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Tempest is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in Meta Runner.


A typical game of Tempest involves users fighting to gain the most kills in an arena within a limited time. Scattered around each area are spellbooks that granted whoever obtains them element powers such as fire, wind or earth that can be applied either offensively, defensively or for movement.

Tempest's most notable glitch is the "Deep Mountain Clip". By hitting the ground at 55 km/h at a 36 degree angle, a player can pass through the floor, causing the game's servers to crash immediately. Since this glitch is only possible by leaping off the tallest point in the Mountain Arena and at such a specific speed and angle, it's considered to be near-impossible in an actual match, even by a Meta Runner.

Trivia Tempest got it’s own video game known as spellbreak

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