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The Terrorist was a villian that appeared in Guards N' Retards: Swag Party Hostages. He is also the boss of The Butt Ninja.


Guards N' Retards: Swag Party Hostages

The Terrorist makes his first and only appearance by first holding Sergeant Mark hostage. When Chris Gordman tries to search for Mark, he ends up where the Sergeant is held and is made a hostage himself. The Terrorist welcomes his new prisoner by laughing horribly before sending him to where Mark is held. Terrorist then announces his motives on seizing the money from the vault, or else he’ll blow up the entire building.

When observing Swagmaster6969696969 plow through his guards stationed throughout the building, he sends out the The Butt Ninja to deal with Swag. When the former intoxicates the latter with a poisoned mushroom and takes him to the hostages’ location, The Terrorist orders Swag to give up the nuclear rocket codes. When Swag fails the first time, The Terrorist shoots Mark. Swag then surprises him with his weapon: Mega swagalicious pingas, which promptly turns the tables and forces him to flee. As the Terrorist is cornered by the Guards, they end up firing a rocket launcher and kill him because of the rocket’s impact.


  • The Terrorist's model is "Valentin Zukovsky" from GoldenEye 007 for the N64.
    • Coincidentally, the Butt Ninja is also based off the "Terrorist" from GoldenEye 007 for the N64.
    • He said "Ah my ovaries" 2 years before Bob Bobowski would coin that quote on smg4.

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