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Would you like, some Tubby Custard, Tubby Custard?

—, The Salesman talking to the one who bought spaghetti

The Tubby Custard Salesman (also known as Custard Tubby) is a Teletubby who sells Tubby Custard and the main antagonist of the video "R64: Mario's Spageti Delivary", where he clashes with Mario many times between selling spaghetti and selling Tubby Custard (and selling Steve).


  • He's the first (and so far only) Teletubby that's not obsessed with spaghetti.
  • This is the first Teletubby to be seen with a lee board.
  • His vehicle has many features, including a button to go automatically and to transform into a robot (Transformers reference).
  • He is one of the few Teletubbies who is not portrayed as being evil.

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