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The Police has different types of police in SMG4's bloopers. See Police (Disambiguation).



The Royal Mushroom Kingdom Police (RMKP) (also known as the singular forms Officers and Cops) are recurring characters in the SMG4 series.

They are primarily blue recolours of Marios that serve as the residential and uniformed federal law enforcement in the Mushroom Kingdom. Whenever they appear, it is often out of nowhere and proclaim "STAHP RIGHT THERE!" upon doing so. They are often portrayed as being the enemies of Yoshi, as he regularly commits tax fraud. The policemen are notable for their overly violent behavior when handling crimes. Due to this, their actions come off as less like justice and more like police brutality, breaking the law and police protocol numerous times very much like criminals they're hired to stop themselves, but with the power of law enforcement behind them. They're also very stupid and gullible, as they will arrest anyone who commits a crime, even if it is accidental, or for a good reason. They also have a liking for donuts, just like several real life policemen. In fact, some of the reasons why they arrest or attack the main cast (as well as give a 5-star wanted level) is due to them either ruining (In R64: Stupid Mario Kart, Fishy Boopkins accidentally ran over a cop's donut) or stealing their donuts (In SMG4: If Mario was in... Deltarune, Mario stole Undyne's donut, which resulted in her getting so mad that she gave him a 5-star wanted level and called the military on him).

They appear in a number of SuperMarioGlitchy4's videos, occasionally as antagonists. The policeman's color code is blue all over, except his skin which is left at the default color, however as of SMG4: The Mario Café, they use a new custom model resembling normal policemen.

Some of them are shipping police officers, as shown in Mario Preschool.

Hal Monitor is the chief police officer in Season 10, and Meggy Spletzer is a rookie officer as of SMG4: Officer Meggy.



Royal Mushroom Kingdom Coast Guard (RMKCG)

This division patrols the coastal areas of the Mushroom Kingdom, to combat piracy within their waters.

Anime Secret Service (ASS) (disbanded)

This former division was created in the wake of the anime ban during the first part of The Anime Arc. Their mission at that time was to stop the distribution of anime/manga related materials. In the second part, they fought against the Anime Cartel during the Battle of Anime Island.

Royal Mushroom Kingdom National Guard (RMKNG)

This division is to guard Peach's Castle. The closest that comes to this would be the Toad Guards.

Royal Mushroom Kingdom Harbor Patrol (RMKHP)

This division patrols the harbors and ports in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Royal Mushroom Kingdom Sheriff's Department (RMKSD)

This division consists of police officers patrolling the rural areas of the Mushroom Kingdom, like one town in the mountainous snowy areas in SMG4: Little Penguin Lost.

Royal Mushroom Kingdom Border Patrol (RMKBP)

This division patrols the Mushroom Kingdom's borders, most importantly the borders of Sarasaland, Eagleland and the city-state of Inkopolis. It also acts as a customs agency, with officers standing at the security check at the Mushroom Kingdom-Metro International Airport.

Royal Mushroom Kingdom Park Ranger Division (RMKPRD)

This division patrols the Mushroom Kingdom's national parks and nature reserves.

The Shipping Police

Appears in SMG4: Mario Preschool, who appears to stop any illegal shippings.



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