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|weapons=.52 Gal
|weapons=.52 Gal
|fate= Lose the final Splatfest to the [[Splat Squad]]

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The Leader of Team Killer Ink, also known as simply Leader, is the final antagonist of The Anime Arc, serving as the overall main antagonist of the film Meggy's Destiny. She is a ruthless, competitive Inkling who is willing to do anything to win Splatfest. She was very angry when she and her team lost.

Physical description

The Leader of Killer Ink shares the same appearances with most Inklings, including her teammates. She is light skinned Inkling girl with yellow eyes, has light blue as her signature ink color and her tentacles have a "Wave" hairstyle. Her gear set consists of Fake Contacts, White Inky Rider and Red Work Boots. Both the White Inky Rider and the Red Work Boots are branded by Rockenberg. She usually uses the .52 Gal, which is her main weapon of choice.


Leader is depicted as callous and spiteful. She discriminates humans and at one point, plays dirty when she shoves Meggy in a pit. She is also shown to be abusive to her teammates when she kicks one of them after Killer Ink loses.


Her team is one of the best Splatfest champions and went on competing in the Final Splatfest event. She is incredibly racist towards humans, as when she first noticed the Splat Squad, she couldn't believe that this Splatfest would allow to let humans to compete.

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