TheAwesomeMario's a side note, GOOD GRIEF HE'S NAKED!


—TheAwesomeMario's 1st channel description, when Mario ran the channel

SMG4's 2nd channel, bringing you the best MARIO animation shorts! This was originally Mario's channel but he got wasted from too much spaghetti and now SMG4 runs it.

—TheAwesomeMario's 2nd channel description, after SMG4 took over

TheAwesomeMario is a YouTube account supposedly created by Mario. It is SMG4's second channel.

The channel first appeared in the blooper "YouTube Mario?" where, jealous of SuperMarioGlitchy4 and his YouTube channel, Mario creates his own channel to become better than SMG4. TheAwesomeMario account was also mentioned at the beginning of the video "MarioTube" when Mario walks into the castle and brags about the success of his latest video, CASTLE TOUUUURRRR!!! :D.

On July 8, 2017, the channel was briefly renamed to MORE SMG4. However, due to major criticism from fans, the MORE SMG4 video was deleted, and the channel was reverted back to TheAwesomeMario. The description, though, continues to say that Mario got drunk from too much spaghetti and gave possession of it to SMG4, making the channel a (former) official channel of Glitchy Boy..

After the video "Boopkins and Bob: The New Years Resolution", the channel once again became inactive, and by February 2018, all TheAwesomeMario-related content, in both the video descriptions and the Glitchy Boy website, were removed.

As of today, the fate of the channel's future is currently unknown.


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Trivia Edit

  • TheAwesomeMario is in fact an alternate account of SMG4.
  • The channel's username used to be theawesomario. The name was sometimes commonly misspelled as Theawesomemario or theawesmario by fans.
    • Due to this, the channel's name was eventually renamed TheAwesomeMario to prevent further confusion.
  • TheAwesomeMario's first profile picture was from the title card of the blooper "Mario Swag", uploaded by SMG4.
  • The channel's second profile picture was from the blooper "The Adventures of Mario and Luigi - Ep. 4", also uploaded by SMG4.
  • As seen in the blooper "YouTube Mario?", Toad actually created the name for Mario's YouTube channel, but Mario threatened to stab him if he ever spoke about it.
  • The channel was banned in Mariotube 2 due to extensive swearing, but Mario hacked into the YouTube server and unbanned it.
  • The amount of episodes on this channel is a confusing 64 episodes. This may be that SMG4 ended the channel on the 64 mark because he hasn’t touched this channel since that episode and he wanted the episode count to be a reference.
    • Because of this, Hobo Bros is now the main second channel.
  • Meggy is shown in several video thumbnails but doesn't appear in any of the videos themselves.