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The Mystery of the Missing White and Blue (40,000 subs special) is the twenty-ninth episode of Season 3 and the one hundred and twenty-eighth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on June 6, 2013.


Yay SMG4 got 40,000 subs :D but wait? where the hell did he go? hmmm we were going to have a party D:


The video starts off with some mysterious shadow asking SMG3 to help him kill someone, SMG3 considers it, but the guy explains it'll be SMG4 and SMG3 happily agrees. The video switches over to Mario and Starman waiting for SMG4 to come in to congratulate him on his 40K subs. However, after Luigi coming in for like the 11th time Starman starts to think SMG4 has been kidnapped. So the two searches around town for like half the video and after putting up wanted posters some guy tells them he knows SMG4 and he saw him around a while ago. While the guys are searching, SMG3 and the evil dude torture SMG4 with Teletubbies, and SMG3 starts to question the guy's motives... So while searching the place the guy told them about, Mario and Starman see SMG3 and ask him if he knows where SMG4 is. He willingly shows them to the guy's lair and he gets pissed and presses a button to blow up the torture room SMG4 is in 10 minutes. So after wasting 5 minutes buying ice cream, SNG3 shows them where SMG4 is and they turn off the Teletubby holograms. The evil guy walks up to them and explains that he's just a noob and was jealous of how many views SMG4 had. SMG4 responds by telling him that's a bad excuse kidnapping someone. Then they all realize the clock was still ticking and the bomb explodes. It's then shown that the gang is in the hospital, Starman is unconscious/dead, and Mario sarcastically congratulates SMG4 on getting 40K subs. Suddenly, a Teletubby (implying it had escaped from the garage) falls from the ceiling, maniacally smiles towards the viewer, and destroys the camera.



  • This is one of the few videos featuring SMG3 in which he is not the main antagonist, alongside Birthday Freakout and Bad Stars.
  • For unknown reasons, SMG3 is not shown in the hospital.

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