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The Leader of Team Killer Ink, also known as simply Leader, is a minor antagonist of the SMG4 series. She is the secondary antagonist of Season 10, serving as the final antagonist of the Anime Arc Post-Arc and the main antagonist of Meggy's Destiny: An SMG4 Movie.

She is a ruthless, competitive Inkling who is willing to do anything to win the Splatfest. She was very angry when she and her team lost as she kicked one of her teammates in the ribs in frustration. She is also the archenemy of Meggy Spletzer during the movie.

Physical description

The Leader of Killer Ink shares the same appearances with most Inklings, including her teammates. She is a light skinned Inkling girl with yellow eyes, has light blue as her signature ink color and her tentacles have a "Wave" hairstyle. Her gear set consists of Fake Contacts, White Inky Rider and Red Work Boots. Both the White Inky Rider and the Red Work Boots are branded by Rockenberg. She usually uses the .52 Gal, which is her main weapon of choice.


Leader is depicted as callous and spiteful, nearly identical to Desti and even having Meggy herself see Desti in her during the Splatfest. She is racist towards humans and at one point, plays dirty when she shoves Meggy into a pit. She is also shown to be abusive to her teammates when she kicks one of them in the ribs after Killer Ink loses.


Her team is one of the best Splatfest champions and went on to compete in the Final Splatfest event. She is incredibly racist towards humans, as when she first noticed that there were only humans on the Splat Squad , she couldn't believe that this Splatfest would allow humans to compete.

Meggy Spletzer just ignores her and proceeds with the first course. At the end of the course, where the competitors must jump over a chasm to make it to the goal, the rest of the Splat Squad make it over with ease thanks to their Ink Boi 3000s. However, as Meggy prepares to jump over, Leader charges towards her and pushes her in while she and her team jumps over. Meggy managed to get over to the goal, where she and Mario attack Leader and one of her teammates, but they are stopped by the Squid Sisters, warning them that'll they be disqualified if they do it again.

She and her team later appear during the second round, where it is revealed that they have already won the previous round and will proceed to the final round.

Leader returns for the final round where she and her team take on the Splat Squad. Though the Splat Squad get the upper hand at first, the team members are subdued, leaving only Meggy to face her enemies. After Meggy defeats most of it's members, Leader hides behind a wall while Meggy looks for her. Leader ambushes and subdues her, mocking her afterwards. However, Meggy uses her own Ink Boi to disarm Leader and splat her, allowing the Splat Squad to win the Splatfest. The Leader of Killer Ink angrily kicks one of her teammates in the ribs after she and her team loses.

She returns as the star of a horror movie Mario watches in SMG4 2020 COLLAB SPECIAL, where she gets attacked and possibly killed by an instance of SCP-939. Mario finds the movie boring and changes to a spaghetti channel.



  • Since Meggy's Destiny: An SMG4 Movie serves as the finale to the Anime Arc's post-arc story-line, Leader could be seen as the final antagonist of the Anime Arc.
  • Leader shares some similarities with Desti:
    • Both of them are cephalopods (Leader is an Inkling while Desti is an Octoling).
    • Both of them are/were enemies of Meggy Spletzer.
    • Both of them are bullies to Meggy and her allies.
    • Both of them are the leaders of their respective teams (Leader has Team Killer Ink while Desti has the Octoposse).
  • However, unlike Desti, Leader never became friends with Meggy later in the show.

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