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—The Imposter, as X

The Imposter, also referred to as Teleporting Black Guy, was an assassin hired by SMG3 to slay SMG4 for the cost of a hideous Justin Bieber magazine.


SMG3 sunk past Security to speak with The Imposter about a discussion they seemed to agree on, after the deal was made the next day he sets off. on his mission, he sees MM54321 observing in his words "A beautiful day." He transforms into the shape of MM, kills MM, and infiltrates the castle

Due to the fact that SMG3 only gave a picture of SMG4 to The Imposter, he does not know his target's name, thus making Mario suspicious, but he gives away SMG4's location, Starman3 asks Mario, where The Imposter (MM) is going, (being the snitch he is) Mario tells Starman3, as Starman3 intervenes The Imposter (MM) says he was just going to use the bathroom.

Thinking that Starman3 is on to him, The Imposter takes X out and takes the form of him to keep his cover. Once he finds SMG4 he tries to kill him but has trouble trying to keep up with him, once SMG4 has The Imposter (X) cornered he exited the room to show that The Imposter (X) was trying to kill him, only for The Imposter turn into Mario.

At this moment Starman3 brings, Mario, SMG4, and Luigi up to speed on the day's current events, of The Imposter's 'performance' as the meeting is taking place. The Imposter could be seen transforming from Toad back to his regular self and tries to shoot Mario, but he forgot to put ammo in his gun. At that moment his cover was officially blown, so he teleports to the basement to hide, then soon he is quickly discovered by SMG4 and rushes to Lethal Lava Land to face off with SMG4.

Once he is defeated by SMG4, he jumps onto a moving platform vowing that they will meet again before the platform falls and crushes him between it and the lava which burn him to death, leaving SMG4, Mario, and Starman3 watching the whole scene.

SMG3 is later seen at his grave outside the castle, calling him a useless son of a b***h.


  • The Imposter is capable of Shapeshifting, Teleportation, and amazing strength.
  • Immunity to lava was also a power, but it also played a major role in his death.



  • The Imposter claims to be an orphan.
  • His grave says he lived through the years 1900-2012 however this is more than likely SMG4 making a joke.
    • The Imposter could also probably like Justin Bieber, considering he agreed with SMG3 to assassinate SMG4 for the cost of a Justin Bieber magazine
  • He looks exactly like the Crazy Toilet Dude and The Bomber.
  • When the Imposter says he is a teleporting black guy, he might have been referring to Endermen.
  • Coincidentally, his boss SMG3’s voice actor would later voice a character who was an imposter.

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