Stop It. This is not Okey dokey.
Stop it! This is not okie dokie!
WARNING: This arc contains scenes of alcoholism, mild language, frightening scenes, depressing themes, mild violence, crude humor and peril. Viewer discretion is advised! (Don’t let your kids watch it!)

What will one man do for fame and fortune?

—Official description

The Rapper Bob Arc is a story arc on SMG4's channel. It is a series of videos by SMG4 that are part of a story involving Bob and his rapping career.

It is the second major story arc on SMG4's channel after The Waluigi Arc and the final story arc of Season 8 and 2018. It is succeeded by The Anime Arc.


The Rapper Bob Arc is the 2nd SMG4 story arc. Set after the events of the Waluigi Arc, the new arc centers around Bob building up his rapping career. During it, he ends up pushing his friends aside and becomes ruthless and cruel to them, especially Fishy Boopkins.


Bob's plan

SMG4: Mario And... The Well

Bob stared down a well and fled in panic. Mario was strolling along humming happily when he heard a cry for help. Mario brushed it off until it went off again, causing Mario to rush over to the abandoned well. Mario thought it was Satan, but it was really just Fishy Boopkins. He and Bob were playing until Boopkins fell down the well. Mario offered help in the form of a shovel and told Boopkins to "dig up."

As the two questioned the scientific logic behind the solution, SMG4 showed up wondering what was going on. Mario explained that Boopkins fell down the well and cannot get out. SMG4 suggested he just dig his way up, while Boopkins, who was understandably frustrated, threw the shovel at Mario's face. SMG4 decided he would fish Boopkins out, and threw the line down the well. Noticing the sharp fishhook, Boopkins refused to touch it. SMG4 demanded that he took his help and chased the poor Spike with the rod for a short time until he caught Boopkins. As the dramatic reel-in ensued, it turns out SMG4 actually caught a boulder which hit him in the penis and knocked him over.

As SMG4 recoiled from the pain, Luigi ran over having heard everything and was there to help. Promising Boopkins it would not hurt, Luigi took out his Poltergust 3000 and set it to HyperDrive mode. He warned Mario and SMG4 that it would get spicy before hitting a button that says "NUT." Unfortunately, not much happened due to the distance between Luigi and Boopkins being too great. SMG4 and Mario simply watched dumbfounded as the Poltergust "warms up." Just then, Bowser appeared out of nowhere and told Luigi he needed to be closer before grabbing the green-clad plumber by the legs and dangling him in the effort to reach Boopkins, but the well was still too deep.

Mario rooted for his brother despite the efforts being in vain, when Tari walked by and noticed what was going on. SMG4 told her Boopkins got his a$$ stuck in the well, much to Tari's shock. Bowser then gave up and told Boopkins to dig up before leaving. Tari sent a care package to Boopkins to keep him alive while they figured out a plan to get him out. Despite the package hitting him as well as Tari's sudden apology, Boopkins was overjoyed at the gift, especially when he opened it to reveal a 4KHD flat-screen and enough anime to satisfy any anime fan. Tari phoned for help, which surprisingly came in the form of Jeeves and Shroomy. Tari claimed their street smarts should be enough to help them out.

Shroomy warned everyone to stand back, as it could get intense. Mario, SMG4, and Luigi stepped back as Shroomy lowered a rope down to the little green Spike. Boopkins attempted to climb the rope, but his arms were too stubby to climb it. Shroomy asked if Boopkins tried digging up but Boopkins was visually and understandably not amused at this point, causing him to reply that he had. Jeeves said he would round everyone up and they would pull him out. Bowser, Luigi, SMG4, Mario, Tari, Jeeves, and Shroomy pulled as hard as they could, and things were finally looking up for Boopkins. However, Mario noticed a shiny quarter on the ground, and he just could not resist. Unfortunately, in the two seconds he went to grab it, everyone else lost support as Boopkins fell to his doom within the well and died, or so everyone thought, as they were seen visibly upset while Toad acted as the officiant for Fishy Boopkins's "funeral", despite Boopkins' sudden claim that he was still alive.

Just then, a horn blared as a fire truck arrived at the scene, with none other than Saiko Bichitaru and Meggy aboard. Meggy declared the Woomy Brigade was here, and Mario was impressed at the fact Meggy was a firefighter and asked where she got the truck. Meggy was initially hesitant to answer, so Saiko bluntly admitted they stole it despite Meggy insisting they "borrowed" it. Meggy then hopped down and grabbed the hose, claiming they would be forgiven as they helped for the greater good, to which Saiko unenthusiastically cheered. SMG4 was unsure of how the hose would help Boopkins, but Meggy explained her plan: fill the well with water and Boopkins would float right up. Luigi was impressed and called Meggy a genius. Saiko suddenly announced that Boopkins died, much to Meggy's shock. Turned out Meggy was not counting on Boopkins eating a lot of rocks before falling in the well, though at least Boopkins was still alive.

Mario has lost hope, but SMG4 had a last resort. He quickly scribbled a wanted poster with a cash reward to anyone who helped Boopkins. Luigi was doubtful, but as soon as SMG4 put up the poster, help came rushing in from all sides; turns out a lot of people wanted the money (even though it was only 2 coins). FightingMario54321 was there with the police squad, as well as X. Yoshi, Wario, and Waluigi, who all wanted the money as well. People were stampeding to help Boopkins, and chaos ensued.

FightingMario54321 had set up a barricade so the police could do their job, but most of them have drowned, being unable to dive so deep. Donkey Kong ran over him, and offered Boopkins a banana chain, but Toadsworth crotch kicked him and brought out a ladder. He was then knocked out by Po's crowbar, but before he could do anything else, Professor E. Gadd flew in on his jetpack and knocked him out while doing a double middle finger. Yoshi then ate him and prepared a shovel for Boopkins to dig up before an FBI agent tackled Yoshi. Everything was out of control while SMG3 simply read the paper by a cement mixer when he was grabbed by a crane operated by the Wario Bros., who cackled at his misfortune, but comeuppance was quick in the form of Steve, who destroyed their crane and proceeded with his own plan: drink up the water. X decided he had seen enough and left.

Jeeves remarked that it was quite a pickle when suddenly Bob returned in a helicopter despite not knowing how to fully operate it. Boopkins was surprised to hear Bob's voice, as he was not expecting Bob to return. Bob knocked Old Man Hobo, Shy Guy, and FightingMario54321 away with the ladder and lowered it into the well, allowing Boopkins to climb out at last. Boopkins was grateful for Bob's help, who replied: "aNytHinG foR mOneY." But then he sheepishly admitted this was his way of returning the favor of saving him from getting purged. Everyone cheered for Bob and his selfless deed, and Bob finally TRULY knew what it felt liked to be liked. Bob advertised his new mixtape on SoundCloud to the viewers before taking Fishy Boopkins home.

As everyone watched the duo fly off into the sunset, Chris and Swagmaster69696969696 popped out of the bushes where Swagmaster noticed the fire truck he stole from the government (which Meggy and Saiko stole from him). He asked Chris if he should tell them he replaced the water with vodka, but Chris said not to and let everyone be happy.

SMG4: Mario and the Bob Mansion...

Bob invited the gang to his new mansion to celebrate the first ever "Bobsgiving" day, which was just Thanksgiving with a Bob spin. Bob arrived in shades and thanked everyone for coming to celebrate Bobsgiving (despite Bowser's correction).

Bob went on to brag about his mansion with its "Mozart style," much to Tari's delight. He then offered Meggy a photoshopped version of the famous "Creation of Adam" painting, though she was visibly disgusted by it.

Saiko, however, took note on Bob's practice of "being noticed." A thought occurred to SMG4: how could Bob afford this place if he previously lived in a dump? It turned out Bob's Soundcloud rapping career actually took off, having nearly 1,000 followers and two raps posted as of the video's release. Boopkins congratulated Bob, but Mario kicked him in frustration as he just wanted the food.

After Bob guided everyone to the dining room, he proceeded to commence the feast, but the turkey was still alive. Bowser facepalms and tells Bob he needed to cook it first. Bob, who had somehow forgotten about it, then produced a shotgun, but Bowser said that he would do it himself, without the shotgun. Bob asked Meggy to go help Bowser cook, and for Boopkins, Mario, and Saiko, to go upstairs and get his special juice. Meggy was initially hesitant but brushed it off and claimed cooking was her specialty, while the unlikely trio went upstairs and headed right on the request of Bob. Saiko and Mario only went because they were bored and was hopeful of food, respectively.

Now it was just SMG4, Tari, and Bob himself at the table. There was a long, awkward silence until Bob offered to tell them the history of Bobsgiving. Tari was all for it, much to SMG4's chagrin. Bob explained that a long time ago, some idiots (who resembled Mario and Luigi respectively) came by boat to the would-be Mushroom Kingdom, but sucked at being alive.

That was, until Bob's ancestors (The Bob Tribe) helped them out, saved them, and were worshiped for it. Tari gave a standing ovation, but SMG4 was still not impressed. Suddenly, Tari questioned the actuality of the story due to the lack of presidents of the Mushroom Kingdom from the Bob Tribe. Bob started sweating but quickly distracted the two with the story of "Bobsmas" (Christmas but with Bob). Tari was once again overjoyed to hear it, but SMG4 was furious as he had to sit through another pointless story.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Meggy confessed to Bowser (who was joyfully chopping vegetables) that she was not a great cook. Bowser simply said "Nonsense! Anyone can cook!" and pulled out a prepared turkey he brought beforehand just in case. He asked Meggy to paint it in cooking oil, but Meggy was shocked at the request, particularly when Bowser said "paint."

As soon as he questioned his choice words, Meggy went ballistic with the paint, firing her Splattershot, whacking the turkey with her Splat Roller, throwing Splat Bombs, riding an Ink Missile, and wielding a Heavy Splatling and Hydra Splatling at the same time, all while the Koopa King just stared with a dumbfounded expression. Despite all the chaos, the turkey was painted completely in the cooking oil. However, there was too much of it, and before Bowser could stop her, she put it in the oven and turned it on, claiming cooking was easy before accidentally starting a fire.

Meanwhile, with Mario, Saiko, and Boopkins, they were still trying to find Bob's "special" room he described earlier. Mario acted idiotically the whole way, doing activities such as spinning in circles and driving a kart while spouting gibberish. Boopkins made a small talk with Saiko, such as how she has been (fine) and having Tari and Meggy as friends (they were ok), leading the green aquatic creature to ask if they were still friends. Before she could answer that question, Mario's Italian sense tingled and claimed he found the room.

It was very dark, especially after the door closed on them. Mario found the light switch, but when he turned it on, he found himself somewhere wishing he had not. Saiko remarked that the heavily Bob themed room would haunt her for weeks and Boopkins asked if this was a demonic chamber. Mario replied that it was just Bob's bedroom while digging under the bed. After digging through a half-eaten burger and a "Playbob" magazine, he found the special juice. Boopkins happily remarked that he was glad they did not come across an obstacle that would make them go on some crazy adventure. Saiko then tried to open the door, only to find out that it was locked.

Meanwhile, Bob was finally finishing the Bobsmas story to Tari, which like Bobsgiving, was the Christmas story with a touch of Bob. Tari was touched by the questionable story and asked if Bob Claus might bring her a new duck, which gave the predictable response: "Only if you haven't been naughty." SMG4 finally snapped and shouted to Tari that none of that was real. Bob was offended and said that SMG4 would get coal this year, but he said that he was going to check on the turkey and ran out the room screaming, unaware he was about to witness a huge fire, a panicked Bowser, and a supposedly innocent Meggy.

Everything started going downhill fast. SMG4 literally burst through the doors frantically asking about Bob's fire extinguishers, who replied: "L0L SaFeTy 1s 4 L0sErS." Bowser found one despite these claims and yelled: "TIME TO DIE FIRE". However, not only did he held the nozzle the wrong way, which would not have sprayed the foam at the fire but also, it turned out Bob was right, in this case with the "fire extinguisher" actually being a flamethrower in disguise. Being on fire, Bowser ran around the entire room screaming, setting it on fire. Bob though sat on his chair believing everything to be fine.

Back in Bob's room, Saiko tried in vain to break through the door while Mario attempted to use Boopkins as a battering ram. Neither worked and Boopkins disappointingly said they might be stuck here forever. Mario was desperate to break out for the food's sake while Saiko remarked that this was how she would die while drinking the special juice when she suddenly froze up. It turned out it was gasoline, and she threw it on the ground in anger.

Tari desperately tried to put out what little fire she could with a water bottle but ran out very quickly. She asked Meggy about the fire truck she stole, prompting Meggy to once again shout she "borrowed" it and subsequently admitted that the Woomy Brigade was on hiatus until they could legally own a fire truck. SMG4 tried to save Bowser with a watering can, and when he ran out, shouted to Bob that he could use some help.

Bob, however, was okay with the events that were turning out, when Tari suddenly cried out the ceiling was on fire too. Up in the next floor, Mario, Boopkins, and Saiko were just moseying around, waiting to die, when Boopkins asked if anyone smelt something burning. Mario admitted the floor was burning his a$$ as well and questioned if there was a fire. Saiko had a sudden realization and freaked out as she remembered the gasoline.

Bob still insisted that everything was fine but his mansion finally came crashing down. His guests were sprawled around the foundation, and Bob was upset that his home was destroyed, but forgot all about it when the turkey amazingly survived the wreckage, fully cooked. Bob told everyone to dig in, much to Boopkin's confusion as Bob was seemingly unfazed by his now destroyed home.

Bob insisted not to worry, as he said he could always buy a new house with his money, but he could not buy awesome friends to celebrate Bobsgiving with like them. Bob spoiled the moment, however, when he said this would make a great sob story for MTV, much to everyone's displeasure. Bob then quickly reassured them it was only a joke.

Despite everything that happened, everyone was happily enjoying themselves now. Tari and Meggy were chatting while Mario, Bowser, SMG4, and Boopkins were eating their turkey. Saiko just stared off before finally admitting to Boopkins from his question before that she still considered him a friend, much to the Spike's joy.

SMG4: The Mario Concert

Days later, Bob tries to give a sob story, but then started advertising his new rap tour, and once again advertising his SoundCloud account. Mario was in charge of the boom mike, as seen when he lowered it to make a joke. Bob was not happy and proceeded to beat up Mario.

Luigi was filming the whole time, and claimed the footage a success. Bob, however, had just burned Mario with a flamethrower, but tried to play it cool and hoped his fans would come, "or [he'd] be pissed." In addition, Mario and Luigi had to manage his tour. Mario refused, so Bob gave the sob story of having nowhere to live and that he would get AIDS and die. Mario just insisted nobody cared, but Luigi was quick to turn his brother's view around, and Mario would do it if he got paid. His pay was drawings of spaghetti, much to his excitement.

Bob proceeded to call his private jet (which was an airplane from Ryanair), which was odd because he was supposed to be poor, and that was the point of the tour. Bob insisted that of the seven jets he had, the one he called was for poor people. Luigi was shocked into silence, but Fishy Boopkins came running over asking if he could come on Bob's tour.

For some reason, however, Bob said that the plane only fit one person, and the Mario Bros. were riding in his luggage, much to their disdain. Either way, Bob did not want Boopkins on his tour but said he would send him a postcard. Boopkins was initially sad but decided he would just take a taxi to his tour.

Bob's jet flew into an airport, crashed and exploded at the Terminal, and then he announced his arrival as he exited the airport. Suddenly Bob was swarmed by fans, one saying he was so brave for doing this after his house got burned down. Bob broke out the tickets to help his cause and told the fans to pay his managers, which just so happen to be the Mario Bros. Obviously not prepared, they were hit with rapid-fire coin money.

Meanwhile, on an island somewhere, Boopkins was packing his things for the trip, which consisted of many anime movies, a Hatsune Miku plush, his toothbrush, and a sandwich made by his dad (the driver was visibly flabbergasted at the fact that Fishy Boopkins' Dad was nothing like the son). Boopkins bid his father farewell as the taxi drove off, while Boopkins' father wiped a tear from his eye. Boopkins was excited to surprise Bob, whom he believed was waiting for him to show up. In reality, Bob said if anyone saw him, they had the right to shoot him, much to Luigi's shock.

At the said location, Mario was setting up for the concert, though Bob was unimpressed with the size of his balloon. Mario claims he was not getting paid enough for this, but insisted he was paying him too much already. Mario was furious and took the rage to put into the inflation process. Bob wanted the balloon to be "thicccccccccc" and Mario furiously inflated, catching on fire after Bob wanting it "extra thicc." Luigi was happily checking his clipboard when he noticed the balloon a little too late. Bob claimed it was perfect while Luigi crawled out to tell Bob the fans were outside. Bob said to tell the opening acts to get ready, as it was almost his time to shine.

The concert was underway. Luigi thanked everyone for coming and announces the first opening act: Snoop Dogg, who imitated Filthy Frank while the Car rap from Parappa plays. Bob was happy with the number of people that showed up, but his happiness was cut short when he heard Boopkins. Boopkins insisted he came to see Bob while Mario was doing his best to keep him from passing. Snoop Dogg finished his act and when asked for feedback, claimed the place smelled like sh*t.

The next act was Reggie, in his Reggiegigas form, who did a remix of his infamous "My body is ready" quote. Bob ordered Boopkins to buy a ticket and join the crowd, but he wanted to cheer for Bob from backstage. In order to avoid making a scene, Bob allowed Boopkins to pass. In addition to his stuff two paragraphs ago, Boopkins also brought a tambourine to play with Bob, but at this point, Bob was losing it and yelled at Boopkins to just stay there and shut up.

Reggie wrapped up his performance, and Luigi announced the main event of the night. The lights went out, and when they got back on, Bob was there performing a new song, dedicated to a$$. Boopkins said Bob sounds great, but, in a moment of idiocy, said that he would sound better with a tambourine. Mario literally jumped out to stop him, while Luigi played good cop and insisted Bob would be done soon. In a moment of desperation, Boopkins ran right through Luigi and past Mario, who had fallen asleep standing up. Bob was rocking the audience but was cut short by Boopkins, much to his embarrassment. Bob called for security, which was Mario, and the chase was on.

Bob continued to rap while Boopkins continued to evade Mario. He hopped up onto the speakers and begs Mario to leave him alone, but Mario was out for blood, and Boopkins hopped off as Mario rammed into the speakers. Boopkins landed on the extra thick Bob balloon, causing it to rumble, and shortly afterward explode. The fans were not happy with this turn of events and stormed out. Bob dropped his microphone and ran out, pursued by Boopkins. The Mario Bros. were also on cleanup duty, but Mario insisted his legs were broken so he could not, and even broke them to prove it, much to Luigi's frustration.

Meanwhile, outside, it had started to rain and Boopkins found Bob sulking in an alleyway, ashamed and humiliated. Boopkins tried to apologize, but when he brought up Bob needing help, Bob finally snapped, claiming he was doing better than amazing and that he told Boopkins not to interfere. Luigi was taking out the trash and happened to hear the conversation, and could not help but listen to Bob and how he got so far, but it did not matter because it was all ruined. Bob had lied and scammed to get where he was, and even admitted that he pushed Boopkins down the well that one time.

Boopkins being down there was no accident; it was the perfect chance for Bob to be the hero and push his rap career. Boopkins was at the point of tears, and Luigi could not help but feel sorry for the two of them especially Boopkins. In fact, Bobsgiving was all a scheme as well. Disguising the flamethrowers as fire extinguishers, the Bob juice being gasoline, and telling Meggy to go cook knowing she would burn down the house was all part of a sob story he could use to skyrocket to fame.

Boopkins was now crying and saying that was not nice, but now Bob was even angrier, claiming the real world was not nice. This was a world where one was either an a**hole or a pushover, or if one was a Bob or a Boopkins, and Bob ended with "I sure as hell don't want to be a Boopkins" as he stormed off. Mario had also seen it all and was still mad they never got paid. He was so mad he forgot his legs were broken until Luigi reminded him.

Rebuilding Career

SMG4: War On Smash Bros Ultimate

SMG4 acting like the Solider from Team Fortress 2 went over the plan to obtain the recently released Super Smash Each Other in the Ass Brothers Ultimate with Tari and Mario. The plan was to take a shopping cart where SMG4 and Tari would go on top while Mario drove it, then head to a game store and buy the game. However, Tari was the only one who paid attention, as Mario was too lazy to listen and ate a grenade, only to choke on it and explode his head afterward.

As the plan continued, SMG4 decided "it's time" and they headed to the mall, where a large crowd of people wanted to get in and buy the game. Tari suggested waiting for tomorrow, but Mario said he wanted to play the game right now. Taking the shopping cart, they waited for the janitor to reluctantly open the door, causing numerous people to run him over. The trio made a rush to the store, fighting and decimating the Koopalings in the process (they wanted the game too).

They managed to get to the store but learned that all the copies were sold out, much to their dismay. They eventually used Shroomy (the clerk) as a skateboard to get to other stores, but all the copies of the game in there were sold out (although Mario did find a game of a Spaghetti dating simulator in the second store but had to leave it behind due to SMG4's protest) until they found a store run by Professor E. Gadd. Mario and SMG4 were too broke to buy the game at his price, so Tari checked her pockets, only to find a copy of a random game and the magic controller she used in SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018. Refusing to give up, they traded Shroomy for the game, which E. Gadd accepted and started building him into a cyborg. The trio was happy for getting the game, with Tari wanting to play as King K. Rool and Mario wanting to play as Piranha Plant. Waluigi, in the background, heard that and got angry (likely due to the fact that a plant got into Smash before he did), attempting to unleash his rejection powers, but Wario told him "not today" and was forced to relent.

At the exit, the trio was about to leave, only for them to be ambushed by the Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings. They demanded the trio to give them the game, to which they claimed was rightfully theirs, but SMG4 refused as they got it fair and square, annoying the Koopalings into engaging in a fight with the trio. They managed to defeat a portion of them but were overpowered and defeated by Roy Koopa, who took the game from Tari. However, before they could leave, Tari called in Shroomy, now with a giant cybernetic body (E. Gadd allowed Tari to use Shroomy for five minutes) and he eventually decimated the Koopalings and took the game back. The trio, along with Shroomy, eventually left, happy with their game.

A monitor, which was knocked down earlier, showed that Bob was back with his rap career. He mentioned how his fans were all idiots before realizing that he should have checked if the cameras were finished recording.

SMG4: The Melancholy of Fishy Boopkins

Heartbroken after he ruined Bob's concert, Boopkins went into a deep depression, believing Bob now hated him for it. SMG4 tried to cheer Boopkins up by suggesting that he watched some anime, but he refused because he was too sad to do so at this time.

SMG4 panicked as this was not normal about Fishy Boopkins and went to see everyone, who were playing Super Smash Each Other in the Ass Brothers Ultimate. He told them about what happened with Boopkins and they started to argue about how to make him feel better, only to be stopped by SMG4 telling them to do it themselves.

Mario turned himself into his doctor version and used his bad doctor talent to cure him. He kicked Boopkins into Peach's Castle and asked him how he felt like, but when Fishy Boopkins refused to tell him about it, Mario diagnosed him with AIDS, before taking out some surgery equipment and telling him that he needed to open his body, yelling: "Give me that butt!" Boopkins naturally ran away, going past Peach Toadstool. Long after Boopkins was gone, Mario opened the door still yelling: "Give me that butt!" Of course, since Boopkins was gone, Peach assumed that statement was for her, getting her offended. Mario tried to explain but she slapped him into the painting to Wet-Dry World.

As Boopkins was trying to escape the castle, Luigi disguised Toad as Bob so that Toad could make Boopkins feel better by causing the latter to think that Bob had accepted his apology. At first, it worked until Boopkins hugged "Bob" so strong that it killed Toad from suffocation. Upon seeing his plan backfire, Luigi then revealed that the "dead" Bob was just Toad to not make Boopkins feel responsible for Bob's murder. After that, he brought the corpse back to Mario, who had managed to somehow escape the Wet-Dry World painting from earlier.

SMG4 appeared shortly after Luigi returned the dead Toad and took Boopkins into his room to show him some memes. He attempted to have Boopkins watch one of his videos and even took out a couple memes (a dabbing Robloxian, a Dr. Eggman head, and Baldi) from his chest full of memes to try to make the Spike laugh, but they at most only scared Boopkins instead of injecting some humor into him. Realizing that none of the memes were working, SMG4 searched his chest until he found the most cancerous memes that existed. Meanwhile, Bowser entered the room with rocks for Boopkins to eat and was unaware of what SMG4 unleashed into the room beforehand. The Koopa King was taken by the memes storm and SMG4 closed the chest on them without knowing that Bowser was caught in the memes. He then discovered that Boopkins had jumped through the window.

Shroomy appeared where Boopkins landed in the garden, after escaping from SMG4's cancerous meme storm. Now with his enhanced powers as a robot, he took Boopkins and flew around the world with the Spike in his hands, until his subject said that he wanted to be put back down on the ground. However, Shroomy decided to land back at the castle with super speed, crushing Boopkins in the process.

Later, while Boopkins was watching an advertisement for "Buy-A-Bob" (from SMG4: War of the Fat Italians 2017), he was caught on a fish hook and pulled out of the water by Saiko. Once they got Boopkins out of the water, Saiko Bichitaru took him to one of Bob's concerts with Tari and Meggy. However, this only caused Boopkins to cry and run out of the stadium while Bob was performing, now more popular than ever during his rap career. Still wanting to stay and watch Bob, Saiko told Tari and Meggy to go find Boopkins and continued to cheer him up without her.

Tari and Meggy subsequently found Boopkins huddled in an alley, where the two girls decided to go with their "last resort" to cheer him up. The "last resort" happened to be taking Boopkins to a "sexy maid cafe," even though Meggy hated it (considering how she was not a fan of anime). Fortunately, the idea of going to the cafe made Boopkins very happy, at least for the time being. But Meggy, upset about eating at the cafe, mentioned that she might need a lot of therapy after her visit, obviously regretting her and Tari's decision from earlier.

SMG4: Mario and The Diss Track

As Luigi started lecturing Mario after they got kicked out of a restaurant due to the latter's disgusting behavior, they noticed that Bob has become immensely famous, and there were shirts, balloons, and posters bearing Bob's name. Deducing how bad this would go, Luigi decided to go to the castle, but not before Mario stole another guy's balloons and floated away until he hit a random airplane advertising Bob, causing Mario to explode.

Meanwhile, Bob was at a huge mansion thanks to his overwhelming popularity with Fishy Boopkins' former girlfriend, Saiko Bichitaru as his manager. He was annoyed at how his follower count has not risen up in days, and Saiko revealed that the reason was that everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom became his follower. The Garo did not care and explained that he wanted everyone in the world to know his name. Saiko suggested threatening them and although Bob said it was not his idea, he nevertheless accepted.

At Peach's Castle, everyone was doing their usual hobbies, until Luigi burst through the door carrying awful news. Toad, being the hateful wiener he is, happily asked if Mario died, only for the latter to show up carrying Bob's stuff, much to his frustration. Luigi explained that Bob had skyrocketed to fame, but the others thought he was just jealous of the Garo, so they decided to watch one of his concerts on TV.

However, Luigi's fears were confirmed when the concert, called the Ultimate Diss Track, showed nothing more than Bob hurling hurtful insults at his former friends (calling Mario a fatass, Luigi a dead weight, Meggy an annoying squid girl with a screeching metal voice, Tari a chick that wouldn´t shut up about games, Toad and Bowser a waste of space, SMG4 an unfunny disgrace, and Boopkins as a green turd), claiming they made his life miserable and ended the rap by saying that it was all true. Mario was not concerned at first, happy that they were at least on TV, but the others, especially Boopkins, were deeply offended, horrified and angry at Bob for humiliating them. Luigi then decided to tell the gang all about the cruel things that Bob did.

Meanwhile, Bob was at the studio where he made his concert and was happy at how popular it would become (saying it was worth sacrificing his friendships). Saiko was happy, believing everything Bob said was just a joke (unaware that Bob meant it) and left the studio, planning to start her own singing career. While exiting, she found a Mario-esque shadow. Naturally panicking, she threw her phone at it, discovering it was just Luigi. He revealed to Saiko that Bob indeed hated them and manipulated her just to get more fame. She refused to believe it at first, but Luigi showed her what happened to Fishy Boopkins, who was shaking uncontrollably in sadness and was starting to lose his sanity after Bob insulted him. Seeing what Bob did to her former boyfriend, Saiko agreed to join Luigi.

Back at the castle, the gang was formulating a plan to get revenge on Bob. Mario suggested slugging him with a baseball bat which Toad agreed on while Tari suggested a less-violent idea involving them challenging Bob to a video game competition. However, Mario and Toad instead laughed at her idea while Meggy showed disinterest. Luigi then came back with Saiko, who was angry at Bob for manipulating her and for what she did to Boopkins, which relieved him. She suggested an idea in order to teach Bob a lesson he would not forget.

Back at his mansion, Bob looked at the TV and was surprised that his follower count had risen up. He proceeded to see any possible rival, and discovered a rap called Darkest Hour, where Saiko was the singer, Mario was the drummer, SMG4 and Meggy were the guitarists, and Luigi, Tari, Bowser, Boopkins, and Toad were helping film and set up the rap. Their song did so good that Bob lost his fame and all of his fans to Saiko, plus they ditched their Bob Merch and did not want to listen to his raps anymore (with the chef who kicked the Mario Brothers out of his restaurant at the beginning yelling at Bob to stop). To make things worse, Bob lost his mansion, and though he tackled and defeated the Teletubbies responsible for getting rid of his house, another Teletubby grabbed it with its bare hands and left with it, leaving Bob angry.

Realizing his fame and life had been destroyed beyond repair, Bob said "at least I still have my friends", and starred at his friends who were inside a restaurant. He gets their attention and asks if they remember him, only to have them give him angry looks for a few seconds and then ignore him and continue talking. Boopkins then comes out of the restaurant and looks at his former friend. Bob then asked Boopkins if he would at least be his friend again, but one look at his face was enough to tell Bob that his answer was no, leaving the Garo distraught.

SMG4 Christmas 2018: The Most Important Thing

Bob attempts to make amends by posing as Bob Claus and giving his former friends presents, but they aren't so willing to forgive him, so Bob began to annoy them, which made Mario loses his temper and yelling at Bob, with SMG4 even stating that they can't trust him anymore. Completely distraught, yet understanding, Bob sadly leaves the castle, stating that they'll never hear from him again, though Tari notes they might have been a bit hard on him.

With his fame, his friendships and even his life destroyed beyond repair, Bob decides to spend Christmas alone in a garbage dump, noting that even Yoshi has someone to spend Christmas with despite being a fugitive. He is visited by Waluigi, who knows what it's like to be rejected.

Waluigi asks what is most important to him, though he suffers a near-death experience from falling off a cliff, he realizes that his friends were the most important thing to him. He decides to host a rap performance in the Mushroom Mall, only to reveal that he's retiring from rapping in favor of being with his friends. Everyone was shocked and surprised by this, with Boopkins suddenly crying and realizing that despite everything, Bob really did care for them.

His former friends later visit him at the garbage dump, deciding to forgive him for what he had done. They also gave him a framed photo of them (with him added in it), causing the Garo to "cry" (although he commented that his eyes were simply peeing).



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All of the music present in the arc can be found on BOB THE SEXIEST MAN IN THE WORLD, Bob's SoundCloud profile. Also, Saiko's song, Darkest Hour is on Spotify.


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