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The Police has different types of police in SMG4's bloopers. See Police (Disambiguation).

The Police (also known as Officers and Cops) are recolors of Mario that serve as the residential law enforcement in the Mushroom Kingdom. Whenever they appear, it is often out of nowhere and proclaim "STAHP RIGHT THERE!" upon doing so. They are often portrayed as being the enemies of Yoshi, as he regularly commits tax fraud. The policemen are notable for their overly violent behavior when handling crimes. Due to this, their actions come off as less like justice and more like police brutality. They're also very stupid and gullible, as they will arrest anyone who commits a crime, even if it is accidental, or for a good reason.

They appear in a number of SuperMarioGlitchy4's videos. The policeman's color code is blue all over, except his skin which is left at the default color, however as of SMG4: The Mario Café, they use a new custom model resembling normal policemen.

Some of them are shipping police officers, as shown in Mario Preschool.



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  • Luigi (for the first time): Arrested for accidental murder.
  • Mario (for the first time) and Toad: Arrested for bank robbery and multiple minor offenses.
  • Roprinplup14: Arrested for attempted murder on Mario, SMG4 and SuperMarioGlitchy3.
  • Mario (for the second time): Arrested for reckless driving.
  • Mario (for the third time): Arrested for animal theft.
  • Luigi (for the second time): Arrested for demonic ritual.
  • Mario (for the fourth time): Arrested for public nudity.
  • Mario (for the fifth time) and SMG4: Arrested for using confiscated stuff.
  • Bowser: Arrested for child kidnapping (which he was actually innocent for).
  • Yoshi: Arrested for tax fraud.
  • Meggy: Arrested for shipping (which Fishy Boopkins framed her for).
  • Fishy Boopkins: Arrested for illegal shipping.
  • SMG4: Arrested for being a dangerous meme dealer.
  • Frankie: Arrested for crashing an ice cream truck into the police station.


  • In Crime Time, they mostly appear as Garry's Mod models.
  • The policemen are an homage to Sergeant Anous (played by Ian Hecox) of Smosh fame. Even using the same voice clips of the latter.
  • The Policemen have a new custom model as of SMG4: The Mario Café.
  • They were prominent in Mario Preschool, where they arrested six of the main cast members (except Bob), well as Yoshi.

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