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The Adventures of Mario and Luigi - Ep. 3 is the fourteenth episode of Season 3 and the one hundred and thirteenth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This is the third episode of the The Adventures of Mario and Luigi series. It was aired on February 24, 2013.


Mario and Luigi continue their quest to rescue peach or cake...either one. Bowser has taken over the castle and Luigi is gay :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.


Mario is running around singing and dancing in a field while the song "Do You Believe in Magic" plays. Luigi joins in with Mario as they dance together. Then Luigi tells Mario that he loves him. To that, Mario wakes up from his nightmarish dream. Luigi checks up on him, only for him to be punched and told to shut up.

Mario and Luigi adventures

Cutting to Bowser, he's in his bathtub watching some television. The commercial is with Bowser saying to "please help support butt cancer or you'll end up like me D:. Bowser calls the TV Bowser a looser and decides to check the security cameras. The first two places that are shown on the security camera are the Whomp Fortress and Bob-Omb Battlefield. Bowser says that no goomba has screwed up yet. Then we get a security camera view of Bowser's behind. He questions who put that there, but says he "sorta likes it >:D"

The next view of the camera is on Luigi's face as he says "coochie coochie". Bowser is shocked and jumps off the platform. But the next scene shows him in his tub again asking "WHO PUT A LUIGI ON THE CAMERA"?. Luigi starts dancing just when the camera changes to Mario trying to get underneath the door. Bowser "WTF BOOMS"'s himself as he is shocked that "two retarded plumbers" are on his front doorsteps. A goomba informs Bowser that "they seem to be breaking in". Bowser gives credit to the two, calling it stealthy. He then asks how did they past his security; to which the audience is shown a few giant green shy guys with one farting out a giant coin. Bowser then says that "they're good"

Luigi asks Mario about the door, to which Mario bangs his head one more time and says that it's locked. Luigi then sees a keyboard and computer screen. Luigi rings the bell, and Bowser appears on the screen, asking who's there. Luigi nicely asks Bowser to unlock the door for them. Bowser then disconnects the call, to Luigi's sadness; and installs a passcode for the door. Luigi first types in Koopa, which is incorrect. He tries again offscreen a few more times for the next several minutes. Mario gets frustrated and punches Luigi out of the way. He then types in "boobs" which happens to be correct. Mario celebrates for a moment, but only for the screen to ask for the second password; which appears to be 20 characters long. This causes Mario to go full Angry German and spam the keyboard. after typing the following:





xvmbk kb mxcvxlvm,lo[vo[kdofb



the screen says that it's correct. Shocked, Mario plays it off by saying he's a genius. Luigi is also shocked by this event.

As they enter the castle, Toad asks the two what are they doing here. He goes on further to say that Bowser has taken over the place. Luigi replies back that he didn't know that piece of knowledge. Meanwhile, Mario asks is Toad knows where Peach is. To which he replies no, and that "she's a bitch". Mario yells at Toad to shut up.

Back at Bowser's perspective, he is informed that the brothers got into the castle. He asks a goomba how; to which he responds back that they got in. Bowser even complains that he had put a random password though. He then tells the goomba to inform the guards to check the area. The goomba asks where specifically; such as places like Bowser's house, or the city. Bowser yells back saying the Castle, calling the goomba a moron. He goes on by saying that they might have the princess by now.

Meanwhile, Mario just got out of the bathroom with Luigi waiting for him. They head for the ground floor hallway where, at the end of the hallway, there is a door saying "FREE PRINCESS". As Mario heads for the door, Luigi goes full Admiral Ackbar and says that "It's a trap!" Mario refuses to believe that. But then the door changes to say "FREE PRINCESS/cake". Luigi gets worried as Mario heads for the door and into the room. As Mario is running in the dark, he stops, only for us as the audience to see that he is getting Rick Rolled with a Bowser face on the singer's face.

As Mario wakes up, Luigi is up close and personal trying to wake him up. Mario kicks Luigi down and says "NO MORE RICKROLL". Bowser is over on the speakers saying that they are both in his trap, and that they will never save Peach. Mario Heads for the door, only for it to be locked. He punches a few times but is unsuccessful. Mario crawls to a corner to go cry it out. Luigi says that he will always be his brother, but is interrupted by Mario yelling at him to shut up. The suddenly, the spirit of Peach comes to tell Mario to not give up, since it's his destiny. Mario calls out Peach by saying it's "gaayyyyy!" Peach goes on by saying it is time to escape and then instructs Mario to close his eyes. Only for Mario to say "NO!" and shoot peach dead. Mario knocks on the door, only for the guard to ask what is going on in there. Mario throws Peach's body at the guard, knocking him away. Mario comes out of there with a "GENIUS" sign above him, with Luigi crawling behind.

Down in the Basement, Mario walks on the lava floor for a few minutes, only for him to experience the pain. Luigi surprisingly doesn't take any damage as a result of this.

Back to Bowser, he in shock that his JB (Justin Beiber) CD's aren't working. The goomba corrects him and says that he wasn't saying that at all. Bowser tells him to go on. To which the goomba says that Mario and Luigi escaped the jail cell. Bowser is cut off the scene as he is saying "MotherFu---" (it cuts off)

Back to Mario and Luigi, the enter the downstairs basement hallway, where they find Peach right in front of the Lethal Lava Land painting. Both Peach and Mario notice each and other and Mario goes forward to talk to Peach. Peach asks Mario to help her, to which he agrees. Bowser comes on the screen of the painting and says that he gives up and he wants a truce. He only asks the two not to take the Princess as a result of the truce. Luigi goes frantic and tries to tell Mario to "SAY NO!!!!!", but Mario says "Fine" to the deal. Peach tells Mario he's an idiot, while Bowser says that was a good choice. But then says "okay then". He then invites the three over for a picnic for the "little peace". Mario thinks about it for a second, but Luigi refuses. Bowser then says that they'll have cake.

At the picnic, all four are having a splendid time, except for the cowardly Luigi. Mario keeps harassing about the presence of the cake. Bowser asks if this is fun, to which Luigi is a bit skeptical. Bowser reassures them that this was all fun, but now they have to leave. Mario then complains about the absence of the cake. Bowser takes off with Peach saying that there was no cake. Mario says to go after Bowser, and the two follow suit. Bowser says that he will see him in hell, right before he flies off, and falls back down.

Peach is dangling from the edge of the platform and calls on for help. Mario goes to reach out for help. Peach thanks Mario for saving his life and that "we have to do something very special for you". Mario thanks Peach, but then immediately stops thanking her to ask if she has cake. She hesitates for a second and says no. This causes Mario to kick her off the platform. Luigi is shocked by the actions. But Mario says in reply, "no cake, you die". Luigi then gets cut off when he says "SUN OF A BI---" (Gets cut off).

Conclusion "peach was found in a dumpster only with a broken ass :D"

"this may be the end of the story but it's not the end of an adventure :DDD"

"ok that was really gay. but anyway here's bowser dancing and thanks for watching"

  • It's Rickroll but with Bowser's face*

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Ending Mario punches Peach into a doorframe that partially explodes when gets near it (this was made in Gmod)



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