Teletubbyland  (sometimes spelled Teletubbie Land) is a recurring place in SMG4's bloopers where the Teletubbies live. It debuted in the eponymous Super Mario 64 Bloopers: A Trip to Teletubbie Land and then later appeared in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: ṩṩἔᾗмὄḋᾗᾄʀ 5 (WAT O O edition)Sonic the Derphog: Eggventure and SM64: ṩṩἔᾗмὄḋᾗᾄʀ 8 (150k special). They can supposedly be entered using a Warp Pipe in the castle sewage systems.


Super Mario 64 Bloopers: The Mystery Of The Missing White And Blue

SMG4 was taken to this location as a form of torment by a jealous YouTuber who wished he could gain more subscribers than him (which was stupid).

Super Mario 64 Bloopers: A Trip to Teletubbie Land

After Mario falls into a pipe in the sewers he wound up in Teletubbyland. While there he is quickly discovered and is hunted down, until he was eventually cornered. After making up with the Teletubbies, Mario is woken up revealing it all to be a dream after he accidently choked on sewer water.

Sonic the Derphog: Eggventure (GET IT!?)

Dr. Eggman and Sonic are accidentally transported there when trying to get home. After Sonic finds out it's full of Teletubbies he wishes to go home immediately, only to find out their out of gas. So Eggman dresses up as Teletubby to try and get some gas from the petrol shop, only to get scared by seeing the first Teletubby he encounters.

S̶M̶6̶4̶: `•.¸¸.•´´¯`••. .• ( Tubbie TV ) •. .••`¯´´•.¸¸.•`

The Teletubbies invade Mario's home and force him to watch their television show. Teletubbyland only appears on TV in this episode.



  • The land originally used the map for Ponyville from the Canadian-American animated drama-fantasy musical-comedy adventure-family science-fiction TV series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and also, at one point, Rainbow Dash is seen flying in the background.
  • In the episode Where the Wild Teletubbies are, there is a planet called "Planet Tubbie" a place where Teletubbies live that is completely different that Teletubbyland.
  • Bob Bobowski has visited Teletubbyland at least once, as he aggravated one of the Teletubbies by kicking over their tubby custard. As a result, Bob nearly got himself and his friends killed by angry Teletubbies (as revealed in SMG4: The Mario Purge (Halloween 2018)).


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