The Ink Zuccer 2000 was a machine created by Francis to extract the ink from one "special" Inkling which would power up Inkweaver to 100%.


When Francis wanted to tell Meggy what he will do to her, he reveals that he's going to throw her into the Ink Zuccer 2000 so that he can power up Axol's Inkweaver to the max. Later, Desti appears captured by anime creations, but then she manages to break out Meggy after knocking one out and escape. When they were captured again, Meggy was thrown in the Zuccer. Later, Francis attempted to extract her ink and almost succeeded. Fortunately, the Zuccer's control panel was destroyed when Axol taunted Mewtwo and the latter threw him into the control panel in anger, stopping the Zuccer's absorb process and saving Meggy's life. Later on, Saiko throws Francis into one of the Ink Zuccer's, and puts it to max power. This means Francis' blood was being sucked out of him, causing extreme pain, before the explosion of Anime Island killed him.


  • It appears that instead of killing an Inkling when it fully drains them of ink, it turns them human when mixed with the power of the Inkweaver. This may just be a product of Meggy's extreme resilience.


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