Not to be confused with her SMG4 counterpart.
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"When I think of a goal, or a task... I can see the path to complete it."

Tari is the main protagonist of Meta Runner. She is one of many professional Meta Runners.

But unlike others, she has the unique ability to warp into the video games she plays.

She currently has no memory of her origins.


Tari wears a blue and white hooded jacket over a white tank top with her Meta Runner symbol, brown pants, white and blue socks, and brown flip flop sandals. She has blue hair (with a fringe covering her right eye),and purple eyes.

Her Meta Runner Arm is on her left.

Her appearance resembles the Blue Jay Bird. In particular, her symbol and the designs on her jacket's shoulders resemble wings


Just like her SMG4 counterpart, Tari is a very kind, insecure and shy girl, who likes video games and rubber ducks.

She is shown to be a pacifist, usually trying to resolve problems with words rather than actions, and appears to be very danger prone, as she often finds herself getting hurt and/or in danger.


  • As stated by Luke and Kevin, she is a separate character in a separate continuity to SMG4's Mario Bloopers.
  • She is about 22 years old according to the episode, Wrong Warp.
  • She might be part of 'Project Blue' according to the episode, Aimbot.
  • She, along with Belle Fontiere, appear as a cameo on SMG4's computer in SMG4: The Day SMG4 Posted Cringe.
  • She seems to be amnesic and does not remember what happened during the "Blue Project" events.

I have absolutely no idea what's going on "I have absolutely no idea what's going on."
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