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The Royal Mushroom Kingdom Police (RMKP), better known simply as The Police (with fans referring to the original designs as the N64 Police or 1337 Police, and the current designs as GMOD Police), are classic recurring characters in the SMG4 series. They are the resident law enforcement faction of the Mushroom Kingdom.


They are primarily blue recolors of Mario that serve as the residential and uniformed federal law enforcement in the Mushroom Kingdom. Whenever they appear, it is often out of nowhere and proclaim "STAHP RIGHT THERE!!" upon doing so. They are often portrayed as being the enemies of Yoshi, as he regularly commits tax fraud. The policemen are notable for their overly violent behavior when handling crimes. Actually, The Anime Secret Service arrests people that have anime in SMG4: Mario's Illegal Operation but not the police officers.

Due to this, their actions come off as less like justice and more like police brutality, breaking the law and police protocol numerous times very much like criminals they're hired to stop themselves, but with the power of law enforcement behind them. They're also very stupid and gullible, as they will arrest anyone who commits a crime, even if it is accidental, or for a good reason, as well as believe the worst of the particular criminal they are arresting. An example is in Mario Simulator Interactive. If Mario chooses to ride the kart to catch up to Bowser, one of the cops pulls him over and rather than give him a speeding ticket, immediately argues with the plumber and prepares to arrest him without even letting Mario explain himself. Another example is in A Lost Luigi, where some other cop deems Luigi a criminal due to his felonies (despite most of the crimes that Luigi committed in the episode being an accident) as well as his mustache being “suspicious”, and after failing to catch the green plumber, exaggerates the events of the chase and deems Luigi a dangerously insane criminal who must be put down at all costs.

They also have a liking for donuts, a common stereotype for policemen. In fact, some of the reasons why they arrest or attack the main cast (as well as give an exaggerated 5-star wanted level) is due to them either ruining (In R64: Stupid Mario Kart, Fishy Boopkins accidentally ran over a cop's donut) or stealing their donuts (In SMG4: If Mario was in... Deltarune, Mario stole Officer Undyne's donut, which resulted in her getting so mad that she gave him a 5-star wanted level and called the military on him).

They appear in a number of SMG4's videos, occasionally as antagonists. The policeman's color code is blue all over, except his skin which is left at the default color, however, as of SMG4: The Mario Café, they use a new custom model resembling normal policemen. Some of them are shipping police officers, as shown in SMG4: Mario Preschool.

In later seasons, the N64 police models have been abandoned in favour of more humanoid policeman with models from Garry's Mod. Hal Monitor is the chief police officer in Season 10 and became a prominent recurring policemen character, and Meggy Spletzer is a rookie officer as of SMG4: Officer Meggy. Melony is also a deputy chief in SMG4: Cooking with Mario & Bowser: World Tour.

In SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special, the SM64 variants reappear as lifeless zombified versions using their classic designs for the first time in about three years. They join the rest of the recolored Mario zombies as part of Zero's attempts to stop SMG1 and SMG2 from quarantining him. One is seen being sliced apart by Melony while he, along with other recolors, tried to kill Axol, and another is seen getting into a slapping competition with Tari. They return to normal along with the rest of the recolors.


The classic design takes the form of Mario's N64 model colored fully in blue, with only their yellow buttons remaining and their hair and skin being the same as Mario's. In more recent episodes, their models are more detailed, with a black police cap, a leather waist bag, white gloves, black shoes, and a golden police badge.

The modern design can take many different forms, but all primarily revolve around realistic human models, animated with Garry's Mod. They can also take on different species if the plot calls for it. For example, Penguin policemen (or women) appear in order to capture a killer baby penguin in SMG4: Little Penguin Lost, and in SMG4: Mario's Corn Trip, Bob and Rob were chased by bear policemen after they accidentally committed a "hit-and-run" on a regular grizzly bear.

Notable Members

Color Code

8107EC68 0000
8107EC6A FF00
8107EC6C 0000
8107EC6E FF00
8107EC70 0000
8107EC72 FF00
8107EC74 0000
8107EC76 FF00
8107EC50 0000
8107EC52 FF00
8107EC54 0000
8107EC56 FF00
8107EC58 0000
8107EC5A FF00
8107EC5C 0000
8107EC5E FF00
8107EC38 0000
8107EC3A FF00
8107EC3C 0000
8107EC3E FF00
8107EC40 0000
8107EC42 FF00
8107EC44 0000
8107EC46 FF00
8107EC20 0000
8107EC22 FF00
8107EC24 0000
8107EC26 FF00
8107EC28 0000
8107EC2A FF00
8107EC2C 0000
8107EC2E FF00















Royal Mushroom Kingdom Coast Guard (RMKCG)

This division patrols the coastal areas of the Mushroom Kingdom, to combat piracy within their waters.

Anime Secret Service (ASS) (disbanded)

This former division was created in the wake of the anime ban during the first part of The Anime Arc. Their mission at that time was to stop the distribution of anime/manga related materials. In the second part, they fought against the Anime Cartel during the Battle of Anime Island.

Royal Mushroom Kingdom National Guard (RMKNG)

This division is to guard Peach's Castle. The closest that comes to this would be the Toad Guards.

Royal Mushroom Kingdom Harbor Patrol (RMKHP)

This division patrols the harbors and ports in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Royal Mushroom Kingdom Sheriff's Department (RMKSD)

This division consists of police officers patrolling the rural areas of the Mushroom Kingdom, like one town in the mountainous snowy areas in SMG4: Little Penguin Lost.

Royal Mushroom Kingdom Border Patrol (RMKBP)

This division patrols the Mushroom Kingdom's borders, most importantly the borders of Sarasaland, Eagleland, and the city-state of Inkopolis. It also acts as a customs agency, with officers standing at the security check at the Mushroom Kingdom-Metro International Airport.

Royal Mushroom Kingdom Park Ranger Division (RMKPRD)

This division patrols the Mushroom Kingdom's national parks and nature reserves.

The Shipping Police

Appears in SMG4: Mario Preschool, who appears to stop any illegal shippings.

Los Santos Police Department (L.S.P.D.)

They are the police force in Grand Theft Mario - If Mario was in... GTA V and the police around the city of Los Santos and the territory of San Andreas. They were hunting Mario for multiple crimes that he committed which were: Homicide, killing someone's turtle, Setting some dude on fire, Driving under the influence, Shooting at random people, Blowing up a convenience store, and Public nudity. At the end of the episode they were successful capturing Mario, Franklin, Michael, and Trevor by wasting them and putting them behind bars.


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