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Stop It. This is not Okey dokey.
Stop it! This is not okie dokie!
WARNING: This bloopers contains scenes of drug usage. Viewer discretion is advised! (Don’t let your kids watch it!)

The Mario Channel: MARIOBUSTERS is a blooper created by SMG4, and the second episode of The Mario Channel that released on April 15, 2017. In this blooper, Mario decides to go myth busting, but as always, in an extremely retarded way.


Mario tries to bust some retarded myths around the Mushroom Kingdom!


Let's get ready to RUMBLE!


The video starts with Mario introducing the show (read the synopsis) and the first myth.

Can humans fly?

The viewer can see Luigi with a helmet in a shopping cart with happy face balloons and rockets. Luigi (being the scaredy cat he is) immediately yelled for the viewers to call 911. Mario then starts up the rocket and Luigi screams in horror, when the "vehicle" stays for a second and then fly's out of control without taking Luigi with it. The cart is still flying uncontrollably while Luigi is lying there.

The Result: BUSTED

After the myth, the viewer then sees the title MarioBUSTERS and then shows a derpy-looking Mario saying "Whoa"

Can 1-UP Mushrooms bring you back to life?

Dr. Kleiner was walking on the sidewalk when Mario ran over the poor man with his kart, killing him. Mario then throws (what seems to be) a 1-Up Mushroom at him, but when nothing happens, Mario gives an angry face to the camera as it zooms in on him.

The Result: BUSTED

Do Shy Guys like toast?

Mario holds a piece of toast in the middle of the desert, waiting for shy guys saying "Come here fishy, fishy. HHEEEEEERE fishy, fishy". At first nothing happened, but when Mario looks to his left, his head enlarges in surprise with a Metal Gear "!" sound occurs when hundreds upon hundreds of Shy Guys come toward Mario yelling "TOAST" which overlapped numerous times. Mario screams in fear still holding the toast when the swarm of Shy Guys run over him. When that was over, Mario is seen as a skeleton (with his hat of course) and gives a thumbs-up.

The Result: CONFIRMED (As of Mario's corpse falls on the ground)

Can red shells attack people from far away?

Mario, holding the red Koopa Shell, kicks it away and tells it to "kick Wario's ass". The camera then switches to Wario, who is laughing in envy (assumingly) with all the garlic and some food items. The phone then rings which catches Wario's attention. When he answers the phone, a taken reference takes place with Wario listening to what the red Koopa Shell will do to him.

The red shell then hangs up on Wario, frightening him. The doorbell then rings when a scared Wario peeks from the corner, and then opens the door, only to see the pizza man with the pizza (he mistakes Wario for a woman due to calling him ma'am). Happy, Wario takes the pizza and tells the man to "Have a rotten day" (he didn't even leave a tip). When Wario shoves aside the bottles from the table and opens the box of pizza, he finds the red Koopa Shell with Swag glasses and a gun saying "Suprise motherf**ker". Wario then literally screams like a girl and is thrown out of the window.


Is Luigi gay?

Luigi is surprised that he was asked this question.

Result: Confirmed

Can stars make you invincible?

Mario grabs a Power Star, but he is shot to death by Solid Snake. On the second try, he surrounds himself with stars, but still shot to death.

Result: Plausible

Does Fishy Boopkins have any friends?

It is revealed that Fishy Boopkins only "friends" are his rubber ducky and a half eaten sandwich. He then breaks the fourth wall by asking the viewer to be his friend.

Result: Busted

Are Boos scaredy cats?

Gamer Boo is playing a horror game with Mario inside of it. Mario scares Gamer Boo and another Boo on the couch.

Result: Confirmed

Will SMG4 ever find love?

SMG4 goes out with a computer monitor that has a wig and Filthy Frank's face on it and later SMG4 destroys a computer monitor.

Result: Busted (That's real.)

Is Dr. Mario actually a real doctor?

Dr. Mario, insulted over the viewer not believing in his "genius" proceeds to go to a hospital waiting room, shooting pills at the patients. He however, fails miserably due to giving a simple Band-Aid to a heavily injured Heavy Weapons Guy and throwing a frozen Toad into lava, which results in them killed. Angry, Dr. Mario yells "SH*T!"

Result: Busted

Does Bowser love Peach?

Bowser is licking a poster of Peach.

Result: Confirmed

Does Peach love Bowser?

Bowser is dancing outside the castle with a sign with "Do you love me? :D" written on it. However, due to obviously hating Bowser for constantly kidnapping her, Peach raises her middle finger at him.

Result: Busted

Can Mushrooms make your car go fast?

Mario puts mushrooms in the exhaust pipes of his kart. Mario puts his foot on the gas pedal assuming the engine is preparing to go really fast but his cart blew up.

Result: Busted

Can Fishy Boopkins steal the declaration of independence?

Fishy Boopkins stole the declaration of independence but he got crushed outside the museum by 6 police cars.

Result: Plausible

Is Steve a genius?

Steve invents flying cars by attaching chickens on a car then summoning Colonel Sanders to scare the chickens into flying. After a short flight, the car falls to the ground and explodes with Mario inside.

Result: Confirmed

Is it possible to see John Cena?

Mario meets John Cena but he stabbed Mario's eyes with coins so he could not see him.

Result: Busted (If you want to see John Cena that's not possible.)

Can Mario actually become Paper Mario?

Mario tests that out by letting himself getting squashed by a Thwomp but looks more crushed than flattened.

Result: Busted (It is so funny.)

Is Bob the most annoying creature in the world?

Bob asked a nearby man this question but the man dies before he finishes his question.

Result: Confirmed

Can POW-blocks cause a tsunami?

Mario's first try causes the POW-block to bounce away. The second try has Mario using many, many POW-Blocks. But it causes the Earth to die and scores 2000 points. Mario then says "Oh Sh*t."

Result: Plausible

Are the Koopa Kids (also known as the Koopalings) actually Bowser's children?

A doctor comes in and says "The results are in, you are the father", Bowser then freaks out.

Result: Confirmed

Do Piranha Plants have legs?

Mario mocks a piranha plant making it come out of the ground. Then it start biting Mario and shaking its butt at him. Mario then quickly backs away leaving the piranha plant to dance.

Result: Confirmed

Can Mario slap everyone in the kingdom on the a*s in under 10 seconds?

As stated this is the most and intense and famous myth of all time, Mario quickly slaps everyone on the ass, including Donkey Kong, Bowser, Eggman, several emenies and Fishy Boopkins.

Result: Confirmed

Shortly afterwards, he's confronted by an angry mob led by SMG4 on Bowser's lair, angry at him for touching their butts. As SMG4 calls everybody to f*ck Mario off, Mario is in panic and he cannot escape at this time.

Can Mario survive an a*s whoopin'?

In retaliation for Mario touching their butts, SMG4, Peach, Donkey Kong and Dr. Eggman whack Mario with crowbars. Mario then thinks it's over saying "That wasn't so bad." Then, they all tied him to train tracks and a train whistle is heard while Mario is screaming. Then, a train mafia with a Thomas the Weed Engine says "Chu Chu Motherf**ker" and repeatedly shoots the horrified and screaming Mario with a machine gun, with Mario struggling to avoid the shots. The song "Smoke Weed Everyday" is playing.

Result: Busted (So that's all folks! That's what I said, guys!)


Music Used

  • 00:06 – Main Theme; Mythbusters
  • 00:31 – Piranha Swing; Mario Party 5
  • 00:39 – Monstro Town (My Paradise); Super Mario RPG
  • 00:50 – Bowser Laughs; Mario Party 5
  • 01:14 – Goldenrod City; Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver
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  • 03:09 – The Fragrance of Dark Coffee – Godot; Turnabout Jazz Soul
  • 03:21 – Dr Mario / Soujla Boy Parody; SilvaGunner
  • 04:07 – Koopa’s Theme; Super Mario 64
  • 04:12 – My Boo (I Want To Be Your Lady Baby); Ghost Town DJs
  • 04:39 – Circuit; Mario Kart 64
  • 04:56 – Do The Mario; Super Mario Brothers Super Show
  • 05:18 – Pokey’s House; Earthbound
  • 05:35 – Hit And Run; Simpsons Hit & Run
  • 06:00 – Redial; Bomberman Hero
  • 06:48 – Mario Back To Normal; Luigi’s Mansion
  • 07:00 – September; Earth; Wind & Fire
  • 07:08 – Clowning Around; CinemaSins
  • 07:22 – Peach Beach
  • 07:42 - Wouldn’t It Be Nice; Beach Boys
  • 07:49 – Good Luck!; Mario Party 3
  • 08:00 – Don’t Cha; Pussycat Dolls
  • 08:22 – Lockstep; Rhythm Heaven
  • 09:09 – Main Theme; Thomas The Tank Engine (1981) / Smoke Weed Everyday


  • This episode is a parody of the reality show Mythbusters.

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