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The Mario Channel: MARIO'S CHALLENGE is the thirty-fifth episode of Season 7 and the TBA overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

It is also the third episode of The Mario Channel, and this time, both Shroomy and Gobbles The Gargoyle makes their debut in the video. It was aired on September 2, 2017.


Mario has challenged EVERYONE IN THE SMG4 UNIVERSE to climb his tower full of trials and obstacles! WHO WILL MAKE IT TO THE TOP!?


The video begins at Mario's castle with many people gathered at its base. Via a monitor, he introduced everyone to his ultimate challenge, where he invited all of them to try and win it. Both Toad and Wario asked where was the money which he had promised to all of them. However, Mario said he had something even better. Luigi hoped it would be a magical unicorn but Mario told him he was wrong. Instead, it was inside a mystery box he held in his hand and was the grand prize for winning the challenge. Mario warned there would be a lot of obstacles on the way to the top, getting Meggy, Bowser, and Dr. Pootis excited but frightening Luigi and Fishy Boopkins. Just before he opened the gates, Mario told the participants to try to avoid dying because he would not be covering any medical bills.

Floor 1: The Pit (120 participants remaining)

Check this f*ckin' sh*t out!


The first floor had a big hole called The Pit. Mario wanted to see who could jump just like him. Not being deterred, SMG4 proceeded to jump across the pit but fell short and ended up falling into the pit. Other contestants then started to mindlessly just fall into the pit, but Professor E. Gadd easily cheesed the challenge by just flying across with his jetpack. As Wario wondered how he would clear the challenge, he saw Yoshi leaning over the pit. Deciding to use Yoshi as a steed, he jumped on him. Unfortunately, he crushed the dinosaur's legs due to his weight, paralyzing him. Fearing the repercussion, he walked backward away from Yoshi. In a bid to cross the pit, multiple Goombas used their stack formation to make a bridge across the pit. As they reached the other side, they wondered how they would get up from the other side. Soon, Gourmet Guy crossed the bridge but his weight caused both him and the stack to fall into the pit.

Elimination status:

  • Failed the challenge: SMG4, multiple participants, and Gourmet Guy.
  • Failed by other participants: Yoshi and multiple Goombas.

Floor 2: The Slope (79 participants remaining)

Mario think you're f*cked. You're just f*cked"


The second floor was a huge slope. The participants had to get to the top of the slope while dodging the random items tossed by a retro Donkey Kong. Toadsworth tried climbing to the top but was knocked down by several barrels. Luigi expertly jumped across multiple barrels but was knocked down by Wario, although neither was eliminated. Link casually danced his way up singing Stayin' Alive while nearby, several Koopa Troopas were being knocked down by the barrels. Bowser also climbed to the top but called everyone a loser as he had an ingenious plan: Use his shell to bounce off the objects. Both Bob and Boopkins also made it to the top but only because Bob was using the spike as a meatshield.

Followed closely after was Waluigi. He, however, saw a huge object coming his way and grabbed a pole to cling onto. A few more heavy objects soon came and smashed his face a few more times, causing him to let go and be eliminated. Towards the end of the segment, Professor E. Gadd tried cheesing the floor using his jetpack again but got hit by a chair, eliminating him.

Elimination status:

  • Failed: Toadsworth, multiple participants, Waluigi, Professor E. Gadd, and multiple Koopa Troopas.

Floor 3: The Gargoyle (62 participants remaining)

What do I do?!

—Fishy Boopkins

Mario introduced the participants to his friend, Gobbles The Gargoyle. To pass this floor, they had to make him laugh. If they bored him, they would fail and be eliminated. Wario went first by doing a slapstick comedy of throwing a pie at Luigi's face. Gobbles laughed and allowed both of them to continue. Frankie went next and started to sing a song about his "dingaling", confusing Gobbles into crushing him. Boopkins was next. Naturally worried, he quickly came up with a plan to have Gobbles laugh: A tap-dance. Bowser then saw what Boopkins was doing and claimed he could do better by tap dancing faster. This led to a tap-dance off with both of them eventually dancing so fast they were set ablaze. Pleased with the dancing, Gobbles laughed and let them through. Finally, Bob wanted to pass, saying it would be very easy as he claimed he did entertainment for a living. He told a joke. Not only was the joke cheesy and very bad, but Bob's punchline was also actually an insult to Gobbles. Bob thought it was funny but Gobbles thought otherwise and promptly crushed him too.

Elimination status:

  • Failed: Frankie, Bob, and two other participants.

Floor 4: The Bullseye (58 participants remaining)


—Heavy Weapons Guy

In the fourth floor, Mario wanted to test each participant's aim. To pass the floor, within three shots, they must aim a faraway target's bullseye. Failed and they were eliminated. Mr. Frosty was the first to shoot but his shot hit a nearby Koopa Troopa, killing him. Meggy, being a skilled shooter, looked at another direction as she fired her gun, causing the shot to hit the bullseye easily. Shocked at what he witnessed, Heavy Weapons Guy claimed it was impossible, with Meggy just responding with a peace sign. Not being deterred, he proceeded to fire his gun, a sniper rifle but it hit the glass behind. He fired again but the shot headshot a nearby Goomba, killing him. Furious, Heavy proceeded to use a minigun to fire at the bullseye. However, since he was clearly over the three bullets limit, Mario proceeded to kick him out of the firing range, eliminating him before stating he was dead. Finally, Toad proceeded to do a 360 no-scope but aimed wrongly at Bowser, causing him to get furious. He retaliated by setting Toad on fire, which Mario commented as "That's a spicy meat-a-ball!"

Elimination status:

  • Failed by other participants: A Koopa Troopa, a Goomba, and Toad.
  • Failed the challenge: Heavy and 12 other participants.

Floor 5: The Mushroom (41 participants remaining)

Sorry toots, but Swagmaster has to win.


The fifth floor was a jumping course consisting of mushroom platforms. Mario warned the participants that some of the mushrooms were traps or unstable. Toadette was the first participant to jump across the course but activated a trap, causing the mushroom platform to ram her onto the ceiling, eliminating her. Peach Toadstool was hanging onto a mushroom platform for dear life but was kicked to her presumed death by Swagmaster69696969696, who apologized for what he did but said he had to win. Suddenly, Dr. Pootis jumped onto the platform he was on, causing it to sink into the lava. Realizing what he did, Swagmaster fought Dr. Pootis for causing both of them to lose the challenge.

Nearby, SMG3 jumped across several platforms but landed on an unstable one. It fell into the lava but he was not eliminated yet. Seeing a nearby platform, he did a super jump towards it but was stomped on by Bowser who used him to get onto the platform, eliminating him.

Elimination status:

  • Failed by other participants: Peach Toadstool and SMG3.
  • Failed the challenge: Toadette, Swagmaster, Dr. Pootis, and 2 other participants.

Floor 6: The Maze (34 participants remaining)

Uh, wanna see me tap-dance? *ded* No? Oh, okay.

—Boopkins, just before his elimination

On the sixth floor, the participants were told to navigate a maze of rooms. However, some of the rooms had scary things in them and if they got caught by such stuff, they would be eliminated. X opened a door which revealed to have a human Barney in it. Seeing him, Barney went off to hug X but the door shut before he could do so. Bowser tried another door but what he saw in the room shocked him, which was revealed just to be Wario picking his nose. In response to Bowser's reaction, Wario flipped him off.

As Boopkins wandered for a way out, he entered the room and found a Dead Hand from The Legend of Zelda, which proceeded to chase after him. Just as Boopkins thought he was done for, he saw a banana and tried to deter Dead hand with it. Suddenly, Donkey Kong appeared. Thinking he was there to save him, Boopkins was relieved. However, it turned out Donkey Kong just wanted the banana Boopkins was holding and snatched it. He ate it and then left the room happy. Boopkins then tried asking Dead Hand if it wanted to see him tap dance but he obviously refused and it eliminated Boopkins offscreen.

Elimination status:

  • Failed: Fishy Boopkins and 10 other participants.

Floor 7: The Wheel (23 participants remaining)



Mario introduced the participants to the wheel which would randomly select a small challenge with one of the options to even instantly winning the challenge. A Piranha Plant was the first participant to try the wheel and its challenge was to survive an intense meteor shower. Piranha Plant was ready for it but was naturally killed by the meteor shower. Wario then pushed Luigi to do the wheel which gave him the challenge to do absolutely nothing, allowing Luigi to pass the floor. Frustrated by Luigi's lucky pick, Wario tried the wheel himself. It almost landed on surviving while being pushed off a plane but Wario pushed the wheel to select surviving free money. Thinking it would also be easy, Wario exposed his body for the money. Turned out it was being fired with huge coins at full force, which resulted in him crushed. Then, it was Link's turn. His challenge was to sing a beautiful song. Link chose to sing I Will Always Love You but sang it so horribly that it caused everyone's ears to bleed and for the monitor Mario's face was on to crack. In response to the awful singing, a train ran him over, eliminating him.

Death status:

  • Failed: Piranha Plant, Wario, and Link.

Floor 8: The Gauntlet (Ya'll gonna die (less than 20) participants remaining)


—Steve after his head is cut off

The eighth floor was a long obstacle course that had an elevator that would take the participants to the castle's roof. However, only one person was allowed in the elevator, causing all participants to quickly clear through the obstacle course. X, a Goomba, and some participants tried making a mad dash, just to activate a trap to their elimination. Luigi though managed to stop safely. In another section, Po came across a saw-blade but realizing it was too risky to cross, saw a Whomp and used it to shield himself from the saw blade. As he laughed at his cunning plan, another trap activated, pushing him off.

Steve in a third section saw some blades swinging. Going "YOLO!", he dashed across, just to have his head fall off after a while. In the fourth section across a bridge, a Shy Guy was crossing it when he was pushed off by Bowser. Once he crossed the bridge, he proceeded to destroy it just as Meggy was using it. As it fell, she used her quick reflexes to jump across the debris of the broken bridge to eventually cross the other side, bouncing on the Koopa King's head on the way, shocking and confusing him. The remaining participants eventually saw the elevator in a simple corridor. Mario then reminded them that only one participant was allowed in, causing everyone, including Dr. Eggman to rush for it. On the roof, Mario heard someone coming up to the roof. He turned around to see who was the fastest. It was revealed to be an anthropomorphic mushroom named Shroomy. Mario was shocked at the newcomer but then brushed it off, saying that Shroomy had not won yet due to having one more challenge left: Mario himself in a tank.

Elimination status:

  • Failed by other participants: Shy Guy and Whomp.
  • Failed the challenge: X, a Goomba, Po, Steve, and an unknown number of participants.
  • Did not manage to get into the elevator: Luigi, Bowser, Meggy, Donkey Kong, Dr. Eggman, and an unknown number of participants.

Roof: The Italian (1 participant remaining)

Good thing I have this here rocket launcher!

Shroomy and Mario

The showdown between Mario and Shroomy began, taking place on top of the castle's roof. Suddenly, Shroomy brandished a rocket launcher, which surprised Mario, as he did not recall placing one in any of his challenges at all. Shroomy then revealed he was a rocket launcher builder and had a badge about it. He then fired a rocket at Mario, causing him and his tank to explode. Shroomy won the challenge and got his prize from the mystery box, which was actually a 10% off chicken nuggets at McDonald's coupon which would expire tomorrow. He proceeded to pin the coupon onto his badge holder and celebrated by dancing with his hands in the air. This continued into the credits, breaking the fourth wall.

Deleted Scene

Please see Mario's EXTRAS: MARIO'S CHALLENGE#Plot for the deleted scenes.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters


  • King Bob-ombs (mutiples appear at 0:11)
  • Heavy Squid (appears at 0:23)
  • Goompapsta (appears at 0:23)
  • Boos (appears at 0:23)
  • Koopa Troopas (appear at 0:24 in the background)
  • SwagTubbie (appears at 0:25 in the background)
  • Kermit The Frog (appears at 0:25 in the background)
  • Birdo (appears at 0:25 in the background)
  • Pianta (appears at 0:25 in the background)
  • Il Piantissimo (appears at 0:26 in the background)
  • Tom Nook (appears at 0:27)
  • Rabbid Mario (appears at 0:27 in the background)
  • Smart Mario (appears at 0:27)
  • Other Teletubbies (one appears at 0:30)
  • Dollynho (appears at 0:48)
  • Daisy (appears at 1:07)
  • Weegees (several appear at 1:08)
  • Goofy (appears at 1:31 failing The Pit)
  • Cheep Cheep (appears at 1:31 failing The Pit)
  • Spiny (appears at 1:31 failing The Pit)
  • Bob-omb (appears at 1:31 failing The Pit)
  • Pete (appears at 2:05 at the start of The Slope)
  • Toadsworth (appears at 2:21 attempting The Slope but failed)
  • Toadette (appears at 5:30 attempting The Mushroom but failed)
  • Peach Toadstool (appears at 5:36 attempting The Mushroom but was kicked to her death by Swagmaster6969696969)
  • Barney (appears at 6:20 in The Maze as one of its monsters)
  • Piranha Plant (appears at 7:31 in The Wheel but failed its challenge)
  • Whomp (appears at 8:49 in The Gaunlet and was used by Po to block a sawblade)
  • Shy Guy (appears at 9:14 in The Gaunlet but was pushed off to his death by Bowser)
  • Dr. Eggman (appears at 9:41 in The Gaunlet in the background but failed to get onto the elevator)

Music used

  • 00:10 – White Hot Circuit, Mario Party 5
  • 00:33 – Dream Country, Mario Party 5
  • 00:41 – Silver Sparkle, Spongebob
  • 00:51 – Fight Fair, Mario Party 5
  • 01:13 – That’s All of It, Mario Party 2
  • 01:24 – Silhouette (Opening 16), Naruto
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  • 10:30 – Drowsy, Dr Luigi
  • 10:45 – Game Won, Dr Luigi


  • The Luigi does absolutely nothing joke is reused again in this episode.
  • This is the second time Bob’s terrible sense of humor is mentioned.
  • This video marks the return of SwagMaster6969696969, who originated in Guards N' Retards.
    • Strangely, his friend Chris is not with him.
  • So far, this was the first SMG4 and the Mario channel video with the most characters appearing.
  • Despite there being 120 participants, a recent attempt at counting up to that number has resulted in approximately more than stated, perhaps even double. This has yet to be confirmed, however, possibly due to budget constraints on SMG4's end, this error will be ignored.
  • The tower silhouette used to introduce each challenge closely resembles the Taipei 101, a building in the Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan.
  • This is one of the few videos where Mario shows great intelligence since no one with Mario's intelligence would be able to make a challenge like this.
  • When certain characters got eliminated, instead of a "ded" message, they had unique ones. In this case, Heavy, Toad, and Steve. Heavy's message was "I am ded", Toad's message was Mario saying "That's-a Spicy Meatball!", while Steve's message was him saying "DAMMIT!"


  • This is an obvious parody of the Japanese gameshow, Takeshi's Castle.

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