The End is a special dimension located in Minecraft. It is a bleak, gloomy realm composed of several floating islands of Endstones and Obsidian. It is home to the Endermen, Shulkers, and the colossal Enderdragon, who feeds and heals itself on the Ender Crystals atop the Obsidian spires.

The dimension itself serves as an important place as it is where the player can beat the official Minecraft boss, the Ender Dragon, and essentially "beat" the game. The End can only be accessed by finding its rare portal in dungeons using Ender Pearls and inserting the said pearls into the 12 slots to activate it.


The End has appeared as a setting once in SMG4 Minecraft bloopers, Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Befriend the End, where Mario accidentally activates an orb that teleports him, SMG4, and Starman3 to the realm.

They meet an old man there who informs them about the Ender Dragon, and commits suicide, leaving them to face the dragon themselves. After avoiding its attacks, which costs them the orb, they find out that they have no way to get back. Just then, two Chinese warriors from the prologue of the blooper defeat the boss, and they are able to go back to the castle. However, Mario finds another orb and sends them back again accidentally, where an entire drive of Ender Dragons are waiting for them.

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