Hey bro. Where's the spaghetti at Hey bro. Where's the spaghetti at?
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Mario introduced the audience with The Hamburger Supreme.

The Hamburger Supreme is a gigantic-sized hamburger that appeared on SMG4: The Mario Channel - Mario's Jackass.


The Mario Channel - Mario's Jackass

As part of his stunts, The Hamburger Supreme, Mario presented a gigantic cheeseburger to the viewers. Mario pushed the huge burger into Peach Toadstool's castle, where the plumber found Toad standing in his usual corner. Mario casually asked him to eat the entire cheeseburger, but Toad refused to do something so ridiculous.

However, Mario did not listen to him and proceeded to shove the burger in Toad's face in an attempt to force-feed him. He eventually has the mushroom guy pinned against the wall, and Mario managed to send both Toad and the burger out of the castle after ramming them both with his stomach. He looked through the hole he made, where he found Toad flattened and the cheeseburger rolling away. A brief montage played of the burger's journey, where it traveled through several locations before landing a steady job and settling down with a new life. The burger also ran over Old Man Hobo, who was still recovering from The Bulldozer.

Later on The Screaming Italian, Toad is seems rolling on top of the giant cheeseburger after Mario headed down a corridor, where he barely avoided being crushed.


  • The hamburger is the most known fast food in McDonald's.




Toad get stuck by The Hamburger Supreme.

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