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Tari's Live Stream - Animated Short - META RUNNER is the five hundredth video overall to be uploaded by SMG4 and part of the Meta Runner series.

This episode was aired on May 30, 2019.


We made an animated short where Tari tries to stream a game for you but everything goes wrong.


The video opens with Tari sitting in her room and turning on her first live stream. She introduces herself and starts playing some Battle Blaze. After a rocky start, Tari prepares to go in for the kill, only to be interrupted by Theo wanting her to try the new crab DLC for his game. Tari protests that she needs to practice for the Battle Blaze competition and hangs up while her character gets killed when she was distracted.

A curious Sophia enters the room and, after giving Tari some encouragement, asks her to test her new game that provides "962% more information" to the player. Tari finds most of the information superfluous. Lamar then wanders in, looking for his good pants for a date with "Sakura-chan", whom Tari assumes is another of his body pillows. Seeing Tari streaming, Lamar offers his support and suggests she play Nova Explorers to get a more unique audience. Sophia insists Tari beta-test her mod and the two argue over it while Theo calls again and Tari gets annoyed about not getting her practice in.

The commotion attracts Masa, who insists Tari shut down the stream in spite of Sophia's insistence on her proxy network security to avoid compromising their base. An angered Sophia bites Masa and the two begin to scuffle as Tari laments what's happening. During the fight, the computer's mouse clicks on a video file showcasing Tari doing some practice runs for her stream's introduction. At this point, a thoroughly-embarrassed Tari kills the stream.

The video ends with a quick clip and a reminder that Meta Runner would debut on July 25, 2019.



  • The top two donators to Tari's stream are kevdevz and SMG4, the real life user names of Kevin Lerdwichagul and Luke Lerdwichagul.
  • Another donator is Steve, the common name of the character from Minecraft and a recurring character on the SMG4 Bloopers.


  • Lone Sausage: One of the donators listed in Tari's stream is named Dr. Tran, a character from a series of internet shorts of the same name produced by the company.
  • Guzma: One of Tari's embarrassing introduction to her streaming in her practice introduction has her using a similar style to Guzma's iconic introduction sentence before his first battle with the player: "Wanna see what destruction looks like? Here it is in human form—it's your boy Guzma!".
  • Fluttershy: Another of Tari's embarrassing introduction to her streaming in her practice video has her invoke the personality of Fluttershy, a shy pony.


  • Aside from Tari, none of the characters change facial expressions during the short. Since half the video takes place on Tari's computer screen, this was probably deliberate to save time on animating.

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