Template:Infobox Character Tari is a character from SMG4: Mario The Ultimate Gamer.


Appears for the first time in SMG4: Mario The Ultimate Gamer where she is seen in a game store playing Super Smash Each Other In The Ass Bros. against Bob. Mario sees this and wanted Tari to help him train for an upcoming rematch against Supermarioglitchy4. She initially refuses but decided to give it a go by telling Mario to be more focused when playing Whack-A-Luigi. She then gets distracted by a crane game, calling it a "chronic gambling addiction disguised as a children's game" and comments on how cute the prizes are. She and Mario then grab Toad with crane claws and destroy the machines, then they proceed to go to the pond and relax. As Mario went to go back for the rematch, Tari stayed behind as she didn't like to meet new people. However, during the match, Tari came to the castle to see how Mario's training went. Her training succeeded however she showed sorrow for SMG4 for his loss, so she decided to cheer him up by playing a match for fun as Mario celebrated in the background.


Tari likes video games, chips, and cute toys. She's rather shy and hates meeting new people, however she got a bit used to Mario's shenanigans and gave him thumbs-up when Mario did things well and was more friendly towards him. She's rather sympathetic as well, consoling SMG4 after his loss. She also constantly gets injured, much like Luigi in Super Mario Guides: HOW TO CATCH POKEMON.



  • Tari's name is a reference to the video game company Atari.
  • It is unknown if Tari will be a recurring or a major character.
  • It is unknown what game, movie, or anything else is Tari originated from.

I have absolutely no idea what's going on "I have absolutely no idea what's going on."
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