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The Mario Happy Face Foundation (Mario :D Foundation) is a video created by Mario to use in his YouTube channel TheAwesomeMario. It is the  videos on the channel.

It is the 2nd video partially featured in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Youtube Mario?.


Help all those sad Toads stuck in those toilets :(


The video starts with an intro saying "Mario :D Foundation" . The video cuts with Mario telling everyone who watches the video. He says it's important. He knows everyone that all times that are "desperate in today's society.". That means, Mario needs help with a money. He knows everyone that lots of Toads get's more "stuck in toilets everyday". But Toad tells on screen to call the cops. Which is means, "we must donate" all their cash to his happy face foundation. But Toad needs to help and he's actually not smiling. Mario tells that donate all your money to:



  • Mario's hotmail account ( is a reference to Hotel Mario where Mario tells to invite for a "picnic, Gay Luigi?".
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