—, The Monster

The Monster(stylized as tђє ๓๏ภรtєг)  is a villain who has appeared in SMG4's 2012 videos in Season 2. It first appeared in "the babysitters" in disguise as Baby Mario and it tried to take over Bowser's Army and destroy Bowser himself. Mario, Luigi, and SMG4 eventually reached the Monster who revealed its true form. Luigi killed the Monster destroying it. It made a cameo appearance in SMG3's plan to destroy SMG4 because he felt like it. It was one of the many villains revived by SMG3.

It got the lead role in The Monster where SMG3 sent it to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom. SMG4 destroyed its heart thus destroying the Monster for real. The Monster has three forms. Its first form is its weakest form but it can travel to different places and wields a scythe. Its second form is its true form and and it can attack in this form. It's third form is its strongest and largest form. In this form, it's super powerful and it can destroy an entire city.

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