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The Mario Channel: Mario Vs Wild is a blooper created by SMG4, and the first episode of The Mario Channel that released on March 25, 2017. Mario records himself in a forest with SMG4's camera.


Mario hosts his own TV channel and shows us how to... 'survive' in the wild!


The blooper begins with SMG4 watching YouTube. There is a sudden knock on the door as Mario breaks the door. Mario explains his plan to make a 'survival' show and asks to borrow his camera, however, SMG4 refuses because Mario owes him a lot of money. Mario starts crying and smashes SMG4's table. Finally, SMG4 gives in and gives his camera to Mario.

Outside the castle, Mario checks his equipment, which turns out to be as simple as a bowl of spaghetti, Lakitu and SMG4's camera. A taxi drives into view and Mario enters. He asks the driver to drop him off in the middle of a forest. However, the driver turned out to be Morgan Freeman but still accepted to take Mario to the forest.

After a few scenes, the taxi is seen flying over a forest. Freeman literally kicks Mario out of the taxi, and into the forest.

Mario starts recording and explains that he will be giving 'survival tips' along the way of getting out of the forest. Mario's first tip was asking the locals for help. Mario asks a piranha plant for help but the plant just bite Mario's head. Mario's next step was to climb a tree to see the entire forest. However, because of how fat he is, Mario fails to do so. In the end, he cheats by making Lakitu fly him up. Mario scouts the terrain, and sees a plane flying past. Mario tries to get the pilot's attention by throwing a rock. However, the plane crashes instead. A bird knocks Mario off the tree.

The Italian lands on three eggs, and think's it's free food. While he was recording this rare occasion, Woody sneaks up on Mario and reveals that the eggs were his babies. Mario flees and just when he thought he outran Woody, it turns out Mario was standing on a river. Mario gets swept away. He tries to get Lakitu to help, but Lakitu was live streaming the record. Mario hits a rock at the bottom of a waterfall, and faints.

Later, Mario wakes up after being fished out by Frankie, who screams upon seeing him. He then decides to tell everyone how to find food, by reaching into his pocket for spaghetti. But the spaghetti has gone missing for some reason, causing Mario to start fighting Lakitu. After Lakitu was taken care of, Mario goes fishing, first using a twig as some sort of spear but later resorting to opening his mouth and sucking in the river water. Eventually, Mario ends up catching Fishy Boopkins, who is rejected by the former despite reminding him that he tastes delicious.

As he walks away from the river, Mario encounters a bear but gets spotted by it. He tells his viewers that all they have to do is show their dominance, before taunting the bear himself. But when the bear turns out to be Pedobear with a shotgun, Mario immediately freaks out and runs away from it.

After outrunning Pedobear, Mario then picks some berries to eat. He is able to pick two wild berries from a nearby shrub, only for the third one to be Woody who causes Mario to back off.

When night falls on the forest, Mario explains how to start a campfire. Unfortunately, when he attempted to start a fire by rubbing two twigs, he caused an explosion and didn't start a fire at all. He has to resort to heating up some wood in a microwave to make a fire. Now with the fire lit, Mario makes a shelter (which is merely just some twigs connected over his body) and jumps into the fire to keep himself warm. Hungry, he then eats something offscreen that causes his head to shrink and him to fall down dead.

The next morning, Mario decides to keep walking until he finds something, but is weak from the lack of spaghetti or something to drink. He falls down due to fatigue, until he sees someone above him who turns out to be the Sniper from TF2. Sniper gives him some "piss" to drink and leads him to his camp, only to put the plumber in a giant pot and cook him for his lunch. Mario is initially terrified about being eaten, before Woody suddenly emerges and attacks Sniper over "his prey." The two brawl until Sniper throws Woody onto the pot with Mario inside, breaking it and allowing Mario to escape. Lakitu convinces Mario that the two should leave the scene immediately, but Mario doesn't want to leave Sniper alone. He returns to the brawl to steal a mobile phone from Sniper's pocket and order a helicopter off Ebay to escape the wild. Woody is last seen punching Sniper in the butt as Mario and Lakitu use the helicopter to fly away from their confrontation in the wild.


Music Used

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