tari, confused and still under the belief that Bob is telling the truth, completely ignores SMG4's raging expedition on how Bob is blatantly telling lies, and she asks him if she can get some video games in addition.

After Bowser accidentally sets himself on fire by thinking the fire extinguisher was an actual fire extinguisher rather than a flamethrower in disguise, he scurries around the dining room in pain and sets the entirety of it on fire, Tari noticing the chaos being ensued by him directly in front of her. Even though Bob is clearly aware of this and how his home is going to be destroyed due to it, he actively refuses to do anything about it, even with SMG4 outright insisting him to do so. She attempts to actually extinguish with a feeble leftover water bottle, the water understandably having no effect at all. Knowing about Meggy's association with a stolen firetruck from the direct previous episode in the arc, she asks Meggy if she still has it stored somewhere due to it being able to extinguish the fire more effectively. Meggy answers by both denying that she didn't actually steal it, and that the Woomy Brigade is on hiatus until she has legal permission to own a firetruck. Due to the overwhelming fire allowing it to crawl upwards, Tari calls out that the ceiling of the dining room caught fire, and due to the gasoline Saiko angrily threw down on the floor directly above them, the mansion blows up completely.

Bob shames his friends, those who participated in setting it to destruction to be exact, due to destroying his mansion, though they did it unintentionally, and then immediately shifts his attention over to the turkey, of which wasn't the turkey Bob prepared and rather Bowser's own turkey, having been cooked during the fire. Fishy questions why Bob isn't enraged by them for completely destroying his mansion, and he assures them all that he can buy a second mansion, though he also adds that he can't buy any friends for him to share with it besides the ones he currently he has. Switching the mood abruptly, he states that he can use the event of his friends destroying his first mansion as a means to maximise his fame. Being relatively suspicious of him being genuine in using their mistake for his own personal gain, every single cast member including Tari and Fishy all glare directly at Bob for this proclamation, but he tries to excuse himself by stating that he's only joking about it. With the turkey finally cooked, the main cast attending the visit are finally able to have a Thanksgiving celebration, albeit only in the remains and rubble of the mansion.

SMG4: War On Smash Bros Ultimate

Tari plays her tenth major role in this episode, wearing her fourth costume, though only temporary and for a gag. SMG4, Mario, and Tari all wait outside of the Mushroom Mall for the eventual riot to purchase a copy of the new Super Smash each other in the ass bros Ultimate in a bunker behind the crowd. SMG4 assigns Tari the role of blocking enemies who try to get the game, to which Tari complies in determination. SMG4 assigns Mario the role of blocking people who get into the store, and him being his incompetent self, doesn't listen and eats a grenade. Tari looks over at Mario on her side in concern over this, but ignores it due to the case that it is simply Mario being himself, and she responds to SMG4's verification that his two friends understand his instructions, to which Tari confirms while Mario denies as his head is blown up by the grenade. Mario undermines the situation, telling SMG4 that they are simply overthinking their conflict in getting the video game for themselves and themselves only, but after telling them both to look outside at the crowd surrounding the store having made the same preparations, Tari immediately realizes the difficulty of actually trying while Mario still undermines the situation. After they leave their bunker as the owner is about to open the mall and the crowd gathers together, Tari recommends the alternative of returning to the store the day after today when there isn't an overwhelming crowd, and Mario counters her by saying he wants to play it now instead.

Coming up with an alternative plan, SMG4 finds a shopping cart and demands Tari to get in it while Mario pushes them both, much to Tari's confusion. He says that the reason for the alternative plan is essentially brute force in defense of the entire crowd, and she complies with his new plan anyway. As the owner is about to open the mall, the crowd breaks down the entrance anyway. In the shopping cart, Mario pushes through the crowd with it in an attempt to search for an available games store. On their path, Bowser Jr. with the Koopalings Iggy and Wendy who are also trying to get the video game for themselves appear left directly next to them. Trying to eliminate their enemy, Iggy pulls out an axe and attempts to decapitate SMG4 and Tari with it, them narrowly avoiding. As defense, SMG4 retrieves a baseball bat to stop the axe in its tracks, and after distracting Iggy by taking advantage of sexual appeal, he forcefully kicks Iggy out of the shopping cart, and takes Bowser Jr. into his shopping cart for a confrontation before throwing him back at Wendy manning the cart, blowing it up after it rolls. SMG4's sadism shocks Tari and overjoys Mario. After the battle, Tari notices a nearby crowded games store called "Games and crap" surrounded by the crowd from before, and to get through them, Mario simply smashes directly into them, leaving an opening and causing the crowd of people to flow in the masses into the store.

Once in the store, Mario throws the shopping cart forward and into the stand in front of them, knocking SMG4 and Tari with the latter still remaining inside of it. Specifically, they knock into Knuckles, whom is praising a low-quality parody of Sonic Adventure 2 out of a stand filled with various boxes of real games within the Sonic franchise, plus a stray Spore disc. When Tari gets out and finds the closest stand to contain Super Smash each other in the ass bros Ultimate boxes, she notices that they are all sold out and that the crowd already got to the boxes in the store. Trying to find an alternative method, Tari ponders, before realizing the possibility of there being other games stores with the game disc currently in stock. SMG4, with this idea in consideration, tells everyone to get into the shopping cart again before it's revealed to have been stolen by the Knuckles they crashed into, and as a result, their shopping cart leaves along with it, much to his ultimate disdain. Having to use an alternative vehicle, Mario proposes they instead use Shroomy as a skateboard and a means of fast travel between various other games stores to find out if the game disc is still available anywhere else. In their complete and utter failure by every search, Tari instead offers they visit a robot shop outright titled "Robot shop", and they crash right into the store. Tari shows great interest in the Sniper Robot nearby the counter, and she starts to poke at it, causing it to come to life and stare at her. SMG4 calls out to the presence of the only available copy in the store let alone the entire mall in current time, and the three gather together to get it. In Mario's moment of eagerness, he is interrupted by the unexpected appearance of Professor E. Gadd who smacks him out of the way with his giant robotic arm, and tells them that they have to pay 900 coins in total to get the game. Tari, understandably enraged by the irrational offer, calls out that the game is 10 times less the price everywhere else. Having no actual coins to pay, SMG4 instead lets Tari take the role of exchanging something, and in her storage, she finds a copy of Shrek Super Slam, as well as the Rejection Controller from the finale of The Waluigi Arc that she used to save everyone previously, and she consecutively throws both away. Having nothing worthy to trade, a debatable conclusion, E. Gadd angrily tells the trio to leave his store. However, SMG4 gets another idea, which is to sell an entire person in exchange for the game, specifically Shroomy, whom they were using to ride around the store beforehand. E. Gadd accepts this offer and finally gives them the game by throwing it to them, Tari catching it in her palm, much to their joy, and having finally got a copy of the game for themselves, Tari and the rest leave the store together, completely ignoring Shroomy being cooked with a flamethrower.

On their way to leave the store, Bowser Jr. with the Koopalings Morton, Roy, Wendy, and Iggy stop them in their tracks, holding out various weapons as defense in an attempt to get the only copy in the entire store. Tari, understandably scared, hides behind SMG4 as cover, unlike Mario, who outright mocks them with exaggerated laughter in underestimation of their abilities, thinking that because they're children, the idea of them being able to physically battle is outright absurd. When they begin their fight, Bowser Jr. smashes him in with a nearby table. SMG4 insists to them that the copy is not theirs to have, and when Mario insults and provokes them by flipping them off, their fight begins. Tari, being the only one to hold the game itself and the only one unable to defend herself, urgently hides from the Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings for cover behind a panel. In the background, SMG4 and Mario defeat Bowser Jr., Larry, Wendy, who also smashes into a monitor containing Bob's broadcast of his new song, and Morton, and thinking they have won, Roy reveals himself to still be standing. When Mario's attempt to overpower him fails, Roy confronts Tari hiding behind the panel, and immediately snatches it off of her, and in her attempt to get it back with a physical fight herself, she is physically unable to do so, being far too physically weak to hurt her enemy. Promptly, she is knocked back into a table and a set of chairs, and as she gets back up, she sees Roy celebrating his success. Being the quick thinker she is, Tari gets an idea and runs away to another store, or much rather, returns back to a previous store.

Tari returns with Shroomy, who has been converted by E. Gadd into an advanced robot that can be manually controlled by a user titled "Shroominator", whom his creator gives Tari a 5-minute use limit for, and having no other choice but to comply with it, she does. Using another means of attack besides her physical body, Tari uses the Shroominator as a means to defeat the Koopalings once and for all and finally return the copy the main cast rightfully received back to them. Successful, and without hindrance due to Tari's gaming abilities and Shroominator's physical power, they get their copy back and return to their relatively normal lives, though at the expense of Bestfield shopping mall's interior, having Shroominator caused carnage and destruction during the defense operation. Shroominator also returns to E. Gadd, the former calling the latter his father and the latter calling the former his son, much to the concerns of the main cast. In complete ignorance of this matter too, Tari tells her friends if they wish to return back home and play their copy, and they agree, leaving the mall in the aftermath of its destruction.

SMG4: The Melancholy of Fishy Boopkins

Tari plays her 11th major role in this episode. Tari, with the rest of the main cast aside from Bob and Fishy, is seen playing Super Smash each other in the ass bros Ultimate against Meggy in the castle foyer as SMG4 paces backwards into the castle from the exterior and into the interior. Shroomy, in his Shroominator form from the previous episode, asks SMG4 what's happening in interest, and he answers in total shock from something he experienced outside of the castle that Fishy Boopkins told SMG4 he is too sad to even watch anime, a very out-of-character phrase for him to say due to liking anime so avidly being one of if not his absolute most defining trait. Promptly, everyone is shocked by the revelation, even pausing the game to focus on the matter. Luigi tries to tell them all the reason for why Fishy is actually sad, but is interrupted of his chance to do so by Meggy's enthusiasm to find a way to cheer him up again. Among the commotion of various recommendations for methods of doing so, Tari recommends playing the game currently active with him. Seeing everyone recommend their own ideas and argue over whose would work the best, SMG4 tells them all to shut up. Realizing his rage, they sufficiently do so, and SMG4 instead tells them all to do it on their own in their own ways before leaving the rest to them.

Inevitably, it leads to relatively failed attempts until the girl trio comes up with something more plausible.

Tari, Meggy & Saiko's attempt

Tari watches from above as Saiko forcefully pulls Fishy out from the water of his home via fishing rod, and Meggy tells him they have a surprise for him. Fishy accuses them all of collectively kidnapping him, but Tari corrects him in that it was really Saiko's idea to do it to him, leading Saiko to kick her directly in the face due to exposing her secret. As it turns out, the surprise Meggy was referring to was attending one of Bob's concerts, specifically a stadium concert. Tari watches him and his many fans cheer for him, stating that his career had really taken off since his debut. Meggy states that they all know Bob and Fishy to be good friends, unbeknownst to them the truth, before Fishy starts to wail due to being forced into one of Bob's concerts, and he runs away to leave the concert and the stadium. Though Meggy and Tari sympathize with Fishy, seeing his sadness to be genuine, Saiko insults him, perceiving him as ungrateful for not appreciating them for taking him to one of Bob's concerts. Afterwards, to demonstrate the amount of attention he has, Bob releases heaps of merchandise from a blimp onto the audience currently watching him, featuring an assortment of primarily dakimakuras but otherwise other features such as posters. Saiko, seeing the attention, is now convinced to join Bob in his endeavours, and after telling the girls to find Fishy as an excuse for her to not be seen, she runs off the bleachers and onto the stage to presumably enthusiastically offer to become his manager off-screen.

Worried by Saiko's total lack of consideration, the two remaining girls look at each other in concern before leaving the concert stadium. They find Fishy just outside of the exit, in the corner of an alley, entitling it his "sad corner". Hinting Meggy to give a final resort to lift his spirit once again, Tari nudges against Meggy's shoulder and asserts herself over in Fishy's direction, telling her to give him one last idea. Meggy approaches Fishy and whispers into his ear about something which noticeably does indeed end up lifting Fishy's spirit, and as hinted in her blank, disgusted reaction to the idea of herself whispering what it was to Fishy, it turns out it was a maid cafeteria, much to Meggy's chagrin, and Tari's ever-so-slight reluctance. As Tari sees Fishy dance around with the rest of the maids, she expresses that she is glad for being able to cheer him up again at least slightly. When Meggy says that she'll need therapy after the torture of watching the maids in the maid cafeteria, Tari reassures her by insisting that some of the costumes can be deemed "cute", but she immediately shifts her opinion over once a Heavy dances by directly in front of them. Giving up on tolerating it outwardly, Meggy finally succumbs to her senses and faints onto the ground.

SMG4: Mario and The Diss Track

Tari plays her 12th major role in this episode. While the main cast are doing nothing in particular in the castle foyer, generally doing their own thing, Luigi bursts in through the entrance of the castle with Mario who is currently wearing Bob merchandise, telling them of a horrible event currently happening. He tells them that it's due to Bob being everywhere, and they bounce the complaint back at him, SMG4 wondering why it's a problem for him, Tari recommending the alternative of taking pride in having a famous friend like Bob, and Meggy accusing Luigi of being envious. Annoyed by no one taking him seriously, he shouts back at them, asking Fishy to prove to him that it's a problem. However, he is unable to do so, being traumatized by an unaddressed issue. On the television, there is an announcement of one of his new singles being broadcasted live that Bowser tells everyone about, much to Luigi's wonder due to being a new matter on the topic of Bob. It turns out to be a diss track towards all of his former friends where he insults them all as a group and then one-by-one, except for his manager Saiko, hurling them all consecutively. He starts the song off by calling them the most irritating group of people he's ever met, then proceeding to insult each of them purposefully. In order, Bob:

  • Calls Mario a "fatass b*tch" as well as his obsession with spaghetti a pasta fetish, stating that he would throw him into a ditch for it;
  • Calls Luigi useless and then contradicts by pointing him out to be manipulable;
  • Harshly describes Meggy's Inkling voice as "screeching metal";
  • Forgets Tari's name and then proceeds to call out her single-minded video game obsession, understandably dejecting her worse than previous times;
  • Describes Toad and Bowser as "a waste of space";
  • Openly criticizes SMG4's sense of humor and titles him "a disgrace";
  • Harshly states that Fishy's obsession with anime was something he disliked.

Among the understandably shocked responses of being insulted by Bob on a personal level in a public track, except for Mario who simply responds against the point, Tari wonders why he would insult them all in such a way. Luigi, finding this to be the opportunity to do so, tells them all of something he experienced in a previous episode off-screen in the form of Bob's true intentions, explaining how after Fishy ruined Bob's debut concert, he harshly told Fishy off for doing so by revealing the true intentions of his previous actions, and how Fishy never truly tripped down the well and was intentionally pushed in by Bob so he could fake being a hero, even confessing that he never thought of Fishy as a friend at all, and how he replaced all of the fire extinguishers in his house with flamethrowers, told Mario, Saiko, and Fishy to get his "Special Bob Juice", which was actually gasoline, and told Meggy to cook with Bowser knowing very well she'd start the fire so they would all cause the house to blow up together and he could create a sob story from it. Afterwards, he goes to find Saiko to tell her the same truth.

To counter against Bob for insulting everyone and manipulating three for the sake of fame, the rest of the group that was insulted by Bob form of a strategy meeting of how to deal with him. Mario offers that they hit him with a baseball bat, but Tari recommends an alternative, less violent method of revenge in the form of a video game competition, to which everyone mocks her for due to the idea nowhere near matching the level Bob went to in order to insult them all and manipulate Fishy, Meggy and Saiko. Luigi returns Saiko to the castle where she tells everyone that she has a genuine plan to get back at him for everything, including hurting her friend Fishy, which she also takes as an opportunity to steal Bob's fame.

Darkest Hour
See also: Darkest Hour

Though Tari does not participate in the song itself, she instead proudly operates the camera behind the scenes in sound-canceling headphones and, along with everyone else who has been a victim of Bob in some form except Fishy, starts to dance to the first chorus.

Bob's downfall

When Bob finds his former friends chatting in a diner, they all glare back at him once he attempts to reconcile with them, except for Fishy, who only has the energy to stare. Ignoring him, they return to chatting with each other.

SMG4 Christmas 2018: The Most Important Thing

Tari plays her 13th major role in this episode, wearing her sixth costume, a large Santa hat. While spending time with her friends on Christmas Day, playing various games while Luigi reads stories to Meggy, Mario eats cookies, SMG4 looks at memes, Bowser reads, and Saiko plays for Fishy and Toad, Bob crashes through the stained glass window of the castle into the foyer in a sleigh trying to emulate Santa for his fabricated "Bobmas" tradition, crashing on top of Bowser. Attempting to show that he isn't in cold rejection of them despite having just carelessly crashed directly onto Bowser and insulting them for the prime reason of making sure the world knows his name, Bob presents a gold statue of all of the characters within the foyer, of which is an attempt at reformation that they take with zero sincerity. He tries to call for Saiko and Meggy in particular to forgive him, but understandably, he enrages and embarrasses both of them respectively instead. Annoyed by no one's attempt at a response to his supposed good deed, he instead attempts to pester everyone to forgive him and tells them to give him all their attention, even attempting to show they are the ones who are truly guilty by not accepting his "gift", which he claims to have spent the rest of his riches on. Mario breaks under the pressure and he shouts at Bob for him to listen, his point being that no one can forgive him for what he did and that any attempt at reformation isn't going to work, telling him that nobody cares when he tries to argue something back. SMG4 tells him that they can't trust him at all anymore, and Meggy succinctly tells him to leave, to which he does, rejected under the concept that no one thinks of him as a friend anymore. After Bob leaves the castle through the front entrance, Tari changes her mind on Bob at the last second, trying to convince everyone else to at least try to forgive him by asking if they were being too harsh on him in response, while Toad simply states that the cast didn't lose anything valuable, said thing being Bob.

Later on, at the mall, Tari finds herself obsessing over a new costumed rubber duck for her to own as a pet, pressing her face up against the glass and constantly calling out for it in endearment. Behind her, unperceived to her, Saiko responds to this crazy obsession by holding up a cross against her as though to exorcise the demon within Tari. When Fishy is shown to still be in a state of somber, he and the rest of the cast sees Bob in the middle of the mall singing another rap song about Christmas while surrounded by his remaining fans, much to SMG4's wonder, Fishy's continued sadness, Saiko's ridicule, Meggy's disgust, and Tari's shock, her being shocked under the impression that he didn't learn anything from before. However, the expectation that Bob is continuing his career is a misconception, as he immediately announces that he is in fact retiring from his rap career and, due to not a single person in the mall expecting this, everyone from the crowd to the entire main cast spectating the happening event is in complete and total shock, more than they ever have been. He continues by saying that, though he has no riches without the popularity from his rap career, that he at least has his friends. Finding out about Bob's revelation, the entire main cast shows various emotions on the topic of Bob realizing that his friends are more important than his fame. Dropping his microphone, Bob leaves his post and the mall overall and returns back to the Mushroom Kingdom landfill.

Bob's friends find him at the landfill to give him a present as they claim that they still consider Bob one of them, a part of the cast, even regarding his strange personality. Meggy pulls Fishy away from Bob during his hug so Bowser can give him his present, which is the Christmas group photo featuring a cutout of Bob stuck onto the picture with tape on the corner so he is included among everyone else, which Bob instinctively cries tears of joy over. After Tari sees the response to his present, she seemingly is also going to cry as well, but her attention is actually on the presents, which she energetically and loudly asks for if they can be opened. Desperate to find her particular thing, Tari runs and crashes straight into Bowser and searches through the presents, shaking them for their contents, before she finally encounters what she really wants, which is the rubber duck she wanted back at the mall. Getting what she wanted finally, Tari runs around in glee and proclaims that she will name the duck "Archibald".

SMG4: Mario's Hell Kitchen

Tari plays her 14th major role in this episode, wearing her seventh costume, a chef's hat. Bowser introduces two teams to a crowd of people on his cooking show. The first team is Team Spicy, consisting of Mario, Meggy, Fishy Boopkins, Bob Bobowski, and SMG4. The second team is Team Thicc, consisting of Saiko, Tari, who is noticeably the most reluctant to show herself out of everyone else, Luigi, Shroomy, and Toad. Team Spicy are assigned to bake a cake, specifically the cake from Portal, while Team Thicc are assigned to cook a roast chicken. Initially gathered in the same kitchen, Bowser separates both teams into opposing kitchens and sets a 30-minute timer to complete their assigned cuisines. On Tari's team, Shroomy starts by motivating everyone to cook their roast chicken. Toad immediately thinks that there isn't a chicken already prepared, and taking an opportunity to poach a chicken for himself, he evilly picks out a shotgun and cocks it and declares implying doing this with conviction. Tari tells him that it isn't necessary to do so as she gets a chicken out from a nearby fridge stocked full of them, and annoyed by having his opportunity ruined, he throws the shotgun into the nearby storage room and accidentally shoots the Sans in the room in question. Saiko, being lazy, tells everyone to just put sauce on the chicken and their cuisine will be complete, but Bowser, irked by her zero grace method, shouts in her face that the chicken is raw and hasn't yet been cooked at all. In fear of his intensity around choosing quick cooking methods that take no care for the product, Luigi tries cooking it traditionally via pan, and Toad, who immediately loses patience due to him doing it slowly as a result of a traditional method, forms a plan to ramp up the process. Toad sneaks up behind Bowser and triggers his fire to go, directing it towards Luigi and the chicken, which ends up burning both of them, and as he throws Bowser around the kitchen, he gradually ends up setting the entirety of the kitchen on fire, though not before passing behind Shroomy.

Shroomy asks Tari if she can help him cut vegetables due to thinking that her hands look "deadly", even though she is objectively the weakest out of everyone on the team, and she reluctantly answers with a simple "Uh, okay." He asks her to cut a simple carrot, but as she sees the carrot itself as a being that shouldn't be harmed, since it is technically living anyway due to being part of a plant, Tari completely refuses to cut it and accidentally throws the knife she's holding far in the distance, accidentally pinning one of Fishy's figurines against the wall. She starts to "comfort" the carrot by rocking it in her arms to presumably cradle it to "sleep" against all reason, and Shroomy is greatly disappointed in Tari for failing the simple task of chopping up a carrot, so he gets Saiko for the task instead. The fire Toad caused through Bowser gradually rises, and Tari starts to worry, urgently pointing out to everyone whether or not they want to extinguish it. Toad coldly dismisses this request, however. There are 5 minutes left until the end of the cooking, and Tari goes into Team Spicy's kitchen to ask for a fire extinguisher. Her question is cut short when she realizes that their team is in as much chaos as their own, minus a fire. She sees Mario sulking, Bob filming SMG4 being attacked by an octopus monster created from the bowl while Meggy attempts to fight back with a spatula, and Fishy mourning the "death" of his figurine that the knife Tari threw caused. Interested, Mario asks Tari how her team is holding during the tournament, and she answers that they're having a "team meltdown", to which Mario asks if they're copying his team. She sees Meggy get thrown into the metal shelves in the room and desperately ask Mario for help. He tells her that Mario will only help if SMG4 says that he can cook as opposed to that he can't, and SMG4 denies him while being attacked by the monster. Tari only looks on at the chaos in fear. Meggy walks up to SMG4 and tells him to tell Mario that he can cook, and SMG4 is thrown by the octopus monster, picking up Meggy instead. This is the point where SMG4 tells Mario that he can cook, reluctantly so. Mario, satisfied, immediately proceeds to cover Bob in hot sauce and hold him down on the floor so he can then pick him up and use him as bait for the monster so it can be lured into the kitchen filled with fire next door. The monster, in return, throws Meggy away and darts for Bob, and then crashes straight through the doorway, breaking the barrier, leading it into the fire. Toad offers to have Luigi as a sacrifice, but Saiko interjects instead, running towards the monster with the knife and killing it. Having been killed, the monster that Team Spicy made magically converts into a cake, and Meggy and Mario celebrate their "success". Shroomy also points out that they have completed their task too, Tari and Luigi celebrating along with him.

At the end of the battle, the two teams gather back on the stage again for Bowser to test their final results as he congratulates the two teams for not completely destroying his kitchen. Of course, Bowser ends up hating both of them, Team Thicc's roast chicken causing him to throw up, much to their disappointment, and Team Spicy's cake outright killing him. Team Spicy, under Mario's belief that he liked it so much that it killed him, declare their team's victory and celebrate.

SMG4: Mario's Valentine Advice

Tari plays her 15th major role in this episode.

Tari's attempt

Tari sees Shroomy with his crush, who is Po in an anime wig, and as her own form of advice for impressing a girl, Tari tells Shroomy to get her a plush. She leads him to a modification of the Bottle Wallop mini-game from the Bendy Land theme park featured in Chapter 4 of Bendy and the Ink Machine, featuring two stacks of bottles on the single counter rather than three stacks on three stands, having four Sonic plushies scattered around and one duck plushie in the corner, instead acting as a prize game reinstated as "Can Smash", the game being led by Duke Nukem. Tari, of course, specifically focuses on the duck plushie with great interest. With the balls costing $50, Shroomy finds that he is unable to pay for more than one attempt at the game. Reading his loss of confidence, Tari motivates him to focus, implying to him that he should at least make his single attempt worth it. While Shroomy prepares his one shot at a successful throw, Tari steals the plushie duck behind the owner's back. After Shroomy makes great preparation for his throw by building up to great force as Tari watches him in anticipation, he ends up hitting Duke Nukem on the head, cracking his neck and killing him. Shroomy gives the corpse of Duke Nukem himself as the prize to Po instead.

SMG4: Super Challenge 64

Tari plays her 16th major role in this episode.

Is it possible for Tari to be good at a sport?

Tari, having her spirit temporarily crushed by the idea of her having to do sports, looks down sorrowfully as she shows regret for having to do it. However, she regains her confidence as she picks up a Wii Fit kit and shows it to the audience. She realizes that it isn't enough to have a simple Wii Fit kit as she finds out she has been thrown out into an American football field surrounded by at least a hundred Chargin' Chucks as a football helmet and a football casually drop down from above. The Chucks immediately run straight for her, and unable to have prepared for something like this beforehand, Tari shouts in the anticipation of physical torture. Trying to remember her "training" from her sensei Reggie, Tari makes somewhat of an attempt to prepare to deflect it before the Chargin' Chucks all suddenly run over her at once.

Giving up on football, Tari instead tries boxing against Doc Louis. However, she can't motivate herself to hit her opponent at all, and she drops down and begs as she cries and excessively apologizes, thinking that she hurt him after barely hitting him, much to Doc's annoyance.

Tari instead tries association football, simply attempting to kick a football into a net. When hitting it aggressively, the football bounces off one of the poles of the net and back into a nearby Toadsworth's face. Thinking that kicking it gently will make her cause less damage, Tari ends up unintentionally kicking the ball directly into the road and interrupts the path of an oncoming car, causing the car to trip, roll around, and explode into a large wave of destruction, also killing the driver. Tari can only watch in guilty horror as her actions had indirectly caused a giant form of catastrophic chaos against her will, Mario continuing with his challenge of walking backwards the entire day behind her while commenting on the explosion to be "spicy".

Can Meggy cross a lake?

As Meggy decides on a vehicle to use to cross the lake, Tari is seen running behind Doc on a bicycle for a running exercise as she wears a magenta hoodie.

SMG4: Mario's Prison Escape

Tari plays her 17th major role in this episode. After Fishy and Bob calls to them via radio in the prison cafeteria while the plan to distract the guards by making the prisoners throw up from the cafeteria food goes without a hitch, Tari arrives outside Desert Prison with Meggy and Saiko in a truck, Tari acting as the getaway driver. Mario uses the cafeteria food in question to quickly escape the prison with Bob, Fishy, and Luigi by propelling himself through the ventilation and out through the wall to the exterior. After alerting the four of them with the horn, Tari pops up from the driver's seat and tells them how they got there. She explains that she heard Fishy call to them for their help, and that they had to help due to them being friends, though Saiko denies that she wanted to do it for the same reason as Tari. After Bob, Mario, Meggy, Luigi and Fishy get onto the trailer of the truck as backseat passengers and Saiko in the passenger seat, they presume themselves to be home free.

However, Swagmaster, one of the guards at the prison, took note of their escape with the girls' assistance and came to eliminate them for it, and called for Chris' assistance in doing so. With Swagmaster on top of their own military vehicle as the secondary weapons master, Chris starts shooting at the vehicle, alerting Tari that all of them are under attack by the guards for an assisted jailbreak. Saiko attempts to get rid of Swagmaster on the top with shuriken in return for insulting her for "being anime", and she misses every shot. Meggy, at the back of the truck, uses one of her own laser-guided weapons and targets Swagmaster's pelvis with it, then shooting. Now more desperate to catch them, he demands Chris to speed up, and Saiko does the same for Tari so they keep their distance, Tari telling her that she's attempting just that. When Swagmaster manages to catch up and join up to the trailer, Meggy attempts to kick him back from the head, but ends up failing. In return, he hits the trailer of the truck with his hammer, severely damaging it. Saiko tries to fight back once more, using her own rifle, but has her attempt halted by Chris using a magnet to drag it away from her. Losing control of the truck and being unable to escape, Tari panics. Suddenly, she gets an idea for a counter, which is using a Nintendo Gamecube controller and hooking it up the truck, converting the logic of the truck and allowing it to speed up enough to escape Chris and Swagmaster. The solution works, but it is only temporary, as Swagmaster uses an advanced missile launcher, which successfully stops the truck. Tari tries to use the controller again, but she realizes that she can't, and that everyone can no longer escape from the authorities.

With themselves in Swagmaster's vantage, the passengers in the trailer are unsure of what they can do, and Mario, on a run of hallucination from the cafeteria food, thinks that the missiles being shot at them are the soup from before. Promptly, he throws Fishy at them and interrupts their trajectory, reversing them and pointing them back at Chris and Swagmaster, finally defeating them. Tari and Saiko join in to watch the carnage, having been unable to move, and they are all horrified by the sheer destruction caused and Mario using Fishy as a return system. Luigi asks why everyone ended up in prison in the first place, and unbeknownst to everyone except Mario, the true reason is Mario using everyone else at a nearby bus stop as a scapegoat for killing a Toad with his kart. Not wanting anyone to know about this, he acts like he doesn't know anything at all.

The Anime Arc

SMG4: Mario and the Anime Challenge

Tari plays her 18th major role in this episode. Tari is first seen desperately trying to evade Meggy from her paint gun attacks, and she jumps behind Mario in order to shield herself from her. Her attempt at protection doesn't work, and both Mario and Tari end up excessively shot by Meggy's paint gun projectiles, knocking them both down as well as exploding Mario's head off his body. Meggy tells Tari that her training won't work unless Tari tries to retort by shooting in return. Desiring for a calmer approach, Tari wonders why Meggy wants them to shoot at each other physically, and alternatively recommends they do it in a video game instead. Meggy confirms that the reason they are unable to do so in a video game is because the training is for Splatfest. Accepting this, Tari gets out her personal blue paint gun announces that she will also help Meggy in her endeavors, just before Bob shows up unexpectedly behind her. Defensively, Tari shoots back at him and causes him to bounce back, leading them over to where Fishy is. Guilty for having hurt Bob, Tari strongly apologizes to Bob for her impulsive action while Meggy and Mario praise her for her superior marksmanship.

Meggy wonders why Bob and Fishy are present at all. Bob answers, interrupting Fishy as he jumps onto one of the castle towers, that he and his friend are having an anime battle to see who can be the "most anime", which Meggy loathes in the form of confusion as Tari and Mario show great interest in the concept. Jumping onto the tower as well, Fishy tells Meggy that they want her to judge who can live up to this standard the most, and Meggy, getting flashbacks from SMG4: Mario waits for pizza as to when she had to suffer through anime with no way to escape, denies the offer and excuses her leave with the fact that she has to train for Splatfest. With a chance open for her, Tari holds her hand high as she calls to Bob and Fishy for her to judge their challenges, neither of them listening even though she's loud enough to be heard from the distance. Ignoring her, Tari tries to make herself as obvious as possible by dimming the lights and dramatically revealing herself to be on top of the tower's point, telling them both avidly that she wants to judge. Eventually, the two of them accept her role and all of them including Mario leave Meggy behind.

Challenge 1: Who can run like Naruto the fastest?

On a mountainous road, Tari stands at the finish line to prepare the boys to set off for their race. Bob runs straight past Fishy due to the latter being unable to run quickly enough to stay in first place, and Bob decides to trip him up, leaving only himself and Mario in the race. Using Tobirama Senju's Shadow Clone Technique, Bob is kicked out into the Sun by Mario, and Mario wins the race. Tari declares it a win for Mario, admiring his usage of the Shadow Clone Technique.

Winner: Mario

Challenge 2: Who can do the best anime love confession?

The scene transitions to an academy. Realizing what the challenge is immediately, Tari expresses her confusion and doubt, and tries to evade the discomfort of how the three boys suddenly gained enthusiasm. They all try their love confessions on Tari, and the first to attempt one is Fishy, who tries a tsundere approach. He asks her on the quality of his approach, and she responds with a sheepish "...Yes". Fishy is kicked out of the way by Bob, who insults him for his attempt, telling him that he will show how to actually confess to a girl. Being Bob, this turns out to be the least elegant attempt, as it starts off with him dimming the lights and surrounding himself and Tari in a spotlight, as well as wearing a fedora. His confession turns out to be lackluster, as it mostly consists of him being self-indulgent. He starts off by saying that he is euphoric, but not because of a "phony god's blessing, but because he is enlightened by his intelligence". Tari, unsure of what he means by any of this, expresses her confusion once more, but with a glare of disappointment. He follows up with a request on whether or not Tari wants to be "his angle or his devil". Understandably, Tari starts to back away from Bob as the scene returns to form, and she only ends up backing up into Mario's confession, which turns out to be a simple "I love you", which greatly relieves her. Or at least, at first, as he shows that he brought Hideo Kojima along with him under the knowledge of how much she likes video games. In a mess of emotions, though primarily disappointment and discouragement, Tari facepalms as she claims that no one won the challenge.

Winner: Void

Challenge 3: Who can scream like Goku the best?

The scene transitions to a park in the city. As Mario, Fishy, and Bob begin their Goku scream, with Bob doing it last, a Goomba family walks by Tari watching over her friends actually looking less dignified than they believe themselves to be while doing it. Trying to make sure the family doesn't think of her to be just as crazy as them, Tari acts like she doesn't know who they are, reflecting what she said when she first met Mario, and the parent walks away with their children, telling them not to look, Tari watching them walk away. In regards to the status of the challenge participants, Fishy loses his breath completely and drops unconscious, Tari deeming it a loss on his part. Then, as Mario and Bob begin to gain powers and ascend as Tari can only watch it happen in her own state of surprise, it seems Mario is about to win over Bob until his head explodes and he falls down from the sky, Tari also deeming this a loss. Bob is the only one to reach a final form, and astonished by him actually fully receiving a power, Tari deems Bob as the winner.

Winner: Bob

Challenge 4: Who can speak the best Japanese?

The scene transitions to the restaurant Saiko works as a waiter for. All four members of the cast are at the same table as Saiko walks up to them and asks them for their order while also stating she doesn't want to be in the segment. After Bob's complete and total failure to speak Japanese, Saiko immediately slaps Bob out of his seat and off to one of the restaurant walls. Mario tells Bob that he has done it incorrectly, and under the impression that he speaks better Japanese, Mario attempts to insult Saiko in the language in shouts, much to Saiko and Tari's offense, and Saiko ends up hitting him with her hammer. Fishy, being known as the one most dedicated to anime out of the boys, says a phrase in fluent Japanese without error, which impresses everyone in the room fully, especially Saiko, who reveals that he had asked her whether or not her day was good. Tari deems it a win for Fishy Boopkins.

Winner: Fishy Boopkins

Challenge 5: Who can win in an anime argument?

In a mysterious interrogation room, Fishy and Bob have an argument over the idea that either of them will win over one another, thinking that Tari will consider either of them to be better. The argument becomes long-winded and it ends in them telling each other to summarize every One Piece episode. Mario, being the deviant of the boys, simply says "penis", which Tari deems a win for Mario completely out of spite.

Winner: Mario

Final Challenge: Who can win in an anime battle?

The scene transitions to the field in front of the castle. Mario begins the battle by attempting to kick Bob, completely missing as Bob diverts the shot. Fishy and Bob trick each other in order to land a single blow, and after Bob uses teleportation, Fishy tricks him by revealing himself to actually be a plushie. Fishy shows where he really is and kicks Bob far into the distance into a nearby tower, causing Bob to explode on impact. Thinking that he has won, Fishy prematurely celebrates before Mario reveals himself to have been powering up behind them both the whole time. He uses a combined speed and fire attack against Fishy, throwing him far into the distance next to Tari, who is hiding behind a mushroom in a combat helmet for protection. She sheepishly praises everyone for their efforts, due to it mostly consisting of very brutal attacks. Having not been defeated before, Bob shows himself up against Mario, saying that he will have to use 2% of his true power to win. Annoyed and taking everyone overpowering him personally, Bob charges up a death beam. Tari warns him to stop doing it, but he ends up doing it anyway, and in his path, he destroys Mario, Lakitu, a duo of houses, and finally, Peach's castle, which was long in the distance. Fearful of the punishment that will inevitably be inflicted upon them for the destruction of Peach's castle, Tari, Fishy, Bob, and an ablaze Mario all gather together on the castle courtyard. Bob, wanting to avoid it, attempts to blame it on Goku.

Winner: Bob

SMG4: Mario's Lemonade Stand

Tari plays her 19th major role in this episode. Tari is first seen moping as she walks on the sidewalk and approaches Mario's lemonade stand. In attempt to cheer her up, Mario asks Tari if she wants some of his lemonade, to which she denies as she drops herself down onto the counter. She explains that she has had no one to play video games with due to Meggy training for Splatfest, and the rest of her friends visiting Japan, though she has no idea it's due to Saiko being deported back to Japan due to the anime ban, and her counting as anime, she was counted in as a technicality. Mario offers her to assist him as his business partner in his lemonade stand, and she asks why he is selling lemonade, confused by why he would do something so specific. Mario flashes back to Francis, the leader of the Anime Cartel, threatening Mario at the airport to pay him back for the anime he destroyed as he laughs evilly, Tari seeing this in his mind. She warns him of the shady business and to refrain from associating with them, claiming she also desires to not do the same. He tries to convince Tari to join him, telling her that Francis is going to break his knees if he doesn't pay his debt. At first, Tari is in doubts about being his business partner, but she eventually changes her mind and helps him in his endeavor. She asks him on the whereabouts of his lemonade, to which he points out that Donkey Kong, lying down unconscious directly in front of the stand and having a seizure, drank the only container for it. She assures him that he can make more lemonade, to which he reveals that the lemonade he made was actually his own urine, much to Tari's horror. Wanting to avoid potentially killing their presumed customers, Tari tells him to focus on selling the lemonade instead of making it, as she will take the job of doing so instead. Mario complies, and they go to find another source for the lemonade to be made with.

They find a lemon tree nearby, and Tari attempts to retrieve one by jumping for it. Being unable to reach, she finds another way to get the lemons out of the tree. Mario also tries pushing it down from the stump by force, but he ends up breaking his neck in the process, then being revived. She sees across the road the main protagonist of Animal Crossing, The Villager, storing an entire fridge inside of his clothes. She approaches him and manipulates him into getting the lemons down from the tree by telling him that the lemon tree has money inside of it, to which the villager responds by vigorously shaking it about, releasing all of the lemons from the tree as Tari catches them in a trash can. Having finally caught some real lemons, the duo starts the lemonade stand's operation for real. First of all, to get customers, they try a variety of methods, all of them failing. When he tries an elevator trick as a way to get customers, all of his promotions failing, Mario loses it and tries to force the lemonade directly down a nearby Goomba. Knowing a better way to get customers, Tari demonstrates to Mario a better method of promotion on Shroomy, who was walking by unsuspectingly. She shuts off the lights and shines a spotlight down onto herself and Shroomy as she attempts to use seduction to encourage him to buy the lemonade they had in stock, speaking in a seductive and slightly crazy tone. Wanting her to speak normally again, the scene returns to form as Shroomy complies with her offer. He gets whole stacks of coins out from his pocket, much to Tari and Mario's delight.

Their moment of satisfaction is interrupted by the appearance of a black limousine, which Tari is alerted by as she ducks down for protection. It is revealed that Jeeves is the passenger within the car, who shows that he is vengeful against Mario for destroying his milk factory. He accuses Mario of stealing business from the milk cafeteria from across the street titled "Moo Moo Milk", which blatantly has no customers at all, to which Tari apologizes for on Mario's behalf as well as her own. He tries to insult Jeeves by telling him he is just inexperienced with business, before the sign on the stand is altered to say "Mario's Lemonaid" to "Marios' Aids" as "Lemon" falls off and the "s" ends the remaining "aid". Jeeves offers Mario to take down his stand if it means that he can forgive him for destroying his milk factory. Mario denies it, challenging Jeeves, and Jeeves responds by sending out his milk guards to destroy Mario's lemonade stand. Tari tries to stop the guards from destroying the stands by offering them lemonade, but to no avail, they start to destroy it completely, finishing it off by exploding it with a laser bazooka. Tari is saddened by their failure and the destruction of the stand as Mario attempts to fight back and Shroomy is dragged off to Jeeves' milk cafeteria.

In retribution, Mario calls someone up about the incident for a revenge plot, intending to take back his business. The figure is revealed to be Francis with his cartel, who enters the scene in a white limousine and smashes his head through the window as he asks for the details of the problem. Tari starts off the explanation as to the incident, and Mario ends it by telling him that Jeeves destroyed their lemonade stand. Francis retaliates on behalf of Tari and Mario by trashing the milk cafeteria from across the street, a method which Tari is in disagreement of as she watches the destruction in pure shock, wanting a more civilized way to deal with the situation besides a gang war. After Jeeves calls anime "dumb" right to Francis' face, Jeeves ends up winning the battle as he sprays all of the Anime Cartel, sliding them directly out of the cafeteria and losing their opportunity for equal grounds. Tari almost gives up on the concept of a lemonade stand, recommending a duck emporium for business instead. However, instead of falling back, Francis wishes to go further due to Mario's competitor insulting anime. Mario joins in this time around, attempting to sabotage the business together as Tari rebuilds the lemonade stand, which is immediately destroyed again just after Tari had finished. Meanwhile, Jeeves and Mario use special offers and bargains to lure customers in collectively, going to absurd measures as customers go back and forth between both establishments. Waluigi interferes with the loop, having opened up a taco stand, luring all of the customers for both locations and more over to his stand. After all the customers pick a taco, Shroomy is the only one remaining, still having nothing to drink.

The two gangs then start a war between one another as they fight over who gets to have Shroomy as their customer, which Tari and Mario both spectate in the midst. Tari is unsure of what to do while Mario acts completely stoic about the situation, saying that nothing can hurt him. Against all odds, Meggy suddenly appears between the location of the lemonade stand the milk cafeteria in her Inkart. She crashes into Mario and wedges him underneath the kart, telling him that she has been trying to find him over the course of the last two episodes after he left for the anime challenges at the beginning of the arc, telling him that they need to train for Splatfest. He tells her that he can't join her for training as he is in the event of a gang war, which greatly annoys Meggy. She fills her paint gun with the lemonade nearby, allowing it to act as an acid, and she splotches Francis and Jeeves' underlings with it in their eyes, attempting to also shoot the two leaders themselves but failing due to one of Jeeves' milk guards blocking the shot. She tells them all to stop fighting and let her and Mario train together, but the leaders don't listen, and they instead call for their factions to target Meggy as punishment for targeting their henchmen, Tari and Mario caught in the crossfire. Meggy, at the peak of her fury, finally stands up directly against the factions, shouting to them that no one cares about their drinks and that she has no idea who they are. Hurt by her honesty, Francis and Jeeves cower in fear as they hug each other, crying over Meggy's words. Meggy then tells her friends to come with her, Tari saluting as she complies, as she hijacks Francis' open limousine as transportation to their training arena for her Splatfest tournament with Tari and Mario as teammates.

SMG4: Meggy's Bootcamp

Tari plays her 20th major role in this episode. Tari, Luigi and Mario are all lined up in combat helmets, and Meggy, ordering them like a drill sergeant, degrades them and then tells them they shall spend the next fortnight training for Splatfest "as though their lives depended on it." Luigi interrupts by asking why he had to get involved in Meggy's meddling, and Tari explains to him that it's because their team requires four members and Meggy's old teammates had already left. Meggy continues from Tari, telling him that Luigi's her next best option for a teammate after Saiko, Bob, Fishy, and SMG4, but she couldn't take them as she believes them to be on holiday. Mario tries to demonstrate to her that Luigi is actually experienced with dodging projectiles by shooting him with a Splatling, failing every time due to this. She tells him to stop screwing around with Luigi and that he has to focus on the task at hand as she slaps the Splatling away and threatens him. Abashed, Mario says he'll do so.

Meggy starts off the training by testing everyone's marksmanship by setting up a target, Mario starting off by missing every single shot except the very last one. Irritated by Mario's lack of experience, Meggy facepalms and pits Luigi up instead, who barely shoots anything from the gun he has before he deems it to be "too violent" and he hides in a corner, shaming himself, testing Meggy's patience further as her eye starts to twitch. As the final contestant, Meggy tells Tari to show the boys how to shoot a simple target, and she actually tries to do so normally unlike the other two. The paint she shoots ends up bouncing off the very edge of the target and being redirected to Inkopolis Tower, which causes it to come loose from the foundation and topple down to explode, mortifying Tari's conscience as she realizes she had damaged the city. In the background, Mario praises Tari for having a great aim, but Meggy is disappointed, having seen Tari's superior marksmanship in the carnival when they first met and expecting the same from her here. Tari tells her that Splatfest is more of a sport, elaborating that she's actually really bad at that category, having more experience with games. Meggy decides to simply move on from the issue and onto the next feature in the training regimen.

Meggy had set up an elaborate obstacle course for her teammates to get through, consisting of high stakes, the first stage being a field of barbed wire just high enough for players to crawl through and a rope hoisted over water where the player then has to jump up to the goalpost at the top of some boxes. Luigi is assigned as the first participant, and he crawls under the barbed wire to get to the other side. Thinking he'll succeed as he gets halfway across, Luigi encounters a surprise attack from another paint gun pointed back at the starting line that Meggy enables with a button, the excess of combative elements titled "Woomy Mode". The unexpected gun ends up shooting Luigi all the way back to the starting line, and Meggy then orders Tari to be the participant of the next round. When the gun introduced before points towards her, Tari is scared of being hit, and she reluctantly passes through the first stage by crying and rolling around on the floor lengthwise, only narrowly missing the shot. She is surprised to find that she had passed by the first obstacle, seemingly proud of herself until Meggy calls her to pass through the next obstacle. Tari gets up onto the rope and gradually climbs across it, paying great attention to where she is grabbing the rope, though struggling to endure the precise movements she has to make. Tari is scared solid halfway through as she notices a Cheep Chomp submerged in the water, who sexually harasses her along with its 17 other companions before attempting to bite down on her. Noticing Tari isn't progressing any further, Meggy tells Mario to go next. At first, he denies the request, but then changes his mind when Meggy promises to reward him with spaghetti. Throughout the course, Mario elegantly wraps himself in the barbed wire and sails across into the water with the Cheep Chomps before he charges towards the box tower Meggy is standing on, leading the tower to explode and for Meggy to drop down and leave the spaghetti she had for Mario next to her. He is excited for the freedom of the spaghetti, but Meggy doesn't allow him to have it, and he tells him to focus on training, as well as that she lured him with the spaghetti so he'd do the obstacle course. He denies working any further under Meggy's orders, telling her that he's tired from the work he has done, and she retorts by telling him that he isn't trying, to which Tari acknowledges and corrects her on those terms by saying that they actually are. After Meggy states her final word of degradation to Tari in that they have to try harder, the Inkling immediately discerns that she is being too harsh on her friends and grows guilt-ridden, internally welling up with tears as she walks away from the obstacle course. With all of the group concerned, Mario follows her as Tari and Luigi look at each other worried.

Mario eventually follows Meggy up to the rooftop of a high-rise building, where she is sitting on the edge, staring at the Sun. Mario asks Meggy to tell him the issue, and she says that it's because she hasn't won a single Splatfest since they first trained together, even after she proclaimed herself to be an "upcoming star", and she calls herself a disappointment with no sense of self as she starts bawling. To try and reassure her, Mario offers Meggy the spaghetti she gave him as a reward for completing the obstacle course. Tari and Luigi reveal themselves to have been behind her the whole time, and Meggy starts to tell them the same speech over again until Tari stops her, saying that they had both overheard her. Tari briefs her on that she doesn't have to apologize for any particular thing she did, and Luigi assures her that what she did was normal, comparing it to Mario's obsession with spaghetti. Meggy replies back that she still yelled at them all, and that winning Splatfest isn't worth the time if she loses her friends in the process. Flattered by her remark, Tari tells her that she wouldn't lose them at all and that they would still stay friends. With Meggy cheered up, she motivates them all that they will train together again, and that she will do it better.

In a training montage, Meggy teaches her team strategies about how to win, consisting of not getting hit, covering their surroundings with paint, and to shoot opposing teams, which Tari documents on a desktop computer, Luigi documents on paper, and Mario documents on his glove. She also trains Tari to shoot better by marking the targets with point counts, saying that it's like a game, with the smaller targets being worth 50 points and the bigger ones being worth 100 points. Tari questions the logic behind why they think she functions better if she thinks of Splatfest as a game than a sport, and Meggy tells her not to question it. She doesn't question it, albeit antipathetically, and she manages to hit every target, against her own expectations. She also uses a collision shot, and in her pride, she spins the gun she's holding on her finger before dropping it, the speed causing it to hit Luigi. Meggy also trains Luigi to dodge a Splatling lineup, which he is scared to do until Mario gives him a theme to dance to, and he dodges each shot without error, much to Meggy's approval. Mario and Meggy then have a practice battle with each other. In the midst of the battle, Mario attempts to defeat Meggy by crushing her with a wooden box, but she transforms into a squid at the last second, Mario nearly thinking he succeeded. She travels up behind Mario and prepares to shoot him again, to which he retaliates by jumping up behind her and then shooting her back. Mario finally succeeds in getting Meggy, leading him to celebrate, which gives Meggy the advantage to hit him into the ocean nearby as he is given the advice to not let his guard down.

In one of the car parks, Meggy and her team celebrate how far her team has come in their training as she thanks them, all of them believing themselves to be successful. Mario prematurely claims that they are going to defeat their enemy as he is flipping off in no particular direction, before some unknown purple paint comes down from the sky and hits Mario, propelling him far away from the group. They look where the paint came from, and they see a pink-haired Octoling girl aiming a gun towards Mario mock them for thinking they will succeed, Tari whispering into Meggy's ear that she believes her to be one of Meggy's friends. The Octoling girl tries to introduce herself as Desti, leader of the Octoposse, but Meggy finishes her introduction, having heard it before and not wanting to hear it again. Desti informs Meggy to pull out of Splatfest, picturing her team as unworthy of the competition as a threat, to which Luigi is hurt by. Meggy assures him that she only acts like this because she knows that they are capable of beating her team, but Desti challenges her and then signals her group to come. One of her henchmen descend from the sky in a helicopter, Splatling in hand, and Meggy alerts her team to take cover, thereby preventing them from guarding their belongings. While hiding behind a building, Meggy notices Desti stealing all of their weapons away and successfully flying off with them in the helicopter. Tari can only watch as Desti flies off with them while Meggy demands her to return them and implying revenge. When she is mocked in response, Mario tries to stand up against the Octoposse and take back their weapons, but his attempts are halted when Desti pulls out her gun and shoots Mario back down onto the ground. Having failed to maintain their guard, Meggy swears revenge against the Octoposse, promising to take their weapons back and that they'll kick their ass.

SMG4: The Mario Showdown

Tari plays her 21st major role in this episode. In her isolated cottage with her henchmen, Desti, with the weapons she obtained from Meggy, jokes about how Meggy was affected by her weapons being stolen, mocking her for being upset with her about doing so. Though she thinks herself to be free, her enemy team crashes through the roof of her cottage, Meggy being the only one to do it with dignity as Tari and Luigi end up tangled in their safety ropes, Mario violently crashing through last. In the aftermath of their undignified entry, Meggy facepalms as Tari and Luigi release themselves, dazed, and Mario says that he can't feel his lower half. Inevitably, Desti laughs wheezing over the idea that Meggy believes her team can stand up against her, calling them all "dorks". With their own improvised weapons, Meggy using a toy hammer, Luigi using a broom, and Tari using a rubber duck wearing a red shell, the latter two call her out for stealing their weapons, Luigi stating it was a low move, and Tari attempting to threaten Desti by telling her that she will pay for hurting Meggy. In return, Desti enables Gatling guns to drop down from the ceiling, and everyone except Meggy immediately ducks behind her, scared of the damage they'll receive, as Meggy calls Desti out for her cowardice right to her face due to not deciding on a hands-on battle. Desti gives clarity to her decided action, telling her that it's unfair to fight them hands-on without the weapons she stole from them, before they all get blasted out of the cottage. Meggy points out that Desti isn't being fair on stealing their weapons, labeling her a cheater, but Desti tries to excuse herself from it, illustrating that "cheating is a legitimate strategy" in her eyes, before she puts up a barrier as well as two giant Gatling guns around her cottage, as well as a sign that says "Go away" as self-defense. Out of options for getting back their weapons back from Desti in their current state, Tari dejectedly asks how Meggy is alternatively going to get them back. Mario makes a final attempt in the form of casually approaching the defense mechanism directly and casually asking for Desti to come out, which goes as fortunately as expected, as Mario gets himself blown up, much to the rest of the team's chagrin.

In a monster truck, Meggy and the team return back to Desti to confront her a second time. Tari questions Meggy's method on how she got a monster truck in the first place, and she answers that she received one from Shroomy. During the journey back, Meggy ambitiously claims that she'll get Desti back for stealing her weapons with her Splattershot. On their way, they cross paths with another vehicle on a one-way road, the vehicle being a shuttle bus, which Tari attentively alerts Meggy to watch for. After crashing into each other, Mario comes out of the monster truck with the rest of the team and scolds the figure for driving irresponsibly, the figure in question, SMG4, returning the same argument. Immediately, the two separate teams realize they have been reunited, as they also see Saiko, Bob, and Fishy with SMG4. Tari and Meggy celebrate Saiko's return and reunion by tightly hugging her, while Mario sits on SMG4 and Luigi simply greets Fishy, leaving Bob as the only one with no one to greet him back. To give context to the other team, Fishy rapidly explains that they were chased down by the Anime Secret Service, and how the Anime Cartel told them to go to Japan, seeing anime and visiting a maid cafeteria by opportunity. However, he dismisses the importance of both situations, deeming their meeting of Axol as the most important part of their trip, and that he is going to help them lift the anime ban from the Mushroom Kingdom. Tari is excited to participate in their plan too, but Meggy says that she is unable to do anything herself until she retrieves her weapons. Suddenly, Axol approaches Meggy in interest, pointing out that she's an Inkling, much to her incertitude. Meggy wonders who he is in return, and he introduces himself to her as "Axol, the legendary manga artist", but Meggy has no idea who he is, only embarrassing himself instead. Returning to his original topic of discussion, he says that she is important to lifting the anime ban and is a valuable asset, but she denies assisting in the endeavor due to her personal vitriol against anime. Fishy convinces her to participate by pointing out that the anime ban is preventing him from being fulfilled due to his own love for anime, and that with anime banned, Saiko isn't allowed in the Mushroom Kingdom. Meggy changes her mind almost immediately when she realizes that Saiko's presence in the Mushroom Kingdom itself is at stake, and Tari joins forces with her and the rest of the group to lift the anime ban. The Inkling realizes that the task is unfulfilled if she doesn't have her weapons in hand, and Axol denies helping her retrieve them at first until Mario and Saiko convince him, the latter stating that the weapon retrieval operation can serve as a warm-up to lifting the anime ban. Now joining them on their additional quest, Axol asks who Meggy's enemy is, and she teases him by saying that she'll "show him" who it is.

In their second and final confrontation of Desti to retrieve the weapons, they are now on Pokémon species drawn by Axol. Axol himself, Bob, and Fishy all ride on a Blastoise, while Mario, SMG4, and Luigi ride on a Snorlax and Meggy, Tari, and Saiko ride on a Charizard. Meggy and Axol direct their respective Pokémon to avoid themselves from getting battered by the firearms that Desti's henchmen are using to defend themselves. After Mario is knocked off by his Snorlax, Saiko picks him up from the girls' Charizard just before one their enemy's henchmen nearly manage to shoot him with their firearm. Irritated by the incompetence of her henchmen, Desti takes full control of defenses and shoots down the girls' Charizard and SMG4 and Luigi's Snorlax. Axol, however, manages to knock back one of the bullets with an energy blast from the Blastoise, which leads the bullet directly back down the barrel of her gun, clogging it up, then causing it to explode and propel Desti feet up into the air and back down onto the ground. Vulnerable and with everyone ganging up on her with vengeful glares on their faces, Desti puts her hands in the air as she proposits a wager to Meggy based on a splat duel. If Meggy wins, she is allowed her weapons back, and if she loses, she has to pull out of Splatfest forever. With a plan in mind for Desti, Meggy firmly agrees with her wager. In the duel, the tension gradually rises as the two girls give each other sharp glares and Mario counts down for them to shoot, with Desti legitimately preparing to do it. Unexpectedly, Meggy switches up the results of the duel by throwing her gun at Desti and neutralizing her, urgently telling everyone to grab a weapon each due to them all being left out in the open. Axol also draws a getaway vehicle in the form of Thomas the Tank Engine wearing Kakashi Hatake's headband. Desti calls her enemy out for cheating, and Meggy returns her argument by paralleling her own words back at her of "cheating is legitimate strategy", and the entire team ride out of the area altogether, weapons in hand, having defeated Desti. As they leave, Desti aggressively threatens to win against her enemy in Splatfest with Mario flipping her off in return.

On their way home, Tari is surprised to find out that their plan worked out just fine as Luigi is proud of everyone's unity, Meggy thanks everyone for helping her, and Saiko points out that all they have left to do is lift the anime ban. SMG4 notices Axol looking at Inkopolis, and he asks for context to what he's doing. He answers him by revealing that he was born in Inkopolis, much to his surprise. Bob interjects in the moment by pointing out that he barely had anything to say in the episode.

SMG4: Mario Saves Anime

Tari plays her 22nd major role in this episode. In Mario's house, while Saiko watches Tari play on her games console, Meggy cleans her Splattershot while Luigi provides food, Bob & Fishy both indulge themselves in anime-related content, and Mario dreams about Princess Peach, Axol and SMG4 finish the plan to lift the anime ban from the Mushroom Kingdom as he calls everyone over, and they go, gathering together. He asks everyone if they are ready to do so, and Saiko responds with enthusiasm as she prepares to defend herself against the guards with her hammer. Axol dismisses her use of it, pointing out that violence is what led Peach to ban anime in the first place, and he gives them his non-violent plan of getting him in front of Peach himself and convincing her. SMG4 points out how that will be basically impossible, as there are multiple Anime Secret Service agents guarding the castle and that Axol won't be able to get inside with his anime characters. He tells him that his pen, Inkweaver, is capable of creating any character he draws, demonstrating with a false Monkey D. Luffy, but notes that it has a hindrance in that the intelligence and lifespan of his characters depends on the quality of the ink he uses. He says that he will need ink of a higher quality for his plan to work, specifically ink from Inkopolis, as he points to Meggy. Wondering why he's from Inkopolis, he tells everyone his backstory as he shuts off the lights and shines a spotlight down onto himself and the rest of the group. As a child, Axol already was showing his liking towards anime by drawing it casually, but that Inkopolis had a great dislike for anime and the residents had made fun of him for it, even shooting him with their paint. Concerned by the reputation of her species as well as the additional known fact that she also hates anime, Tari and Fishy both look at Meggy in concern, wondering what came over her species for them to act like that. She attempts to excuse and make herself seem like she isn't part of the guilty party by saying that it's just "in their DNA". Continuing on, Axol says that he made Inkweaver so he could have all the anime in the world, not needing any real friends. Returning to the plan, he follows up on his mention that Inkweaver's quality depends on the ink with the fact that he is only using 5% of his power in his pen's current state. Approaching Meggy, he says that Inkling ink will maximize it to 50%. At first, Meggy doesn't want to do it knowing the only process she can take to gather her own ink, but upon seeing Saiko sad that she isn't going to be allowed back in the Mushroom Kingdom, she follows through, converting herself into a squid and making herself into an ink puddle, much to Luigi's, Tari's, and Axol's interest. When Meggy returns back to her original form, Tari shows her concerns as Meggy explains how she doesn't like converting herself into an ink puddle. When Axol has his Inkweaver planted with the new supply of Inkling ink, he demonstrates the false Monkey D. Luffy once more, this time with more powers and strength. Everyone except Mario is amazed by his pen's power, and Bob and Fishy both want him to do the same for their characters before Saiko kicks them away as discipline. Axol explains the first step of the plan needing assistance, and that the group once mentioned an Anime Cartel, whom Saiko calls over herself. The cartel crashes into Mario's house and begin to praise Axol. Fearing their sheer enthusiasm, Mario jumps into the nearby furnace as Tari and SMG4 watch him. To defend himself, Axol draws a bald Goku, who charges up a laser to get Francis' henchmen out of the house, leaving only Francis himself. The chameleon admires Axol's power with Inkweaver as they bow down to him, and they inform him that they will do anything he tells them to, setting the plan to unban anime in motion.

After SMG4 and Saiko defeat the Anime Secret Service with the Anime Cartel at the entrance of the castle in order for Axol, Mario, and Fishy to get to the castle's backyard with a Snorlax undetected, Mario signals someone from the distance. It turns out to be Tari and Meggy, Tari communicating to the trio via handheld transceiver. The former is given the role of directing the trio past the guards in the backyard by surveying them from an aerial point, the latter acting as backup defense, giving herself the codename of "Bluejay" and Meggy the codename of "Splatterhawk", the Inkling critiquing the decision. Moving on, Tari assures the trio that they can trust her as she states that she has a notably very exaggerated number of "10,000 hours" playing Metal Gear Solid, claiming herself as an expert in sneaking missions. She directs them behind some boxes, narrowly avoiding a guard, and then past the fountain. She tries to get the trio to continue past, but with Mario wanting to urinate in the fountain, he refuses and ends up nearly getting caught by a guard. As Tari claims that the plan is doomed, Meggy tells her to relax as she shoots the guard in question, releasing Mario from punishment. Realizing the potential situation he was almost involved in, Mario runs away and back into the castle from the back door, finishing the two-part castle entry step of the plan. Tari calls Luigi to continue on from her work, which is helping to defeat the guard in the foyer with Bob.

After Axol has convinced Peach to lift the anime ban and he leaves to do his own work once more, the team who participated in helping him and Saiko enter into Peach's throne room again, proud of them all for their success, as Fishy wonders if they will ever see him again. Tari assures him that they should just be happy that anime has finally been unbanned. Saiko gives Fishy a dakimakura as she thanks them all for helping, to which they all celebrate. After, Meggy announces that the only path they have remaining is to win Splatfest as all of their other paths have been completed.

SMG4: The Splatfest Incident

Tari plays her 23rd major role in this episode. After lifting the anime ban, Saiko and Tari are together once again. In the stadium locker room in preparation for Splatfest, Saiko motivates Tari to stand up against the other teams, telling her to repeat the phrase "My name's Tari and I'm going to kick butt today" over again until Saiko believes her to be able to win. She also tells Tari to do an ambitious roar, and the first time she does it, she leads Saiko to facepalm due to it being so feeble. The second time she tries with more emphasis, however, she is interrupted by Fishy Boopkins screaming in fear due to Mario using him to practice targeting enemy teams for Splatfest. He tries to find somewhere to hide from Mario, and tries to find a vacant locker room he can use, only to find Bob secretly indulging himself in anime instead. Bob tells him to go away, after which he gets shot by Mario again. Unexpectedly, SMG4 enters the locker room with Luigi as he asks if anyone knows of Meggy's whereabouts, and Tari tells them that the team thought she was still with their group. Luigi answers her, telling her that they actually can't find her anywhere they look. Mario points out that Splatfest is going to start and Saiko tries to tolerate the possibility of something bad having happened to her by falsely reassuring everyone that she may be late, but she is cut off by the jingle for the next team to go on. With Meggy gone, the team only has three members, and SMG4 says that they'll just have to find Meggy a substitute while the remainder search for her. Saiko, Mario, Tari, Fishy, SMG4 and Luigi all wonder about who it should be, and they all come to the conclusion that it should be Bob.

Anticipating that their first match will be a failure, Luigi knows that the team will fail without Meggy to lead them, but Tari encourages him that they will win as long as they stick to the training that Meggy gave them prior. With the tournament starting as a turf war, Marie and Callie announce the teams who will be competing. The first team is Team SplatSquad, consisting of Mario, Tari, Bob and Luigi. Their opposing team, by total coincidence, however, turns out to be Team Octoposse, Desti's team. While the entire team shrinks down from fear, Tari is surprised to find that their misfortune was so exact, knowing they don't stand a chance against her team and will lose the first match. After Callie sets the match to go, Desti immediately orders her team to target her enemy team, and being the superior, they make highly coordinated and rapid moves, while on Team SplatSquad, Luigi is barely able to shoot people with his paint gun while Mario spontaneously aims his own. The circumstances change when Tari is targeted by an aerial surprise attack, however, and Luigi comes to block the shot. Annoyed by her enemy team taking a vantage point to target her specifically, she prepares to shoot back at them, and does, ending up hitting only one of the two who tried to target her first. The remaining one runs up to the high ground behind her, and tries to shoot her there, but Mario protects her by fighting back against the paint being shot at her, causing both their guns to run out of ammunition. Without ink, the Octoposse member refills her tank by swimming in the ink, and Mario attempts to do the same. Unable to do so, he instead chooses to use brute force by throwing his gun back at them and knocking them down directly after they pop back up from their refill. It is also revealed that Tari had planted down a duck with red Octoling hair on it as a distraction, which allowed her to finally stand her own ground against the enemy team, only for Desti to have been up at the highest point in the arena the entire time with two other members, who she promptly sends to defeat Team SplatSquad. One of the members finally get Mario, who is returned to the respawn point after getting crushed with a roller. Mario, Tari, and Luigi all find Bob to have not been doing anything, finding him watch a Gordon Ramsay cooking tutorial the entire time due to not even knowing what Splatoon is let alone what the game they're currently playing is, much to Tari's disappointment, and Luigi's epiphany that they definitely need Meggy herself back on the team. At the end of the game, Marie announces half-time and Callie describes that the match was exciting, with the Octoposse having covered 70% of the map in paint.

After the match, the losing team goes back into the locker room, moping over their loss. SMG4 returns back from his venture with Saiko and Fishy to tell them all that they didn't find Meggy anywhere, much to Tari's confusion. Mario accuses Desti of having kidnapped her before she physically appears in the locker room to tell him that she isn't the culprit responsible. She tells them all that she has wanted to fight Meggy fairly since she was humiliated in the splat duel, and that fighting with Bob on the team is nothing but disappointment to her, much to Bob's agreement. Desti tells them that she is going to assist them in searching for Meggy, calling them "idiots". Fishy sets down a line of locations for them to search, starting off with her apartment. Not wanting to believe that something had actually happened to her, Tari theorizes that she may have just slept in past the Splatfest starting time.

At the entrance to her apartment, Fishy tries to call for Meggy with her doorbell and then tests her door, finding out it's actually unlocked. On their way to to Meggy's apartment, they find that everything is quiet and silent, and that there isn't anybody there. Reaching Meggy's apartment itself, however, they find it to be wrecked, tattered, and disorderly, and they all consider the negative implications of the happenings within the apartment as Tari points out that something bad had happened, and she points to something suspicious in the hallway, seeing claw marks nearby. Desti deduces that Meggy was kidnapped by someone currently unknown, and Fishy, using his senses, finds a Naruto DVD on the wrecked kitchen floor, and Bob thinks it means that Meggy was secretly a weeaboo. Irritated by his typical lack of sensitivity, Saiko throws a box at his face and corrects him in that it's evidence that the kidnapper was someone who has an affinity for anime. Desti comes to the conclusion that the kidnapper is Axol, and SMG4 disagrees with her since he knows he is on the side of good and would never kidnap Meggy. Tari follows on from Desti's deduction with her own evidence, saying that he is not only an anime lover, but that he also has a motive to kidnap Meggy due to his grudge against Inklings for mocking his love for anime, Mario agreeing with her. Fishy counters all the arguments against Axol by saying that he helped them, and Meggy even permitted him to use her ink for his Inkweaver. Luigi follows through with Fishy's proof of him being on the side of good as him being on the side of bad by saying that Axol kidnapped Meggy because he wanted more of her ink. Bob makes his own additional statement by asking if a someone who likes waifus would resort to kidnapping someone, and everyone including those defending Axol's name stare at him in disbelief, knowing that someone who does definitely would. Desti desires to leave the argument and search for Axol with the ones who agree with her, but she is prevented from doing so by Saiko blocking the exit to the section of Meggy's apartment, telling her that Axol is the reason she is able to be in the Mushroom Kingdom in the first place, and Desti responds by threatening to send her back to Japan herself if she refuses to open the exit. Bob, Fishy, and SMG4 gather up together to battle against the side that thinks Axol is the culprit, being Desti, Luigi, Mario, and Tari, and Mario announces a civil war. Desti fights Saiko by attempting to shoot her with her paint gun, and Saiko blocks every shot, allowing her to quake the ground and cause Desti to fall down. SMG4 and Mario fight each other, Mario taking advantage of SMG4's vivid inability to restrain against memes, allowing him to hit SMG4. Bob also tries to use dakimakuras to battle Luigi, but ends up hitting the wall behind instead. Luigi turns around to see Fishy and Tari in a separate room, and they battle in their own way, with Fishy simply calling Tari a "very bad friend", which is enough to make her break down crying out of heartbreak, to which Fishy apologizes for immediately. Fishy runs back into the main room where the battle is occurring, finding Desti blocking Saiko's attacks with her gun as she tells her that she is wasting her time targeting Axol, and Desti returns the argument by accusing her of being involved in Meggy's brutal kidnapping, which leads Saiko to push her back into the wall behind, and reverse the accusation by saying the only one who would want to kidnap Meggy would be Desti herself. Fishy brings everyone back to their senses as he realizes that fighting each other is not what their main goal should be, and that they should instead try and find Meggy. As Desti shames the team defending Axol for ignoring the evidence, she leaves, with Tari following as she supports her claim, Luigi following behind them both, and Desti coming back to take Mario for herself.

SMG4: The Inkling Disappearances

Tari plays her 24th major role in this episode. In the square of Inkopolis, the team believing Axol to be the culprit attempt to lure him out by calling for him, but yield no response. Tari wonders where everyone could be. Mario notices people scuttling around the area in an attempt to hide away from them, deeming them suspicious. Desti states that, upon seeing everyone get defensive, the residents of Inkopolis are too scared to go into the outside world as she labels them as "pathetic wimps". In an attempt to simply ask, Mario confronts one of the stores and questions if they know where Meggy is, only for a cannon to come out of the top and point directly at Mario, to which he casually leaves the situation immediately after. Tari sees a suspicious, dark, lanky figure in the distance, and Luigi recognises it as one of Axol's anime replicas. Specifically a replica of Ryuk from Death Note. Mario tells it to return Meggy to them as he throws a rock at it, but everyone notices that it's completely unfazed by the impact, and they immediately realize that they should prepare defenses as it starts running towards them. Desti tries to hit it with her paint, but to no avail, as the false Ryuk cleanly dodges each shot. Mario also tries to hook a bomb onto Luigi and throw him at the anime character, but instead of causing it to blow up, the false Ryuk catches him midair and returns him back to Mario. Tari makes a surprise appearance behind the false Ryuk and tries to shoot it with her paint gun, and to divert the attack, it summons wings onto his body and flies upwards just before they hit it. Seeing it in the air, Desti tries to defeat the false Ryuk with a Splat Bomb, and she thinks that she successfully defeated it by mocking its strength before it appears out of the smoke of the bombs' aftermath and tries to kidnap Desti, taking her along the train tracks. Trying to come up with a plan, Tari sees an electric pole with a cut wire and a fuse box nearby, and she gets an idea for how the team can use them to their advantage in order to save Desti. She tells the Mario Bros. to grab the wire together, and they do, Luigi holding onto it as Mario throws him at the false Ryuk. As the wire connects with the false Ryuk, Tari turns on the fuse box leading into the wire, electrocuting it and releasing Desti, albeit with her marginally displeased by the shock she had to suffer from it. When the false Ryuk disappeared, it converted into a map that led to a location dubbed "Anime Island", and the quartet returns home with the new evidence, rejoining with the rest of the group.

At the foyer of Peach's castle, Mario, Luigi, Tari and Desti tell the other group about what happened in Inkopolis and the evidence leading to Meggy's whereabouts. Tari believes the deduction to be a stretch, but her group presumes that all the Inklings that were kidnapped overtime were taken there, including Meggy. With the information of a glowing anime character having attacked them, Fishy switches his opinion around, now starting to believe that Axol is the culprit. Saiko plainly refuses to believe it, however, likely out of gratitude for him being the one who returned her to the Mushroom Kingdom in the first place, with Luigi affirming the opposite in that there is direct evidence leading to him. Unexpectedly, everyone hears Swagmaster agree that Axol is the true culprit next to Chris on the left path of the balcony. Tari sees the two of them and believes that they will attempt to uphold the law against anime, but Bob assures her that they won't. Chris tells them that they want to capture the culprit, who is concluded to be Axol, as much as everyone else does, and Mario analyses them to see if they can be trusted. With everyone on board with going to Anime Island to search for Axol and Meggy, Desti wonders how everyone is going to get there, telling them that Inklings & Octolings are unable to swim in anything besides their ink.

Chris and Swagmaster take them to a dock in preparation for a vessel to be there in advance, but they remember that they don't own anything like that too late. Instead, Swagmaster hijacks Axem Red's vacant ship by drowning him in the ocean below, his sheer tactlessness shocking everyone except Mario. Once on the ship, Swagmaster pretends to be a pirate at Chris' expense, Mario watches memes on his laptop, Fishy and Luigi play the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game, Tari prepares her rubber duck Archibald in a duck-themed floatie, with her rubber duck wearing one as well, and Mario investigates a cannon. Meanwhile, Saiko apologizes to Desti for not believing her about Axol's guilt. She apologizes in return for calling the main cast losers (cut to SMG4, Bob, Swagmaster), nerds (cut to Tari), cowards (cut to Luigi and Fishy), and idiots (cut to Mario), and assures Saiko that they are on the same team, and that they can trust her because she cares about any and all teammates she may have. Saiko tells her that, though she can see Desti as useless because they could likely save Meggy without her, she likes being on the same team as her anyway. Wanting to continue with the task at hand instead, Desti calls for the team to save her rival from Anime Island, and they cheer as they gain courage, thinking that nothing bad will happen to them from that point onward. Immediately after she does so, a lightning strike summons a false Godzilla behind Desti, which also turns out to be port of the ship, and it starts to violently shake the ship around as a means of disorienting everyone on board. It abducts Desti from the ship and leaves, taking no damage or threat from any defenses that were used to prevent it from doing so. Tari calls out about the conflict with Desti, and Saiko answers her by saying that they continue with the journey to Anime Island in order to return Meggy.


Tari plays her 25th major role in this episode, being part of multiple fan continuities.

MRCATTYWOLF's skit: While Mario slurps spaghetti as Luigi watches him, Fishy plays with a Shrek dakimakura, and Tari plays a video game, Tari stops as she notices Master Hand clones outside the window. They get inside, and Meggy attempts to deter them with her paint gun. With no success rate, Fishy transforms into Thanos and snaps the Master Hand clones out of existence.
ThiccDaddy1969's skit: During a cooking competition divided between Saiko and Tari, Shroomy and Toad, Fishy and Bob, and Peach and Mario, Tari cooks something in the microwave after Mario tells Peach to go back as she causes destruction. As Tari watches from the kitchen, Toad tells Shroomy that there is one minute remaining to cook the chicken. To save time, he uses a flamethrower, setting the central facility on fire too. Mario tells Shroomy that he's an idiot.
GalaxyPixes45's skit: Tari plays a game of Super Smash Bros. in a bartender to get a rubber duck, but loses the match.
Chino Spike's skit: Tari watches as Luigi is hanging on the edge of a high-rise building, expecting Mario to save him. He doesn't, kicking him off instead as revenge for him eating his spaghetti, only to fall onto Baldi instead.
Poddee's skit: As Tari walks past Kirby, he presumably eats her and takes her form, and then starts dancing around to upbeat music before being shot by an Inkling Kirby.
Zum's skit: Near a plane crash site, Waluigi, in a dress and crown, threatens to use the Infinity Gauntlet on Mario, Luigi, Tari, and Wizard Rock. Mario threatens to shoot Waluigi with a gun, only for a huge block to be dropped on Waluigi. Mario still shoots him, causing a giant explosion.
The Marionettist's skit: While playing a Super Mario game, Mario and SMG4 fight over Wizard Rock. Tari pauses the game to turn around and see Mario throw it in SMG4's face, concerning Tari. Suddenly, Scrap Baby from Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator comes into the house, and SMG4 uses a Waluigi Launcher to kill her. William Afton follows in after, and SMG4 repeats the same, though it gets cut off by a "We'll Be Right Back" joke.
LizzieTheRatcicle's skit: Mario watches Meggy do airtime on a skateboard. Marie and Callie see her trick, and Callie takes it a chance to show herself to have more experience. She ends up falling down and hurting her knee, which causes her to cry, leading Meggy to facepalm as Tari can only watch with guilt. Tari looks at the camera as she questions why she would attempt something so complicated in the first place.
Choboy317's skit: After SMG4 is blown up by Mario, he is thrown into Tari's current position when seeing a dazed Bob on the ground. As defense, she picks up Bob and throws him to interrupt SMG4's trajectory, which is then cut off by a "To Be Continued" joke. Mario continues in motion, however, and explodes on impact.
DryBonez352's skit: Tari is stuck on top of the roof of a house during Christmas, and Saiko tells her to simply jump off from the front since the snow will soften the impact. Trusting her, she does just that, only to fall through reality itself and end up in Hell.
Icarus The Octoling's skit: Tari is instructed on how to aim a simple basketball by an Octoling, who tells her to throw it into the hoop. She ends up throwing it too high, going over the fence and knock Fishy Boopkins' chocolate ice cream off, leading him to sing "See You Again" out of sorrow. SMG4 sees him singing about this, and annoyed by his emotional exaggeration, he runs into Fishy, causing him to explode.
Remi Mixer's skit: Tari is among the various characters hit by the Octoling's basketball as she watches her Ducklett play a video game. She is hit directly on the head, leading her to be bounced back by force.
Weegeepie's skit: Mario crashes his kart into Tari, who is sitting on the stairs embracing her rubber duck, the crash having ended up squashing her rubber duck and singeing it. Bowser drops through the roof onto Fishy as he submits a replacement for it, which is a chicken nugget, and Tari says she wants to die due to her rapid emotional wreckage, while Mario is greatly interested.
TEM4TEM's skit: Tari appears with Meggy in a rendition of an anime opening for The Rapper Bob Arc with Saiko's Darkest Hour song as the theme, as well as the scene featuring Bob surrounded by his friends in a dark realm.
Salryks' skit: Tari defeats an Inkling enemy in Meggy's dream.
Crispy Toast's skit: Tari wins against a Rabbid in a match of Super Smash Bros., and the Rabbid attempts to report her to the police as petty revenge. Instead, he lands himself in detention with Waluigi, and Tari glares at them both in disappointment, arms crossed.
NotChimochi's skit: In a film, Fishy attempts to flirt with the girl trio of Saiko, Meggy and Tari in a smoothies bar by asking them if they want to check out the places on the island. They all turn him down as they shut the gate.
CrazyCrafter223's skit: During a Team Fortress match, Tari snipes an enemy Heavy from a high point, much to her pride. As vengeance, the Heavy teases her with a rubber duck.
BruceBrush's skit: Tari is seen in the background of the fight playing on a miniature games console, and then leaves once SMG4 shows up with a bazooka.
RedclawedProductions' skit: Bob demonstrates a potion he stole from E. Gadd to Mario, Meggy and Tari. He drops it on the ground and ends up summoning SMG3, as well as various aggressive memes, instead.
GeofCraze632's skit: In a mall, SMG3 steals Tari's rubber duck, Meggy watching him escape. A Whomp crushes him, releasing the rubber duck.
Syronica's skit: In her anime form, Tari is shown to be proud of her new physical appearance.
SuperMario462's skit: Tari is made uncomfortable by Bowser singing the Chicken Nugget Song.
Alex Spider's skit: Seen as a threat by authorities, Tari is told to drop the Infinity Gauntlet she's wearing, multiple firearms pointed toward her. She impulsively defeats the army. She teleports the remaining assistant into the sky, causing him to drop for half an hour. She is embarrassed by her accidental brutality.
SleepySwirly's skit: Tari appears making a pose in a montage of various main characters.
GameJack's skit: SMG4 is given a knock-knock joke via transceiver, and Mario scares him the first take with the typical "Who's there?" response, causing SMG4, Meggy and Tari to scream altogether. In the second take, the joke is complete as SMG4 expects it, allowing it to be completed with "The door" as they are taken into a universe of dead memes. After SMG4 punches a sensei, it collides with Dio Brando, who retaliates by punching SMG4, Meggy and Tari back altogether with his stand.

The Anime Arc

SMG4: Mario and the Experiment

Tari plays her 26th major role in this episode. While Meggy is desperate for her friends to save her, her friends in question are essentially being themselves on the way over to Anime Island. Mario repetitively asks when they're going to get there, SMG4 watches memes, and Swagmaster, Fishy and Bob attempt to be pirates with Chris being roped into their mayhem. Looking out into the barren ocean, Tari wonders to Saiko if Meggy will ever be found, and Saiko tells her not to worry about it, since they all promised to find her. Regaining her confidence in the journey, Tari cheers for her missing friend. Once again, as SMG4 threatens Mario when he repeats his question in his direction, a lightning strike summons the false Godzilla. This time around, everyone is more prepared, and Saiko and Swagmaster try to fight it with ranged weapons such as a hammer. SMG4, Mario and Luigi also use cannons as well as one Hideo Kojima against it. Neither of them has any effect on the false Godzilla as it boasts about its power against the team by destroying the tower containing the cannons. SMG4 is propelled into the air from the impact, and Bob breaks his fall with one of his dakimakuras. Tari also uses her controller to manipulate the cannon's direction, only to have to tell everyone they need stronger weapons in order to defeat it, but Luigi tells her they don't have anything of that capacity. With her standing directly in front of it, the false Godzilla takes the opportunity to attempt to crush Tari. Fishy instead takes the bullet for her and he ends up suffering her fate, which would've been getting propelled backwards into the sky and down into the water. Seeing him get sent flying through the air, Tari calls for him to return.

After being sent into the ocean, Fishy ended up joining forces with his dad, Joe Boopkins, in order to finally defeat the false Godzilla. Fishy tells his father that Godzilla has been "very mean" to himself and his friends, and the two animalistic giants challenge each other to a fight. After being slapped by Joe, the false Godzilla punches the other back into the ocean, thinking that it won the fight already. Joe turns out to have not been damaged at all as he pops up for a surprise attack behind the false Godzilla by kicking him in the face, greatly angering him. A Cuphead in his airplane enters the scene, and the false Godzilla uses him to knock Joe unconscious. Realizing that they have almost lost, Saiko orders everyone to launch all the cannons they have, which inevitably has no effect. A cannon Mario is using ends up malfunctioning, and thinking that it won't work, Mario goes inside of it, which causes him to get shot out of the cannon and onto the false Godzilla's face and serving as a distraction. This allows Joe to punch him far into the distance of the sky, finally eliminating the false Godzilla. Tari, hiding behind Saiko, watches as Joe, wearing an ice pack on his head from the injuries he suffered, give Fishy an ice cream for completing his school homework and then disappear back down into the ocean. After so long, everyone can physically see Anime Island in the distance, and Saiko promises once more that they are going to come and save Meggy.

SMG4: World War Mario

Tari plays her 27th major role in this episode. Going into Anime Island for real on PA 30-18 war boats, the SMG4 cast had gathered an army to assist them in their entry into Anime Island. Tari works as the radio communication while Fishy works for first aid and Saiko simply works as defense. Meanwhile, Luigi only wishes to get off the boat and out of the battle due to knowing the stakes are so high. Mario asks one of the nearby soldiers if Luigi's fears are correct, and it turns out that instead of denying them, he bluntly confirms them. Chris and Swagmaster prepare the team for when the boats will open up. As soon as the boats open, all of the background soldiers end up dying immediately by the multiple anime characters defending the owner of the island while the main cast divert the attacks. Saiko also tells Tari and Fishy to move off the boat after not having the courage to move at all the entire time, and the two of them decide to hide behind a tank while the strongest members of the team attack for them. Tari asks through the radio for assistance, and SMG4 and Mario come up to them, which the former asking for details. Fishy tells them that none of the members can get past a certain point of the defenses due to it being too heavily armed with barbed wire. In order to get rid of them, Mario uses a nearby explosive and crashes into all of them, thereby getting rid of the defense mechanism. After Chris was wounded in battle, the team hide in the trenches in order to stay low and out of range of the enemy. Chris apologizes for having failed to serve his allies, but Tari assures him that he doesn't have to apologize, believing him to have fought bravely. SMG4 points everyone to the entrance of the base where Meggy and the rest of the Inklings will inevitably be stored, and they all go inside and into the hallway.

Once finally inside the base, everyone makes a dash towards Meggy's current location. Multiple anime characters drawn by the culprit attempt to divert their rescue operation, with a Dio Brando, who Mario simply kicks without a problem, a Hideo Kojima in anime hair, who SMG4 is somehow attracted to, much to Luigi's confusion, and an anime rendition of a creeper, who Steve genuinely wanted as a partner until Saiko killed it with a bazooka. When finally making it to the final stretch, everyone sees Francis as the end of the hallway, unsure of why he's at the base. He reveals to everyone that Anime Island is his island, and everyone immediately works out that he's the culprit responsible for the kidnapping of Meggy and the other Inklings. Having suspected Axol before along with Mario and Luigi, Tari is filled with regret as she realizes the truth, pitying the entire team for their bad judgment. Francis puts them down for their bad judgment by telling them all that Axol isn't half the otaku he is, and that he could never enact an operation as complicated as the one Francis has done. Not wanting to hear him any further after finding out the truth, Saiko demands the chameleon to tell them of Meggy's whereabouts, and Mario threatens to beat him up if he doesn't. Due to the power of Axol's Inkweaver, however, Francis isn't scared of either of their threats, and he unleashes a drawing of Sephiroth onto them, threatening to bring it to life. Everyone except Mario recognizes the character, Mario even thinking it's a drawing of a girl. Francis brings it to life, and the false Sephiroth kills all of the background soldiers who managed to reach the base's interior, leaving behind the main team as the only ones who can defeat Francis. Thinking he can take on the false Sephiroth in a hands-on battle, Mario runs directly up to it, leading it to pick him and hold his Masamune up to Mario's neck and threaten to slice it. As defense, Mario extends his nose forward and pushes back the false Sephiroth onto the ground. Taking advantage of this, Saiko tries to use brute force with a battle cry by jumping in the air to throw her hammer down onto it, only for it to flee and kick Mario back while still in midair. SMG4 then shows the false Sephiroth him saying "Sephiroth sucks ass" on his Twitter timeline, leading it to destroy his computer instead. The defeats urge Francis to boast about the power of his underling as he shames them for thinking they could ever defeat it. It pins SMG4 up against the wall, and Fishy tries to pull on its arm as he tells it to stop, only for Fishy to be thrown a distance away in the direction Tari is currently standing. The false Sephiroth sees Tari still alive, and attempts to attack her with its weapon, only for her to shield herself with her metal arm, the strength of which amazes Tari as it completely stops its Masamune in its tracks. As the false Sephiroth is preparing to find a way, it hears Axol fighting over Inkweaver with Francis, allowing Desti to kick Francis in the face and knock his glasses off. Everyone is lifted by this, seeing Axol and Desti to still be alive. The false Sephiroth is not, however, seeing Desti hold Axol's Inkweaver proudly, and it runs straight for her into the main room where Meggy currently resides. With Francis temporarily at the disadvantage due to his glasses being knocked off, the main cast beeline towards him in preparation to beat him up, and he immediately tries to escape into the main room upon seeing this when getting his glasses back on.

The main cast follow him in and stand by the entrance as they watch the false Sephiroth knock Inkweaver out of Desti's hands and drop into Francis', and Tari immediately alerts her friends to stop him from drawing another anime character. Saiko tries running towards Francis straight-on at rapid motion, and is interrupted by the false Sephiroth appearing behind her and kicking her into the glass of the tank with Meggy inside. Desti tells everyone that, in order to defeat the false Sephiroth, she needs a distraction. Saiko tells Tari to retrieve her "secret weapon", which turns out to be a simple rubber duck, and she throws it in-between the false Sephiroth and the Inkweaver-wielding Francis. As Desti had planned, it served as a distraction, allowing her to pick up the false Sephiroth in order to finally defeat it. She throws it to Axol, who kicks it over to SMG4 and Mario who kick the false Sephiroth between each other like a football, and then they kick it in the air, which allows Fishy to use a rock as a projectile with Luigi ejecting it from inside of him, finally defeating the false Sephiroth. The cast prematurely celebrate their win against it, with Desti boasting it to have been too easy, before she's suddenly violently stabbed from behind in the stomach by another false Sephiroth. The entire main cast can only watch her inevitable death in horror. Sadistically, Francis reminds everyone of their true priority of defeating him instead, and the advantage he has with the pen, holding up another drawing of Sephiroth. With Desti by death's door, she states as her final words to Meggy: "You better win Splatfest for me, okay?" and collapses on the ground face down.

SMG4: Final Hours

Tari plays her 28th major role in this episode. With Desti having been killed by the second false Sephiroth on Francis' behalf, the entire main cast gather around Desti's corpse, Tari cradling Desti closely to her as Francis boasts about his power, telling them all not to mess with him. Tari tells Desti to wake up, wanting to believe that she is still alive. She doesn't get what she wants, as Desti only lays lifelessly in response, her mouth ajar. In a fit of rage, Meggy tells Francis that karma is going to come back for him as punishment for killing Desti. Francis bemoans her statement, telling her not to be dramatic about it and that if anyone really cared about her before enthusiastically drawing multiple more Sephiroth clones in his notebook through Inkweaver. While the rest of the team are either defeated by or attempt to battle against the multiple false Sephiroth, Tari runs to hide behind the wall in the room behind with Desti's corpse, and she watches Axol's body get thrown in from the entrance. The false Sephiroth that hit him over follows his body and finds Tari hiding with Desti's corpse, to which she responds by screaming and fleeing as she is chased. The false Sephiroths gather the team together as Saiko is stopped by trying to hit one of them with her hammer by one of the Sephiroth's Masamunes blocking her path. Out of options for defense, Francis asks Saiko from a walkway up above if she wants to stay with him on his island, to which she answers that she would rather die, Fishy following on by attempting to encourage his group that they are going to die together, only to realize the implications of what he just said. Francis intentionally takes Saiko's offer to die than live with him on his island literally as he orders his false Sephiroth army to attack, and his order is interrupted by the destructive entrance of Swagmaster, Bob and Chris in a tank that they run him over with in order to help the rest of the cast and save them. The trio manning the tank spontaneously target all the false Sephiroths surrounding Mario, Luigi, SMG4, Fishy, Saiko, Tari and Axol, freeing them from their rein within the moment, successfully eliminating them all. As revenge, Francis tries to draw another character with Inkweaver, only to humiliate himself upon the finding that he has run out of ink, and Axol pridefully mocks him for having not prepared for the conundrum beforehand, and, without defense, he runs away from Axol towards the tank in the middle of the room, leading Saiko hit him out of the way and slide Francis up to the cast face up as they all glare at him meaningfully. As their own justice, the cast collectively beat Francis up in their own ways together, SMG4 starting off by kicking him in the air and allowing Fishy to hit him with a Solid Snake dakimakura and Tari to "hit" him with her rubber duck, and Mario to hit him upwards from below. Swagmaster, Bob and Chris give a final blow by shooting Francis with a Bullet Bill, the explosion colliding with the orb on Inkweaver and causing him to be pushed back into the tank nearby, cracking it open. The ink floods down onto Francis and Inkweaver, charging it to 100%.

With the Inkweaver at full power, he summons a version of Goku powerful enough to cause a shockwave that pushes the rest of the cast standing back into the wall. SMG4 wonders which version it is, and Tari tells him that it's a "Super Saiyan God", one of the most powerful beings in anime. Mario questions its power level, and to demonstrate said, it picks up the tank as its operators are thrown out and crushes it down. Francis tells them to give up on the battle, and SMG4 tells him on behalf of everyone else that they either leave with Meggy or not at all. As Francis orders the false Goku to kill his enemies, SMG4 orders in return that they fight back against the false Goku in various ways, and they end up failing due to it being too strong. Tari is only one left standing and Francis orders his henchman to finish the enemy team off by going for her as well. However, the process is halted, as Axol makes a surprise attack next to Francis, and then slaps him before retrieving his Inkweaver. Axol tells Tari to stall Goku so he can use the Inkweaver, and she does so, setting up a game of Dragon Fighter Z and saying that Goku will never defeat her at it, also setting up a couch and television for them to play it on. At the moment Axol realizes that Francis used all the ink in Inkweaver to create the false Goku, Tari beats it at the game she challenged it at, greatly enraging the false Goku due to challenging its power and it being a sore loser. IN return, it picks Tari up from the neck and threatens to harm her, which ends up scaring her to the point of losing the strength to move by her own will, and as Saiko thanks Tari for stalling the false Goku after it drops her again, she gives her a thumbs-up as she starts crying with her face in the couch. Meanwhile, during the battle between the main cast and the false Goku, Meggy tells Axol to fill up Inkweaver with her own ink in order to save her friends. Realizing that Francis will finally be defeated if he does this successfully, he orders the false Goku to prevent the procedure. The first time, Saiko blocks the shot of the energy blast used, and the second time, it successfully destroys the tank as Meggy is being extracted of her ink. As a result, Meggy ends up crushed under the rubble, though still alive, and Axol is able to refill Inkweaver with her ink and draw the final detriment to Francis' plan: Shaggy Rogers. With Francis' most powerful henchman in battle between Shaggy and Inkweaver out of his grasp, the main cast gather together to finally defeat Francis himself. As punishment for all of his actions as well as dismissing the significance of Desti's death, Saiko picks up Francis and throws him into a spare Ink Zuccer at full power, presumably draining all of his bodily fluids, and she leaves him there to die as he begs for mercy. Up above the facility, Shaggy gives the final blow to Goku by throwing him down onto the ground of the facility. After the cast once again prematurely celebrate the defeat of one of Francis' henchmen, greatly annoyed by his strength being challenged, the Goku begins a self-destruct phase, and Shaggy goes to save Fishy, Luigi, Bob, Tari, Chris, Axol, Swagmaster, SMG4, Mario, and Desti's corpse, returning them all to the main ship.

As Luigi thanks him for rescuing them, SMG4 tells Shaggy to save the remaining Inklings trapped inside the facility, and he goes to save them too. Mario realizes that Meggy is missing, however, under the impression that she is still an Inkling too. Axol urgently orders Shaggy to rescue Meggy just as Anime Island explodes, Francis being caught in it too, convincing everyone that he didn't manage to save her and that Meggy is dead via an explosion. The entire living cast, starting off with Tari, start to mourn her presumed death, and Saiko is in disbelief over how they made all the effort to come to Anime Island only for Meggy to die. To their collective surprise, however, Shaggy managed to save Meggy just before Anime Island had exploded, but they do not recognize the figure in silhouette as Meggy, though Tari realizes immediately that it's Meggy. As she is lowered down onto the main ship, it is revealed that the ink being sucked out of her body had transformed her appearance, much to everyone's shock. Obliviously, Meggy asks everyone if they had defeated Francis, but they don't respond, only being able to hold a stare. After she looks down at herself, she realizes that her appearance had transformed and then faints on the ship under pressure.

The scene transitions to an event demonstrating Desti's funeral, with all of the main cast, the Octoposse, Callie & Marie, Chris & Swagmaster, and various other characters honoring Desti's legacy in a Navy-style funeral. The new version of Meggy adds the final touch to her casket, which is Desti's personal paint gun, and she remembers some of their best moments together as rivals. Unsure of what to do, Meggy starts to cry as she prepares to push her casket away, and Tari approaches her to ask what the problem is. Meggy answers that she doesn't know what to do, and that Desti would've been able to live had she been more responsible. Meggy kneels down in front of Desti's casket as she starts crying out of her uncertainty, and Tari looks behind at the rest of the people who are attending the funeral, wondering how they think of her dilemma. Axol tells her that she has to keep going with life the way that she always has been, according to something Desti told him herself about the how she thinks of Meggy. Various other characters tell her to do the same, and Luigi assures her that it's okay if she can't. Mario also assures her that he will constantly support her regardless of his lack of experience with absolutely everything. After thanking everyone for giving her motivation to move on, she pushes Desti's casket away, and everyone salutes her as they watch her sail away.

SMG4: Mario Does The Chores

Tari plays her 29th major role in this episode. After the castle was made a mess during everyone's absence in the events of the Anime Arc, Peach tells everyone to clean up the castle.


In the castle foyer, Mario sees Tari cleaning up the castle dishware, due to there not being a dishwasher and having to do it manually with a sink planted into the wall. Mario finds dishwashing to be boring as he watches her clean a plate from behind, and she playfully assures him that even dishwashing manually can be made fun. At first, he denies wanting to assist her until she recommends making it seem more like a game. She tells Mario to "jump on drying the dishes" with a game that tests how many they can clean per minute. During the game in question, Mario tells her to clean up the dishes faster and faster to make the task go by quicker, and the sheer friction of Tari rubbing the plate sets both her hands on fire, forcing her to extinguish them by any means possible. She runs outside of the castle and into the lake in front, crashing into Princess Peach returning back to the castle along the way, and she is urgently relieved of the pain.

SMG4: There's Something Up With Meggy...

Tari plays her 30th major role in this episode. In the Wet-Dry World room wearing a duck-themed cap, Tari sets up a Duck Appreciation Day for herself with her pet rubber duck Archibald. She pretends to ask him if he wants to play a "nice, relaxing" video game with her and she pretends to make him agree. The video game being played in question is Dark Souls, which isn't either adjective. Tari, oblivious to the theme, casually continues to play Dark Souls next to Archibald before being interrupted by the muted yell of Luigi. Luigi comes through into the room and asks her to help him, though Tari is unsure of what the concern is. She is immediately answered when Meggy rapidly opens the door into the room and is shown going on an emotive rampage, which the duo scream over in anticipation. When Meggy launches herself towards them both, Tari prepares herself for Meggy's potential wrath. Her attention is diverted by the rubber duck Tari is holding, however, and she seemingly switches to a state of affection towards it, stopping her in her tracks and causing gravity to drop her down. Seeing Meggy so endeared over Tari's duck, the gamer wonders if Meggy's mentally stable. Luigi answers her, explaining that she's been weird over the span of the entire day. Meggy attempts to make a wager to Tari for her to sell her duck over to Meggy, but Tari denies in confusion, telling her that Archibald isn't for sale. In an attempt to fulfill her in whatever possible way, she gives Tari multiple valuables that she can exchange for her rubber duck, believing that she'll accept them at all. Tari inquisitions Meggy on why she's acting so weird with her huge desire for Tari's rubber duck, and Mario tells Tari what Luigi also told her while rolling in disfigured on a wheelchair, before Meggy hits him with coins. Luigi deduces the reason for Meggy's awkward behavior, while notably continuing to exhibit it, and tells them that it's due to Desti's death one month prior. With the knowledge of Desti being the reason in mind, Mario explains something that happened in a clothes store the day before, when she gave a thousand-yard stare upon seeing a squid-themed shirt. When Luigi tells Meggy, still coping via unstable means, that they understand why she's upset, she denies him, telling the three of them that she's completely fine while demonstrating obvious psychotic tendencies. Tari bluntly tells Meggy that being sad about something is something that should be accepted. Mario and Luigi also demonstrate that she shouldn't bottle up her emotions, and Tari follows from the subject of Desti by telling Meggy that coping with Desti's death has been tough for everyone else. Tari's last statement being the breaking point, Meggy responds in her psychosis by telling them that she got over her death ages ago, and that they should stop telling her she's upset in emotional shouts. Her shouting dies down when she finally accepts that she is sad about Desti with the help of her friends, turning to crying, telling them all that she misses Desti, and then running off to her living room to be alone. Insensitively, Mario turns around to see the coins Meggy threw at Tari for the rubber duck before, leading Tari and Luigi to turn around to glare at him.

The trio follow her over to her bedroom and find her sitting on her couch, where they assure that she can discuss the issue with them. With all of them looking at her sympathetically, Meggy tells them all that she simply misses her and wants her to come back. Tari joins Meggy on the couch and tells her that she can miss Desti with everyone else. She elaborates on the issue by saying that she also promised Desti that she was going to win Splatfest on her behalf, but hasn't had the motivation to train for it, which Tari responds by hugging her and telling her that she'll be able to return to her normal self again, much to the Mario Bros. endearment as they watch them hug each other for comfort. Luigi also adds that they can honor Desti's memory by living their lives to the fullest, Mario supporting his claim by telling them that he eats an extra plate of spaghetti daily in her memory. When Meggy finally returns some positive emotion, Tari motivates her with ambition that Desti didn't die just for Meggy to feel sad, though it's by a false concept, as Desti had no choice in her death, as she was unwillingly stabbed from behind. At first, they are proud of her when she says that they'll win Splatfest with Mario, Luigi, and Tari on her team, but the enthusiastic mention of a hard training regime makes everyone unsure if remotivating her was the best idea, and in her enthusiasm, Meggy repeats the phrase "and train!" on loop before shoving her friends out of her living room to train for the tournament.

SMG4: A Day In The Life Of Everyone

Tari plays her 31st major role in this episode.

Meggy Spletzer, Tari, and Saiko Bichitaru

In Meggy's apartment, Meggy, Tari and Saiko all play a game of Cops and Robbers with the Trash and the Gang from Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator as the robbers. Meggy pretends to call in backup, being Tari and Saiko. Saiko desires not to follow along with Meggy's immature game of pretend, unlike Tari, who follows along with it regardless of her dignity. When Meggy demonstrates the usage of actual firearms, however, Saiko finally decides to go along with the game, enthusiastically shooting back at the fake robbers. Having gone on her normal violent tendencies again, Saiko continuously shoots regardless of the fact that she has already taken them out, and Tari begs her to stop.

SMG4: The Tari Abnormality

Tari plays her 32nd major role in this episode. Tari and Mario are playing a 1v1 match of Super Smash each other in the ass bros Ultimate, with Tari playing as Yoshi. Mario believes that he can beat Tari, and she disagrees, knowing her own level of experience. Tari beats him at the game, and Mario is inclined to ask her how he is unable to beat her at any video game. He does not realize that the true reason is because he is as experienced with video games as he is at everything else, which is not at all. Tari answers his question through cryptic modesty instead of a real method, telling him he just has to get video games. Mario, suspicious of if her abilities are true or not, starts to focus deeply on her cybernetic arm, leaning further into it, which Tari eventually takes notice of. He starts touching her arm persistently with the goal of finding out what makes Tari tick, regardless of consequences, as she tells him to stop. When Mario finally kicks Tari's cybernetic arm into gear, a screen pops up. A humanistic arm holding a gun emerges from the screen, which confuses Tari. When Toad walks into the room, the gun targets him and shoots, and then disappears back into the screen, likely hinting that it's supposed to be some form of security. Tari keeps telling Mario to stop tampering with her arm, and at this rate demanding it, but Mario continues for one last time after a crystal emblem appears onto the screen, of which he also touches. Tari, having no idea what to expect, prepares herself for something on the level of potential global destruction. Unexpectedly, her screen disappears completely instead. Tari had thought Mario broke her arm, and is relieved that he didn't, before her Expert Mode activates and she is transported to another location, along with Mario.

Tari is teleported there while Mario is dropped down from the sky, due to not being the host. They drop down onto a field, both dazed and confused. When Tari gets back up, she questions the occurrence and is completely clueless, even when she saw the castle, as it was different than what she was used to. As she recognizes the castle, Tari becomes worrisome as she realizes she was transported directly into the game the two were just playing. Mario counters her worries by saying that it's "cool" for them to be trapped in an actual game, and how Tari's cybernetic arm was capable of doing such a unique command. In return, Tari exclaims about their route back home. Mario told her to relax, as he has experience with being stuck into games with no way to escape, which confuses Tari as she was never around when these moments happened. Mario listed the games that he went to as Undertale, Grand Theft Auto, Cuphead, and Baldi's Basics. Tari, relieved by his convenient experience with a similar conflict, asks him about how to escape from a game, to which he answers that he has no idea. When Mario points out his game avatar's presence in the area, she also points out that it's "the game version of him". Mario walks up to his variation, and tries to start a conversation. Instead, his avatar goes haywire and smacks Mario's head off, promptly scaring Tari before she's knocked back squarely into the open fields behind her by Mario's own head. His avatar then shoots the rest of him far into the distance. Finding out that the avatar isn't willing to comply and that it's a threat, Tari runs far away as she follows Mario further into the fields following the direction his avatar sent him. To get to safety, she climbs up a tree and holds on tightly. She requests Mario to get the enemy away from her, of which he does by having a conversation in Italian about something his avatar really wanted to hear, promptly causing it to run away back into the castle and getting Tari out of harm's way. In her confusion, Mario tells her, as she falls down from the tree, that he told his avatar about a "naked spaghetti party" happening in the castle, of which there definitely wasn't. Tari, understanding the pure and unfettered grotesque image of his words, pretends that he didn't explain it to her at all and the entrapped duo continue on their quest to escape the game. Mario finally understands that, in order to get out of the game, they will also have to beat it. Tari has no idea how to do that yet, however, and so she gets her answer immediately from the appearance of a second enemy, the Weegee Doll. Mario answers her by saying that they have to beat every enemy that they come across, no matter what, and so he promptly kicks the representation of his brother into the moat underneath the castle, and it is eaten by a Gordon Freeman fish. Tari, concerned by his sentimental carelessness, asks him if he feels bad for what he just did, to which he answers that he abuses Luigi all the time at home, much so to Tari's disturbance. She and Mario progress through to the next stage into the castle. They find no one there, until Tari notices a silhouette at the top of the castle's stairway. The second enemy turns out to be Toad, of whom has control over multiple clones who infiltrate the castle, overwhelming Tari and Mario. At first, they try to fight back against them, but as their numbers practically multiplied, they were overpowered. Tari uses her scanning abilities to work out how to pass to the next stage, and she finds out that they need to eliminate the leader Toad only. Using Tari as a platform, Mario accordingly jumps up to the top of the stairway where the leader is and defeats him, allowing the duo to get to the third stage in the game. In celebration, the duo high-five each other where the leader once stood and proceed to stage three.

Stage three turns out to be a battle between a ninja duo named Bingus & Dingus. The former orders the latter to fire projectiles at them, forcing Tari and Mario into hiding. Mario finds out a method, and so he tampers with Tari's cybernetic arm once more, confusing Tari. He does this in order to call the mother of their enemy, the mother of whom scolds him for failing to clean his room, threatening him to leave. The ninja is terrified of potentially being punished, and so he dashes out of the room and into the outside world to his home, automatically making the duo's battle a success, though they don't understand in the slightest what events they just observed. They proceed to the fourth stage accordingly. Tari and Mario are ready to beat their next enemy, a Peach parody, but Tari realizes that they have something extra to offer as she blows a whistle call. The level involves a parody duo dubbed Kek & Cringe, a Peach and Bowser mockup. Tari nonspecifically calls for Mario to do what he traditionally does, which is throwing Bowser's tail, and he misinterprets it as getting naked. In order to do this, Mario gains a Fire Flower powerup to shoot them with, but his attempt is rendered moot as the enemy uses an UNO reverse card to bounce the projectiles back to Mario. Tari is shocked when she sees Mario hurt by Bowser, and when he starts breathing fire directly into Mario's unstable body, she tries to do what she wanted Mario to do by trying to throw Bowser from his tail. Not being strong enough at all to accomplish this, Bowser takes advantage of the close proximity and simply flicks her back into the wall behind. Forced to have to save Mario herself, Tari uses her scan once more to determine the true target. She finds that she has to target Peach, the operator and owner of the Bowser parody. Eager to save her friend, she jumps up from the ground and flies through the air as she emulates karate poses, and finishes off Peach by feebly smacking the top of her head, causing Peach to scream in pain. Thinking that she annoyed Bowser and triggered his defense mode, she starts to cry, thinking that he is going to beat her up. Instead, he gathers up Peach and leaves the room by smashing through the castle walls, and Tari and Mario move onto the proceeding fifth and final stage.

Tari and Mario visit the final available room in the castle, that being the room for the final Super Mario 64 level known as Bowser in the Sky. The two of them notice their first enemy who they never actually defeated previously, due to its total strength outweighing the strength of the main duo. Mario thinks that he has reformed, referring to him as his parent, but Tari corrects him in that the avatar is still targeting them both. Compared to the first encounter, the avatar is far more irritable due to Mario's lie, of which carried over to the current state of conflict. As the avatar charges at them, Tari calls off the fight by asking it whether or not it has to fight. With Tari's question considered, it stops in its tracks, confusing Mario too. It goes on a long-winded speech about how it has had no social interaction with any form of family nor friends. and is lacking any form of joy in life, having been fighting for 56 years total. He also complains about how his life as a character is an "infinite hell" and how the developers keep downgrading his abilities by every release. Hearing this, Tari sympathizes with the avatar and hopes to help it, with the expectation of Mario's additional agreement in question. Mario wants to simply get out of the game instead of stay in it by helping the villain, shooting it to death and completing the game. In witness of Mario's insolence, she looks at where the avatar once was and back at him, utterly flabbergasted in Mario's violent indifference. Tari sees this as a Pyrrhic victory, as Mario had killed the final boss of the game at the expense of helping to stop its disappointing lifestyle in the game world.

Tari gets interrupted of her disappointment with Mario as she and him are transported back into the real world again. As she is no longer in the game and has had a scarring final experience, she temporarily presents a thousand-yard stare and tries to pretend nothing ever happened. Her final offer is that she and Mario play a more "chill game," said game being Dark Souls, which is far more violent than the game they were previously playing.

SMG4: The Minecraft Plague

Tari plays her 33rd major role in this episode, though never actually ends up contributing to the plot. In the foyer, Tari and Luigi watch Mario attempt to throw a knife at an apple upon the head of Toad, who is tied up on a post. Just as Mario is about to throw the knife, he is alerted by the castle doors opening, causing him to throw it at a nearby Toadsworth instead. Meggy came in through the entrance to tell everyone that Fishy is in trouble, and Tari thinks that he ended up trapped in a dating simulator again. Meggy explains that it's due to a plague that's going around the Mushroom Kingdom. As Meggy alerts them, it comes in from the entrance and starts to infect Toad. Urged by her altruism, Tari attempts to help him escape, but due to having to touch him to free his converted self from the ropes, Tari is frozen in place and ends up converted by the plague. The plague ends up turning the environment around them into Minecraft, and Tari tells her friends to save themselves, knowing that they're the only ones who can turn everything back to normal. As an escape plan, since the stairs going to the balcony are blocked off as well, Meggy tells Mario to get into a demolition formation called "spear mode", which allows her to use him as a spear. He throws him at the normal left castle wall, and they leave as a trio to escape the plague.

Later on, after the plague is reverted with the assistance of Mario, Meggy, Luigi and Steve, Tari is overjoyed by her freedom and leaves the castle, with Toad still remaining tied to the post.

SMG4: If Mario Was Smart

Tari plays her 34th major role in this episode. Mario wakes up on an operation table, put in the position by a figure revealed to be Professor E. Gadd. Unaware of the truth, Mario claims that his friends will punish him for the act, only for it to be revealed by Meggy that the friends in question, specifically Luigi, Tari, SMG4, Meggy and Bob watching this happen, are the ones who decided to put him in that position as they are seen sitting behind the glass. Mario wonders why, and Luigi tells him of the time when he used a radiator to warm up a bath, only leading it to a giant explosion in the left wing of the castle. Mario claims that they are planning to kill him, but Luigi tells him that they aren't, E. Gadd following on by introducing an invention known as the SMART-BOI 2000 which reverses a target's brain patterns. After Mario claims that he is extremely intelligent so he can avoid suffering through the pain of the invention, SMG4 immediately tells E. Gadd to enable the machine, Tari hiding behind him in fear of something going incorrectly. The machine is enabled, and after pointing it directly at Mario's head, it causes an extremely harsh energy blast that Mario yells over, everyone watching him suffer in sympathy. Meggy runs up the operation table and asks him if he's okay, Bob adding that the machine probably killed him instead. However, it is revealed that the machine had worked as Mario starts speaking formally. To test if the machine had made a full effect, SMG4 asks Mario to say something smart, and he responds by telling him that intelligence can't be gauged from a simple phrase or fact, and that the sample size to measure it would be too minuscule, his bout of intelligence shocking everyone. Bob also asks who the most "top tier" Smash character is, and Mario responds that it's no one, because the Internet can't decide who. With everyone proud of the operation having worked, everyone returns back to the castle.

Once having returned, the castle is still ablaze after the event Luigi had described before, and Meggy says she will get the firetruck so she can extinguish it. Mario builds an AI version of himself titled "Robo Mario" that Tari shows great interest in, and it starts to hose down the fire around the building, and just like Mario, it throws the burning Toad caught in the explosion at the top of the balcony outside of the window and into the lake at the front. Tari admires the idea of having an actual genius for a friend, and SMG4 agrees, wondering what other tasks he is capable of. In the montage of Mario being intelligent and helping his friends with his new advantages, during a Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. tournament against Bubble Bass, Mario enables an extended version of Tari's Expert Mode called "Insta-Kill", which does just that, as her new strength in gaming ends up kicking her opponent's avatar out of the television and into the air, colliding with a nearby airplane, also from SpongeBob, and causing it to crash down from the sky and explode.

After Mario is unintentionally provoked by his brother by denying his request for spaghetti after he hasn't got anymore left, as well as revenge for all the times he was mistreated when he was an idiot, Mario invents a machine to suck up all the spaghetti in the Mushroom Kingdom, including some spaghetti Meggy has in her fridge. Every resident starts a rebellion against him, including all of his friends, and Mario condescends all of them as they wonder why he's suddenly become unpleasant, with Meggy asking for a reason. Tari follows on from Meggy, saying she knows a remnant of the real Mario who actually cares about his friends is somewhere within the smart Mario, to which he responds that there no longer is. Giving up on restraining, SMG4 and Bob attempt to attack Mario as a punishment for turning to the dark side, but Mario diverts their shot as he jumps into the entrance of his house to retrieve an evolved, giant version of Robo Mario, which he then uses to kick back the entire crowd who are rebelling against him altogether, including his former friends, before leaving the scene. Tari realizes that it's their own fault Mario turned out the way that he did for carelessly making him smart. Luigi wonders how they are going to beat him, SMG4 adding that Mario is even smarter than E. Gadd. Meggy comes up with a solution, and she tells them all that they need someone just as idiotic to turn into a genius using the machine, as she points at Bob. Bob wonders where someone like that can be found, and they all answer non-verbally by turning around and staring at him teasingly.

With the new smart Bob, Bob creates a Robo Bob to battle against the Robo Mario, who is sucking spaghetti around the Mushroom Kingdom and putting it in his pod, and the two battle each other out. Mario enables a rocket glove on his Robo Mario to punch Robo Bob directly in the face, but Bob diverts the shot by pulling back, and then unleashing a shotgun onto Robo Mario, which causes him to lose balance. Mario uses a signal manipulator on a nearby television to distract Bob, allowing him to kick Robo Bob back into the distance, where he finds a Koopa, a Monty Mole, and Toadsworth who are running around screaming from the chaos, throwing them directly at Robo Mario's face. This allows Bob to give Robo Mario the final blow, which is using his robot's swords to slice apart the Robo Mario. With the pilot released and Mario defeated, Mario's friends gather together to revert Mario back to normal by reversing his brain patterns using the SMART-BOI 2000 on him once again. After Mario is revealed to have been turned back to normal, his friends are satisfied once more until they are interrupted by a smart Bob claiming to plan on ruling the world, who E. Gadd also reverts Bob back to normal.

SMG4: The Big Bad Bully

Tari plays her 35th major role in this episode. The episode starts on a casual morning in Tari's apartment in Onett located above a games store titled "Game Go" on the day of the release of the new Smash game titled "Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. 3D Dream Drop Distance & Knuckles". Tari wakes up on having planned for the day of release, getting her duck Archibald to join her, and she immediately goes to rapidly brush her teeth to prepare to visit the games store, the friction setting the toothbrush on fire, as she energetically leaves her apartment and visits the games store to purchase the copy. Tari approaches the entrance of the store, which is run by Beedle, and bursts in through the door. Tari rises up from the desk and leans into Beedle as she asks him if the copy is in stock, and he reveals that it is. She immediately takes it from him and runs outside of the store, only for Wario to end up having been directly in front of the entrance. She crashes right into him unknowingly, causing him to be rammed by a car and sent into a dumpster, and Waluigi immediately comes to his aid. Tari desperately apologizes for accidentally knocking into him, and Wario approaches her, scolding Tari for running directly into him. She asks him to forgive her for the act, and after giving her false reassurance, she steals her copy from her hand, proclaiming it'll make him "feel better". Tari shrieks as she watches the two doppelgängers run away with her copy, and she simply forces out a strained smile as she holds in her urge to cry, returning back to the games store and asking Beedle if he has another copy.

When she finds out it was the last one in stock, Tari feebly tells Archibald that she simply won't play the new game. Immediately, Tari follows up her statement with a high-pitched wailing session as she spontaneously throws herself around her room that is intense enough to cause a shockwave among the area and alert SMG4 and Mario below. The two of them visit her in her bedroom to ask her about the problem, and she explains to them that it's because Wario stole her copy of the new Smash game as she attempts to follow on by saying "and now I can't play it", only to start wailing again. Hearing this, SMG4 and Mario join forces to punish Wario for taking advantage of Tari. During her depressive episode, Tari tries to emulate the experience with her rubber duck and her imagination, but only grows frustrated by her loss as she throws herself down onto the floor, knowing it's not the same as playing the game for real. Unexpectedly, Tari is alerted by the appearance of her best friends, Saiko and Meggy, by Saiko kicking her door off its hinges with great force. As she stands up from the alert, the top edge of her bedroom door hits her in the chest area, knocking her down. Meggy scolds Saiko for not opening the door quietly like she advised her to, knowing Tari's fragility, and Saiko tells her that it was "close enough" to quiet, telling her that an obviously dazed Tari is completely fine. Meggy pushes down onto the door currently lying on Tari, and tells her that she knows of her bullying problem. Returning to her normal self, Tari implies to Meggy that she doesn't need help and that her two friends shouldn't get involved by saying to them that she doesn't need the new game. Still on the ground, Saiko places her hammer next to Tari's head as she proclaims that she won't allow anyone to bully her, and that she and Meggy will go on and teach her how to deal with them instead.

In the castle field, Meggy and Saiko set up a dummy of Wario for Tari. She questions their method, telling them that "she doesn't want to be mean" to Wario. Meggy corrects her on their intentions in that they're actually teaching her to stand up to him. When the dummy is enabled, Saiko realizes that it's in the wrong mode as it starts being masochistic towards Tari, but switches it to the correct one for the real lesson. The dummy holds out a firearm as it demands Tari to give it her money, and she complies, holding out four coins to it. Meggy stops her, instructing Tari that she has to tell Wario to go away. To her fear of being aggressive towards people, Tari shrinks down as she feebly tells the dummy to go away as Meggy instructed her to, but being unable to hear her, Meggy tells Tari to say it louder and louder until she is shouting the phrase with assertion. Saiko urges Tari with the final motivation to stand up against Wario by asking her name and what she's going to do. She responds to the latter by saying that she'll kill Wario before fleeing back to find Wario at his hideout as Meggy warns her not to, saying that she just had to stand up to him.

After Waluigi had left Wario on his own due to Wario insulting him the wrong way after losing the game, Tari stands upon the hill behind as she dramatically calls Wario out for stealing her game and claims that she'll take it back, thinking that she has the actual physical ability to compensate for the ambition, and Wario, knowing that he is being challenged by, approaches Tari up to the hill in preparation to beat her up. By the sheer force of her fear, Tari moves back and falls down onto the garbage behind her as she holds her palms over her eyes and demands him to stop. Just before Wario is about to beat her up, however, SMG4 and Mario pop out from behind Tari to beat up Wario on her behalf using a baseball bat and a rocket launcher, though she is unaware of this happening. With Tari still shrieking in fear, Saiko brings her back to her senses, and upon opening her eyes, she sees all of her friends gathered together and Wario's body in lying unconscious in the distance. Tari asks if she's the one responsible, and Mario attempts to admit the truth, only for Meggy to cut him off and tell Tari that it was all because of her. SMG4, unsure of why Meggy is lying to her, follows on from her statement with admiration for her having defeated Wario. Under the belief that she really did something herself, Tari announces that she will celebrate her newfound courage by playing the game with her friends.

SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2019

Tari plays her 36th major role in this episode. After SMG4 and Mario force Nintendofan997 to the arcade to declare another war after trying to exceed each other's score count, he sees them fighting with each other and decides to host another war. To modify the game, he sends the entire cast into the arcade machine that the two boys were battling each other on by taking advantage of Tari's warping ability while she was casually playing on an arcade machine, accompanied by one of her rubber ducks.

Round 3: Who can take Tari's duck without getting killed?

In Goldenrod City, Tari is playing with her rubber duck. While not looking, SMG4 steals her rubber duck straight from her hands and laughs manically in front of her. Tari begins to cry while staring directly at SMG4, showing her with puppy eyes and her tears growing. SMG4, submitting to the guilt, has a heart attack and dies, failing the challenge.

In Mario's attempt, he wears a blindfold as she repeats the same beginning process, the blindfold nullifying Tari's attempt to guilt him. Though he ends up managing to steal the rubber duck, karma comes for him instead as he is then run over by Thomas the Tank Engine while crossing the train tracks to escape from Tari.

Winner: Tie (Mario, escaped with the duck)

Round 8: Who can recreate Tari's Meta arm the best?

SMG4 demonstrates to Tari with a Heavy as the test subject that his rendition is going to complete 150 games in 5 seconds, much to her amazement. When the Heavy enables it by SMG4's order, the arm instead takes off into the sky with a rocket booster, taking Heavy with it, and after around 7 seconds, it explodes. SMG4 realizes the tragedy he's responsible for and backs away from the event slowly.

Mario was going to demonstrate his own rendition, which was the Infinity Gauntlet, and he throws his away due to thinking that it isn't as cool as SMG4's, Thanos eventually picking it back up out of the trash can.

Winner: SMG4 (Mario forfeited)


Having not participated in the rap battle, Tari simply leaves the arcade machine, her head scarcely affected by the long warping period. As she leaves a woozy SMG4 and Mario behind in the arcade while playfully saying her parting to them, Tari claims that she'll have a bath to ease herself once she gets home, and that she'll additionally play more games. As she is leaving, a television regains a signal as she walks by, though she doesn't understand it, and the television shows a view into an alternate universe with her counterpart, instinctively copying the movements her counterpart makes on the screen. Thinking it to be a hallucination, she retracts her decision to play games and ignores the situation.

SMG4: Boys vs Girls

Tari plays her 37th major role in this episode. At Camp Shroomy, hosted by Shroomy, Saiko, Meggy, Tari, Axol, Mario and Bowser are all gathered together for an outdoor activity after Peach had forced them all to go outside, Tari even having prepared camping equipment. While Meggy and Axol and enthusiastic about going into the freedom of the outside, Saiko and Tari and uncertain while Bowser explains that he has eight children that he has to take care of. Ignoring those who are unwilling, Shroomy tours everyone around the camp, featuring a statue of himself with a buff body, featuring a plaque that reads "SHROOMY THE ALMIGHTY", as well as Kermit the Frog as the sheriff, who threatens a Goofy asking for directions back to town with a gun, and finally, the signature two cabins everyone wil sleep in. It becoming night, everyone choose a cabin. As Saiko is about to pick one, Mario takes the one she was going to, and Axol and Bowser follow behind, Bowser trying to excuse himself with his apparent loud snoring. With the girls having their cabin decided for them, they go the remaining one. Disappointed in the low quality, the girls do various poses within their room to show their dejectedness. Saiko wonders why the boys are acting superior, and Tari tells her not to worry about them and only focus on having fun at the camp. Meggy continues, saying that they should prepare themselves, thinking that the boys might have "strategies".

Shroomy rings the camp bell to alert the members of the first activity, which is abseiling. Shroomy forcefully tells them all that it isn't a race to the bottom of the cliff, or at least he attempts to, as he is cut off by Meggy calling it a race by his last word, and everyone's disobedience ends up greatly irritating him. The first pair to go is Saiko and Bowser. While Saiko threatens to win against Bowser, the latter sarcastically wishes the former good luck. Just as Bowser is about to begin the activity, Saiko shoots half way down the cliff. Bowser attempts to exceed her and become the first, only to shove himself into a crack within the cliff. The second pair to go is Axol and Tari. Tari is terrified stiff of the sheer height of the cliff, not desiring to go down via a simple rope. Meggy attempts to encourage her by telling her that she can achieve the activity as long as she doesn't look down. When she gains the courage to do it, however, she immediately looks down and outright refuses the abseiling activity, even firmly grasping the edge of the cliffside so she doesn't accidentally fall down from tripping. Meanwhile, in the background, Meggy facepalms, annoyed by Tari not listening to her, and Axol Naruto runs vertically down the cliff without an issue. The third and final pair to go is Mario and Meggy. Meggy calls her winnings before the activity begins, knowing she'll be able to get down there first due to being more experienced than Mario. Halfway down, Mario attempts to use a Monty Mole to delay Meggy, but it only causes her to go faster. Mario continues to delay her by pretending to be Meggy's mother, thinking that it would work. When he drops all the way down, it is revealed that Meggy was already at the bottom. Being fair, Tari tries to call everyone's attempts as equal quality, only to get interrupted by Saiko celebrating the girls exceeding in abseiling over the boys. When the girls return back to their cabin while Sako continues mocking the boys' reaction to her ridicule within the moment, Meggy laughs haughtily while Tari tries to force out a laugh, thinking that mocking them is unfair. When Saiko opens the cabin back up, the girls find it to have been trashed, the sheriff being among the mess, and they turn around to see the boys laugh at them for their misfortune, having been the cause. Saiko and Meggy prepare themselves to take revenge, while Tari is completely unwilling to do the same along with them.

Said revenge is taking their bed mattresses out into a lake while they are asleep and unaware, stranding them in the ocean. While Saiko and Meggy laugh at their misfortune in return, Tari holds up a giant, obvious sign saying "I'M SORRY", not desiring to make the boys suffer over petty reasons. After the two girls wanting exactly that tell the boys not to mess with them, Mario turns into Jotaro Kujo and declares war on the girls, before all three of them are eaten by a Cheep Chomp. Tari is shocked by the extent the needless punishment went, having dropped her sign down. Responding to Mario's declaration, Meggy tells the boys to "Do their worst". Regardless of her previous reluctance, Tari participates in only one of the many actions taken in the battle against the boys, and ends up being a victim twice. As an aggressor, Tari steals Axol's Inkweaver to draw a Carl Wheezer that sexually harasses him after he is alerted to his wake. As a victim the first time, while alone playing with her duck by the campfire, she has a note slid next to her that reads "BOO!!", causing her to stand up and look around to check her surroundings, where she then sees a note attached to a pole that reads "I'll confiscate your games!!", then running to her cabin's door which has a drawing of a rubber duck with an arrow shot through its head, and she ends up dropping down into the fetal position and crying. As a victim the second time, however, Meggy ends up shooting an arrow into a bear's backside during a target practice game due to it being place there by Mario and Axol, and it targets the three girls in the direction it came from. While the two girls who were willing to battle jumped out of the way, Tari stood in the middle of the bear's path and ended up knocked over into the building behind. While Bowser and Axol take sympathy towards her, Mario reacts by laughing at her constantly and mocking her for being targeted, despite Tari being the least willing to do something to them. Seeing Tari on the floor crying, Meggy and Saiko proclaim the boys having taken it too far, to which Mario responds by no longer laughing as Meggy continues to glare at them all.

After the incident back at the central camping grounds, Saiko throws an axe towards three mugshots of the boys, being willing to take justice for hurting Tari, or as she believes is hurting Tari, as she tells both Saiko and Meggy that she is fine. When Saiko continues a verbal threat to hurt them, Axol enters the scene by asking for forgiveness as Mario holds up a letter saying "We're sorry", complemented by a heart symbol. While Meggy is unconvinced of their credibility, Tari fully believes them, showing endearment for their admission. Axol continues by apologizing for taking it too far and thanks Saiko for not having thrown the axe she's holding at his head. After a discussion, the girls agree to forgive the boys on the condition that they pretend to be bunnies in a paintball battle. Saiko targets Bowser, Tari targets Axol, and Meggy targets Mario, and all of the girls manage to catch all of the boys.

SMG4: SMG4 Runs Out of Memes

Tari plays her 38th major role in this episode. When SMG4's memes become outdated, he asks his friends for ideas on modernizing them.


Tari is seen endeared and cooing over a compilation of kittens playing with their owners while SMG4 watches her, and he tells her that it is insufficient as a meme. Tari insists that he tries to do something related as she emotively and excessively expresses the cuteness of the idea of animals. With her insistence in mind, SMG4 makes an attempt to copy it. Being bad with animals, however, he fails. A dingo he tells to roll over instead leaves his office, a nearby Bob from Animal Crossing glares at him after being told to do a flip, and a bear he pokes with a stick ends up running away, leading its owner to protect it by nearly shooting SMG4. Giving up on real animals, SMG4 uses rocks in cat-themed headwear. The scene directly demonstrates Tari and Mario watch over him do the last one, Mario commenting that SMG4 has gone crazy.

SMG4: My Mario Academia

Tari plays her 39th major role in this episode. In a high school set in a world after superpowers called 'quirks' spread from a baby, the main cast of Mario, Bob, Bowser, Saiko, Luigi, Fishy, Tari, Shroomy, Meggy and SMG4 are all gathered together. Mario's quirk is that he can grow his hand, Bob's quirk is that he can summon toilet paper, Saiko's quirk is summoning a Kermit from within, Tari's quirk is super strength, Bowser's quirk is throwing his children, Meggy's quirk is turning into an error symbol, and SMG4's quirk is sending out insults on Twitter. Tari's quirk is demonstrated when Saiko uses her quirk against Fishy and Luigi and lodges the former in the water fountain, to which she helps him by trying to pull him out of the basin, accidentally pulling the basin off the wall for an apparent second instance instead. After the chaos between peers involving each other's quirks, their teacher, Captain Falcon, comes into the classroom thrusting, and the classroom and students magically return to original order upon recognizing his authority. After entering, he announces that the class will receive a "surprise exam" after their normal lessons, everyone finding to be horrific as SMG4 groans and Mario's head explodes under pressure. Ignoring their obvious dismay, Falcon faux motivates them, and then writes on the chalkboard that the lesson is about how to be a hero. He asks everyone about what they think the most important thing about being a hero is. Saiko thinks that it's fame, Luigi thinks that it's honor, and Bob, in his own words, think it's "hoes and b*tches", which Falcon immediately slaps him for. He corrects them all in that the most important factor about being a hero is keeping people safe, and enacts some practical exercises to teach the students just that.

Mario, Meggy and Tari are given a lesson in assisting the elderly by helping an old lady cross a busy street. The two girls are proud to be able to help as Mario makes the first move, which is using his hand quirk to smack the old lady hard across the road by counting up to 3. Before Mario is able to hit her, Tari edges in and glares at him, and he asks what the problem is. Being more responsible, Tari uses her super strength to pick the old lady up and carry her across. As she attempts to make contact with the road, however, a red supercar races by her, proceeded by a collection of other traffic. Seeing this from behind, Meggy enables her quirk by standing in the road as an error sign, which in turn causes a pileup and massive destruction of the cars. Oblivious to having disobeyed the rule of citizen safety, Tari helps the old lady cross the street by carrying her across.

Later on, after the lesson has been complete, everyone lines up in the field in their hero clothes. Announcing that the exam is coming, Meggy and SMG4 are eager, while Mario attempts to flee like a coward due to refusing to participate. Inevitably, he is detained and forced by Falcon to participate. He explains that the exam is that random groups of two will be scattered across various locations to complete one goal, which is knocking him over. Tari and Fishy are separated into a mountain range, Falcon standing at a high point while the duo stand below. Looking up, Tari thinks that it's impossible. Fishy assures her of a method that can allow her to complete the goal, which is thinking of something that maddens her, which turns out to be Bubsy Bobcat. Imagining Falcon as Bubsy, Tari jumps into the air and almost crashes directly into Falcon from the high jump, only to stop in midair when he puts a duck cap on his head, causing her to bounce back down far behind Fishy's current position. When she comments that Falcon knows her weakness, Fishy decides to try instead using his quirk, which turns out to be simply exploding. Tari remarks that he'll die if he does it, and when he says that it's the only way to defeat Falcon, she describes him to be braver than she is. After picking up Fishy Boopkins and throwing him at where Falcon is supposed to be, it is revealed that Falcon is right next to Tari, far away from where he initially was, leading Fishy to fly into the sky towards nothing. Tari asks him if he should be informed, and he says that he wishes to watch him being foolish for ten more seconds. At the end of the exam, everyone gathers together again, in anticipation that they are going to have failed due to not knocking Falcon over. Upon assessing them and saying that they passed, Falcon reveals that the true lesson was teamwork, and that everyone adapted well, using each other for motivation (cut to Mario and Luigi), creative combinations (cut to Tari and Fishy), with some being "more creative than others" (cut to Bob and Bowser). As Falcon declares that they should be proud, a portal opens up, containing Ganondorf, having created a buff Homer Simpson able to match Falcon's power. As everyone screams in fear, a "To Be Continued" meme leaves the episode on a cliffhanger.

Afterwards, it is revealed that the entire episode was a show that Axol created with SMG4's help, SMG4 having added the meme at the end. When Axol asks what everyone thinks, everyone is already showing their reaction of sheer disgust except SMG4. In brutal honesty, Mario outright vomits due to the quality of the work.

SMG4 Christmas 2019: Mario Alone

Tari plays her 40th major role in this episode. In preparation for a Christmas trip, everyone attempts to wake Mario up in order for him to join everyone, saying that his delay will make everyone miss their trip. SMG4 pops in through the castle door to tell Mario and Luigi that they will miss their bus, with Bob adding that they're going to Miami. After Luigi rams the door, he gives up, and Shroomy tries to compensate with an assistant of his own, Optimus Prime. Having expected him to try a destructive approach, his alien robot friend doesn't do anything related and tries to lure Mario out with pretending to be a housekeeper, rather than destroying the door, much to Shroomy's irritation. Saiko sees the bus, driven by Toadsworth, coming in from the road to take everyone to Miami. Shroomy, Fishy, Bob and Meggy all leave immediately, while Tari leaves behind a Christmas card, crudely drawn, to remind Mario that she cares about him. Finding her drawing to be informal, Axol tells her that she should draw it instead, the implication of her confronting that she is bad at drawing breaking her inside slightly. Everyone then gets on the bus when they accept that they have to leave Mario behind, and on the trip there, Toadsworth gets everyone to sing Jingle Bells along with him.

Later on, when Wario and Waluigi are about to punish Mario for sabotaging their attempted robbery of the castle and attempting to defeat them with violent traps, Mario's friends return home to the castle. This is introduced by Fishy kicking Waluigi just before he is about to shoot Mario. Wario, unsure of what happened, looks over at the entrance to see them all gathered together in preparation for beating up Wario and Waluigi as justice for targeting Mario. Wario, upon seeing them, asks what happened to their "holiday" due the inconvenience of their appearance, and Tari answers that it hasn't started because the group forgot "something very important", referring to Mario. Wario, annoyed, shouts that he is going to rob them anyway, and Meggy, not tolerating it, kicks him to SMG4, who then kicks him to Shroomy, smacking him with his guitar and sending him onto the ground. Bob then smacks him in the face with his money back and forth. Fishy then kicks Waluigi over to Saiko, who punches his flailing body back with her hammer, sending him to Axol, who draws a false Ryu and finally knocks him down. With Waluigi also on the floor, Luigi and Tari continue hitting him with a Weegee Doll and a toy hammer respectively. Mario is touched that everyone returned for him, and a majority of the group explains why, interrupting their continued beatings to do so. Meggy starts by saying that they felt guilty for leaving him alone, with SMG4 continuing that Christmas isn't the same without everyone together, and Tari ends that the tragedies they have suffered makes them united as a family. Mario, realizing that the true meaning of Christmas is being united with your loved ones, promptly joins in with everyone in making Wario and Waluigi suffer for their actions.

SMG4: The Grand Festival

Tari plays her 41st major role in this episode. Outside the entrance to a New Year's festival, the main cast are outside admiring the effort put into it and the multiple forms of entertainment within. Everyone proclaims what they are going to do inside, with Tari saying that she'll play every attraction and eat every delicacy, though she never ends up doing that on-screen. Once in the festival, Tari hangs out at the mask stand attraction, owned by the Happy Mask Salesman. with her best friends, Meggy and Saiko, and Tari shows great interest in the masks. Or at least, it seems this way at first, as she is actually interested in the Duck Pyro dancing in front of her. When Saiko is possessed by Majora's mask, Meggy attempts to warn her of the danger, but she is far too invested in the Duck Pyro to pay attention to the rest of her surroundings, even ignoring Meggy being chased by the possessed Saiko behind her. Her distraction is broken when the Bob-omb SMG4 gets at the string game throws himself, Mario, and Luigi in front of her. Upon seeing the trio, she greets them along with Duck Pyro. Since she wasn't paying attention, she is unable to answer SMG4's question about where the girls got to during their look at the mask stand. However, Mario sees them, with Meggy being chased by the possessed Saiko still. With Meggy not being able to find a method of defeating her that doesn't necessitate hurting Saiko directly, Mario attempts to use brute force, only for it to fail. Eventually, the possession is broken by Bowser running into her with a headcrab on his face, which he politely excuses himself for before running around in pain once again.

At the fireworks show, the entire main cast as well as the Duck Pyro and Swagmaster & Chris gather together to watch as they reminisce on the events of the year, Tari with her Duck Pyro holding a seal egg. Everyone does a long speech together, Saiko cheering for the fireworks. Shroomy starts by pointing out the extent of the year, Luigi following on by saying that everyone has been on a lot of adventures, Meggy saying that there have been a lot of changes as well as she looks at her human body, referring to her transformation during the Anime Arc. Fishy assures her that the events that happened weren't that bad, as it's due to the anime ban that happened during it that everyone was able to meet Axol. Bob also had Sagmaster and Chris tag along with him, thinking themselves to have a connection. Just after Bowser tries to call for his friends to help him remove the headcrab, the fireworks go off to set the transition from 2019 to 2020, and everyone is amazed by the display, though Bowser is unable to see. Tari wonders what will happen next year as everyone makes resolutions, SMG4 saying that he will make more memes and Bowser saying that he'll be a better father. Meggy also points out that the last Splatfest event is next year, and she announces that she'll win it no matter what, everyone cheering for her desired goal of success. Afterwards, everyone announces the new year together, before Bowser drops dead from the headcrab.

SMG4: Mario School Club

Tari plays her 42nd major role in this episode. Tari watches as Mario shamelessly appreciates his fridge on the stage in front, while SMG4's head is set on fire, Bob falls down from his seat, and Axol questions his sanity. Meanwhile, Shroomy finds it to be endearing, clapping for the performance. Meggy tells everyone on their behalf outright that they don't want to participate in Mario's food appreciation club, having said so multiple times before, and Luigi tells him to return their fridge back to their house. Mario, offended, calls his fridge his "friend" before kicking it into an explosion and introducing Bob to present his food. Bob presents everyone a banana he found in the dumpster, which is also his home, and SMG4, having enough, attempts to leave the room. Mario warns him not to due to there being a genuine force keeping everyone from revealing themselves, since everyone is trespassing in the school and everything is on maximum security. The security in question is revealed to be Hal Monitor, who nearly catches SMG4 upon accidentally revealing that he's trespassing the school, and SMG4 promptly blocks the doorway after he is chased back inside. Tari asks Mario for his motive on starting a school club, and he explains to her that it's because "some kid" didn't invite him to one of their own, and he's trying to show them up. Moving on, Mario tries to enact a poetry club by starting his own poem with the line "objects I've shoved up my ass", before Meggy stops him, telling him that they'll go along with his ideas for a school club on the condition that his friends decide the ideas. Annoyed, Mario asks what they are.

The Karate Club

In the karate club, everyone starts with a bow down to Meggy, a traditional polite greeting, Tari and Luigi being the only ones to do it correctly in return. Meggy demonstrates to everyone a dummy and teaches them what they have to do with it, karate chopping it out of the hall through the double doors. In SMG4's attempt, his hand explodes upon impact due to the hard material of the dummy, causing him great pain. In Luigi's attempt, the dummy nearly falls back only to fall forward on top of him and explode. In Fishy Boopkins' attempt, he is unable to hit the dummy at all, but thinking that he is making any damage, he apologizes. In Tari's attempt, she refrains from hitting the dummy completely, jumping to hug it instead, which the dummy somehow blushes over. Meggy, seeing Tari do the exact opposite of fighting her enemy, tells her to stop. When Axol gets out his Inkweaver to drawn an anime character to fight on his behalf, Meggy slaps him and tells him not to, since he should fight for himself instead. Shroomy gets out his firearms to shoot the dummy, only to end up missing completely. Bob slices the dummy in half with one of his swords, and Mario BLJs on the dummy, causing him to be forcibly propelled from the hall and into the outside.

The Anime Club

After the events of the Anime Arc, Meggy has become even more cautious of anime and dismisses the club idea, only to get shoved out of the way by Fishy presenting the anime club to everyone, which Axol and Tari are delighted by. Fishy presents to everyone an anime DVD that they will watch together, saying the Japanese title. Thinking that it will be something entertaining, Tari asks what it translates to, and Fishy responds that it translates to "My Gym Teacher Is A Sexy Rhinoceros", and Tari is horrified upon hearing the concept. When the disc is inserted, the plot of the anime is simply that a rhinoceros causes mayhem in a gymnasium, everyone questioning the presence of a rhinoceros, and Joker from Persona 5 is attracted to it, which scares Shroomy and causes Meggy to vomit, while Axol admires the work. Tari, made uncomfortable, asks if they can watch something else, and Fishy changes the broadcast to a low-budget version of Pokémon. Mario kicks the television away to free everyone, which everyone except Axol is overjoyed by.

The Computer Club

SMG4 teaches everyone how to create a personal computer, and everyone attempts to follow along. Bob ends up making a Macbook, Fishy creates a sculpture from the parts, Tari, being too experienced, accidentally makes Optimus Prime, who flies off into the sky, Shroomy makes a cupboard interior, and Meggy uses it for a box to play in. Meanwhile, Mario places various non-technical components into the computer box, and upon turning the monitor on, he ends up spawning a demon, which causes chaos within the room and alerts Hal Monitor. Everyone hears him approach the room, and to prevent him from finding out, Bob and Mario pretend to make a mathematics lesson. After, Mr. Monitor leaves, the demon returns down into the underworld after due to being scared of his authority enforcement.

The Hunting Club

Shroomy introduces everyone to the hunting club and explains the concept as "hunting animals for sport". Hearing this, Tari responds in denial, not wanting to shoot animals. Shroomy convinces her that the animals won't die or be hurt from being shot by telling her the lie that the bullets can hug the animals, and Tari, believing this, gets out her gun to prepare to "hug" them. Meggy looks over at Tari in disappointment of her easy gullibility. Shroomy attempts to introduce everyone to the basics of hunting in a "Meet The Sniper" parody, which Bob finds to be boring and Mario reacts to by scratching his back with his gun, and Mario being the final straw, he teaches everyone how to shoot animals, using a crocodile, a goat, and Scoot from Animal Crossing as an example. Seeing his violent tendencies firsthand, Axol urgently notes himself to stay alert of Shroomy. With the instruction in mind, Bob prepares to shoot "an animal", beginning to target Fishy Boopkins, and then switch to Axol, shooting the latter far into the distance and causing him to explode. Mario eats his gun, leading it to explode his inside of him, and Tari tries to shoot a zebra with under the impression that she is hugging it. Luigi and Fishy also ride an elephant that then gets shot by Meggy, who battle each other out when Shroomy realizes Meggy is a better sniper than him. Their battle ends with Shroomy hitting a Lynel hiding in a bush, enraging it. Realizing the the threat, the rest of the members left the area as Shroomy is attacked by the Lynel.

The Board Game Club

Tari introduces everyone to the board game club, playing a game called "Ducks and Ladders". Fishy rolls the dice, getting a nine, leading him on top of a duck. Tari tells him that he receives a pat on the back for getting a duck, and Axol, interested, asks what landing on the ladders mean. She explains that the player receives the same thing upon landing on those as well. Meggy wonders why the game has no negative consequences. Tari explains that the game has no negative consequences because it's about positive vibes. Mario, not wanting to comply with this, gets out his own board game called "Call of the Cthulu" and places it on top of Ducks and Ladders. A tentacle comes out of the box of the game and steals Fishy away to attack him, which everyone is oblivious to the tragedy of, bar Tari, and Bob responds to by taking a photograph.

They then tried a bunch of other clubs, but they sucked at all of them

With Tari lying in a conflicting position on a desk due to being exhausted from the club ideas they had. Axol recommends a volleyball club, but Bob denies it due to not wanting to do more physical activities. Fishy also recommends a friendship club, which is immediately turned down by Mario. Tari suddenly has an idea for a club that everyone can enjoy and whispers it in SMG4's ear.

The Lazy Club

Having returned back to the castle, Tari announces the lazy club to everyone where they simply sleep on mattresses laid out in the foyer. After telling Tari to shut up, Bob curses Mr. Monitor for being an unreasonable strict authority figure, and upon hearing this, he enters through the castle doors holding a gun in preparation to shoot everyone for Bob's insult, which causes everyone to scream in terror.

SMG4 Movie: Meggy's Destiny

Tari plays her 43rd major role in this episode. At the main Inkopolis arena, Meggy's team, Team Splat Squad, consisting of Mario, Luigi and Tari as the secondary members, are gathered together, Bowser, Shroomy, Bob, Saiko, Fishy, Axol and Toad all watching from the bleachers, prepared for what they are going to be introduced to. Mario attempts to use his paint gun against his team members before he is interrupted by E. Gadd. He enters, reminding them all that they came for his new invention, the Ink Boi 3000. It is used so that Meggy's all-human team have the same powers as Inklings do, which is to be able to swim in the paint on the floor with ease, in order for Meggy's team to be even against any opposing teams. Meggy, overconfident, rejects this, thinking she doesn't require matching the power of an Inkling to win. E. Gadd gives it to her anyway, and continues by saying that he had ran out of surfboards and had to use household items for the other members, Luigi using a swivel chair, Tari using a computer keyboard, and Mario using a lawnmower, which he ends up using to mow his head off. Meggy thinks it to be an insult that she has to use her previous powers as an Inkling, and Tari attempts to reassure her that she can still accept other people assisting her to do what she did before. Annoyed by Tari attempting to ease her into using technical products made by other people, she calls the Ink Boi out to be redundant for herself, calling her skills to be just as they were before even if she is a human, and then throws it in the distance as SMG4 is about to announce the start of the final training session. After E. Gadd leaves Meggy to her own devices, SMG4 announces the training session, and the audience cheers. SMG4 explains that the session is a 1-hit kill round, and starts the fight off with a gunshot.

During the fight, Tari hits an airborne Mario using his Ink Boi against Meggy as he throws himself towards her in midair, causing Mario to lose the game, and Tari laughs over the fun of her experience. Luigi then appears next to her, using his paint gun spontaneously, and Tari diverts the shot by swimming under and into the ink with her Ink Boi. Luigi is then defeated by Meggy. Tari makes a surprise appearance on top of the high platform behind Meggy, boasting that she has the high ground against Meggy. In return, Meggy boasts that she is Tari's personal mentor and that she knows every move Tari is going to make, only for Tari to quickly speed off with her Ink Boi and dip down into the paint again as Meggy attempts to shoot her, following her gun along with Tari. Tari then pops up in an open area as Meggy hides behind one of the crates to stay out of sight. She pops out from behind and attempts a surprise attack by throwing one of her Splat Bombs, which Tari notices as she makes a dash towards Meggy, ducking underneath the bomb on the way. She then hits Meggy with her gun, winning the game. With the advantage she has with E. Gadd's invention, she admires the handiwork and points out that they make a great difference compared to if she wasn't using it. The audience and SMG4 gather together to admire Tari's performance, embarrassing her. Meanwhile, Meggy is envious, and Fishy praises Mario and Luigi for their performance as well. After she herself cheers, she asks Meggy on her thoughts of the situation, to which she responds with cold rejection. Everyone only responds in disbelief, and SMG4 asks her if she's fine, to which she responds that she is, but everyone knows that she isn't. Not wanting to deal with Meggy's complication, Mario calls everyone to have a pre-competition party at Meggy's apartment, and everyone follows suit, leaving the arena.

The day after, the day of the final Splatfest tournament, Team Splat Squad gather outside the entrance to the arena in the main section of Inkopolis. Luigi wishes to turn back so he doesn't have to go through the high stakes of the game, and Mario tells him to stop being petty about it. Meggy motives them all to continue, reminding them of their training and how they have prepared, but she has her motivation cut short when she sees something only a part of her mind, the figure being Desti. When Meggy snaps out of her hallucination, Tari stands in front of where Meggy is currently looking to ask her if she's stable. Once again, Meggy tells Tari that she's fine, even though she clearly isn't. The screen atop the building tells the competitors of the game to round up at the arena, and her team does just that, everyone except Luigi being eager to participate.

All the teams having arrived at the stadium, Callie and Marie announce the final Splatfest, telling the audience that their bosses won't allow anymore games because Splatfest is no longer "cost-effective", and that they spent all of the company's money as retribution to make the most special Splatfest tournament with it being different compared to previous ones. In the first round, players must go through an obstacle course dubbed the "Splatstacle Course" in under 20 minutes in order to get to the next round. For the current round, it is established that fighting is prohibited as agility and skill is the primary priority, and attempting to fight will lead a team to disqualification, which disappoints Mario who was prepared to do just that. During the beginning preparations to let the audience enter, Mario advises Meggy to use her Ink Boi, which Meggy rejects, while Tari and Luigi wave to their friends in the audience who are cheering for them to win. After Meggy points out how dedicated their friends are, the leader of the rival team introduces themselves via discrimination of Team Splat Sqaud while they aren't looking. Introducing themselves as Team Killer Ink, the leader continues by questioning why the managers allowed a team of humans into the tournament, and her team follow on by shaming her transition. Luigi attempts to defend her name, saying that she still has talent as human, but the rival team doesn't believe him. As Meggy is about to run up to the team and fight with them once they start laughing at the idea of her still having experience, Tari holds her back, telling her that they can even each other out during the competition, and to prevent them from possibly being disqualified before the game.

After Callie and Marie set the game to go, Team Splat Squad reach the first leg of the course, which is a pole slide. Using their Ink Bois, Mario and Luigi get across to the other side, Meggy using her basic agility to slide across instead. Meanwhile, Tari is afraid of falling off as she slides down, and is hesitant to attempt to get across, her fears being evidenced right in front of her as a participant falls off halfway. In her breakout over potentially not making it across successfully, Tari shrieks, only for it to be revealed that she subconsciously made it across on her Ink Boi anyway. In the third leg, a basketball one-shot game, Tari uses her paint gun to shoot the ball further in order for it to reach the hoop when it's too far too reach at normal strength, and she successfully gets it into the hoop. In the fourth leg, all of Team Slat Squad casually walk by the Inkling teams being affected by the sprinklers. In the sixth and final leg at 30 seconds remaining, a giant deep pit. Tari goes first with her Ink Boi, proceeded by Luigi and Mario. Meggy is the one to go last. Tari advises Meggy to use her Ink Boi to get across, and she denies her, still wanting to use her raw strength. Luigi alerts Meggy of Team Killer Ink running behind her, the leader pushing Meggy into the pit as she is forced to watch the rival team go across the pit without an issue. As Luigi attempts to restrain Mario from fighting with Team Killer Ink, Tari points out to Meggy, who is falling down into the pit. Improvising with a trio of Splat Bombs, Meggy enables them while falling so she is propelled upward onto the ground above where her team is. At first, it seems as though she will make it, only for her to smash face-first into the wall just below the ground. Urgently, Mario, Luigi and Tari all form a human chain to catch Meggy just before she falls all the way down, Tari being the one to catch her, and they all pull her back up and onto the ground. With the time up, Callie and Marie announce the round to be over, having admired everyone's performance, also confirming that Killer Ink and Splat Squad will move onto the second round. After Team Killer Ink mock them for having made it, Mario and Meggy start to fight with them violently, thinking that they'll be free to do so due to technically not being part of the round, and Tari and Luigi warn them not to. Callie and Marie notice this, and let their team off with a warning.

The next day, it is the second round of Splatfest. Callie welcomes everyone, and Marie announces the next game as a tower defense game. Callie clarifies that Team Killer Ink default to the finals due to winning the first match, four teams total must compete to get to the final open spot. Marie explains that the rules of the game are that a team has to reach 100 points first. The Squid Sisters demonstrate together that players have to get monsters to score points via burning a Squidward with a flamethrower. Callie continues, shedding light on the fact that the wave will be infinite, with Marie adding that each kill is worth one point. Callie then demonstrates by shooting her cousin with her paint gun that players will have to avoid being hit by opposing teams, or they will lose ten points. With her face covered in paint, Marie then announces the start of the tower defense game, and the wave of monsters start to arise from the ocean. Tari takes out four of them with a Splat Bomb, while Meggy effortlessly eliminates them by simply aiming her gun, Mario lures a Handsome Squidward by flipping him off and then shooting with his paint gun, and Luigi causes over at least ten to explode with the reveal of his buff body. Tari points out to everyone their successful score count on the scoreboard, everyone having gained 20 points altogether. Meanwhile, Team Ink Brigade and Team Brown Zone steal their team's kills. After Meggy fails to take ten points off one of the opposing teams, she tells them all to focus on getting points. When Team Ink Brigade end up in first place over Team Splat Squad, Tari urgently advises everyone to copy their enemies and take other teams' kills in order for them to stand a chance, and Meggy agrees, telling everyone to spread out. When they do steal points, they end up in second place once again after being in third, only for Meggy being hit to cause the team to lose ten points, dragging them down to 64 points from 74 while their rival team remains at 76. After Mario makes a move involving Splat Bombs by propelling himself up into the sky and down onto the ground, Team Splat Squad reaches 87 points, nearing 100. They attempt to gain 100 points quickly and gradually, nearing 96 points before Mario sees one of the Team Ink Brigade members somehow shove multiple monsters out of the arena, earning them 101 points and one of the main cast's enemy teams winning the game, earning Team Splat Squad second place. Having earned 100 points, the Squid Sisters call Team Ink Brigade as the winners, emotionally crushing Team Splat Squad as well as their supportive friends. Due to being the one who accidentally led the team down by ten points as well as her refusal to use the Ink Boi, Meggy blames herself for the team's loss and starts crying in despair, having failed to fulfill Desti's memory, and then runs away from the arena. After Meggy had fled, Mario expresses his skepticism over something, and Tari asks what it is.

At night, returning to the arena where the second round took place, Mario returns to where he saw the Squidwards that earned Team Ink Brigade their win, and Tari tells Mario that they should be comforting Meggy instead, not understanding his intentions. As Mario walks near the general area they emerged from, he trips over something hiding in the greenery, which is revealed to be a button to shoot fake Squidwards out of a hidden cannon on command, with Tari noting the trap to be illegal. With the reveal, Tari deduces that Team Ink Brigade cheated, and they immediately inform the Squid Sisters off-screen.

After Axol teaches Meggy that she can just be herself instead of an Inkling and she accepts using the Ink Boi to play in the tournament, the Squid Sisters burst in to the rooftop where they currently are to announce that they Team Splat Squad is allowed to return back to Splatfest. As they are about to explain, the rest of the trio run over the Squid Sisters to explain for them, with Luigi and Tari interrupting Mario by explaining the truth to her before Mario kicks them both away under the impression they are taking credit for his work. The Squid Sisters continue, dazed, by saying that the Ink Brigade were disqualified for it, and that the Splat Squad move on to the next round by default, which Mario celebrates over. Luigi and Tari motivate Meggy and tell her that she has one more chance to win the game, the joy of being able to win in Desti's memory causing Meggy to cry tears of joy. Tari offers that she refrains, as she also cries with her out of empathy, and Luigi assures Meggy that she can achieve anything with her friends. Meggy acknowledges their sentiments by saying that she doesn't know how to repay her friends for their deed. After Mario returns Meggy her Splattershot and motivates her team as the Squid Sisters wave to them, eager to see the grand finale of their work, Meggy pledges that her team will win, and everyone including Axol cheers optimistically.

On the day of the final round of Splatfest, Callie and Marie announce that the final round will be a turf war with the standard rules of covering the map with the most ink. The two competing teams are establish as Team Splat Squad and Team Killer Ink, with Meggy possessing a huge desire to finally fight back against her rival team. Marie then starts the game off, and the two teams immediately start their game. After Tari covers most of the arena, she runs around to search for a member of her opposing team to defeat. She comes across Thug, who tries to get her first by using a paintbrush. Tari avoids the shot by swimming under and placing one of her rubber ducks in her position, and then pops up to catch Thug off-guard, successfully defeating him. Meggy and Mario then work together to use a corkscrew-type method to defeat the leader and one of her team members atop one of the containers. In return, Team Killer Ink gather together to defeat Tari, Mario and Luigi. On the search to avenge her team, the leader pops up as a squid to defeat Meggy with a surprise attack, only for her to surprise the leader in return by switching their weapons around, and then defeating the leader with her own gun after giving the one-liner of "Thanks for holding that for me~" before shooting the leader, 15 seconds remaining in the moment. After realizing they have been outwitted, the remaining Team Splat Squad members continue the game by hiding for cover as Meggy defeats the rest of the members on their behalf. Motivated by Meggy's experienced moves, everyone joins in at the last 10 seconds to help her, eventually defeating Team Killer Ink and garnering a win. After the Squid Sisters decide who won, Tari is surprised to find out that it was Team Splat Squad. Finally fulfilling Desti's memory, Meggy starts to cry tears of joy, and the rest of her friends come to the arena to celebrate, picking up two each and throwing them in the air while cheering for them, proud of their success. To celebrate, Fishy calls for a party at Meggy's apartment to celebrate.

At the party, everyone gathers around the trophy they earned for winning Splatfest, and Saiko praises Tari for her showing herself to be a fighter with such ambition so unexpectedly, the compliment embarrassing her. At the end of the episode, Tari is then heard telling Meggy to be careful around Fishy Boopkins in the 'pin the tail on the Boopkins' game that Mario made up.

SMG4: Mario Runs Out Of Toilet Paper

Tari plays her second minor role in this episode. Bowser, Bob, Axol, Meggy, SMG4, Luigi, Tari, Fishy Boopkins and Saiko gather together with toilet paper around the portal to hell. She notes that she couldn't have thought of it an effective weapon, and Fishy follows on using research that the toilet paper rubs the grease off Papa John's face, which is also the source of his power, before they all throw their toilet paper at him from the overworld to defeat Papa John and prevent him from invading their realm. Once he has been defeated and has melted from the multiple toilet paper rolls thrown at him, everyone celebrates. Mario then drops from the pressure building in his intestines and returns back to the overworld to see Luigi hold out a stack of multiple toilet paper rolls, which Mario immediately steals from him and runs back to his house in desperation to finally do his business after holding it in the entire episode. Due to what built up overtime, however, Mario ends up exploding all of planet Earth.

SMG4: The E G G

Tari plays her 44th major role in this episode. Tari is the first character seen in the blooper. She is seen on a beach by herself attempting to light a campfire. In her attempts, she becomes enraged by the flint and steel becoming ineffectual after doing it slowly. Desperate to start the campfire, she sets down the tool as quickly as her body can allow her to do. Tari eventually succeeds, but she is caught in the flames. As she realizes that she started the campfire and simultaneously set herself on fire, she screams in pain as much as possible and starts rapidly rolling around on the floor to extinguish the flame. Relieved from the suffering, she states that replicating Animal Crossing in the real world is harder than she thought. Mario comes back from a journey, and she asks him if he was able to forage for food. Telling her than he only found a mushroom, she becomes disappointed in their failure and recommends everyone returns to Peach's castle. Her plans are halted, however, as Fishy Boopkins calls her to attention, showing the duo that he found an egg that was washed up on the beach. Tari is happy to finally have found some food and Mario starts to cook it over Tari's campfire accordingly, but once Fishy points out the possibility of there being something living inside the egg, she attempts to force him away, wanting to keep it intact. In Mario's denial to leave it alone, the egg pops out of Mario's hands and onto the floor and fully hatches, revealing there to be a baby bird-egg-plant hybrid being inside. Tari is immediately entranced by the new encounter, expressing enthusiastically how cute it is. Showing immense interest in it, she walks up to it and tries to play with it, and also pets it. This is interrupted by Mario, whom violently kicks the baby into a distant rock facing everyone's direction, causing Tari to scream over the event. Little did she know that he would do it more than once. Fishy asks the baby for his name, which Tari also finds to be cute as it tries to speak. He claims to be called "JubJub" and the duo officially accept him as a member of the gang while Mario is unsure.

Back at Peach's castle, Tari and Mario are seen playing Tic-Tac-Toe while JubJub watches, and Tari inevitably wins the game with a diagonal. She casually celebrates her victory while Mario wails over his failure. On the second round, Mario wins, and he boasts about it in her face in spite of Tari having far more experience as a gamer than him either way. He ambitiously celebrates this for longer than is necessary, leading Tari to want him to stop celebrating and continue playing. Seeing Fishy with JubJub, Tari offers that they both come to play with her and Mario. However, Fishy says that JubJub wants to find his true father, and Tari complies as she embraces the lost child, wanting to go on an adventure to find JubJub's father. Mario, of course, doesn't want to do this, and he kicks JubJub right out of Tari's arms and out next to the cannon on the castle's courtyard. Annoyed by his pettiness and sadism once again, she shouts at Mario as loudly as she can. She and the rest of the trio go to the city on their journey to find his father. JubJub is put up on a podium by Mario for an auction, and without security, he leaves it, going to bite down on a Koopa's head. Fishy takes him off the Koopa and scolds him for disobedience, which only causes JubJub to return to where he was before. The second time Fishy attempts to discipline him, JubJub starts to cry. Tari attempts to comfort him, but to no avail, he continues crying. Knowing babies to be entertained by random, nonsensical things, she tells Mario to "make a funny face" to stop him from crying. This has the exact opposite effect, and JubJub instead emits a booming tornado siren from his mouth directly next to Tari's ears. Fishy affirms the most possible authority he can by harshly telling him to behave, and JubJub obeys him, returning to his normal self while also dropping off Tari. The sudden harshness of Fishy shocks Tari, but it works to discipline him either way. While Tari wants him to stay, Fishy offers Mario to watch over JubJub while he and Tari ask around the city for his father. But when Mario looks back at JubJub's position, he finds him to be gone.

Mario gathers everyone together on an area search to find JubJub after his disappearance. He notices on the opposite road that JubJub is actually with a biker gang, and he turns around, with Tari and Fishy demanding Mario to accelerate as much as he can. As Mario plans to shoot at the biker gang, Fishy points out that he could shoot JubJub. Mario calls this a bonus, annoying Tari once more as she combatively slaps him in the face from the passenger seat next to him. Mario shows Tari to the biker gang in an attempt to lure JubJub over to the car, using Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch as bait. Mario, the driver, is also interested in this, however, and he lets go of the wheel and tries to grab the Nintendo Switch from Tari, causing them to crash the car into a large roadside rock, causing the biker gang to escape with JubJub. Their targets go across a drawbridge as it's being raised, of which Tari points out to Mario. He forces the drawbridge to descend, and the main gang are led to the final battle between the biker gang next to the sea. Two of the leader's underlings start attacking the car, prompting Mario to call defenses. Due to their pacifism, Tari and Fishy use methods of value to stop the bikers from their ambush, as she uses her Nintendo Switch and Fishy uses his Hatsune Miku figurine. With the biker gang's advantages open, the trio leave the car and prepare to take back JubJub. The leader denies them, and announces themselves to be called The Kraken Krew. Wanting to prevent them from escaping, extra biker gang members come up from being the main gang, surrounding them and making them under their obligation. Acknowledging their conflict, Tari asks what everyone does in defense. As the biker gang are about to attack the group in the middle, JubJub starts to cry loudly like he did back at the city. Much to everyone's surprise, JubJub tries to neutralize the situation and actually says Bookpins' name, and starts to walk over to the main gang. The Kraken Krew's leader stops him by whistling him to join the biker gang instead. When it seems that he is going to choose the biker gang, Tari tries to call him to join their team instead. Making his decision, JubJub approaches the biker gang, shocking the main gang as they feel as though he has betrayed them, Tari being the only one to express this feeling verbally.

It turns out, however, that JubJub was actually going into the sea. Knowing that he can't swim, everyone else screams in the fear of him drowning himself. Stopping him from drowning, Joe Boopkins rises up from the sea and sets JubJub back down on the ground. When JubJub reveals that Joe is his father too, Tari jumps and dances around happily at the thought of Fishy actually having a brother, and thinks that the ending is cute. Mario interrupts the moment, and kicks JubJub one last time, which appropriately shocks Tari and Fishy, knowing that he just irritated a giant anthropomorphic octopus being capable of a rampage in a moment of family reunion.

SMG4: Meggy Moves In

Tari plays her 45th major role in this episode. On a taxi journey, Tari and Meggy, the former in the passenger seat, are in anticipation of Meggy's new abode. Meggy thanks Tari for helping her move from Inkopolis, and Tari explains in pure enthusiasm that she's going to visit Meggy everyday and that they'll play countless video games together, the obsessive attitude somewhat scaring Meggy. When Tari looks back at Meggy to see her looking depressed. Meggy tells her that she'll miss Inkopolis, and Tari wonders why, since she wanted to move away from there in the first place. She explains, telling her that with her goal of winning Splatfest complete, she realizes that she should live with her friends, but she still misses her childhood home. As Tari is about to declare that Meggy's friends are going to make her feel at home in the Mushroom Kingdom, the taxi stops to cut her short and throws Tari forward, and the driver then throws the two of them out. Upon seeing her friend's new house, Tari dances around in enthusiasm, and enters to investigate the interior. Tari sees Meggy throw herself down on the floor in a star position and is extremely confused as to why. Meggy explains to her that she is greeting her new house, and after holding in whatever she has to say, she joins in. Mario appears behind them without context to what they're doing, and asks them if the taxi driver drugged them. Meggy then greets him and Mario tells her that Luigi is outside with the moving truck, Meggy now eager to unpack. Mario asks what they were doing before, and Tari answers vaguely that the two girls were "creating emotional attachment". Seeing their motive from Tari's end, Mario can simply respond with "Girls are weird". During the movement operation, Tari and Luigi help move boxes full of Splat Bombs into Meggy's new house. Luigi throws one of them in simply, which Tari approves of, while Mario uses a golf club to put them all in, one targeting the entrance exploding, one targeting Luigi hitting him, and one breaking into a top floor window. When Meggy notices, Mario attempts to blame it on Luigi.

After Meggy and her friends set up the new house's interior, Tari showed admiration for it, calling it "pretty". Following Meggy thanking Tari and Luigi for helping her, Meggy wonders where Mario is, just before an explosion that shakes the foundation of the building is heard. Everyone looks over at the basement door to see Mario pop out with a giant spider that then wrecks the house. Mario pulls out Meggy's frame of Desti and her "Important Memories" book to use against the spider, and is then pushed out of the way. When the book falls on his face, it falls onto a picture of Meggy as a child, and Mario remarks that her appearance as a child is "stupid", which she obviously turns out to be offended by. The spider then throws Mario around like a doll. The spider threatens to eat Tari before she points out a box with bug spray having dropped out of it in order to finally defeat the spider. Meggy tells Mario to distract it so she's open to use the spray, and he does so, using a picture of Meggy cherishing chicken Pot Noodles, which the spider throws up from out of sheer disgust, and then it uses its web to drag Mario forward towards it. Meggy, after some failure, finally uses the bug spray on the spider, killing it. Tari celebrates their victory, but Meggy can only point out the sheer destruction it had caused to her house, which is inconvenient due to the house party she had set up being on the current night. Mario goes outside and brings in a bench, and Meggy wonders where it originated from, to which he answers that it came from a charity, a claim Meggy believes. Meggy takes the job of cleaning while her friends help refurbish, and Meggy lists one-by-one what is necessary in a montage. She starts off with chairs, and Tari picks out some cinema seats from the trash heap outside the castle. Halfway through, Meggy also says that she'll need a bookshelf, and Tari visits a public library to steal one, holding it up with her bare hands and trying to excuse herself from it with a fake membership card. Meggy also tells her that she needs speakers for music, and Mario is ecstatic to find something to use for speakers, though Luigi and Tari are uncertain about his goal. They are answered when JubJub is thrown in from the window, which they both question. JubJub is used by Mario as a vinyl player, and Mario puts on a casual song for him to casually dance to, which Meggy watches over in horror. Meggy then informs them all of their last requirement, which is plants.

With the house set up again, everyone is proud of their progress and their refurbishments of the house. Meggy introduces her house guests of SMG4, Fishy Boopkins, Shroomy, Bowser, Axol, Saiko and Bob to her party, and they find that the house's interior is a mess of blatant public property. Thinking that her friends will disapprove, Meggy starts to lose hope in herself, until SMG4 compliments the house and it lifts her up again, and Saiko and Bob follow along, with Bob telling her she should be grateful to have a house, not having one herself. At the house party, SMG4 and Tari then play on Nintendo Switch consoles with Fishy Boopkins as company. Mario then opens the door to Hal Monitor telling him of multiple public property theft reports, and Mario pretends not to understand as it's revealed that everyone in the house is sitting on the bench taken from outside as Mario is shot with a firearm off-screen.

SMG4: The Totally Legit Learning Show With SMG4

Tari plays her 46th major role in this episode.

Stranger Danger

As JubJub is about to accept a lure from a stranger, which is actually Luigi wearing Vault Boy's face, Tari enters, pretending to be a police officer to alert JubJub to be wary. She goes through the steps of how to deal with a stranger to inform him. She informs that the first step is to say "no", and the second step is to escape at will. The third and final step is to tell a trusted figure, which consists of one's parents, teacher, or a local police officer. Following the third step, JubJub calls up a guardian from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to defend himself from the stranger, who prepares to obliterate Luigi.

SMG4: 🌽🌽🌽🌽𝓒𝓸𝓻𝓷🌽🌽🌽🌽

Tari plays her 47th major role in this episode. At a car crash site in a barren landscape with Bob, Mario, Tari, Fishy Boopkins and JubJub as a result of a botched road trip, the left front wheel of the car Mario was driving completely came off the vehicle after he drove through a cactus field, and he threatens to repeat himself if he could. Tari tells everyone not to worry about their situation and motivates them in that they'll find some way to get out of their predicament. Upon hearing this, Mario looks at Tari to ponder her words, and then at JubJub, picking him up and then replacing him to use as the replacement left wheel. Mario attempts to drive the car himself with JubJub as the wheel, only for JubJub to pop off the frame, leading the car to roll over upside-down and set itself on fire. Mario gets out of the car, screaming in pain from being on fire as well, and Tari glares at him while Fishy and Bob can only look at him in disbelief. Upon finding their only mode of transportation destroyed, Fishy assigns himself the task of finding help from the locals, tagging JubJub along with him. Bob asks what they should do to pass the time, Mario having turned into a skeleton from flesh getting singed off by the fire. Searching around for somewhere to get help, Tari looks to the left of the road and finds a farm, pointing her friends to the general direction. Mario thinks that the farm will have food before returning to his normal self, and Bob wishes to encounter "hoes" on the farm. Tari scolds them for their priorities, telling them that they need to find help from the farm instead, and is forced to follow her two friends over.

Once at the farm, the trio walks by a field of crops, and hear a small coughing sound next to them. They turn to find its source, and see it to be a scarecrow, who perversely asks them if they want some corn stored in a bag up his ass. Understandably terrified, the trio run further into the farm screaming like crazy. While Tari attempts to call for the farmer running the farm, Mario sees a basket of corn and shows great interest in it. Tari tells him not to touch it, but Mario denies, flipping her off too, and then proceeds to shove the corn from the basket in his mouth while Tari can only stare in disaffection. Bob follows on from Mario's actions and recommends everyone raids the farm and escape with the stocks. Tari claims that they must follow the law because they are all "good beans", even though the only one who follows through most of the ideal in the first place is herself, as Mario and Bob raid the farm. Tari gives them a stare of disaffection, combined with a sigh, as she sees the two not bothering to follow her advice. Moving on, Tari sees a barn atop a hill and wonders if there's someone inside who can assist them. Along the way, the scarecrow appears behind them again and asks them if they can praise corn with him. Bob responds by telling it to go away, and the trio all flee to the barn together. Reaching the barn, Mario attempts to contact someone by knocking on the alley doors, yielding no response. Bob tells everyone to look through the loft doors above, and Mario follows along, Tari going last. Upon seeing the animals in there, Tari loses it and goes on a rampage of affection, scrolling the through the barn animals. She claims that she is going to call a cow Rex, and two chickens Tyler and Spencer. With Tari distracted, the two boys with her go and cause chaos around the barn. Meanwhile Tari hugs a chicken so tightly it explodes, and rides a pig out of the barn, desiring for them to be free. Following her, the giant cascade of the animals within the barn run over her and the pig, knocking them flat on the ground. Tari also twirls around with one of the pigs, with Tari enjoying it while the pig is despising the experience.

While riding around on one of the horses, Tari crashes head-on into the scarecrow again, scaring the horse, leading it to buck Tari off high into the sky. When Tari looks back up, she finds herself in front of the barn, now destroyed in flames because of Mario and Bob's meddling, as well as the animals causing a war between each other and the two boys having filled up on the corn around the farm, though the two of them attempt to shift the blame to anything else. Having no experience in architecture, Tari accepts that none of them have the ability to return the farm to its original form on their own, and realizes she can call Meggy over to help them. However, Meggy declines the call, much to Tari's dismay. Upon finding out Tari had a mobile phone the whole time, Bob requests she call a taxi service for them. Instead, Tari wishes everyone cleans up the farm themselves, saying it's their "duty" because they're "good beans". Annoyed by Tari mawkishly calling everyone "good beans" again, Bob threatens to smack Tari upside the head if she is to say it once more. Bob then complies and goes on an apparent rant about animal poop. Ignoring Bob's apparent speech, Tari follows Mario after he finds the F.L.U.D.D from Super Mario Sunshine lying against the fence of the barn, noting it to be oddly convenient, as they begin their operation of rebuilding the barn, while the scarecrow follows behind them again.

Mario starts by extinguishing the fire with water, having to refill the F.L.U.D.D to continue. After the fire has been extinguished, Tari wonders how the barn can be rebuilt, and she sees some blueprints to her left on a hay bale, also noting it to be oddly convenient. Having an idea, Tari calls up Duck Pyro to do the construction work for her, dancing the barn back into shape again, and the two dance with each other in celebration. Suddenly, the scarecrow appears again and says that the Duck Pyro's ass reminds him of corn, and he is kicked away by the Duck Pyro afterwards. While Bob rounds up the animals, Mario throws a basket of corn down from a rock, scattering it on the ground. Tari scolds him for it, telling him that he has to replant the corn. He does so, using the scarecrow as a hoe to till the soil, successfully replanting the corn.

Having restored the farm, Tari and Mario celebrate their success while Bob simply wants to return back home. The trio then realize that the scarecrow is next to them, and they all take a far distance away from him as eyes pop out from the top of his head, making a squeaking sound. They try to get a read on him after he followed them around the whole time, but only emits squeaking noises. Hearing him speak full voice lines before, Tari questions why it isn't doing so now, and he reveals a collection of voice lines stored on a radio. Now knowing he's unable to speak, Tari sympathizes with him, and Bob names him "Rob". Telling Rob to shut up so he can speak, Bob explains that Rob was trying to help them rebuild the barn, and Rob confirms by pointing in the direction of the collected equipment that was used. Tari also asks if he laid them down to aid them, and Rob attempts to confirm that he did, only for Bob to tell him to shut up a second time and confirm on his behalf.

Mario hears the sound of an airplane motor fly above them, revealed to be a farm truck that then crashes on top of Bob. The driver is revealed to be Steve with the Boopkins brothers, the latter being a duo who Tari is happy to see again. When seeing Steve and Rob greet each other, Tari realizes that Steve owns the farm and Rob is his scarecrow, which she finds to be neat state of affairs. She recommends Steve gives him voice lines besides ones related to corn, but he denies, and Fishy tells them that Steve is going to drive them back home. After Bob says his parting to Rob, everyone leaves on Steve's truck, and Tari tells Rob that it was nice meeting him. Unbeknownst to Tari, the barn that she reconstructed with Duck Pyro then crashes back down again long after she had already left with her friends.

SMG4: Mario The Supreme Leader

Tari plays her 48th major role in this episode. Tari appears with Meggy on a casual day drinking tea at the cafeteria during King Mario's social distancing montage when his subjects informed him of the black plague. Weeks later, after Mario has become a dictator and has renamed the Mushroom Kingdom to "Mario Land", Mario's friends have been forced to submit to him in various ways. He enters the middle of the Mushroom Kingdom to legislate that all citizens have to attend his Minecraft server or are executed. Giving up on accepting Mario as the ruler, Meggy starts a rally against him knowing that he is more caring that he shows himself to be, with Mario's former friends following on. Luigi explains that he is dying of hunger, SMG4 explains that his inability to make memes has caused him to grow old, and Bob wishes to be released from his cage as he accidentally finds out that it wasn't even locked. Tari attempts to find the true friendly Mario inside of the dictator that he has become by convincing him to listen to their complaints. Seeing it as baseless defiance of his power, however, Mario sends his bodyguards to shoot at his friends. With everyone scared, they back up and group together, with Saiko protecting Tari from the gunshots while grouping together. When Mario's bodyguards shoot, Axol draws a Whomp to protect everyone, which works before it disappears. When Mario sends out police force to fight his former friends for him, Tari and Luigi set up a stand to promote everyone to hug each other instead, which understandably has no effect as the fight continues beside them. After the fight, Mario's former friends gather together with Tari and Luigi being unwilling to participate in a fight any further. With all of his police force defeated, Mario makes a deal that the first citizen to eliminate his former friends earns the deed to Bob-omb Battlefield, which King Bob-omb is offended by. As they are about to start the battle between the Mushroom Kingdom citizens, Princess Peach stops them all after returning from her vacation, freezing them all in place. Frozen, they watch Princess Peach approach Mario and slap him for turning to a power hungry dictator and return her crown to her head. Now being the monarch again, Princess Peach is carried away by the civilians. As Mario asks his friends whether or not they would like a portion of spaghetti at his house, their stiff, frozen bodies collapse to the ground from the shock of the sudden return to form.

SMG4: Officer Meggy

Tari plays her third minor role in this episode. She appears in a bit during Hal and Meggy's crime-stopping montage. She is seen feeding ducks on a pier with a sign that says "NO FEEDING THE DUCKS". She throws an entire loaf of bread into the water for two ducks to eat. They make off with the treat and she happily waves them goodbye. She suddenly stops as she notices something else underneath. Against her expectations, Hal and Meggy slowly emerge from underneath the water, freaking Tari out from the unexpected encounter, causing her to run away.

SMG4: The Demon Among Us

Tari plays her 49th major role in this episode. Tari has brought Saiko to her "Bowser protecc services" institution for Saiko to volunteer as an assistant. Luigi comes in with Bowser, who is rolled by Mario with him up into a ball. Mario searches around the room and finds the reception area containing images that deface Mario, telling him to be one of the primary causes of Bowser's issues. Tari then takes Bowser to the "Protecc room" in the middle of the reception area, which is actually an infant's playpen. Tari wonders who is chasing after Bowser, and she hears Anti-Shroomy pounding down the door to let himself into the institution after tracking down Bowser. Saiko attempts to stand up against Anti-Shroomy by trying to use her physical strength against him, only for it to turn out that he is far stronger, having kicked her into the proteccc room where Bowser is and into the playpen. Tari and Luigi are prompted to leave when Mario's head is cleanly ripped off by Anti-Shroomy, and Tari reappears again when Anti-Shroomy approaches Bowser in the playpen to attempt to defend him with a rubber duck wearing Master Chief's head.

Due to using a rubber duck as a weapon, however, the attack does nothing and Tari is locked in a cage with Luigi, Mario, Saiko and Bob. Bob asks why he is a part of the entrapment, and Saiko shrieks directly in his face that it's due to him being the cause of Anti-Shroomy's return. The captives see Bowser shaking as he is tied to a post with Anti-Shroomy. He surrounds Bowser with oil and prepares to light a match to burn Bowser at the stake as everyone can only desperately scream for him to stop. Just before the post is able to be set alight, Tari and the rest of the captives witness Anti-Shroomy punch himself, confusing them greatly. With Shroomy trying to take back control, Anti-Shroomy and Shroomy attempt to fight over each other for them to take control of the same body. In the process, the match is accidentally dropped on the oil, setting the post and Bowser alight. Shroomy and Anti-Shroomy fight between each other in a left-right motion comparable to a ping-pong game while everyone watches and has relative admiration for. Anti-Shroomy then starts choking himself as he demands Shroomy to get out of his body. To help him return to normal, Luigi tells him that the good side of Shroomy is still within him, and Mario follows by telling Shroomy to remember all the memorable times they've had together. Shroomy reminisces on:

  • Mario using an oil tanker on a campfire, causing an explosion;
  • Mario tricking Shroomy into opening a bean can to find a chainsaw-wielding psychotic SpongeBob with the black Mii face;
  • Mario placing a 'KICK ME' sign on Shroomy's back, leading a Heavy to kick him.

Due to Mario's actions leading Shroomy to conclude his friends are bad, Tari scolds Mario for his past actions towards Shroomy, and tells everyone to convince Shroomy that they are really his friends and not his enemies. The second time around, Shroomy reminisces on:

  • Him having a formal tea party with Bob;
  • Saiko defending him from an aggressive Shrek;
  • Tari removing the 'KICK ME' sign from Shroomy and throwing it away, accidentally causing it to end up on Luigi's back instead, leading to the same outcome.

When Shroomy realizes that some of his friends can treat him with respect, Shroomy gains the courage to fight back against Anti-Shroomy and get rid of him once again. Using a single punch, Anti-Shroomy is propelled upwards into the sky. After a few seconds, he returns back down to the ground in his normal form again, and releases his friends from the cage, and his friends compliment him for his effort before leaving. Though their win seems without flaw, Shroomy is reminded of Bowser, having still been set down on the post to burn, ending up a skeleton.


Tari plays her 50th major role in this episode, being part of multiple fan continuities.

What if every character was the opposite of their personality?

Instead of being lawful and responsible, Tari is rebellious and mischievous. This is demonstrated by Tari seeing a sign on grass that reads "DO NOT STEP ON THE GRASS!!!!", which Tari defies, stepping on the grass and laughing maniacally.

What if everyone had stands like in JoJo?

Tari has a Duck Pyro stand, pitting it against Luigi's stand, Star Platinum with a Luigi Doll head, and inevitably failing.

What if Tari joined the USSR?

After the commercial, Tari asks Fuego the Water Bottle if the USSR has video games. He answers that they don't due to them being capitalist, much to Tari's dismay.

The YouTube Arc

S̶M̶G̶4̶: I Can't Believe It's Not SMG4!

Tari plays her 51st major role in this episode. During a game of Jenga, Mario bursts into the room and nearly causes a shockwave to topple the tower. Everyone is satisfied to see that it didn't, and Mario kicks it away anyway, Saiko and Tari scolding him for it. Mario shows them a play happening at the Mushroom Kingdom Theatre called the Mushroom Kingdom Play on a television using a parody of a 1980s-style commercial, and he asks what everyone thinks. They simply react with shock, being so bad that Bob's opinion would cause SMG4 to be cancelled. Saiko asks him how he got into the play anyway, and he tells them that he auditioned for a play from a floating head called Cromulus, a name he found to be humorous, for a play that was claimed to be the greatest play they would ever be a part of.

Two hours later, Mario's friends along with some other spectators gathered together at the Mushroom Kingdom Theatre to watch the play, with Tari being excited to see Mario play a part. After Cromulus introduces the play, the play begins, and they go through various scenes based on certain episodes from the first two arcs as well as one that didn't directly appear within an arc or pre-arc:

  • SMG4: Mario and the Anime Challenge: With Belle Fontiere as Tari, Rob as Bob, and JubJub as Fishy, the scene starts out with Belle asking half-heartedly if everyone wants to "do anime". Tari sees her, and wonders if she recognizes her from somewhere before. Tari immediately dismisses the familiarity and plays along. Rob calls himself a corn pirate, JubJub speaks a Japanese phrase, and a pillow falls on Belle's head, scaring her out of disgust. As the rest of the cast cheer, Belle wishes the pillow had killed her. SMG4 becomes suspicious of the play.
  • SMG4: If Mario Was In... Splatoon 2: Mario and Melony as Meggy have a Waterfest training session together with water guns. Watermelon Desti enters, whom Mario calls Melony's "mildly annoying friend". The three of them fight each other with water guns. Meggy expresses confusion over the mention of "Waterfest", reminding her of the term "Splatfest".
  • SMG4: Mario And The T-Pose Virus: While Whimpu as Saiko, JubJub and Belle all stand in an A-pose with Melony and Luigi Doll as Luigi, Mario kicks Rob off a stack of boxes as revenge, leading the army to eat Rob. Seeing the weird context of the scenes, Belle questions the writer's intentions. While everyone else in the audience applauds the performance, the SMG4 cast can only look on in shock as the events are familiar to them.
  • SMG4: Mario Gets His PINGAS Stuck In The Door: Mario's ass is stuck in the door, with Rob reacting. JubJub laughs at his misfortune while the Luigi Doll calls it "hot".
  • SMG4: Mario and The Diss Track: Rob raps about his love for corn, and is shoved off the stage by a drum kit as Whimpu, Mario and Melony play a song to stop him. Saiko and Bob look at each other, knowing exactly what this reminds them of.
  • SMG4: Final Hours: JubJub, Rob, Whimpu, Belle and Mario salute Watermelon Desti as Melony kicks her coffin into a pool, ending the play.

While Tari, Saiko, SMG4, Luigi, Fishy and Bob can only look at the stage in horror, Cromulus thanks the audience cheering with ambition for liking the play, calling it "original". SMG4 is furious, calling out that the play is a copy of his and his gang's adventures. A heartbroken Tari asks if it was supposed to be a historical reenactment, Fishy appreciates the play as though it was complimenting his friends, Saiko is enraged that Whimpu was chosen to play her, Bob is disappointed in Rob's attempt to emulate him, and Meggy shouts over the fact that a watermelon was chosen to play as her. As Cromulus credits the play to Snitch Productions, SMG4 realizes exactly who is responsible, and Cromulus then leaves to go backstage. SMG4 investigates by going backstage.

When SMG3 reveals himself to be Cromulus and plans to use his Anti-Cast to defeat SMG4, he asks himself if it's the end for him. Making a dramatic entrance with the rest of SMG4's gang, Tari calls out that it isn't, and the two casts battle each other. Tari and Belle use a tournament of Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. to level each other out. Belle makes sporadic movements with her avatar against Tari, diverting Tari's attacks, and Tari shouts back at her in return that spamming moves isn't a skill. The SMG4 and Anti-Cast fight each other out until Mario gives a speech about how they're equal in how they're two sets of idiotic losers making friends with other losers to feel less lonely in themselves, which serves as an ironic inspiration. Hearing his words, Tari and Belle agree to be friends with each other, being on different levels of willingness, reconciling the two opposing teams. Proceeding the two casts' truce, they all leave the theatre to go their separate ways. Mario, indecisive about who to go with, decides to spit his head to his own team and his body to the Anti-Cast.

SMG4: Deleted

Tari plays her 52nd major role in this episode. Mario kicks Fishy to SMG3 just as he is about to run into SMG4's debut episode to prevent him from meeting Mario, and SMG4's whole team is revealed to have come to stop him. SMG4 and SMG3 stare each other down, only for SMG3 to jump into SMG4's debut episode anyway. Realizing the stakes, SMG4 immediately tells everyone to go after their "Anti". Confused by what he means, SMG4 specifies that he is referring to SMG3's version of themselves, and upon realizing, his friends go into their respective debut episodes to prevent their doppelgänger from replacing them by interfering with the events of their debut episode. SMG4 also informs them not to meet their past selves at the last second.

"SMG4: Mario The Ultimate Gamer" Revisited

With Tari having followed Belle into her debut episode, she sees her past self leave the games store after Belle interfered with Mario running up to pester her when she won the game of Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. against Bob, and she starts breaking out of reality from the effects, and Tari realizes that she is losing time to save herself. Tari tells Past Mario to let her train him instead, and Belle challenges her by saying she's better. In order to determine who should be Mario's trainer, they have a one-no-one battle between each other in the game to see who comes out on top. With Belle realizing that she is losing, she deploys a rubber duck from her right arm to distract Tari with as a cowardly method to give Tari the disadvantage, allowing her rival to win against her. Upon seeing that she had failed to save her past self, Tari can only stare in horror as she has to accept herself disappearing from existence.

Tari's disappearance

The events of her debut episode having been altered, Tari is automatically ejected from the video. In front of Mario in the main room, Tari has to accept that she is going to disappear, and she begins to shed tears of despair, her lips even shaking from fear. Seeing Tari sad, Mario attempts to comfort her, but the attempt is null, as Tari disappears from existence directly in front of him after she says her final words of "I don't wanna go Mario!!!!" Seeing her having disappeared, crying in desperation for her not to go, Mario realizes how much he took her for granted as he shouts for her to return to him.

SMG4: A Totally Normal S̷͍͖͉̙͚͎̑̃̿͑̆̇̚͠M̸͇͇̦̮̌̿Ğ̴̫̗̖͎͔̳4̶̞͇̰̎̀́̚ Episode

Tari plays her 53rd major role in this episode. A broken clone version of Tari appears behind Mario after "SMG4" says to Mario that his friends have arrived, with an upside-down head and white noise eyes and broken limbs while doing Freddy Fazbear's laugh.

Meanwhile, the real Tari, who was actually teleported to the Internet Graveyard upon her deletion from the series, is actually playing chess with Saiko among the company of her friends, while the real SMG4 calls Mario, who has been locked in time by SMG3 in limbo, via a portal. Meggy tells Mario that everyone is completely fine after their deletion from the series, and they just ended up in the Internet Graveyard, something she shows a great dislike for. Fishy tries to say that it isn't as bad as it seems while petting a Ugandan Knuckles, and Bob rejects his lenience, wanting to leave desperately due to not having Twitter to look at "anime titties". Mario wonders why Susan is there too, and she explains that SMG3 prevented her from meeting SMG4 due to being the biggest detriment to his plan, therefore erasing her from existence too. With Mario as the only one free from the Internet Graveyard, a portal opens up to SMG3's current location, and he explains that he is only one who can free them by uploading SMG4's friends' debut episodes again.

Waiting in anticipation, everyone waits expectantly for Mario to come to the Internet Graveyard with their only means of escape, SMG3's mobile phone, still attempting to occupy themselves. Seeing Mario enter through a portal to the graveyard, everyone gathers around him, and in his slow return to tell them, everyone starts to assume he failed. Their expectations are instead fulfilled as their opportunity to return back home is reopened when Mario reveals SMG3's mobile phone in his hand. With their opportunities open again, SMG4 uploads everyone's debut episodes again, and they return back to their original realm to defeat SMG3 once and for all.

SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2020

Tari plays her 54th major role in this episode. Released from the Internet Graveyard, SMG4's gang and Susan are forcibly expelled through the starter Warp Pipe of Super Mario 64. With Tari celebrating their freedom, SMG4 notes that SMG3 is still within their priority, only for him and his Anti-Cast to be directly in front of them. Angered, they approach him, preparing to take justice for themselves while also explaining how they escaped. SMG3 attempts to delete them again using the YouTube Remote, only for Susan to protect them from the energy blast. He attempts to defend himself using Susan's own Oof Buttons, and has to resort to using a factory reset for the remote. The factory reset releases the spirit of the remote, which then pauses Susan Wojcicki and possesses JubJub. Since both SMGs own the account, the remote sets a competition to determine who should finally own it.

Round 4: Tari vs. Melony - Teach Meggy to Cook Without Dying

Tari and Meggy attempt to cook pancakes together, and though they get to the pancakes themselves, the flipping process causes issue. While Tari simply flips the pancake successfully, expecting Meggy to copy her, Meggy ends up throwing the pancake directly up into a ceiling fan, causing it to go all over the stove and start a fire that then leads across from the stove and onto the entire counter top, setting Tari on fire too. Tari can only faux praise Meggy as she holds in the urge to scream in pain.

She then tries a simple pot noodle microwave lesson. When Meggy does her pot noodles, she puts the microwave at high capacity, causing it to shake around violently. Tari sees the microwave having suffered, expecting it to have gone wrong. When she opens the pot noodles, a delayed explosive electric reaction singes Tari's entire face off.

While hiding behind a counter with an ice pack on her head from all of the injuries she's suffered, Tari asks Meggy if she wants to do something else, finding her with a flamethrower being used to cook chicken. Surprising even her, it turns out that Melony's unconventional method had worked better.

Winner: Melony

Round 11: Tari vs. Belle Fontiere - Heavy's Sandwich Heist

Tari crawls into the room the sandwich is in under a box after Belle, who she sees using a rope method to gradually hoist herself down onto the sandwich. In a desperate attempt to delay her, Tari throws Heavy's urine jar at her, which obviously greatly disgusts her. Realizing she can't wake the Heavy nearby, Belle attempts to mouth her screams. After Tari apologizes for resorting to something so unsanitary, she tries to approach the sandwich to take it directly from the counter. She is distracted by the rubber duck nearby, but snaps out of her tangent, and continues to stealthily retrieve the sandwich. Belle steals it from her, who actually picks the sandwich up from the counter, accidentally triggering an alarm. The rubber duck turns out to be Heavy's own Duck Pyro as it arises from the bath, and slaps Heavy awake, preparing to shoot and burn Tari and Belle to oblivion for stealing his sandwich. Belle attempts to excuse the situation by saying that they just wanted to know its recipe, and the Heavy follows along, actually showing them how to make it. As a result, neither of them actually manage to fully steal the sandwich.

Winner: Tie (Belle, briefly handled the sandwich)

Round 19: SMG4 vs. SMG3 - SMG3's Monologue Story

SMG3 begins his monologue by attempting to describe the story of his string of misfortune, only for Mario to interrupt and dismiss him. SMG3 then states that he wants to tell them in a play, and tells Fishy Boopkins to come up next to him. He snatches Fishy and holds him off the high-rise building they are all standing on, threatening to drop him unless he is given the remote. JubJub, having overpowered it due to the pressure of his brother potentially dying, ejects the remote from inside of him, dropping it in SMG3's hand.

Rap Battle
See also: Rap Battles#2020

Tari's only two lines in the rap battle are "You're so mean and as cold as ice. Aw, sorry, that wasn't very nice." to describe Belle's general personality. Belle only glares at the camera, bothered by Tari dismissing her own insult.

Meggy, with her new English voice, exposes SMG3 for the manipulator he is, leading the Anti-Cast to rebel against him, and him to eat the remote as revenge. He unleashes Oof Buttons on the cast below him, and Tari & Belle defeat one together by interesting it in gaming. SMG4 and Mario then work together to give SMG3 the final blow, kicking him all the way down to the bottom of the building and causing an explosion from the impact.


With SMG3 defeated and depowered, he coughs up the remote, which SMG4 uses against him as the main cast and Anti-Cast watch him take vengeance together by unfreezing Susan and giving her the remote. Using it, she opens a portal for an Oof Button to take SMG3 away, and the cast celebrate their victory. Tari is also overjoyed, as the main cast made friends with the Anti-Cast too. Belle concludes that she doesn't think that SMG4's cast is as bad as she first though, and Susan leaves to go back to headquarters. The two combined casts also go home together, having formed a unity.

SMG4: Food Wars

Tari plays her 55th major role in this episode. Tari asks Meggy, who is sitting on the couch browsing through her phone, to try a lollipop she was given to by a magical gnome. Meggy wonders what she means by "magical gnome", and she points to the window where a gnome is. Meggy rejects it at first due to candy not being her regular, but upon the conviction that she'll like it, she tells Tari to give her the candy, and she eats it, realizing she actually likes it. Meanwhile, SMG4 and Mario get some pizzas they ordered from the entrance, and Peach declares a holiday as she leaves the castle, and that the residents shouldn't host a party before shutting the door. Inevitably, the cast look at each other back and forth mischievously as they declare a party.

At the party, Meggy and Tari see Shroomy put the giant stack of pizzas ordered by the SMG4 and Mario on the middle table, and Tari asks what he's doing while the two of them hold sweet containers in preparation to put them there too. Shroomy answers her, saying that Mario told him to put the pizzas on the main table. Tari dismisses him, saying that the table is for candies and sweets. Shroomy continues, saying that Mario assigned that table for pizza. Meggy challenges the idea of pizza being the main food, and Rob returns, saying that pizza toppings are practically infinite. Luigi joins in with Meggy and Tari, saying that he was raised on candy and came out "fine", just before a whole row of his teeth fall out. Whimpu challenges what is now the candy trio, telling them that fried foods have more fibre and nutrients, giving him the energy to watch Twitch streams. Both arguments beginning to form a team, Fishy points out with the company of his brother that candy has a better taste than fired foods, and Saiko succinctly calls out that the team choosing candy "idiots". SMG4 & Belle join Team Pizza, and Bob & Axol join Team Candy, dividing them into teams of six. Having finally been broken, both teams go on a rage against one another, declaring war. As the final straw, Mario kicks Meggy and Tari's foodstuffs away directly from their hands and puts the pizza on the table anyway, enraging Meggy as she gets out a chainsaw, and Mario defends the pizzas with a chicken drumstick. Mario points out that the fight is gender-based, but Saiko corrects Mario in that she and Belle are on his side and are girls too. Mario's confusion over them being girls causes Saiko to kick Mario away, and SMG4 calls a food fight. After the rest of the teams fight between each other, Meggy, Tari and Luigi come in with a candy cane cannon, which ends up being the final turning point for Team Pizza as they fall back, allowing Team Candy to win and make their food the main table food.

With them having secured the table for themselves, Team Candy eat an excessive amount of candy and indulge in their victory. That is, until Meggy alerts them of Team Pizza coming to get a load of pizza to the table, which will vanquish their "Candy Oasis". With this, she uses a plan to distract them on the way, allowing her team to get the upper hand on Team Pizza through an ambush, with one member getting another each. Tari shoots the team with Gobstopper guns along with Axol, and also tries to target Saiko and catch her off-guard, only to get thrown back distantly by her hammer. Meggy attempts to defend the main table using an M&Ms Gatling gun against Whimpu, which is then blown up by Mario with a pizza shield, causing a push force that causes the pizzas to go down into the foyer.

Meggy and Mario follow down, as well as the rest of the two teams, only to see Peach having returned from her vacation, which happened for one day, and see the castle foyer a mess as well as Peach covered in the various foodstuffs. Angered, Peach transforms into Saxton Hale to punish them all through physical fight, and to defeat her, both Team Pizza and Team Candy unite. Tari and Shroomy unite with Luigi and SMG4 using guns with various fried and candy food themes, but they have no effect as Saxton Hale Peach effortlessly crashes back into them. Saiko uses her hammer against Saxton Hale Peach, and Meggy uses an M&Ms gun. Saxton Hale Peach attempts to block it with a nearby Toad, and is protected by Mario using a pizza box shield. With her almost defeated, both teams unite together will all of their power and are victorious as Peach transforms back to normal. As a result of their unity, Meggy comes to the conclusion that pizza and candy are both allowed as party foods, and she makes an agreement on it with Mario. Suddenly, Bowser comes in with Chinese food for the party, and Meggy & Mario make a dash towards him to presumably beat him up excessively with each other's food groups.

SMG4: Stupid Mario 3D All-Stars

Tari plays her 56th major role in this episode. To return the Mario clones to the cartridge, SMG4 summons Tari with a rubber duck. As expected, she appears, running and jumping directly towards the rubber duck and taking it from his hand, ending up crashing into the wall directly in front of her and playing with the duck. SMG4 takes her to the main city where the Mario clones are located, and he hooks Tari up to the Nintendo Switch in order to warp them all back inside, ending up sucking the normal Mario inside too. In accordance with "The Tari Abnormality", Mario has to win the game in order to escape back out of the cartridge. Later on, after Mario wins and escapes the Nintendo Switch, Tari's warping is disabled. Having no idea what's happening in front of her, Tari expresses the thought, and then dismisses interest immediately after by saying that she's glad SMG4 and Mario are safe. Not learning his lesson from what happened before, Mario turns on the Nintendo Switch again and causes the Mario clones to burst out of the screen.

SMG4: If Mario Was In Meta Runner

Tari plays her 57th major role in this episode. The episode is a retelling of Season 1 of Meta Runner.

Wrong Warp

Tari, as herself, wakes up in an experimental facility and crashes into the ceiling above, having no idea what's happening. With clarity, she crashes through the door to get outside and investigates Silica City. Tari sees Jeeves on a dancing machine, Toadette with Toad causing herself to get run over by a car upon walking into the road during a virtual reality session, Luigi turned on by Donkey Kong, and a Goomba crashing a Tesla Roadster. In the window of a store, she sees a gamer rubber duck and crashes through the glass, as well as throwing Bender, to get to it. When she finally captures it, she hears cheering from a room deeper into the store, and stores away her rubber duck to investigate it. She sees Belle, as herself, attempting a speedrun of Super Mario 64, failing at Lethal Lava Land, destroying her reputation and causing the crow to leave. Sympathising with her, Tari comes to greet her, only for Belle to glare back. Changing her mind, she touches the controller and warps herself into the Super Mario 64 cartridge where she meets Mario, as Theo.

Out of Bounds

Mario takes her through the entire game at a rapid pace, along with various unrelated locations, and meets a Bootleg Mario, who insists he's Mario's brother. Dismissing the bootleg, he tells Tari that she is going to have a bad time before she starts to break apart within the game. Outside, Belle tells Bob, as Derek Lucks, to stop messing with Tari, but declines the request and continues, causing an explosion that brings Mario into the real world, much to Belle's shock.

Bad Split

With Mario in the real world, Bob sends Teletubbies, as TAS Corp. Workers, to detain Tari and Mario, and the two of them escape, fleeing across Silica City and crashing into various people along the way. Tari hides in an Internet cafeteria, thinking that she lost them, only for Belle to pop out from underneath, pick her up, and throw her outside and into a TAS Corp. truck parodying Subway. Mario follows Tari outside and is sad as she watches her leave in the truck. Mario then calls someone up to help him save her.

Sequence Break

After Tari and Belle glare at each other, the truck is stopped by being rammed with a turquoise GTI from the side, releasing Tari. Mario tells her to get in. The driver is revealed to be Fishy Boopkins, as Lamar Williams, who helps her escape from TAS Corp. He reveals himself to have only started driving 5 minutes ago before crashing into various people as Bob and Belle chase them behind. Tari then arrives at the hideout of her saviour, and meets Meggy, as Sofia Porter, and introduces the duo to her faction, MD-5.


Tari has a controller thrown behind her, and she looks to where it came from. Shroomy, as Masa Shimamoto, introduces himself. Mario compliments his hair, revealing the Shroomy behind, and then transitions to summarising Masa's personality as a cynic. To test Tari's worth as a member, Shroomy challenges her gaming skills intently. They instead have a casual tournament, and Mario, desperate to join in, accidentally warps Tari into the game. After Tari is shot by Shroomy, Mario places a banana down to distract Shroomy, allowing Tari to blow him up and win.

Game Plan

While eating ramen for a lunch break, the team come up with a plan to hack into TAS Corp.'s server to leak Bob's nudes by glitching a magical battle royale game in their management, and Mario & Tari agree to follow along with it.

One Shot

The tournament of the game officially starts, and Tari warps into the game with her friends. Defending themselves from their opponents and gaining the powers necessary for the plan, Fishy Boopkins teleports his team up to a mountain. Tari is teleported onto nothing, and holds up a sign that reads "HELP!" before falling all the way down.

The Run

Once at the bottom, a Po approaches her with a wind blower, dropping Tari down, almost allowing her to eliminate Tari with a flame ability before Mario uses a BLJ to go down the mountain and hit Po. The rest of the team join her to defend her. Her team is eventually eliminated, and with Shroomy eliminated, the Po is revealed to be Belle all along, who sends down fireballs to eliminate Tari and Shroomy. Shroomy tries to come to her defense again, only for Belle to set him on fire with a lighter and eliminate him.


With Shroomy eliminated, Tari runs away as Belle chases her, and Tari successfully causes the glitch in the server as Belle attempts to stop her by raining fireballs down again. Tari celebrates her success, only to find that her team has been captured by Bob. Bob threatens to kill Shroomy after breaking his arm, and Meggy submits the files gained and destroys Mario's cartridge, causing him to leave. Bob takes Tari with him as her friends can only watch her, and she tells them she'll be fine.


It is revealed the entire sequence was a dream Tari had, with her surprisingly enthusiastic about it. Meanwhile, SMG4 and Mario are only confused, and accept what they just heard.


Tari plays her 58th major role in this episode. During Rob's Halloween party, Tari, Meggy and Belle all do a pumpkin carving activity together. Tari carves a rubber duck silhouette to show to Meggy, and Meggy shows her having carved "UWU" into her pumpkin. Meanwhile, Belle expresses her dislike for pumpkins by stabbing hers while describing pumpkins as "stupid", which saddens a nearby Rob due to his head being a pumpkin. As a sudden event in the party, a textureless Fishy Boopkins pops out of the corn fields and yells for his friends to help him, and due to thinking the Fishy currently with them is real, they ignore the situation directly after, returning to their casual activities. However, once that version of Fishy also disappears with JubJub, Tari and Belle grow concerned and investigate the corn fields together for their whereabouts. Tari calls out to them, expecting a voice to direct them over, while Belle tells her to leave as she thinks that their disappearance isn't her problem, even though she joined Tari in searching for them, and she tells Tari to return back to the party. They hear something approach them, and look to where it's coming from. The figures reveal themselves to be a Fishy and JubJub Boopkins with plain black eyes. Tari, thinking they're the same as the ones they know, is happy to see them, and she claims that she was worried about them, including Belle, though Belle denies worrying about them too. When they don't respond, the gamer girls grow suspicious, and Tari asks for context. Unexpectedly, a figure behind Tari, who is exactly the same as her without textures, takes her away from the neck further into the corn fields to a secret location, parting her with Belle.

Later on, with the reveal that she and her friends were taken to E. Gadd's lab in the farm, Whimpu breaks into his lab to save his friends, who are trapped in a cage without textures, unconscious on the floor, with a normal E. Gadd trapped with them, and he breaks out E. Gadd using a Twitch streamer girl hairpin. With E. Gadd free, he programs and runs a termination program on the clones of SMG4 and his friends, restoring everyone's textures. Having been restored to her original self, Tari is proud to be alive and well again. Meggy thanks Whimpu on everyone's behalf, and Fishy has everyone cheer for Whimpu's success together. With the mystery in mind, SMG4 questions where the clones originated from. E. Gadd explains that it's because SMG3 requested he make clones of SMG4's gang as well as his own and had proposed to give him money if he agreed. When he had made them, before adding textures to them, SMG3 refused to give him the money and used him being in the Internet Graveyard to excuse it, and threw them in the dump, and their lack of textures eventually caused them to go unstable.

SMG4 Christmas Special 2020

Tari plays her 59th major role in this episode. At the mall, while Christmas shopping with Belle, Tari hears Santa's laugh and follows the source. She leads herself to Bob, who is blatantly himself in a Santa costume. Tari unreasonably believes that Bob is Santa himself, and Belle can only facepalm at the ridiculous level of her gullibility. Proceeding Bowser Jr.'s turn with "Santa" to get more time to spend with his father, Bob rejects the request and wonders why he would want to do that, before kicking him away. Tari immediately sits on Bob's lap to tell him what she wants, and him knowing her, Bob says her name. Tari, convinced that he's still Santa, thinks he knows it because he is Santa Claus, and therefore should be omniscient with the names of his clients, rather than because it's Bob, her close friend. Tari requests "Santa" to give her a duck-skinned PS5 with rumble controls and a Funky Mode, and Bob, upon hearing this, rejects her request. Belle reacts to Bob understandably rejecting Tari's loaded request with fury, and approaches him to threaten him to fulfill her request instead after he tells her that PS5s are sold out everywhere and she can only obtain one by smuggling from India, the rejection saddening her. Belle threatening him, Bob changes his mind and instead proposes to search for any remaining in stock. He sees Belle blow the pelvis of a teddy bear with his head on it and accidentally says "My balls" to Tari without context, confusing her. Giving clarity to his final decision after being threatened by Belle, he tells Tari that he will get what she wants for Christmas, and with her request fulfilled, Tari leaves the stand, Belle following behind.

At the Christmas party, Tari is shown having given Belle a rubber duck as a sign of affection, and she gathers next to her in the Christmas picture with the entire cast of the episode. This is before a nuclear bomb suddenly drops down onto the castle and kills everyone, and it is revealed that the story was told by SMG3 to the Ugandan Knuckles in the Internet Graveyard.


Tari plays her 60th major role in this episode, being part of multiple fan continuities.

Extroke X SFM - ULTRA KICK BABY: Tari watches Melony attack JubJub after she was convinced that he smashed a watermelon with a baseball bat, showing concern over everyone giving it a rating.
CannonBaboon - SMG4 Crew Draws Mario: SMG4 Tari draws Mario as a rubber duck while her counterpart draws Mario exactly as he is seen. They then look at each other in shock.
Chino Spike - THE CASTLE IS ON FIRE: Tari, Belle, Whimpu, Rob, Meggy, Luigi, Bob, Axol, JubJub, Fishy, Mario and SMG4 flee the castle after Mario set it on fire when trying to cook spaghetti. Tari notices Melony is missing and tells SMG4 to retrieve her, coming back with the aforementioned as well as his damaged computer monitor, and Tari cheers for SMG4 having saved her while he has turned into a skeleton.
JeloJam - Tari Ducks Up: While exploring the Mushroom Mall, Tari encounters a section called "Rubber Ducky Paradise" and ends up spending two hours filling her apartment with rubber ducks, causing them to overflow. With her best friends Meggy and Saiko shocked to see this, Tari only laughs bashfully.
Eztra's Extras - SMG4's New PC: Tari is among the many characters within the meme.
Fyresu Ankatans - Sprite Cranberry Parody: Tari dances along with the cast, and ends the skit by saying "Hey, that's pretty good!"
Arceus27 - Mario goes to the castle to see...: Mario comes across Tari and Meggy fighting over a plant, and then slaps them and tells them to stop as they look down in shame and obey him.
MrTheWizard's skit: Interested in the Glitch Remote, Mario presses it, accidentally targeting Tari right in front of him and transforming her to her Meta Runner counterpart's appearance. Tari tells him to return her to her original form. After Mario spawns in some engineers, Tari looks around and says "piss" before they explode.
Faris Marie's skit: The skit is about a day in the life of Tari with her duck.
Nintendo Vyonder 2004's skit: Tari is among the distressed audience as Mario sings "STFU" by Pink Guy to them.
OnyxKing - SMG4 Turns EVERYONE Into Waifus!: SMG4 transforms Tari into her Meta Runner counterpart's appearance, greatly confusing her and vexing a nearby Meggy.
TeaCommonShark's skit: Tari plays on her Nintendo Switch in the background, and then hides for cover when a Sanic crashes into SMG4 from the castle.
Ben LeDessinateur - When Tari Gets Really Angry: Tari interrupts everyone's day, exhibiting her uncharacteristic, destructive anger by knocking over an empty water bottle while Mario casually calls the situation "boring".
Captain Dexter's skit: Tari is among the audience watching Woody get voted guilty for insulting Fishy Boopkins.
David ii's skit: After Meggy sets down the star on top of the Christmas tree with Saiko's help, Tari turns on the lights, and then gathers with her friends to glare at Mario in disdain for destroying the Christmas tree after he destroys it.
MoloTurbo's skit: In the fan-made If Mario was in... episode of "If Mario was in... The Matrix", Tari is one of the friends of Mario's corrupted by SMG3.
Noinimble - The Talent Show: Tari reacts with aversion towards the Boopkins brothers' performance, and then applauds to hide this feeling along with everyone else.
Source AniiMaker's skit: Luigi, Tari and Meggy spy on Mario's progress behind a bush after they gave him a map for spaghetti and watch him eat it. Meggy questions the second Mario and the second Mario leaves through a Warp Pipe.
NinjaDrago-X's skit: Tari appears in a parody of the "Oh, you're approaching me?" meme, Tari replacing Jotaro and Beeg SMG4 replacing Dio.
MSKFan15's skit: Tari and Luigi watch Mario race his kart around the track. SMG4 approaches on Beeg SMG4, much to her interest.
Jykoo Scribbles' skit: With everyone as an Among Us character, Meggy kills Mario and calls an emergency meeting to frame the murder on Tari, causing her to be ejected into space as the text "Tari was not the imposter" is displayed.
Benny World's skit: Tari, Belle, SMG4 and Bob play a video game together, with Tari in an angel costume.

SMG4: Mario goes to subway and purchases 1 tuna sub with extra mayo

Tari plays her 61st major role in this episode. Tari is first seen taking an order at the restaurant with Whimpu and Bob. Mario notices the presence of Bob only and tries to call for him by screaming, not yet noticing Tari and Whimpu are there too due to them not having said anything yet. While the wimp orders something normal, a roast beef sub, the gamer girl orders a "Cheetos Foot Long with Mountain Dew" special. Mario's screaming doesn't work, inevitably, until he has two people who are lured by something and he finds a way to potentially get them down there with him. As Tari and Whimpu are eating their respective orders, they hear something themed to themselves that would typically lure them, Tari hearing a duck quacking and Whimpu hearing an anime girl. They follow the source and lead themselves into the kitchen where they suffer the same fate as Mario by being thrown down a trash chute and into an abandoned subway station by force due to seeing that the Sandwich Artists use actual fish people for the ingredients, trying to excuse themselves the same way Mario did as well.

Mario celebrates their presence with him, but Tari corrects him in that they are trapped in the subway station as well. Promptly, Tari hears a flaslight turn on beside her, which turns out to be Whimpu's cellphone torch. He shines the light in the direction he is currently facing, which is the direction of the train tracks, and he sees a sign that reads "Enter the Tunnel of DEATH!!". Below it is additional text that reads "Where the sacred Mayo lies!" which prompts Mario to forcibly pick his friends up and carry them along on the misadventure, much to their mutual reluctance. When they all have entered the tunnel together, Mario throws them off to the side and onto the floor. As they are about to progress along to get out of the underground, they encounter a Cacodemon. Whimpu, unsure of what to do to defend against it, uses a Monsters Manual to find out. Mario instead improvises like always and uses the book as a projectile, throwing it at the Cacodemon, causing it to burst into tears. Tari, showing sympathy despite it only intending to kill all three of them, tries to cheer it up "with video games" by equipping it with a virtual reality headset. Even though she was obviously intending to show it footage from an actual video game, she instead ends up showing it Homer Simpson swinging a cinder block from his nipples for no reason in particular. Horrified by the image, the Cacodemon suffers a heart attack and combusts, much to Tari and Whimpu's own horror due to the former only wanting to stop it from crying, but realizing that she ended up brutally killing it instead. After Tari unintentionally defeating it, the mayonnaise Mario asked for in his own order rises up from the ground on a miniature totem pole. Thinking it to be a good idea, he immediately snatches the condiment, expecting nothing to happen as consequence.

At the end of the hallway is Yugi Mutou guarding the exit door, and he activates a meatball trap card to catch the trio off-guard and kill them via a giant meatball. On their path to escaping it, they encounter a spike trap that Whimpu falls down onto, forcing Tari to have to pick him up and throw him across, all of them getting across to the other side. At the end of the hall, they find a group of sentient, alien, carnivorous treasure chests with sets of sharp teeth guarding the hallway, preventing them from progressing forward. When the meatball is about to crush them all, Mario and Tari throw the chests at the giant meatball, of which begin to chew down on it, gradually reducing its size down to an average meatball that Mario then eats. When they are freely able to access the exit after getting rid of the meatball, Yugi plays another card using a laser fire, targeting Mario and Tari together. Whimpu interferes with the shot, however, and reverses the trajectory of the laser onto Yugi, sequentially disintegrating his head. The gang collectively express a sigh of relief when the enemy is vanquished, regardless of how gruesome the method turned out to be. As Mario tries to use the mayonnaise he received on the sub, he is interrupted by the Sandwich Artists capturing the trio, who tell them that they are going to force them all to work as slaves to Subway.

At Subway Headquarters, one of the workers introduces the trio to the expected work ethic. The notable factor is than all workers are never allowed to leave. Tari and Whimpu are understandably in feelings of severe self-loathing under the idea of having to work in an office. Under obligation, they all immediately scatter off to their decided workplace before they are given an actual death threat. While Mario attempts to manage the speed of a photocopier, Tari and Whimpu set up their own personal offices. Amidst the chaos Mario causes by speeding up the photocopier, he creates Cuphead, Baidi, and a Chain Chomp. Mario also sets himself into the photocopier and makes multiple clones of Paper Mario, all of which promptly destroy Subway Headquarters and force all the workers into submission. In the process, they also destroy Tari and Whimpu's offices straight after they were accustomed themselves to working there. Tari complements her office with a poster pinned to the wall, using an recreated version of the iconic frame from The Simpsons episode known as "And Maggie Makes Three" where Homer had plastered photographs of Maggie over specific letters to alter the phrase "Don't forget, you're here forever" to "Do it for her", where instead of Maggie, it is instead pictures from the SMG4 Wiki, fan art, merchandise, and a Meta Runner frame featuring Tari embracing her pet rubber duck. The Paper Mario clones cause chaos and set ablaze Whimpu's office, forcing him to escape, while they simply deflate the rubber duck Tari set down on her desk as a final decoration for her office immediately after setting up her poster, causing her to cry before she notices the true uncoordinated destruction caused by Mario. When all three of the main characters catch attention of the situation, all of them are lined up by a worker in order to neutralize the situation and identify the true cause. Mario attempts to shift the blame over to them to avoid punishment, despite it being obvious that it was primarily his own fault.

The scene cuts to the employer's office as a worker tells his employer that he brought along Mario, Tari and Whimpu, though the latter two are fully aware that they aren't the cause. The employer is revealed to be Joe Boopkins, who ominously leans closely into the three of them as he prepares to punish them together for causing trouble. As Whimpu is about to be killed by Joe, a Chain Chomp comes down from the ceiling and into the office, injuring him and freeing Whimpu, allowing the three captives to escape. As they are escaping from Subway Headquarters forever, they encounter the other two entities besides Chain Chomp who caused them to be punished in the first place bar Paper Mario, of whom attempt to delay Joe from recapturing the trio. Losing energy, they run into the closest office nearby so they can catch their breath while also hiding from Joe, which turns out to be the office for Joe's son, Fishy. Due to the place being unfitting for someone like Fishy, Tari inquisitions him why he's working there in the first place, to which he answers that he's doing it for money and his dad assigned him to be the head director of his company. Relatively anticipated by the trio, Joe comes bursting in and Fishy desperately tries to avoid his wrath by pretending to continue work, before Joe attempts to smash Mario, Tari and Whimpu together, which Fishy realizes and defends his friends against, begging to let them go and tell him that he shouldn't hurt them since they're his friends. Joe complies reluctantly, and lets the three of them off the hook and return back home forcibly via a subway passenger carriage forcibly propelled by Joe's massive strength.

The trio finally return back to the kitchen with the sheer force of the subway train causing it to rise up vertically underneath the Sandwich Arists that trapped all three of them in the first place, killing them via crushing. With the mayonnaise now in hand, Mario fills up his unfinished order with it, but it turns out that he put too much, and coldly throws it away in front of the two friends who had to suffer with him, making the entire misadventure as well as the murder of the Sandwich Artists redundant. Understandably, Tari and Whimpu are stunned for multiple reasons. Firstly, Mario making their entire adventure through a labyrinth and being forced to work in an office for nothing due to Mario's entire goal leading all three of them into it in the first place; secondly, the unexpectedness of the adventure itself, as they both intended to purchase food from a fast food restaurant without the need to deviate from their daily lives and end up in a situation of conflict.

SMG4: The Intruder...

Tari plays her 62nd major role in this episode. With Yoshi as her avatar and SMG4 as himself, Tari is about to win in a battle in Super Smash each other in the ass Bros., only requiring one final hit. Instead of giving it, however, she has her Yoshi avatar display a cheesy offer of friendship. As Tari stares at him with a smile, SMG4 can only stare at her back and question her attitude. Mario and Luigi then burst into the room behind them, and Tari looks back in confusion. Luigi screams up in her face that everyone's going to die, and Tari questions what it is. She is answered when she sees a bee peeking from the doorway, and screams "Holy sh*t!" in response to potentially being stung. Mario throws the table with the television that SMG4 and Tari were playing on, with the television still on it, to use as cover from the bee. Luigi and Tari throw themselves behind the table to join him to scream in fear of consequence, not noticing SMG4 leaving the room having given up on everyone's exaggerative behavior. Luigi hears the sound of the door close and notices SMG4 having left, and Mario comes to the conclusion that SMG4 was killed by the bee. Meanwhile, Tari comes up with a solution, which is to befriend the bee, as the Mario Bros. enact a satiric funeral for SMG4 under the belief that he is dead. Tari can only glare and growl at them in exasperation for not believing in the bee, and then she looks back at the bee, telling herself that she welcomes it. Speaking to it like a deity, Tari offers it a "sacrifice", that being a Bee Movie Game copy. The bee falls for Barry B. Benson, and approaches the cover with elegance, only to start licking it excessively and dirtily, causing Tari to freak out from disgust and throw the copy and the bee out of the castle tower's front window. Thinking she has vanquished it from the castle, Tari proclaims that she has saved everyone from the threat.

Later, with the other victims of Bob & Axol, Melony being included due to Axol's overprotectiveness of her, and Meggy, Saiko, & Fishy Boopkins, Tari is gathered behind a pillow fort within SMG4's office as protection from the bee. Swagmaster and Chris pop up from the floor and into the fort with them from a giant explosion caused by their attempt to kill the bee, and Mario asks if they defeated it, to which Swagmaster bluntly answers with a "LOL, nope" as the bee cleanly flies above the pillows and Melony sleeping on them and into their fort, causing everyone to go into a panic lapse. Meanwhile, in the background, SMG4 calls his friends "useless" due to their continued exaggerative behavior and retrieves a saxophone to play a tune and lure the bee out of the castle. Following him, they see the bee fly away from the castle. With their fear finally gone, everyone cheers for SMG4's "heroism" for getting the be out of the castle. SMG4 claims that eveyerhting can be normal again, though not before resting on a tree from his casual attitude and leading a beehvie to drop down on his head. With the bees now coming in bulk, everyone goes into a immediate panic.

SMG4: The Resurrection

Tari plays her 63rd major role in this episode. After returning with Meggy for his team of Greg saviors, Mario and the aforementioned are confused to see Tari playing an alien invasion video game on a Fony television held up by the aliens. Seeing her friends, she tells then the naive conclusion she made in that the aliens "seem nice", even calling them their new friends. They also see Bob tell seemingly-female aliens that "hoe" means "I love you" to woo them, and with the two of them nearby, Mario forces them together to complete this team of people. Tari, having no idea what he means by "team" can only shout "Wait, what?" over his declaration. The Aelions summon a laser called the "Immortal-maker-inator" from their ship and point it at the future hero quartet, and shoot them all with it, converting them into immortals with unique costumes, and test their new powers. After Mario accidentally threw his weapon directly into his eyes, Tari uses her magical power as a healer to remove it. Meanwhile, Meggy admires her new machine gun unit created from her power while Bob accidentally blows up the two seemingly-female aliens he attempted to woo, thinking it's broken. With their requirements in hand for the mission, the leader then teleports them all to Aelion.

Upon their arrival, a tour guide introduces the quarter to their planet, calling it "the home of immortals, gods, and RANDOM ALIEN INVASIONS!" with a chaotic display of various difference species going to war against the aliens. Seeing this war, the quarter can only react with shock upon the intensity of the battle. One of the invaders try to target them, and Meggy uses her gun to defend against it successfully. Bob is about to claim they slay the invaders in battle, but Meggy pulls him away from the thought, telling everyone to only focus on reviving Greg. Running away from landing spot, the quartet find a village under attack by an invading species. Mario comes up with a solution to solve this, which is by taking control of Meggy's gun and spinning around, aiming at nothing in particular, hoping to get the invaders. While he manages to defeat them, he also ends up severely injuring the civilians, which Tari scolds him for just before she uses her power as a light binder to heal them. To test if she can also revive corpses, Mario asks her permission, to which she agrees, and Mario takes out Greg's corpse. Ambitiously, Tari tests her power on Greg, only for her to be denied and for Greg to remain deceased. Seeing the result of the experiment, Tari wonders why her power isn't working to resurrect him, and a citizen approaches to tell her that she can only heal and is unable to resurrect the dead. Bob comes in-between them and disfigures the alien under the impression that it was evil. Tari then heals the citizen and apologizes for the inconvenience, telling them that they only want to revive their dead friend, Greg. The citizen tells them that, since they're immortals, they must visit a forest temple. Ecstatic to finally have some direction, Tari tells everyone to go there.

Upon encountering the temple, and upon setting off a trap on their way inside, Mario accidentally summons a group of Odogarons. Meggy kills them all using her Gatling gun by using a rapid fire technique, setting the tip of her gun with smoke. A second wave of Legianas appears and flies towards them to attack, and in her fright, Tari summons a light barrier dome around her friends. A wave of Cacodemons then proceed, and Bob summons Captain Falcon clones through a portal, which then cling onto them and kill them. While Mario is giving the final blows, a free Cacodemon ends up hitting Mario to the extent of nearly killing him, and Tari urgently uses her healing power on him. All three of the monsters then attempt to sneak up behind Tari, which Meggy warns her of, and upon seeing them, Tari screams as the Ododragon and Legiana pile on top of her. With her powers, Tari ends up converting them all into rubber ducks in an explosion, driving them far away from her and making them harmless. Mario, Bob and Meggy can only look on at the power of hers in shock, and Tari, seeing the rubber ducks, picks a large one up and cheers for it. Meggy noticing that there are no further waves coming, she tells her team to go into the temple.

Once finally inside the temple, the quartet see an altar. Meggy finds a sign at the end of the hallway to it that reads "Immortals of Aelion, your noble quest has led you on the sacred path to become a God. Present yourselves to this sacred Altar and accept your divine power." Tari asks if that's what they should do to resurrect Greg, and Meggy answers that she thinks it is. She wonders who would want to present themselves to the altar. Bob, hearing the idea of becoming a god, immediately goes to the altar, and the altar gives him the powers in question. Bob, with the power, laughs evilly and ambitiously, only to be interrupted by Mario throwing Greg's corpse at him and demanding him to resurrect him with his new powers. He uses his powers to resurrect Greg, which goes well at first as the rest of the team watch happily under the impression it'll work. Unexpectedly, the process turns to dark magic and Greg begins shrinking Bob from existence. To try to prevent this, Tari attempts to use her healing powers on Greg, only for them to do nothing. Meggy & Mario realize they have to destroy the altar, and by combining their powers, they eventually succeed and save Bob. With the knowledge that the resurrection still didn't work, Tari then heals Bob and watches Mario mourn over how they failed to resurrect Greg. In an attempt to motivate them, Tari advises them that they shouldn't try to mess with resurrection and that they still have each other as friends, only to look over at Mario and Bob, seeing Mario smack Greg's corpse onto Bob and beg him to revive him.

SMG4: The Pursuit of Happiness

Tari plays her 64th major role in this episode. Mario, Luigi, SMG4, Saiko, Bob and Tari go on a visit to Meggy's house to check up on her. Outside the door, Bob assumes Meggy is deceased, leading Saiko to punch him, and with no answer from Meggy, Mario and SMG4 use Luigi to ram the door off its hinges, and the other three follow behind. They all see the interior of Meggy's apartment, seeing her bottom floor covered in orange and blue ink and objects to represent Mario and three other characters as a leitmotif plays in the background on a radio, with Meggy explaining that she is recreating her win in Splatfest. She gives Tari, Bob and SMG4 a trio of Splattershots, much to their skepticism. She tells them that they can be additional players to make the recreation more fun, and Saiko stops the radio to tell her that she already won a Splatfest tournament, the previous one, with SMG4 noting that he made a whole film around it as he picks up a self-parody of the cover. Afterwards, she drops her paint gun and goes to sit down to tell them that while winning Splatfest was a great moment and she trained her whole life to lead up to it, but having completed it, she has no idea what other way she's supposed to go in life. Seeing Meggy so conflicted, Tari calls an emergency meeting with her friends to tell them that they have to help her find a path in life, Luigi continuing that she always had a goal to work towards and offers they help her find a new calling. Mario dismisses the thought and looks back at her, everyone joining in, to see her attach herself to a plate of spaghetti in cardboard on the floor. Coming to a conclusion, Saiko declares to Meggy that they'll assist her in finding a new calling in life, but Meggy declines, telling them that she thinks her only forte is Splatfest. In desperation, however, she honestly demands them to help her find a new job to help other people in, and Mario, being the first one to help, picks her up to take her elsewhere.

Later on, when Meggy attempts to become a farmer, Tari returns back to Steve's farm and expresses herself over the ducks within one of the pens during the instructional video. She watches as Meggy accidentally uses Clorox bleach on some corn, causing it to grow into a monster that wreaks havoc. Meggy finds a Fire Flower in the farm that she uses to damage the monster, only causing it to spread fire across the corn fields and knock Meggy into a wall. Seeing Meggy look at the destruction she accidentally caused, Tari asks her if she's okay in concern. Eventually answering, Meggy shouts in pure emotional fury that she isn't, and that she realizes herself to be inept at everything she does. She pounds down onto the ground as she declares that she should've stayed at home and left to her own devices, and Luigi tries to persuade her that she can still find something to be good at, and Saiko continues with the request that Meggy tells them what she wants, and she responds that not knowing is exactly her issue. As SMG4 makes an attempt to tell her that there has to be at least one thing she knows she wants, she cuts him off, telling them all none of her understand her problem, before realizing that she just shouted at all of her friends and running away from the farm.

Following her home, Meggy's friends knock on her door again to give her a present. She opens it and finds out what it is in surprise, Tari giving context as to how they got it by telling her that they spent all the money Meggy accumulated at her jobs. The gift is revealed to be a ticket to Port Aurora. SMG4 tells her using himself as the example that in order to figure herself out, she can take a break. After thanking her friends, Meggy hugs Tari, followed by the rest of her friends. Meggy apologizes to her friends for yelling at them, and is about to declare that the ticket is the necessary thing to determine her true path, only to be interrupted by shouting. The shouting is revealed to be two hobos, a blue oblong wearing a hat with "1" and a yellow sphere wearing a hat with "2", with the former pushing a shopping cart containing the latter as the latter calls for everyone to worship "the almighty Four", ending up blowing themselves up after crashing into a wall. Seeing this strange event, Meggy concludes that she is better off with a vacation sooner than later.

My New Adventure.

Tari plays her 65th major role in this episode. Axol, Bob, Luigi, SMG4, Fishy, Mario, Tari, Shroomy and Saiko all gather together to watch Meggy leave for Port Aurora on the S.S. Tortle. Mario attempts to stomp on the turtle, only to be stopped by Saiko throwing her hammer at him in midair to remind him that they're here for Meggy's sake and shouldn't cause trouble for her. Tari screams as she clings onto Meggy's left leg and begs her to take her friends with her, while Luigi joins in by clinging onto her right leg and telling her that everyone will miss her. Meggy tries to explain that she won't be gone from the Mushroom Kingdom for a very long time and is only going for a vacation. Tari tells her instead to bring back photographs as she points to her friend, and to call her everyday by phone along with bringing back souvenirs from her trip while dancing around her, as well as a holiday rubber duck as she holds up one of her own. SMG4 tells her to refrain from being desperate since Meggy needs to be alone to find her new destiny, and Mario continues from him by bluntly stating that she became a hobo after winning Splatfest, leading SMG4 to punch him. Meggy continues to convince them not to come with her as she says that she needs to do the vacation on her own, and Luigi gives one final moment with her to the rest of his friends with a group photo, and Meggy then leaves for Port Aurora in the vessel while Tari and Luigi shout to her that everyone will miss her.

SMG4: Mario's Bed and Breakfast

Tari plays her 66th major role in this episode. Bob and Mario have a business meeting with Saiko, SMG4, Fishy, Tari, Melony, Luigi, Whimpu Axol about Bob's Bed and Breakfast, which is just Meggy's house repurposed as a bed and breakfast, telling them that if they help them expand their business, they can design any room they want. Upon hearing their free choices, the gang look at each other in surprise, and agree to help them. The two managers expand the house into a giant hotel planted directly into Meggy's house called Bob's Bed and Breakfast 2. In their advertisement for the hotel, Tari became a video game manager, and is shown warping video game characters from the virtual world into the real world in a "5D experience", instead causing mayhem among the guests.

Later, when the hotel gets a 5-star rating, Tom Nook along with his Nostalgia Critic goons, Tari is alerted by the fire bell along with the rest of the employees. To defend against an aerial attack, Bob manipulates her to believe that a video game she's playing, which is a themed parody of Space Invaders, is actually harmless, when in reality, she is shooting a cannon at multiple Nostalgia Critic goons. To hide the truth from her, Bob simply responds with "Right... Game..."

SMG4: The Quest for RTX

Tari plays her fourth minor role in this episode. Along with SMG4, Axol, Fishy, Melony, Luigi, Saiko, Bob and Mario, Tari is ecstatic about being able to see Meggy again after he trip to Port Aurora through Discord, and upon seeing the Discord call work to connect with her, Tari's head pops like a balloon from her pure energetic outburst. Meggy attempts to tell the gang that she misses them desperately, only for the call to break and for them to gradually lose contact with Meggy. They find out that the source is SMG4's Windows 64 CPU malfunctioning, and that Old Man Hobo had been living in his PC. The graphics card turns out to be overheating from an overload of data, and the graphics card fades out of existence, causing SMG4's computer to go to a blue screen due to a fatal system error. Fishy tries to solve the problem by comforting it and then pouring water into it from a watering can when he claims it to be "thirsty", causing the PC to zap an ray of electricity at Mario and shrink him down. Tari informs him that all he has to do is search for a new graphics card, and is then knocked forward down onto the ground as Bob takes her position. He continues from her by saying to SMG4 that he knows someone who can help him obtain an RTX graphics card, and that he knows someone who can give him one for a reasonable price. SMG4 questions Bob, and Bob tells him that he is the most trustworthy member of the gang, which is an outright lie. When pondering whether or not to follow him, SMG4 looks over at Fishy using a defibrillator on his PC on a hospital bed, and decides to go along with Bob.

When SMG4, Luigi and Bob return from their journey for a graphics card, Fishy is still attempting to revive the PC with no technological knowledge, recommending they turn it on and off again, the trio crashes through into his office with a giant goose that Tari stares at in endearment. He tells them not to ask for context and kicks the goose's behind, causing it to lay an RTX graphics card which SMG4 inserts into his computer, turning it on again. They immediately see Meggy calling them back, and SMG4 accepts the call. Concerned by everyone's sudden disconnection, she asks what happened on their end, unable to see her new style of appearance. When Axol notes this, Meggy asks if she has something on her face, and Fishy tells her that she has a high-definition appearance, which Saiko approves of. Mario tells Meggy to say something in HD, and she responds with "something in HD", somehow impressing Mario. Saiko can only punch him for his stupidity. Tari asks on the quality of Meggy's trip, and Meggy answers that it has been chaotic, explaining it verbatim that "she made friends with a blue sea creature with an octopus hat, the two met a weird ice cream man with a gun, she had an ice cream-themed shootout with the potato people, and her luggage got stolen." Hearing her misfortune, Meggy's friends on the other end of the line can only react with shock from her misfortune, and Bob calls it an "average Wednesday". Meggy then asks her friends how they have been, and they tell her that they miss her as Tari and Melony hug the computer monitor displaying Meggy. Hearing that she is wanted back home, she is touched, and assures them that she'll return soon. SMG4 tells her that the fans who watch SMG4's videos have been missing her. Meggy asks him what she would tell them in the first place, and Mario advises that she tell them her "darkest secrets", leading Saiko to knock him squarely on the head. SMG4 continues, knowing that his fans will just like talking to her, and he breaks the fourth wall by confirming this with said fans. To the rest of the gang in-universe, SMG4 is actually talking to a wall, and seeing him as insane, they look at each other and simultaneously say "Okay..."

Genesis Arc

SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special

Tari plays her 67th major role in this episode. Tari calls SMG4 via mobile phone to tell him from the arcade playing Whack-a-Luigi that Bob told her of the anniversary party, accompanied by Saiko playing Guitar Hero. She offers if she can join the party, having her nearby friend tag along against her will. Saiko calls Tari out for tagging her along against her will and is cut short by SMG4 and Mario coming to the arcade in their wagon. Mario celebrates the addition of new people, but is distracted by a Shy Guy holding toast and chases after it.

Before the party, SMG4 calls SMG3 from the Internet Graveyard to join him, as it's not an anniversary if it doesn't contain every single person created during his legacy. SMG3 joins the party, bringing the Dead Memes along with him. With everyone gathered, SMG4 brings everyone to his attention for a speech, grateful to everyone shaping the channel's image over the past 10 years. To honor the time, SMG4 and multiple other characters sing a song together, summarizing everything SMG4 as a brand stands for.

SMG4 10th Anniversary Song
See also: SMG4 10th Anniversary Song

In the 10th Anniversary Song, Tari sings all of the group lines, and separately, she sings "This decade dreams came true" and "And there'll always be more".

The 10th Anniversary incident

After the party, all the recurring characters who don't stay as residents of the castle or otherwise appear frequently enough left, SMG4 waving them goodbye. SMG3 prepares to do the same, due to the Dead Memes brought to the surface being surrounded with flies. Suddenly, after SMG3 declares that he'll return back to his dimension, the second hobo comes down from the sky and crashes into SMG4, joined by the first one, and they tell SMG4 that they urgently have to discuss something with them. Thinking their appearance is absurd and not taking their warning seriously, SMG3 prepares to leave to return to the Internet Graveyard with the Dead Memes, and opens up the portal to the dimension. Despite wanting to return back home, however, SMG3 is forced out of his portal, and the portal is forced shut, leading him to be unable to open it again. The first hobo tells them about an ambiguous male being who will come to destroy their universe. Due to the hobos' suspicious appearance, SMG3 accuses them of being the cause of the portal issue, telling them to reopen it, and the second hobo tells him that they aren't responsible, and the first tells everyone that the two of them have been trying to warn them all of something. SMG4 asks what it is, and the second says that the "day of reckoning" has come.

Since the Dead Memes never returned to the graveyard, they become fully corrupted, and SMG4's gang can only watch the event happen before them. To comfort each other, Tari and Fishy Boopkins hug each other as they shout "Oh no!" While everyone else is frightful of the Dead Memes, Saiko gives them the motivation to fight back against them instead, and once the Dead Memes have become fully corrupted, the gang start their fight. Tari fights against a corrupted Harambe, Big Chungus and Trollface using a giant rubber duck. Simply placing it down, they laugh at her, thinking that she can't fight with a basic rubber duck, only for Tari to code it so she can synchronize it with her controller, and using her rubber duck's new electronic abilities, she rapidly hits the corrupted Dead Memes with the rubber duck. The two hobos try to tell them that they physically can't kill a corrupted meme and have to flee to safety, but with the gang not listening, they are eventually overpowered, with Tari's rubber duck getting squashed as she is being held back from protecting it by a duo of corrupted Big Chungus. Finally accepting they can't beat them, Axol tells everyone to return to the castle, leaving behind the SMGs and Mario recolors, as well as Mario himself.

Axol and Melony block the doorway to the castle off with various objects to prevent the Dead Memes from coming into the castle as they hold them down together while Fishy boards off all of the windows and asks everyone what they do. Saiko recommends they let the Dead Memes into the castle so they can at least go down with a fight. Meanwhile, Tari is mourning her squashed rubber duck hooked up to a heart monitor on a hospital bed, taking priority over the duck instead of Luigi with his nose bent at a right angle. Shroomy tries to persuade the group to lift their spirits of their situation, only to have his optimism countered when the Dead Memes break down the door and infiltrate the castle. With a group of Ugandan Knuckles as well as various other Dead Memes surround behind Tari, and she calls out her and her rubber duck Archibald's probably severe injuries before the two hobos come into the castle, running over some of the Dead Memes in SMG4 and Mario's wagon to tell everyone else to come with them. With no other option in mind, they jump inside the trailer behind together, and are amazed to see that the wagon's interior is larger and more elegant and luxurious than its interior, and indulge in it as the two hobos slowly leave the castle with the rescued gang.

Finding SMG4

While SMG4's gang are in sorrow over their situation, they hear Bob mention SMG4 when watching a stream from the Dark Web and run up to him on his iPad to see the screen. They are relieved to see SMG4 again, with him glad his friends are still safe. He tells them that he's in the Dark Web, and that "some weird thing" took Mario and that he needs his friends to come and save him. The second hobo comes up to the gathering, though SMG4 is bothered to see them again. The hobo clarifies that he and the first hobo are coming to save him, and tells him that they need his Guardian Pod. Not having any idea what he's referring to, the entire gang looks at him in confusion upon utterance of the term. SMG4 realizes he means the USB he arrived to the Mushroom Kingdom in, and he tells the second hobo that he has no idea where it is. The second hobo shouts that everyone is doomed due to said Guardian Pod being necessary for the defeat of the male being. Tari being curious, she asks why a Guardian Pod is necessary and what everyone is fighting against in the first place, and she has her attention suddenly brought to a beeping sound in front of her as a screen descends down that says "EXPOSITION TIME" and then shows the first hobo's face.

The first hobo explains that the male being is a virus from another universe, and hearing how powerful it is, the gang immediately freaks out in fear. The first hobo elaborates by explaining he travels between universes and corrupts and destroys each one within his path, and that they're from a universe he had already destroyed. Though the hobos managed to escape their own universe, the male being followed them to SMG4's universe. The second hobo apologizes for inconveniencing them with the potential end of the universe, but clarifies that they know how to defeat him, only needing the Guardian Pod. SMG3 reveals himself to be with SMG4, recommending they use his Guardian Pod instead. The two hobos chant his name in the form of "Three", and SMG3 smugly points out that they're giving him the recognition he deserves. That is until the Vibe Check meme sneaks up behind both of them and captures them, dragging them away from their only contact with their friends. As they are being dragged away, the second hobo warns them to keep their avatar safe. SMG4, as he is being dragged away, asks what he means by "avatar" as he is being dragged away by the meme. Knowing the stakes, the two hobos and SMG4's gang journey to the Dark Web to save their friends.

The battle against Zero

As Mario, the avatar in question, is being corrupted by the virus in the main room of the cathedral in the Dark Web, the two hobos along with SMG4's gang crash through the doorway in the wagon to save the captured trio. The virus-possessed Mario recolors group together to stop the wagon from moving, and with them having no way to move, the second hobo orders everyone to leave. At first, it would seem they are trapped inside with Bob blocking the exit, but they eventually push him out of the trailer and everyone spews out behind him and onto the cathedral floor. With SMG3's Guardian Pod, the two hobos try to approach the virus in order to eliminate it, but are delayed from accomplishing so by the possessed Mario recolors. Noticing that they have to fight for the sake of their universe, SMG4's gang gather together to fight back against the Mario recolors coming in waves as they try to stop the two hobos. Bob and Fishy Boopkins unite to use Verbalase's Tetris Beatbox to lure the final wave of Mario recolors into submission and allow the two hobos to finally reach the virus. Once next to SMG3 and SMG4, the latter asks them for their names, to which they introduce themselves as SMG1 and SMG2. The revelation of there being more versions of his name greatly shocks and amazes SMG4. Finally inserting SMG3's Guardian Pod into the virus, now referred to as "Zero", the virus blows up and turns into a black hole which sucks up SMG1 and SMG2 while also containing Zero.

With their enemy defeated and contained, the cathedral is set ablaze and Mario is free from the virus's grasp. Seeing him laid down lifelessly, everyone runs up to Mario to check if he is alive, with Luigi pleading for him to respond. Everyone grows despairful, thinking that they have lost Mario. Despite what they have experienced, however, Mario turns out to be alive as he returns to his original form and asks his mother if he is allowed to have spaghetti after waking up from his near-death experience. Seeing Mario alive, Tari and Melony run up to hug him, happy to see him again. Axol also asks of SMG4's whereabouts, and he is answered by SMG4 himself with SMG3 who are both woozy from the blast wave, and with many main characters together, Fishy enthusiastically states that all of the gang is together, even though Meggy is obviously absent. Luigi ponders on SMG1 and SMG2's mention of an avatar, deducing that they were referring to Mario, and Mario, thinking that he means the Avatar franchise Avatar, uses an "earth-bending attack" as an excuse to throw a rock at SMG3. Tari is also puzzled about how the two hobos introduced themselves as "SMG1 and SMG2", thinking that she might have misheard them. SMG4 is surprised by the revelation that the "SMG" prefix is associated with individuals besides himself and SMG3, and he asks SMG3 if he knew anything of it beforehand, to which he answers by shrugging. Fishy adds one final statement about how he can't believe SMG1 and SMG2 sacrificed themselves for the safety of SMG4's gang, and suddenly, SMG3's Guardian Pod starts to glow again as a screen that reads "VIRUS QUARANTINED" pops out, and Saiko points out that someone extra is coming. It turns out that the Mario recolors have returned back to normal, with multiple of them confused due to their head being taken over by Zero. SMG4 tries to reassure them that they don't have to worry about anything, but is interrupted by SMG3's insistence for them to board the wagon in order to leave the Dark Web. Complying, the Mario recolors as well as SMG4's gang go into the trailer to return back to the surface.


On the castle roof, after SMG3 returned the Dead Memes back to the Internet Graveyard, Nintendofan997 and FightingMario54321 wave SMG4 goodbye and leave to return back to their daily lives. SMG4 notes that the anniversary became out of the ordinary, with Mario following on by saying that he saw God (as in that he nearly died), with Luigi questioning why Mario is related to destroying universes, and Tari questioning the multiple USBs present everywhere. SMG4 also wonders if there are other variants of the "SMG" species in the unknown. Axol points out that there are multiple mysteries to solve, though Saiko wishes for there to be more so she can participate in action and Fishy tries to add entertainment to it, saying that it can be fun for them to solve them together. SMG4 says to the fans that they are included in the mystery-solving with the rest of the gang, and thanks them for the 10 years everyone has been together. It turns out that, once again, SMG4 is talking to an actual wall in-universe to the rest of his friends, and they can only look at him in confusion.

SMG4: Mario goes to the dentist

Tari plays her 68th major role in this episode. Tari, who is being forced into the waiting room by Saiko, clings to the floor in order for Saiko to be unable to pull her inside, begging her not to take her to the dentist and claiming that she has many things to live for, as though she will die, and Saiko tells her not to be dramatic about it due to it just being a normal checkup. Tari changes her method of clinging by jumping up onto and around Saiko's neck. Annoyed by her resistance, Saiko shakes her off the top of her head and onto one of the waiting room couches. Moaning about Saiko forcing her, she sees a Monty Mole interested in a magazine and a baby Yoshi saying it had sh*t itself, and finding it to be scary as well, Tari attempts to flee, only for Saiko to pull her from the top of her head and return her to the couch by force. Saiko tells her that she made a promise for Tari's teeth to be checked, and they will accomplish that no matter what. Tari tells her in return that she isn't confident in going to the dentist because she hasn't been before, and is afraid that it'll hurt her as she goes back down on the floor to emphasise her point. She attempts to manipulate her into allowing her to leave by asking if Saiko would want to see her cry from being hurt, and Saiko, being Saiko, answers that she would want to see that happen. Realizing that she is going to be forced no matter what, Tari obeys Saiko's orders.

Thereafter, upon hearing Mario screaming behind the operation room doors from what she assumes is his own appointment, Tari tries to flee from the building a second time by jumping out of the window, only for Saiko to block her off at the last second, knocking her back into the building floor. Saiko tries to assure Tari that Mario might be exaggerating his reaction, and that he might not have even started his appointment yet, and they both return to the seat, with Tari standing up in preparation to flee this time. Sometime thereafter that attempt, Tari hears an explosion being emitted from the operation room, and in desperation, Tari picks up the other patients waiting in the waiting room and uses them to barricade the operation room door so she is unable to enter, and then flees in the same direction by crashing through the dentist's building wall. As a last resort, Saiko had a rubber duck in her inventory to use against Tari as a lure, and she squeezes it twice, successfully returning her to the building. Tari follows the rubber duck as Saiko moves it left and right, and then throws it to the couch left of her for Tari to then retrieve it, and ecstatically picks the rubber duck up from the couch. Shortly after, Tari and Saiko see an explosion happen from within the operation room strong enough to blow off the doors, and Tari & Saiko both approach the destroyed entrance in concern. A figure comes out of the operation room, and it's revealed to be Mario in his Dr. Mario alter-ego claiming to be the dentist of the building. While Saiko is simply astonished that Mario is trying to play himself off as a dentist, Tari naively trusts him. Knowing that he is ineffective as a dentist, Saiko tells Tari to go home after changing her mind on getting Tari a checkup. Tari still decides to trust him, even saying that she somehow feels safer with him around. As Saiko attempts to call her mad for not learning anything from her countless adventures with him, the two have already gone into the operation room for Tari's "appointment". The doors are immediately locked, preventing Saiko from coming in to interfere.

In the operation room, Tari wonders how she never knew Mario was a dentist before, and Mario replies that he didn't know either. Hearing this, Tari suddenly changes her mind due the implication that he has no experience. Mario asks her to open her mouth to see what the issue with her mouth may be, and upon her opening it, he determines that her teeth are fine. That is, until a live black alien hand emerges from her mouth and picks him up and shakes him around, causing the operation room to be destroyed, then throws him by where the real dentist currently is in the trash can. Tari, oblivious to a giant hand coming out of her mouth and throwing someone around in front of her, still asks how bad her problem is. Mario tells her not to worry and retrieves a vacuum cleaner to use it to suck the being out from her mouth from the hand, forcibly pulling it out from her mouth in full. The alien, revealed to be the Xenomorph, then immediately leaves the operation room and runs into the waiting room. Mario, once again telling Tari not to worry, then takes out a crowbar, causing Tari to internally scream. He also uses a hammer, drill, cross, and Old Man Hobo laid out on the table as a means of fixing her teeth. Tari checks her teeth by smiling, and they somehow glisten despite Mario not using conventional tools, and she compliments his abilities as a dentist, with Mario responding that he can't believe what he did worked. Inevitably, his methods didn't work, as Tari's teeth explode out of her mouth, causing her to actually shriek from the pain. Swagmaster, waiting outside with Chris, comes into the operation room, kicks Mario, and takes Tari away, telling her they're going to Mexico, and then jumping out into the outside through a window with her wholly in hand.

Swagmaster summons a taxi and takes Toadsworth out of the driver's seat, throwing him into the operation room and carjacking the taxi. In the taxi, Swagmaster tells Tari that they'll live a new life without dentists, assigning her the fake name "Jorje" and putting her in a sombrero and mustache. Hearing that she'll live a life without dentist, Tari is thrilled, only for the taxi to get rammed from behind by a car driven by Saiko with Mario & Chris as her accomplices. Saiko tells Swagmaster from the other car to give Tari back so she can see a real dentist, but Tari denies having an appointment. Swagmaster runs over Hans Moleman and Mr. Krabs waiting at the bus stop on the chase, and Tari expresses concern for them. Swagmaster thinks she's referring to the taxi, and she scoffs at him back for his inertia. Mario attempts to use the Wheelchair Koopa to stop them, but he fails as Swagmaster simply runs over Wheelchair Koopa. Saiko drives up next to Swagmaster to get closer, and Chris calls him a horrible influence. Swagmaster denies the title before telling Tari to shoot at the car chasing them with a glock as Saiko rams them again. Tari denies, not wanting to shoot her friends, but Swagmaster changes her mind by convincing her the glock shoots gum. She pops out of the side of the car aiming the glock at Saiko's car, her of all people handling a firearm joyfully confusing Saiko and Chris, and Tari unknowingly willingly shoots real bullets at her car, leading it to crash into a tree stump, propelling out its passengers backwards, and explode. Realizing Swagmaster had lied to her, she returns back inside and shouts at him for telling her that it shot gum. As she is being driven away, Tari yells an apology to Saiko before Swagmaster tells her that she no longer has to worry about Saiko as they cross the border into Mexico.

Finally in Mexico, Tari decides to set up some clothes. Swagmaster says a Spanish phrase to her from the distance. Confused, all she can reply with is "...What?" Swagmaster questions why, and claims that they have been living in Mexico for 5 years. She corrects him in that they've only been there for a few hours, only for him to cover her mouth and tell her to be quiet, telling her that they are residents now. Tari asks him of the duration they'll stay, worried since she has to return home to have dinner, and he tells her that it's their new life together, telling her to learn Spanish with him. Tari can only stare at him in disbelief. Swagmaster suddenly forces a chicken into her face and tells her to say the phrase "Esto es un pollo" (This is a chicken) over and over again, with Tari only being able to stutter in the most filtered confusion. He limits it down to "pollo", and she eventually heeds, saying "pollo" as a question. Swagmaster celebrates her having learned something about a different language as he picks her up and officially declares her a Mexican. A helicopter then appears above them, and Swagmaster drops Tari upon knowing it's Saiko, Chris & Mario, and blames the Mexico migration on her before trying to escape. Chris tells them that Swagmaster and Tari are going to visit a dentist urgently, with Swagmaster responding that he doesn't trust the dentists back home, and Tari agrees with him. Chris continues, explaining they actually have a Mexican dentist. Tari and Swagmaster only look at each other in confusion.

The Mexican dentist in question is revealed to be Dr. Amigo, who Tari finally has an appointment with by force as she solemnly cries.

SMG4: If Mario Was In Friday Night Funkin 2

Tari plays her 69th major role in this episode. At Peach's castle, Mario and Tari are having a Friday Night Funkin'-themed singing battle with Melony substituting as Girlfriend and Tari substituting as Boyfriend. Mario does each rhythm hit with energy without any particular coordination, and Tari does hers at an average pace, committing star-like positions and then pointing at Mario on the first sequence. On the next sequence, Mario's extreme motion causes his entire body to cramp, while Tari continues casually and holds out her rubber duck. Mario realizes that Tari is winning against him, and he continues as Axol, Saiko and Whimpu cheer for Tari and Luigi warns Mario to stop. Mario declines, desperate to win against Tari, only for a portal to explode between the two of them and stop the tournament. Mommy Mearest comes out of the portal, and Saiko threatens to beat her up again. Whimpu, immediately attracted to her, offers her his affection with a pot of flowers, before she inevitably zaps him with an energy blast that curses him to Friday Night Funkin' rhythm dancing. Seeing this happen in front of them, the rest can only watch, knowing she'll target them next. Mommy Mearest zaps Melony, Tari, Mario, Luigi, Axol & Saiko, and Mommy Mearest then leaves through the portal again, having inflicted the curse. Left to their own devices, the victims start to rhythm dance by force, with Saiko expressing her confusion and Luigi expressing his fright. Tari alerts everyone that they require an asset to lift the curse, and with the knowledge in mind, Mario leaves the castle to find them.

Meanwhile, due to the curse, Tari is forced to play grid-based games as she is unable to play anything that requires her to be fluid in movement. Toad walks into the castle on everyone being forced to rhythm dance without context, and dismisses it as them being their weird selves.

At the mansion of Mommy Mearest, Girlfriend summons her allies via Warp Pipe to take down Mommy's goons. Tari sees Belle among them, and questions why she became their enemy again. Belle simply answers that Mommy's "paying good money". Having enough of their idle talk, Girlfriend starts the battle.

Week 2: Tari vs Belle

Seeing each other and due to their rivalry, Tari and Belle call out each other's names with a Friday Night Funkin'-themed dancing machine between them. They warp themselves into machine and begin the battle. The two of them have a long battle using a cover of "Always Running" with ambition as they each get an opportunity to sing with some of their voice lines added between, somewhat making them equal, until Tari eventually is able to sing solo and defeat Belle. With Belle defeated, Belle is ejected out of the machine and dropped face-down while Tari leaves the machine at will as she continues to dance between her unconscious body and the machine.

Mommy Mearest's defeat

With all of her goons injured around the floor, Mommy calls her enemies "bastards" as they vengefully unite together, Tari pulling a look of smugness, knowing they have won against her, the curse being lifted from them in the moment. Boyfriend celebrates them having defeated her with Tari celebrating that they are free of the curse. Daddy Dearest then rolls in paralyzed on a wheelchair to pick up Mommy Mearest with a robotic arm and put her on his lap as she apologizes for not being able to avenge him. Daddy doesn't mind, since there's a higher priority besides rap battles for them, such as unraveling the question of the fabric of spacetime. Mommy approves, and Daddy then flies away on his wheelchair magically while the cast can only watch in logical conflict.


Tari plays her fifth minor role in this episode across four of the segments.

What if Saiko worked for KFC?

Tari asks Saiko if she "hid something" under her bed, to which it's revealed that Saiko attempted to hide an entire KFC delivery truck under Tari's bed. Saiko pretends not to know what she means.

What if Nintendo came with a cease and desist?

Tari asks why her friends transformed into distorted knock-off forms, having no idea it's because SMG4 is unable to use official Nintendo characters for videos. Bootleg Mario and SMG4 try to tell her there isn't a reason as Shigeru Miyamoto holds the former at gunpoint.

What if SMG4 was an anime?

Tari is one of the characters to shout "NANI!" and is terrified when Toad threatens to shoot them if one of them is to say it again. Mario defies him and says "Nani" again, inevitably getting shot.

What if everyone became Bob?

Bob, as Tari, bathes in a giant tub of "gamer girl bathwater" as he announces to the audience that their favorite e-girl is present and demands them to give him money.

SMG4: She's Back!

Tari plays her 70th major role in this episode. At the dock, Tari waits excitedly for Meggy to return from her vacation with Mario, SMG4, Luigi, Bob, Saiko, Axol, Melony, Shroomy and Fishy Boopkins. Luigi sees Tari is blatantly the most excited out of everyone there, and upon him noticing and approaching her, she shouts to the point of shaking the environment. Shroomy is eager to hear about her adventures, while Fishy hopes her vacation was appealing and Bob expects her to have souvenirs. Axol demonstrates uncertainty of something, and Melony asks him what it is. Axol simply wants to believe that Meggy finally found her new destiny.

Saiko calls out to everyone that Meggy's boat is coming in the distance, and everyone looks over to see it indeed is with the S.S Tortle coming from the horizon. With Meggy now physically coming back, Tari loses herself, yelling cheerfully as the boat docks itself. The boarding ramp descends, and Meggy walks down, revealing herself to have returned as she asks everyone if they missed her. With Tari excited for Meggy's return, she clings onto her waist and shakes her around. Mario welcomes her back, with Meggy thanking him, and the welcoming cast gather together to ask her various questions, and SMG4 stops them to prevent Meggy from possibly breaking under pressure since she just returned from her trip, recommending they find somewhere more comfortable before she describes it fully. Meggy recommends they go to her house, and Bob & Mario realize Meggy's reaction upon seeing what they had done to it.

Returning back to Bob's Bed and Breakfast 2, Tari plays the new Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl game in one of the living rooms with Luigi and Fishy as spectators. After Bob breaks Meggy's cat, Loaf, out of the wall of the building and he collapses from hunger, SMG4 gathers his team together to cheer for Meggy having returned on his word, and then she tells them all about the events of her entire vacation until nightfall. Fishy calls Meggy a hero, and Saiko finds that Meggy is always followed by action, which she is embarrassed by. Luigi asks what she will do next, and Meggy says that she wonders what everyone else has been doing since she was gone. When she asks for their approval, everyone nods enthusiastically.


Tari brings Meggy to a classroom, where Meggy thinks that Tari went back to school when she was abroad. Tari corrects her, in that she verbatim explains to her that "because of her dentist trauma, she's taking Spanish lessons now!" Meggy, with the non-context explanation and topic jump, does not understand what she means. Swagmaster appears as the teacher, saying "CHICAS, SILENCIO!" (GIRLS, HUSH!). He gives a lesson how to say foods in Spanish, with "manzana" (apple), "pollo frito" (fried chicken), and "pistola" (gun). Meggy claims the lesson is easy, until Swagmaster tries to give them a long-winded football commentary and expects them to copy it. Knowing that they can't, the two girls only respond with "Nani".

Genesis Arc

SMG4: The Day HE Arrived.

Tari plays her 71st major role in this episode. When SMG0's Guardian Pod hovers above the front roof Peach's castle, SMG4, Chris, Bob, Swagmaster, Luigi, Tari, Shroomy, Meggy, Fishy and Saiko gather together to look upon it in dread. Bob tries to damage it with a rock and immediately gives up. Meggy, not having seen SMG0 at all before, asks what it is, to which SMG4 responds that it's SMG0's USB, and they all stare back at him in concern. Saiko questions how he returned since they defeated him with SMG3's Guardian Pod last time, and Tari questions his escape from the Dark Web, but SMG4 can't answer either of them. Swagmaster uses a gun and a rocket launcher against the USB in an attempt to destroy it, but both prove to be ineffective as they inflict no damage as the impacts only cause it to glow red. Suddenly, "Axol" appears next to them to call the impenetrability of the USB "freaky", and everyone looks over at him, his sudden appearance causing SMG4 to jump from fright. Seeing Axol alive again, Melony goes to hug "Axol". SMG4 wonders how he is acting so lively, thinking he was hurt from what happened before. "Axol" responds that he thought he was hurt as well, and tries to say that he was just tired. Mario asks what happened to him when he was inside SMG0's USB, and he responds that he doesn't know nor remember. Bob, Saiko and Meggy look at each other in confusion. "Axol" then pushes Melony away from him and says that he'll return back to his "Japanese comics" since the USB is inactive. Swagmaster then flies above them and towards the USB in a helicopter in another attempt to destroy it again, only for the helicopter to bounce back and explode on impact.

SMG4: Doomsday but Mario is Okay

Tari plays her 72nd major role in this episode. In a nuclear bunker hidden underneath a tree far away in the castle field, SMG4, Saiko, Fishy Boopkins, Tari, Meggy, Mario, Melony, "Axol" and Bob all await Swagmaster and Chris preparing to set off a nuclear bomb at the front of Peach's castle. SMG4 tells them that the bomb is set up, and Fishy wonders if the bomb will work. Bob tells him that if it doesn't work, the gang would've set a nuclear bomb on Peach's castle for nothing, an alternative Mario calls a normal day. Meggy expresses her disbelief over having missed so much, only being abroad for a few months only to return to an alien invasion. SMG4 reminds them of their task in that Swagmaster and Chris will "throw all they got", referring to the bomb, at SMG0's USB, and that they have to keep their avatar, Mario, safe no matter the aftermath. The two of them give a countdown as the cast look up at the ceiling of the bunker, expecting there to be a giant nuclear explosion, instead yielding no results. Fishy wonders if there was supposed to be an aftermath, and SMG4 offers the idea they are simply clearing the area, and that everyone should simply wait.

An ambiguous amount of hours later, the bomb continues not to explode, causing the cast to turn into skeletons from boredom. Bob decides that he wants to leave the bunker because "he has hoes waiting for him". His attempt to leave is halted when SMG4 blocks the exit to the bunker, and he tells Bob that they aren't leaving until the bomb explodes, which Bob takes offense to. Meanwhile, Mario wishes to eat something desperately, and Meggy searches for something to get him. Mario BLJs towards the bunker fridge, and tries to find something within it, only for it to be completely empty. Meggy also searches in a cardboard box and finds ramen, only for it to be vegetable-flavored, which is a great hindrance to her and everyone else. Saiko asks SMG4 if he had packed any food, and SMG4 rebukes her, telling everyone that he told them to pack their own. With SMG4 distracted, Bob finds it as an excuse to attempt to leave again, and SMG4 tries desperately to pull him away from the exit. To exaggerate his point about the food shortage, Mario lies down on a hospital bed and calls the food shortage "the end of Mario". Among the food supply commotion, however, Fishy reveals himself in paranoia to have been storing a chocolate bar the whole time, and Mario immediately steals it from him. Meggy smacks him and takes it from his hands in an attempt to discipline him about thievery, and Mario tries to use him being her avatar as a justification for him to have it. The attempt to convince her ends up null, however, as she has no knowledge of what an avatar is, and she continues by telling him that Fishy Boopkins owns the chocolate bar, only for her to become lost in it herself as she describes it vividly, and tries to eat it for herself. Mario prevents her from doing so as they get into a brawl and fight over the chocolate bar. Saiko and Tari see the two of them fight from above, and after reaching her breaking point, Saiko loses it and gives them a timeout by putting them in corners apart from one another, and taking the chocolate to guard it. Seeing his chocolate restricted, Fishy goes to find somewhere to cry.

Bob then throws Fishy Boopkins at the bunker exit with a guarding SMG4, who thinks that Fishy is trying to escape. Fishy corrects him in that Bob threw him, and with Bob distracted, he escapes through the first doorway of the bunker, only to run into a brick wall. SMG4 tells him that he had anticipated someone attempting to escape, and cemented everyone into the bunker. While Fishy realizes the terror of them being trapped permanently, Bob admires SMG4's foresight. Later, after SMG4 accused Fishy of trying to disobey him, he consoles in Tari about the incident. Tari tells him not to worry and that he'll be safe with her, which Fishy is touched by as he praises Tari by telling her he's glad to have her as a friend. This praise is cut short, however, when Mario uses his long arm to steal him directly from Tari's hands and eject a spike ball from his mouth to use against Meggy during timeout, him then proceeding to laugh at her pain. As a result, Meggy dashes up to Mario and strangles him. To attempt to discipline her, Saiko reminds her of the reason she's in timeout as she holds the chocolate bar in her hand, which Meggy instead takes advantage of by using it to bite down on Saiko's hand, causing her to scream in pain.

Meanwhile, Bob attempts to drill through the cement using drills, and Melony is desperate to find Axol. Combing all of their issues together, SMG4 ends up having to pull Bob away from drilling through the wall, Saiko ends up running around with Meggy biting down on her hand, and Fishy starts contemplating to himself due to all of his mistreatment. While everyone else is fighting, Tari looks among the group to check something, and she has a grand epiphany. She calls her friends' attention to her, and shouts to them that they forgot Luigi, who was on the surface and thought they were still in the castle.

SMG4: The Final Piece

Tari plays her 73rd major role in this episode. An SMG0-possessed Axol uses the Guardian Pods to sap Mario's life energy. Swagmaster, Chris, Meggy and Melony descend down via chopper to shoot a missile at him in order to delay the process, and release Mario from his grasp. SMG4 & SMG3 are advised by SMG2 to take Mario into the castle to hide from SMG0. After they do so, Tari, Melony, Luigi, Fishy, Saiko, Meggy and Bob then join SMG1 and SMG2 in battling against SMG0 for Mario's sake. With the gang united, SMG0 takes his stage of possession up, growing more powerful, much to everyone's chagrin as they realize they are losing their friend further. Ax0l responds to his demand, saying that they can have Axol's body back if he is given the universe's avatar, Mario. Swagmaster and Chris rise up in their chopper and shoot missiles at Ax0l, only for Ax0l to use the Inkweaver, having melded into him, for a telekinetic energy to stop the missiles and throw them behind into the castle tower behind. He then takes hold of the chopper and forces it down, targeting the gang below trying to stop him, only for them to get out of the way in time for cover. Ax0l then journeys into the castle to search for Mario.

With SMG4 and SMG3 in the castle, Saiko runs to kick down the door and everyone follows inside. SMG1 tells Ax0l to let go of them as they are being strangled by Ax0l. Knowing his power, Ax0l refuses, demanding to know where Mario is and killing them if he doesn't find out. Behind Ax0l, Melony attempts to lure out the Axol inside by reminding him that everyone is his friend. Ax0l, in turn, attacks Melony by turning around to kick her into the wall behind. With SMG0 refusing to let go of Axol, Melony takes a different course of action, retrieving her Fierce Deity Sword and declaring that she'll hurt him for continuing to possess him. Melony holds her sword against Ax0l's neck, forcing him to let SMG4 and SMG3 go from his grasp. Ax0l picks up Melony from behind and throws her to one of the front walls. He makes a dash for her limp body and is stopped by Meggy, who kicks him squarely in the face. Saiko approaches him to hit him with his hammer, and is stopped midway through throwing it down by his telekinesis, which he then uses to bounce her back. Bob also uses his sword to slice onto the Inkweaver orb melded into Ax0l, allowing SMG1 and SMG2 to sneak SMG4 and SMG3 out of the castle. Bob continues to attack Ax0l by insulting him, leading him to disfigure him and kick him out of the way. Luigi and Fishy then use a "super friendship attack", which is calling for Axol within. With Ax0l confused, Melony picks up her Fierce Deity Sword and shoots energy discs at him, only for Ax0l to dodge each one without failure. He picks up Luigi and Fishy and throws the two of them at Melony, and then calls her attempt to stop him "pathetic". Melony gets back up and stops holding back from Ax0l, and she commits to this by programming Tari's cybernetic arm to become a rocket, something she was unaware she could do. Melony holds Tari behind her and instructs her to point her arm out, which she does, and enables the rocket to go, allowing Melony to use her as a form of jetpack. With her speed, Melony is able to avoid every shot from Ax0l. Luigi and Fishy distract Ax0l again, allowing Meggy to use her paint gun to neutralize Ax0l. Melony throws herself at Ax0l with Tari and pushes him directly out of the castle and into the courtyard, leading Melony to disconnect from Tari and cause her to go flying through the air.

Melony, with Ax0l at her submission, is reluctant to finally stab him with her sword due to not wanting to kill Axol, and Ax0l reacts to her reluctance by calling her act "futile", and then throwing her back into a tree stump. Though Ax0l believes himself to be free, SMG1 surprises him by calling out to his guardian allies, and he looks over to find SMG3, SMG4, SMG1 and SMG2 with their respective Guardian Pods on the castle roof, which everyone except Meggy runs over to see on the castle entrance bridge, and the guardians use their pods to extract SMG0 from Axol by re-sealing him. Ax0l begs them to stop, telling them that all he wants to do is live. Melony tells Axol to come back as Ax0l is then thrown to the ground by weakness, and he grabs Melony's right ankle due to it being nearby, transporting her to his dimension. When Melony returns, she is in possession of a manga. Ax0l growing more powerful, he reverses the rays of the Guardian Pods, sending the guardians using them off into the distance, and he tells everyone to get away from him before sending out chains within the castle to bind the rest of the cast, all of them currently standing together, as well as SMG1 and SMG2, and flies into the castle to retrieve Mario and suck out his life energy with the Guardian Pods, everyone being forced to watch. Mario ends up trapped within a crystal cage, and Ax0l rises him up, creating a new universe with the meme energy from SMG4's universe. SMG3 asks what Ax0l is causing, and SMG1 answers that he's creating a new universe, which SMG2 realizes that his plan was to do so the entire time. Ax0l continues with the confirmation, wanting a new universe with an avatar, wanting it to be "nice and peaceful just like it used to be". SMG1 furiously calls him out for labeling his current actions as "peaceful", continuing that SMG4's universe will be destroyed. Tari also asks Ax0l what he's going to do to Axol, and he answers by saying that the gang can have him back once he's done with getting a new universe, and he touches the energy being given from Mario to evolve again, into a bigger, larger version of himself, reaching his final stage.

SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2021

Tari plays her 74th major role in this episode. Seeing SMG0 so powerful in Axol's body, Melony sadly begs for Axol himself to return, and SMG1 realizes that he is far too powerful to be able to be defeated, and Saiko tells everyone they should try to do something about it while everyone is still chained. Swagmaster attempts to "save" everyone by approaching the giant Ax0l monster and telling it that it has been banned from Xbox Live, leading him to be simply flicked back into Chris who calls him a "stupid fu--" for his ineffectual method. SMG2 is about to tell everyone that he has a plan to defeat Ax0l, only for him to be picked up one of his giant hands along with SMG1, and for Ax0l to try to crush them both to death in his hand. He is interrupted by a rock falling on top of his head, and he looks up at the meme energy to see an essence transform into a couch, that then drops onto him too, causing him to release SMG1 and SMG2. Ax0l looks over at his captives to see SMG4 and SMG3 holding hands to channel their meme energy, and Bob finds it gross that the two are holding hands with each other, while Tari considers it sweet. SMG3, not wanting the embarrassment of other people knowing he's holding hands with his rival, tells them immediately to forget what they saw.

SMG1 thanks Three and Four for saving them, and SMG2 continues that they'll return the favor by channeling their meme energy to throw multiple rocks and couches at Ax0l's face, greatly angering him and allowing them to free the rest of the gang. SMG2 informs them that they should get to Mario and break him out of the crystal so it's possible for them to defeat SMG0, as said crystal is risen up into the new universe. SMG1 tells them not to worry about what he and SMG2 are doing, with SMG2 continuing that they have a score to settle with SMG0 as they jump onto the castle roof. SMG4 tells everyone to go into the cannon at the front of the castle, and they do, with SMG3, Tari, SMG4, Saiko, Luigi, Bob, Meggy, Fishy Boopkins and Melony going into the cannon. The cannon points to where SMG0's new universe is being created and fires everyone out towards it, leaving SMG1 and SMG2 to fight Ax0l themselves. On their way through the wormhole to SMG0's dimension, SMG4 tells everyone to look out for Mario. An orb suddenly flies in and opens a red portal which then engulfs SMG4. SMG4 is thrown out of the portal again, and Luigi asks him what happened. SMG4 says that Mario's crystal is challenging them all, and that they have to complete those challenges in order to reach him. With the new information, everyone follows along and enters a portal.

Who can last the longest on the internet before running into NSFW (Tari vs Mario clone)

Tari, somehow having no idea what "NSFW" means, is extremely puzzled, and she slowly relays the acronym upon hearing it. She recalls a time when Bob told her "what it means", and she recalls him saying the acronym sums up the phrase "Nigerian Spicy Fried Watermelon". Finding what she thought it meant to be a tasty food idea, despite being an obvious meld of random words that mean the same acronym, Tari searches up "NSFW" on her computer. Due to the search results, she immediately realizes what it actually means and is horrified by the images.

Winner: Tie

Who can last longer in hide and seek? In IKEA (Tari vs Mario clone)

Due to Old Man Hobo not being able to search for them for 84 years, Tari and the Mario clone ended up having turned into skeletons.

Winner: Void


With the challenges completed, everyone enters into SMG0's new universe together with success. Meggy diverts their attention to a distant Mario, who is still trapped within the crystal as energy is being input into him. SMG4 being eager to take Mario back for himself, he interrupts SMG3's exclamation and swims towards Mario in the zero-gravity space, making a straight and open beeline towards Mario. Ax0l then slowly rises up next to the crystal in order to defend it, the scale being to everyone's shock. Ax0l uses the Mario trapped within the crystal and transforms him into a black, brainwashed, all-powerful version of himself, and Ax0l orders him to kill everyone. Desperately, Luigi asks what everyone is going to do against their enemy, and SMG4 answers that he doesn't know, terrified of SMG0's power. With everyone under distress, Melony gives some words of motivation and brings everyone to her attention, telling them not to give up, and that everyone is doing this to save their friends. With her words in mind, Tari says "Game on!" as she prepares herself for the final battle against SMG0.

Rap Battle ("Zero")
See also: Rap Battles#2021

Melony attempts to stab Ax0l with her Fierce Deity Sword, and Ax0l blocks it with the Inkweaver melded into him, and pushes her back. The knockback sends out an energy blast that throws a car at Bob, and an electricity shock that singes Luigi's flesh. Saiko protects Tari from a train carriage flying past. Ax0l sends out his brainwashed Mario, who kicks Saiko back and steals her hammer as it spins around from the force, using the hammer to hit Meggy. He throws Fishy into a nearby house, causing him to explode upon impact. Due to Tari already being weak-willed, the Mario clone decides not to physically fight her, instead deciding to emotionally traumatize her by shooting a rubber duck directly in front of her, which does end up horrifying her. SMG4 tries to fight the Mario clone, dodging all of his kicks, and then praises him for his role in the series as "the biggest idiot of the show". SMG3 is bothered by why he is using sentiments against SMG0, and slaps him. Knowing a better way to fight the Mario clone, SMG3 points everyone to the crystal instead. Tari and Bob, the former singing her two lines "We're coming don't you wait. We'll put an end to your fate." approach the crystal to attack it, and the Mario clone pops up again, telling them that he has to eliminate his enemies, only for Melony to kick him from behind, leading him to Saiko's hammer, hitting him towards Meggy, who then kicks him towards Mario's crystal, finally freeing him from SMG0's grip.

With him now free, everyone is happy as he lies unconsciously on a giant rock. With SMG0's new avatar free, his universe starts to fall apart, and he summons Dead Memes in order to attack the gang. While SMG3 condescends Ax0l for using Dead Memes to attack on his behalf, Tari is trying to defend herself from a corrupted Hugh Neutron. Ax0l summons a giant Morshu, and SMG4 and SMG3 use the meme energy Ax0l gained to create a new universe to revive Mario. Ax0l attempts to hit SMG4 and SMG3 upon their approach, and SMG2 comes in to stop him. With the meme energy, Mario mutates into a giant, who Saiko orders to attack Ax0l, and the giant Mario. Mario throws Ax0l into a building, and Ax0l returns back by punching Mario into a skyscraper. As Ax0l is about to finish him off, Melony uses Tari as a jetpack again, kicking a dead Morshu to Ax0l, converting it into a bomb and allowing the giant Mario to leave without a trace, sneak up behind him and hold Ax0l down. Melony corkscrews into Ax0l's head holding her Fierce Deity Sword, transporting her back into SMG0's dimension.


Melony exits from SMG0's dimension with despair on her face, holding her sword. Ax0l breaks apart and disintegrates as his powers leave from him, and he fades out of existence in a beam of light. Everyone celebrates their victory against SMG0, and Mario transforms back into his original self. With SMG0 gone, the energy he stole from SMG4's universe returns back to where it came from, restoring the universe. SMG3 is also satisfied that he can return back home, and SMG4 praises everyone for their efforts. Meggy also emphasises that Melony did most of the work, and she asks her where Axol is. Melony turns around, revealing herself with tears, and she starts to break down in tears. Everyone immediately realizes that Axol is deceased, and Melony had to be the one to kill him, showing sympathy for her upon her breakdown.

A few days later, everyone visits Melony in her house to check on her after Axol's death. Meggy approaches Melony and encourages her to move forward, assuring her that she knows what it's like to lose someone (referring to Desti), and that Melony can consult her about whenever she wants to. Touched by her words, Melony cries again and hugs her. SMG1, SMG2, and SMG3 enter Melony's room, and SMG1 declares they have an announcement. Everyone follows along as they turn around to listen. He announces that with SMG0's new universe closed, the memes restored, and SMG0 vanquished, they declare the end of their mission in SMG4's universe. SMG2 continues that the only thing they have to do is hide the USBs somewhere evil can't find them. SMG1 ends the statement, declaring their final partings. SMG4, Mario and Bob thank them for their assistance, and SMG1 responds by telling them that it's due them being SMGs that they decided to help them. SMG4, having a different meaning of the term, asks what he means by his statement, and SMG3 continues from him, telling him that he thought it meant "SuperMarioGlitchy". SMG1 and SMG2 together clarify to them that "SMG" actually stands for Super Meme Guardian, much to SMG4 and SMG3's amazement. SMG1 says their final parting with a bow, and with the new revelation, SMG4 and SMG3 force out a simple "bye" together. SMG2 says his goodbyes, and everyone else waves them goodbye back. The two of them then leave Melony's house. SMG3 also prepares himself to leave, and claims that SMG4 can contact him if Mario or the universe is in danger again. SMG4 responds that he can do it if he wants to train their powers together again, and Mario tells them they should kiss. As retribution, SMG4 and SMG3 join together to punch Mario. SMG3 tells him that he has to return to the Internet Graveyard because the Dead Memes might miss him. After opening the portal, he tells SMG4 not to message him on Saturdays, and leaves through the portal.

With the gang back to form, everyone hears Melony moan in distress, and everyone turns around, seeing her look at Axol's possessions on her shelf. SMG4 assures her that they also miss him, since he changed everyone's life in some way. Meggy says that he taught her how to be comfortable with herself, and Bob continues that he taught him how to respect women, with Fishy finishing that he taught him that he could do anything if he put his mind to it. Melony sums up their words as that he was always there when he was needed, and that he would want them to live their lives the best they can if he was there presently, and she tells them all to do just that. Bob asks her what she's drawing, and Melony answers that she's trying to finish his Two Piece manga. Everyone starts offering ideas, with Fishy starting off that she should add more waifus because Axol loved them. Saiko denies that she adds waifus, instead resorting to action. Meggy continues from Saiko, telling Melony that even she took a liking to Axol's action manga. Tari reminds Melony of there being a rubber duck, and Mario reminds her of there being spaghetti while Luigi recommends adding in a husbando. As a result of their idea conflict, everyone starts to talk over one another, attempting to get Melony's attention to their own ideas.

SMG4: Mario has a BBQ but he's not invited

Tari plays her 75th major role in this episode. At a barbecue in the backyard of the castle, Tari mans the grill to cook the meat while Meggy watches over her. Meanwhile, Fishy and Melony set up the main table and Luigi is assigned to guard Mario and Bob. SMG4 and Saiko enter into the yard with coolers, and he announces the end of an intense period and that the cast can move on, having set up a barbecue to follow through with it. In response, Fishy, Melony, Saiko, Tari and Meggy cheer altogether. Tari sets down a steak on the grill, which immediately bursts into flames, and Meggy also brings over two vegetable kebabs, which Tari approves of. SMG4 leaves the yard as he announces that he'll return with more food and that he expects the team to have everything set up in preparation. Saiko also threateningly tells them all to behave, and signs that she has her eyes on them, before leaving the yard with SMG4.

Tari sees Meggy watching her grill behind her, and asks her if she wants to help. Meggy denies the offer on the account that her and grills "don't get along", and upon flashing back to a prior moment of chaos, also concludes that cooking in general "don't get along". Accepting this, Tari offers her to simply watch instead, and materializes a spatula into her left arm, and proceeds to flip the steak. However, she does it slowly with total concentration. And not a normal form of slowness, let alone a human form of slowness. Meggy comes up in front of her, emulating the speed, to ask her why she's flipping it so slowly, and Tari attempts to justify her pace with the idea that "you can't rush art", while holding a finger over Meggy's mouth. Meggy can only respond to Tari's logic by folding her arms. Meggy continues to watch Tari season the steak with salt, agitated, as Tari gradually sprinkles the salt out one grain at a time. By the time Tari gets to the first grain and prepares to place a second one down, Meggy shouts as she loses her patience, and pulls an expression of unease as she angrily asks to help her. She pushes into Tari's position on the grill and rises up a Pyro from within it, who playfully waves at them, and then uses a flamethrower on the steak, which ends up burning it to a crisp, before waving them goodbye and leaving back into the grill. Seeing her steak having been ruined, Tari can only mutter "My steak..." as she holds in the urge to cry, and Meggy apologizes with desperation, telling her to get another steak from the table instead.

Upon approaching the table, they see Melony standing in front of them, and Meggy asks for the location of the steak. Upon utterance of her last word, Meggy grows confused, seeing Melony unresponsive and holding a melon. She then jumps onto the table and summons her sword, asking "Who did this?" in a demonic voice. Meggy begs her to calm down, and Tari tells her that it's just fruit, asking her what the issue is. Melony roars in anger, and the two girls look at each other in fear. Melony pushes the fruit off the table with her sword, and Tari tells her to stop attacking them, since they're her friends. This only leads Melony to chop off the hand on Tari's cybernetic arm, which she sees happen in shock, and can only respond to with a meek and disappointed "Aw, man." With Melony having damaged a physical part of Tari, Meggy is pushed to the edge and decides to stand up against Melony, combining a mushroom with a vegetable kebab to enlarge it, and challenge her to a duel. Tari watches in-between the two of them as a spectator, with Meggy threatening to stop Melony if she refuses to stop causing chaos. Melony responds to her, saying that someone's going to pay [for the melons], and the two duel each other. Melony accuses them all of hurting her "friends", who are the melons, and Meggy retorts her priorities, saying that she is her actual friend. The two of them end up blown away by an explosion, caused by Luigi as a tank shooting in their direction, throwing them at the destroyed table set, as he is chasing around after Mario and Bob. The two boys in question then jump onto the table upon seeing the food, crashing into Melony and Meggy and causing destruction.

When SMG4 and Saiko returns from their food gathering, he sees Meggy hurt with Melony crying over a halved watermelon in the debris of the table, Tari crying as she holds her limp broken hand while her arm repetitively emits sparks, and Luigi's buff form in the fetal position next to Mario and Bob eating away at the food, and upon seeing this, he shrieks in anger. With their attention now toward him, everyone simultaneously says "Uh oh...", anticipating a punishment. Saiko tells herself that she called everyone causing chaos anyway, and SMG4 has a speech towards his gang. The speech in question is about his disappointment in everyone for being able to fight against SMG0 and save the universe, and how their character has developed overtime, he simply wanted an evening with his friends with a relaxing barbecue session. He turns out to approve of the chaos, since it's a regular for them all, and everyone, except Saiko, laughs gratuitously over SMG4 characterizing their chaos as a regular. Saiko simply displays disbelief over SMG4's reaction, and he follows on from his statement, telling everyone to gather the remaining edible food and begin the barbecue, everyone cheering.

By dawn, with the barbecue having finally been set up, Melony excessively apologizes to Tari at the table, in the seat next to her, for damaging her arm, which is noticeably compensated for by a wire to tie her hand back to her arm. Tari laughs playfully, and accepts her apology. She tells Melony that the fruit has been replaced with artificial fruit, which Melony is delighted by. Bob, under the knowledge he just received, asks SMG4 what the fruit is made of, and SMG4 refuses to answer as he shifts his eyes. Meggy also apologizes to Melony and Tari for the fight that occurred before, and Melony insists that she is sorry as well, telling her that the two of them should both stop fighting. Meggy approves, telling her that she will simply sit by and not cause trouble. Tari agrees, and says that they should all just enjoy their day together. Melony looks upon everyone else having conversations with one another, as well as Fishy Boopkins being trapped inside Mario's mouth and Luigi attempting to force him out. Melony moans and looks down in sorrow as she has a revelation, and Meggy notices, asking if she's okay. Melony answers, as she looks up at the Sun, that "he" (Axol) would've liked to participate in everyone having a barbecue together, and Meggy tells her that "he" is proud of them for living on the way they are. Melony can only respond by laughing cheerfully. The moment is suddenly interrupted by Tari popping up in front of Melony, who tells everyone that Mario has broken out on a meat rampage again, and it is shown that he indeed has.

SMG4: Mario Gets Into NFTs

Tari plays Yu-Gi-Oh against Fishy Boopkins and wins handily when Mario bursts in to show off his NFT. No one is impressed and they throw him out when they find out how much money he wasted. Later when Mario hits it big with NFTs and gets too into the lifestyle, Tari and the rest of the Glitchy Gang stage an intervention but things go wrong when Mario discovers he can turn other characters into NFTs and runs off to sell Luigi. Soon the power gets to Mario's head and he goes from turning strangers and enemies into NFTs to deciding that the whole world needs to be NFTs. As the Glitchy Gang is picked off one by one until only Tari is left, Bob turns on Mario, telling him he's gone too far. With Bob's help Tari escapes and the two track Mario down the Cere-bro. For the sake of her friends, Tari challenges Mario: his NFTs verus her Yu-Gi-Oh cards. The fight is evenly matched, with their trump cards Matt and Exodia calling truce but Mario then uses his original Bored Ape to attack her directly with a knife. Thankfully, Bob realises that NFT can be copy/pasted and mass spams copies of Bored Ape to fight back, allowing Tari to win.

SMG4: Mario Goes To The Zoo

Tari joins Mario, Bob, Fishy Boopkins and Melony on their trip to the zoo. When Mario and Bob unleash the pigs, the pigs quickly reveal their intent for world domination, with Tari apparently being lost in the chaos. At the epic battle between Fishy' Monke tribe and Bob's Pig army, Tari arrive ridding a duckie horse, bringing the Duckie Brigade to aid the Monkees, much to Mario's confusion.


Tari’s full GMOD appearance.

Tari wears a dodger blue and white hoodie styled to represent a blue jay, with brown khaki pants, and black fingerless gloves, while also having a metallic left arm. She wears plain white socks with dark blue heel and toe patches, and brown flip-flop sandals on top.

She has fair white skin, silky and short neon blue hair in a flat, disheveled neck-length cut prominently styled with a collection of hair acting as a fringe to cover her left eye, similar to Lilyncookies and Rosalina, with black eyebrows, tropical indigo eyes, and pink cheeks.

Tari's hand removed

Unlike her Meta Runner counterpart, it is not explained why her left arm is made of metal. It is shown in SMG4: Untitled Mario Video that the arm can be removed.

FNF appearance of Tari.

In her FNF mod she takes on an appearance more similar to her appearance in Meta Runner, including changes proportions to match that, along with being in the FNF style. She also wears gray pants.


Tari is a kind, insecure and shy girl, who likes video games (e.g. Super Smash each other in the ass Bros.), rubber ducks and cats. She is shown to be a pacifist and often tries resolving problems with words rather than actions. Tari is very skilled with weapons such as guns, but is not very athletic and seems to have low stamina. She appears to be very accident-prone, as she often finds herself getting hurt or in danger. She is also really polite and non-confrontational, as she constantly apologizes for every mistake she has made. She is very peaceful, as seen in "Mario and The Diss Track" when she disagrees with the idea of hitting Bob with a baseball bat, alternatively suggesting to the gang that they challenge Bob with a video game instead. However, if she is somehow fooled into thinking that a weapon is harmless or that she's playing a video game, she can do serious damage before she realizes what going on.

Tari can be seen as gullible and somewhat naive, as shown in "Mario and the Bob Mansion..." where she was gullible enough to believe Bob's lies about Thanksgiving, or as he claimed it, "Bobsgiving". Tari liked them and believed them to be educational. Though she may be gullible, she can at least know a consistency in something depending on the extents used to make the lie, as she questioned why none of the members of the Bob tribe became president if the pilgrims worshiped them. Her realization was so relative to the crux of his first story that Bob had to change the subject to a fake Christmas story instead, and she believed it too. Her gullibility and somewhat naivete was also shown in "SMG4 Christmas Special 2020" where she believed Bob (dressed in a Santa costume) was Santa Claus. In "Mario goes to the dentist", she believes Swagmaster6969696969 when he tells her that the gun he gave her shot gum, causing her to shoot her friends' car, leading them into a car crash, which enraged Tari as she realized that Swagmaster had lied to her, also showing that she hates being manipulated only after the consequences come to be. Apparently, she also trusts Mario to the point where she believes that Mario is a real dentist and trusts that he can treat her teeth properly. As a result of trusting Mario, her teeth explode. Despite her shortcomings, Tari is very friendly and kindhearted, and was able to quickly become friends with the majority of the cast, even with Saiko, her foil. She is also extremely sensitive as it is easy to make her upset or cry. This is shown in "The Splatfest Incident", where she bursts into tears right after Fishy Boopkins calls her "a very bad friend". This sensitivity is further explored in "The Big Bad Bully", and as indicated by her involvement in the episode, Tari can become weak-willed and unable to stand for herself against people who antagonize her by stealing her favorite possessions, resulting in her having bouts of crying and going into a deep depression. However, her sadness can be somewhat dangerous if someone were to see her like that, as shown in "War Of The Fat Italians 2019", when SMG4 stole her duck, she is able to make him feel guilty about his actions so much that he died from a heart attack.

Though Tari primarily takes non-violent approaches towards any conflict she is a part of, she is shown to still be a fan of fantasy violence, whether it is gory or not, as she is also shown playing game franchises such as Dark Souls and Grand Theft Auto where the violence itself is controlled or created entirely by the player. She also convinces Saiko to play Super Smash Bros. Melee with her by taking note of the fact that it has violence in "The Mario Purge (Halloween 2018)", showing that she is aware of this trait of herself. Nevertheless, the true reason for Tari possessing this self-contradictory trait as well as being aware of having it is currently unknown, it can be presumed that it is an indication that there is more to her moral spectrum besides being a pacifist, and that under the rarest circumstance, she can be willing to fight against someone physically and succeed. What with her having a relative interest for fantasy violence, she is also blissfully ignorant to the result of general destruction whether she is causing it or not, and is willing to ignore the responsibility of the restoration of something under an official service whether or not she intends to for the sake of her own interests, which are half-in-half gaming-related during the time of ignorance. This means that in spite of her being a pacifist by intention, Tari cheerfully and obliviously causes and ignores destruction more than she prevents it, gets involved in violent events or topics following the same procedure, or has her priorities directed more by her personal interests than her pacifistic ideals.

She has shown to be even more cowardly than Luigi on several occasions. "Mario goes do the dentist" reveals that she has never been to the dentist in her life and she tried escaping her inevitable checkup multiple times, even getting on the edge just by watching other people peacefully waiting for their turn. After her experience with Mario, who was pretending to be the dentist after he accidentally killed the real one, she ran off with Swagmaster6969696969 to escape to Mexico, where there would apparently be no dentists. In the end, she is still forced to go to the dentist, and all she could do was cry. In later videos, she seems to be less shy and less hesitant to engage in dangerous activities, as shown in "Food Wars", where she participates in the war against fried food and candy with her being on Team Candy, but she seemed to appear a little guilty when they temporarily chased Team Pizza away. She is also more a lot more sociable as she's more willing to make friends compared to her earlier appearances, where she doesn't like being in places with a lot of people and tries to avoid meeting new people.

Tari has an obsessive side, demonstrated in her first Christmas special, being extremely eager to get a rubber duck. Saiko, of all people, is freaked out by her behavior. This side of her is once again shown in "Stupid Mario 3D All-Stars", when SMG4 summoned her by squeezing a rubber duck, ultimately bringing her out for a purpose. This is also shown in "Mario goes to the dentist" where Saiko coerces Tari to return to the dentist after escaping, with the intention of never coming back.

Tari seems to be a quick thinker, as shown in "The Mario Purge", where she and Saiko Bichitaru attempt to fend off the Teletubbies with a makeshift Molotov, or in "War Of The Fat Italians 2018" when she attempts to save Mario and SMG4 on her own using only the Rejection Controller and her Expert Mode, and succeeds, not only saving the aforementioned, but the victims of the T-Pose Virus too. Among the main cast members besides SMG4, Tari is the second most competent and level-headed, the first being Meggy Spletzer, as while she may not be good at physical fights, she can use her head for far more valuable reasons than SMG4. This is most prominent in "🌽🌽🌽🌽𝓒𝓸𝓻𝓷🌽🌽🌽🌽" where she instructs everyone not to tamper with the belongings of the person who owns the farm, and she also demands everyone to clean their own mess up to make it the way it was before, unlike the other two characters she was with at the time who only caused more chaos rather than less. Though she can be shown to be one of the most competent cast members, evidence of this is rarely actually shown, as most of her time on-screen uses her less competent side, such as her primarily gullible and accident-prone foibles. In fact, this less competent side of her shows up more often than the more competent side. Sometimes the reasons for her demonstrating herself this way is because of a reason that would typically make someone seem competent compared to the average person, like the time she demonstrated to Mario that gaming requires serenity through feeding ducks in a pond, ending up in the conflict of one trying to bite her instead due the nature of the SMG4 universe, as well as the countless moments when she insists for people to focus on something. By all means, she is actually correct in both of those regards. Additionally, among the cast, Tari is more often than not playing the role of the voice of reason and indifference, usually not being a direct participant of most chaotic events in the series, instead only witnessing them or otherwise accidentally being a participant, and occasionally tries to call out to her friends' conscience in order to prevent further chaos, though no one ever really listens or otherwise the chaos has reached the point of no return.

Powers and abilities

Powerlevel: B

While Tari is shown to be physically weaker than many of the characters in her earlier appearances up to Season 10, her amazing knowledge and skill on video games make her very versatile in the various situations she’s in, and also comes off with a few strengths too:

  • Gaming Skills: In most of the episodes she’s in, Tari is very skilled and focused in playing every type of game she plays, resulting in her winning when it comes to fighting games such as Super Smash each other in the ass Bros., or going on par with Meggy in a shooting competition. This ability is also benefited by Tari’s cybernetic arm, which increases the speed and accuracy of what she’s playing. In "10 Year Anniversary Special", she weaponized this ability by using a remote control rubber duck to attack the corrupted dead memes, but ultimately failed because corrupted memes can't be killed. Her skill extends to non-digital game formats as well such as board games and trading card games.
  • Cybernetic Arm Enhancements: One of Tari’s most defining features is her cybernetic arm, which increases her gaming ability and allows her to adapt in difficult situations or in games she may have trouble with. Her arm is shown to have an “Expert Mode”, which drastically increases her speed and accuracy to extreme levels, which is enough to amaze her friends and those competing against her, although she requires to type in a code or press a logo on a holographic screen to activate it.
    • Game Warping: Tari also has the ability to transport herself (actually, her conscience) and people near her into a video game she’s currently playing with if someone or herself activates this power. During this sequence, Tari’s eyes fully turn blue (instead of white like her Meta Runner counterpart), Tari has slight control over the environment and can analyse everything to find a certain objective or goal for her and her friends to go after. In "The Tari Abnoramlity", Tari cannot leave the video game on her own free will as she must beat it if she wants to.
      • This version of Tari use this ability a very few times (not counting the non canonical episode "If Mario Was In Meta Runner") in the SMG4 series.
    • Transformation: Her arm can turn into a rocket which she can use to fly around. First discovered in SMG4: The Final Piece when Melony reprograms Tari's arm to turn into it.
  • Superhuman Strength: While she was shown to be much weaker in earlier bloopers, after The YouTube Arc, she's been shown to be more competent (likely due to the introduction of Whimpu, who's much weaker), as in "Mario goes to subway and purchases 1 tuna sub with extra mayo" she was able to throw Whimpu across a spike field with ease and subsequently leap over it from a standstill, something she couldn't do when she first debuted.
  • Cooking Skills: Tari has been shown to be an experienced cook on two occasions, in "War Of The Fat Italians 2020" and "Mario has a BBQ but he's not invited", where she has demonstrated that she can make foodstuffs like pancakes and steaks with a decided method on how she wants them to turn out. In both cases, the errors she has made as a result of her skills are not of her own choice and are more a part of her misfortune streak, and in contrast to Meggy Spletzer who can't cook at all, she is more than capable of cooking a meal correctly and even has her own planned methods of doing so depending on the category. Though she may be experienced with cooking, her skills have been used for the pivotal point of a joke the majority of the time they have been displayed.


Only In "The Resurrection", Greg's species turned Tari and her teammates into Immortals in order for them to resurrect Greg The Alien.

  • Healing: According to one of the aliens, Tari is a lightbinder. Her primary ability is to heal the severely wounded. Unfortunately, it does not work on those who are already dead.
  • Light Barrier: Tari can create a defensive barrier that blocks off dangerous attacks.
  • Ducks???: When put under an overwhelming situation (in this case being piled on by monsters) she might end up activating a unique spell that turns anyone within the radius into rubber ducks.


As the weakest member of the cast, Tari's general weaknesses have more of an extensive effect than her general powers:

  • Misfortune: Tari, while having good intentions in her actions, usually has the main result of her actions more directed by chance than what she intends to have happen, and she is very accident-prone as a result. This bad luck is not limited to simple accidents, and can reach destructive measures, leading to her occasionally destroying things that she would typically be too weak to destroy herself, or causing various manners of conflict and death among living people. An example is in the second demonstration of this destructive measure in "Meggy's Bootcamp", where the ink she shot at the target ends up knocking down an entire tower, causing a huge explosion when it hit the ground, and in "Mario goes to subway and purchases 1 tuna sub with extra mayo", where she intended to calm down the Cacodemon, instead unintentionally murdering it by causing it to have a heart attack and combust into flames.
  • Physical weakness: Tari has demonstrated herself to be physically unable to fight people by hand, requiring something or someone stronger to do the work for her. This means that she is unable to contribute to a situation that would require her to do so, which also means that she is always vulnerable to people who are actually physically stronger than her who also consider her a strong enemy, such as Belle Fontiere prior when she was a full-time villain, and is always open to those who intentionally target her. In later episodes, however, she's shown to be slightly less incompetent, but is still lacking in strength compared to most of the other main characters.
  • Cowardice: Though Tari rarely makes some exceptions of her own will, she sometimes completely refrains from getting involved in intense events or confronting her fears and in return, it does not allow her to adapt as well as if she were to attempt to confront adversity rather than avoid it. Albeit, if doing what she doesn't want to involves her friends or herself being unable to return to their and her casual lifestyle if she doesn't do it, she will make an attempt to confront it, albeit very reluctantly rather than confidently.

Criminal Record

Although Tari is kind and sweet, she still has a criminal record.

  • Damage to public / private property (unwillingly):
    • In "Super Challenge 64", Tari unintentionally led a racecar to trip up and explode into a nearby village from a football she kicked.
    • In "Meggy's Bootcamp", Tari unintentionally knocked down Inkopolis Tower with an ink projectile she shot.
  • Sedition: In "Mario The Supreme Leader", Tari (along with everyone else) opposed Mario's rule and attempted to take him down before she was interrupted. As Peach was given back the crown, her charges were dropped.
  • Illegal espionage: Tari took part in an infiltration mission to Peach's Castle to allow Axol and his friends to meet Princess Peach. Her charges were probably dropped when Peach lifted the anime ban.
  • Rioting: This technically happened in "Mario The Supreme Leader", fighting back the authorities with her friends against Mario's rule.
  • Assisting jailbreaks: Alongside Meggy and Saiko in "Mario's Prison Escape", she assisted Mario, Luigi, Boopkins and Bob to escape from the Desert Prison and was pursuited by the authorities.
  • Resisting arrest: As she took part in breaking Mario and his friends from prison, she was pursuited by the authorities and managed to hold them off.
  • Theft: In "Mario's Valentine Advice", she stole a rubber duck behind Duke Nukem's back.
  • Trespassing: In "Mario School Club", Tari trespassed the school most of the episode is set in along with Mario, Luigi, SMG4, Meggy Spletzer, Fishy Boopkins, Bob Bobowski, Axol and Shroomy, and is eventually caught by Hal Monitor at the end of the episode.
  • Larceny: Though nowhere near to the same extent as Mario and Luigi, in "Meggy Moves In", Tari stole a bookshelf from the local library, attempting to excuse it with a membership card that was actually a Pokémon trading card.
  • Accessory to carjacking: In "Mario goes to the dentist", though she never steals nor drives a stolen vehicle herself, Tari willingly joins in with Swagmaster as the passenger when he steals a taxi from Toadsworth.


Click on "Show Trivia" to see a list of Tari's Trivia.

  • Tari's name is a reference to the famous video game company called Atari, as well as the company's gaming system which was also called Atari. However, her name is revealed to be an acronym for Turbo Artificial Rapid Intelligence in the Meta Runner episode "Fatal Error".
  • Her creation and history are detailed in the video The Making Of Tari. She was made by SMG4's sister when she was around 12 years old, according to SMG4 himself.
    • In said video, Luke and Kevin denied that Tari's a robot while she is in fact (according to Meta Runner, anyway), artificial. This could've been done to create the plot twist in META RUNNER Season 2 - EP 10: Fatal Error.
      • However, her identity as an A.I. has currently remained unaddressed in the SMG4 series. It was likely lampshaded throughout the series anyways, as she has shown an obsession with robots at least twice. Also, she has never been to the dentist.
  • It is currently unknown how Tari became a cyborg in the SMG4 universe.
    • It is also unknown exactly how Tari involved herself in the tournament between Bob in the games store from when the audience first sees her.
  • Tari and Saiko can be considered foils to each other. While Tari doesn’t enjoy fighting in real life and is very friendly, Saiko is known to have psychotic tendencies and is more prone to violence than most other members of the cast. However, despite this, they do manage to be really good friends.
  • Tari's concept art is more anime-like than her final counterpart.
    • Her final counterpart itself, coincidentally, was largely criticized for assuming an anime-like appearance.
  • Though Tari's cybernetic arm has remained physically intact throughout all of her appearances, the hand of her cybernetic arm is finally chopped off in a fit of rage by Melony in SMG4: Mario has a BBQ but he's not invited.
    • At the end of the episode, as a temporary solution, she is seen having tied her hand back on to the rest of her arm with rope.
  • She mains Yoshi in Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. and Super Smash each other in the ass bros Ultimate.
  • SMG4: The Mario Carnival reveals that she's a cyborg.
  • Tari is the first modern major character and SMG4's gang member whose very second appearance is only two main SMG4 episodes apart from their debut appearance, the second being Axol, Tari appearing in "The Mario Carnival" and Axol appearing in "The Mario Showdown", which is also the episode where Tari first meets Axol.
  • It was initially believed that she was voiced by Ellyn Barclay with a British accent. However, in a Blog Video, it was confirmed that it is actually a voice actress named Celeste Notley-Smith.
  • She appears to have an affinity for rubber ducks, as seen in SMG4: The Mario Carnival and SMG4: The Mario Convention!. Tari also had a "Do It For Him" poster of Duckie in "SMG4: Mario goes to subway and purchases 1 tuna sub with extra mayo".
  • Compared to the voice of her Meta Runner counterpart, Tari's Australian accent is more Australian-American, and her voice is far more shrill, though this is likely due to her spinoff counterpart being biologically older.
  • She appears to have many video game-related clothing articles since on SMG4: The Mario Convention! she's seen with a slight cosplay of Link from The Legend of Zelda series & on SMG4: Mario's Late!, she dons a PAC-MAN hat pin and what looks to be a Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor red bow tie.
  • She is notably more realistic and like a human being in the Meta Runner universe than in the SMG4 universe.
    • One notable difference between the two is that while the Meta Runner universe version of Tari is less gullible and more willing to get into dangerous decisions despite being afraid, the SMG4 version is easily exploited and will try to run from any situation that she deems to be too terrifying unless the safety of her friends are at stake.
  • As evidenced in SMG4: Deleted, compared to all the other frequent members of SMG4's Gang prior to Melony, the circumstances of Tari's meeting with Mario meant that his meeting was the least likely to ever happen in the first place, as Mario ended up meeting with her only under the assumption that he needed some person to train him to play video games better, only having first found her in a random games store after lazing around and refusing to train by SMG4's order, and when Tari had beaten Bob, she left the store in complete ignorance of Mario himself, obligating him to have to pester her constantly to get her attention instead of the opposite situation where she came to him of her own will and intuition, and even so, he had to try desperately in order for her to comply with training him, even if it was a reluctant agreement. SMG4: Deleted shows that Tari would have simply left Mario behind forever had he not come to her. Additionally, Mario only came to her and made her an ally of his because she demonstrated her natural experience as a gamer, as evidenced in SMG4: Deleted as well, meaning that he would have never made her an ally to any capacity if she didn't demonstrate herself to be an experienced gamer. Though Axol's meeting could also count as the least likely, he was actually famous in terms of an entire country and had fans due to his public commercial production and was far easier to be aware of the existence of compared to Tari due to this.
    • Fishy Boopkins and Shroomy both met Mario by coming to Mario of their own will, the former doing it to aid and the latter doing it due to the entertainment of winning a competition Mario made himself, and Saiko Bichitaru came to be because Fishy successfully brought her to life from a video game due to willingly wanting her in the real world. As for Bob Bobowski, Mario and Luigi encountered him because they were forced to go under and into the sewers as an alternative route to get into Bowser's castle, and had to help Bob get out due to him being trapped and lost. And as for Meggy, though Mario had to willingly come to her and randomly found her secretly hidden in a paint can, the paint can itself was located within the castle, and, additionally, the reason why he had to find a paint can was for home decor, which is a really common task to do for house residents in actuality.
  • She is shown to love anime just as much as Fishy Boopkins does, though she is not an otaku like him, possessing no merchandise and dakimakuras.
  • She is one of the few main characters to never become a T-Pose Zombie.
  • Tari is the only main female character to have never engaged or threatened violence against Mario.
  • Though Tari is a main character in the series, she is more often than not overshadowed by the presence of the more traditionally apathetic, antagonistic and thickheaded characters of the series, specifically the main and secondary classic characters, leading to SMG4 wasting opportunities to use her in bloopers where her role as a naively compassionate ill-fated gamer girl who only has a talent in gaming and is otherwise relatively unfledged in basic necessities can add extra comical value to the plot.
    • She also ends up generally overshadowed by all other frequent modern major characters besides herself. The only other modern major characters to appear in the series with an active and pivotal episodic role more often than Tari are Meggy, Bob, Fishy, Shroomy, and Saiko.
      • Though Tari does indeed have her own spinoff series, said spinoff series being her true origin point, just the same way Meggy has her own, unlike Meggy, the version of Tari in Meta Runner is a counterpart and an entirely different person, compared to Meggy's spinoff series where Meggy is the same person she is in the main series, since the spinoff is all about Meggy trying to find her true path in life for her main variant.
    • Tari's glaring lack of prominence and notability in-universe compared to all other members of the main cast is highlighted by the series itself, as in SMG4: Mario and The Diss Track when Bob degrades his former friends to maximise his fame, Bob specifically states that he has forgotten her name while remembering everyone else's or not noting that he has forgotten their name in the case of Meggy, though this can be partially justified by Bob's self-absorbed personality.
      • Despite the series pointing this element out for itself, Tari still plays her major roles with the same level of attention as she did in the episodes before in episodes proceeding.
    • In a similar issue of featuring scarcely despite her role as a main character, due to Tari's general flexibility as a character, she additionally could have been introduced into the SMG4 series at least two to three years earlier than she ended up being, which was on August 25th, 2018, as well as having been generally conceptualized as a character far earlier, as the SMG4 brand is centered entirely around the concept of the popular video game franchise, Super Mario, what with Tari's central character trait being that she is a gamer.
  • Tari is the first major character to debut during a story arc (The Waluigi Arc), the second being Axol in The Anime Arc.
    • Tari is also the first major character in general to debut during a story arc, as The Waluigi Arc is the first story arc in the SMG4 chronology.
  • Her code-name during the 'Infiltrate the Castle' scene in SMG4: Mario Saves Anime is a reference to the fact that her personality was based on a blue jay.
  • She and Mario were the only major characters that never got infected by the T-Pose Virus during The Waluigi Arc.
  • In SMG4: There's Something Up With Meggy... it's shown that she finds Dark Souls 3 relaxing, a game that's part of a series that's known to be quite the opposite, partly due to its difficulty.
  • In SMG4: The Mario Convention!, Tari claims that she loves Hideo Kojima because of his work when he appears at the celebrity meet-up.
  • Tari's counterpart in Meta Runner is confirmed to be 22 years old as shown in the fifth episode. However, it is unknown whether this incarnation of Tari is the same age. In 2020 SMG4 confirmed in a Meta Runner Ask Questions on Reddit that SMG4 Tari is younger than her Meta Runner counterpart but her age is still unknown. In "Reading the Wiki on Tari", Luke said he doesn't know Tari's age.[2]
    • In SMG4: Mario goes to the Dentist..., Swagmaster refers Tari as a lady, implying she's above 18.
    • Tari is also the designated driver of certain episodes, as well as the When you drive with your parents short on the SMG4 Shorts channel, confirming that she has also has a driver's license and that she's a responsible driver compared to the other female characters.
    • Tari being a responsible driver is also evidenced in that, though Meggy Spletzer also has a driver's license, she isn't seen transporting other characters along with her, while Tari is.
  • Among the vague summarising nicknames given to the main cast between acquaintances, Tari is typically described as a "nerd", which is officially defined as "a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious" or "a single-minded expert in a particular technical field". Given that Tari is only entirely fitting with the first definition in that she lacks social skills as well as that she can actually think clearly when necessary, it is liable that she is referred to under the second definition.
  • As of mid 2021, out of all of the major characters, barring Toad, who stay as residents of Peach's Castle, as well as Waluigi and Wario, Tari is not yet the root of her own themed arc, and she also isn't the direct cause of the events of an arc, neither ending one nor starting one, though her role as judge in SMG4: Mario and the Anime Challenge can count by necessity of her unintentionally urging the events of the Anime Arc, as well as playing the role of surveillance in SMG4: Mario Saves Anime so Axol can gain access to Peach. The only obvious, significant exception to this rule is her beginning the end of Waluigi's reign by stopping Waluigi's T-Pose Army and freeing her friends in SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018 by taking control of SMG4 with the Rejection Controller acquired in SMG4: Mario and the Waluigi Apocalypse and attacking Waluigi with him, getting rid of his Staff of Rejection, though this role was mostly the case because it was her debut in War of the Fat Italians.
    • Though Tari is the one who saved the victims of Waluigi's T-Pose Army in the first place, she never actually gets a deserved amount of recognition nor a form of conflicting overwhelming praise in any proceeding episodes, let alone arcs, as the series instead prioritises Meggy, one of the victims, and winning Splatfest, which she eventually does with Tari's assistance and motivational ability as well.
      • Not only this, but in SMG4: Mario's Late!, the next official episode that is set directly after Waluigi's defeat, the entire premise of the episode concludes with SMG3 being formally congratulated for his efforts only, despite that without Tari freeing her friends and allowing the rap battle to occur, Waluigi's morale wouldn't have been decreased by the main cast so that SMG3 had to step in as a therapist, indicating that she isn't recognised by anyone at all for setting his defeat in motion, let alone recognised by her own friends.
      • Additionally, after the Genesis Arc, the series afterwards prioritises Melony and her relationship with Axol after she was forced to kill him after he confessed to her, despite Tari's encounter with SMG0 being the perfect opportunity to develop her own character as well.
    • It is likely that Tari is not the pivotal point of her own arc because she avoids chaos and trouble as much as possible, and the only way she could get involved in an arc as a pivotal factor is if chaos and trouble was targeting her instead.
    • Though Tari may not get involved in conflict by her own decision and is completely unable to desire for other people to actually suffer from something due to her compassionate personality, with her having elaborate cybernetic enhancements, it's still possible for a third party to corrupt her and force her into a rampage using her full power, similarly to what happened with Axol in the Genesis Arc.
    • Unlike Axol, however, Tari would be less likely to be sacrificed if her cybernetic elements are corrupted, as her corruptions would be electronic rather than organic, and instead she would need to be redeemed of her uncontrolled actions.
  • During every WOTFI rap battle from 2018 to 2021, Tari has only ever sung two sentences per one line, and didn't sing at all in 2019. This is likely due to being unwilling to verbally battle unlike everyone else in the cast.
    • In 2018, her one line was "You know, fighting's kinda lame. Why don't we all just play some games?" directed to everyone else participating.
    • In 2020, her one line was "You're so mean and as cold as ice. Aw, sorry, that wasn't very nice." directed to Belle Fontiere.
    • In 2021, her one line was "We're coming don't you wait. We'll put an end to your fate." directed to SMG0/Ax0l.
    • Even if Tari only has one two-phrase line per rap battle, it is clear that she grows more confident and willing to use more assertive and directive words by each instance, her first ever one involving her normal pacifistic self.
    • In her only other singing role, the SMG4 10th Anniversary Song, Tari only sung two lines independently the same way she does in her featured rap battles, except she sung two sentence fragments, "This decade dreams came true" and "And there'll always be more", rather than whole sentences. However, she also sings all the additional 6 group lines, adding up to 8 lines in total, which technically also makes the SMG4 10th Anniversary Song the song where Tari sings the most lines.
  • As revealed in SMG4: The Big Bad Bully, Tari lives in Onett, which is not part of the Mushroom Kingdom, but part of Eagleland in EarthBound, however many major characters often visit the place, hinting that there is a land border between Eagleland and the Mushroom Kingdom.
    • In a later Hobo Bros episode on October 2, 2020, Kevin later explained that she actually lives in Silica City, and rented an apartment in Onett temporarily, but remains a resident there. But he wasn't sure if the city exist in the SMG4 Verse.
      • This also confirms that maybe Silica City exists in the SMG4 Canon.
  • She and Bob Bobowski are the most frequent members of SMG4's Gang aside from Mario, Luigi, and SMG4 to appear in Season 10.
    • She seems to have replaced Meggy Spletzer as the most prominent female character of that season. as she has more appearances than her as of SMG4: Mario's Inside Story as well as more speaking roles starting with SMG4: The E G G. After The YouTube Arc, however, her appearances began to decrease due to the second season of Meta Runner premiering, and to prevent both herself and Belle from becoming stale.
    • As of SMG4: The Melony Felony, Bob Bobowski has appeared more than her, appearing in every video of Season 11 thus far in some capacity.
    • By Season 12, Tari had been reduced to minor roles before eventually disappearing from the series by May 2022, likely due to the release of Meta Runner's Season 3 trailer on May 6, as a way to prevent Tari from going stale.
  • She uses recycled voice clips similar to Mario and Luigi rather than constantly recording new ones. This is due to the fact that their voice actors are usually busy voicing their characters for the animated series, so it's more convenient for them to leave behind prerecorded voice lines for the SMG4 series to use. This trait is currently shared with Belle Fontiere and Meggy Spletzer.
    • By extension, she currently doesn't have any voice clips for saying Belle's name.
  • She's one of the few characters in the SMG4 series that rarely swears, only doing so thrice.
  • Tari's arm can withstand a strike from Sephiroth's Masamune which could slice Mako Cannons, as shown in SMG4: World War Mario.
  • Tari is the sixth member to be added to the modern version of SMG4's Gang, after Boopkins, Bob Bobowski, Meggy Spletzer, Shroomy, Saiko Bichitaru, and before Axol and Melony.
    • Tari is also the sixth and penultimate living member to be added to the modern version of SMG4's Gang, the seventh and final modern living member being Melony. Prior to the epilogue of War Of The Fat Italians 2021, the seventh and penultimate living member was Axol, and Melony would have been the eighth member had Axol not been possessed by Niles and chained down into his dimension.
  • In the FNF mod that adds Tari, she doesn't have a proper death animation due to an oversight, this will be fixed in a later update according to FM.
    • Her up animation causes her right glove to disappear.
  • She appears on a poster parodying the production Hairspray in the background of one of the magicians' dressing rooms in the Sunset Paradise episode "Cat-sino Royale". She is also indirectly mentioned by Meggy to Whisk later on.
  • She is currently taking Spanish classes from Swagmaster6969696969 (presumably so that she can escape to Mexico the next time she is forced to go to the dentist).
  • Tari is only main character to have no direct connection to existing videogame franchises.
    • Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Peach, Toad, and Steve are all warped versions of existing videogame characters.
    • SMG4 is a Mario Recolor.
    • Fishy Boopkins is a Spike, a common Super Mario Bros enemy.
    • Bob uses the model of the Garo enemy from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and Melony is empowered by the Fierce Deity Mask from the same game.
    • Meggy was previously an Inkling and Axol was born and raised in Inkopolis.
    • Shroomy is visually based off a Super Mushroom and is the nephew of Doom Guy and Lady Dimitrescu.
    • Saiko's hammer is a retextured version of King Dedede's hammer and she is based of the girls of Doki Doki Literature Club.
  • Tari was ranked by Luke & James as 6th powerful "B-Tier" character in the "SMG4 Character Powerlevels" tier list (Following Luigi, Mario, Baldi, Axol, & Swagmaster696969696969) during the 5,100,000 Subscribers Livestream.

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