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Not to be confused with SMG4's USB.

The fabled Ultimate Meme is the funniest meme in all of existence. Whoever controls it has the power to control the internet.

Bob Bobowski explaining the Ultimate Meme's powers.

The Ultimate Meme is a meme creation by SMG4 that is said that whoever sees this meme can make anyone insane and take control of the entire internet.


It is unknown what meme it contains, but it was seen being downloaded into a red USB flash drive. Like the One Ring from The Lord of the Rings, anyone that sees the meme contained in the drive will be driven insane and become obsessed with it. Additionally, Fishy Boopkins, upon seeing the meme and becoming obsessed with it, made an incredibly disturbing version of his quote "Hey, that's pretty good!". The contents of the meme are unknown, though Boopkins says that it has 'pingas music'.

Role in SMG4: Lord Of The Memes

In his never-ending quest to reach meme lord status, SMG4 managed to create the Ultimate Meme. Before he could unleash its power, Bob and Mario interrupted him and Bob took the meme to investigate. Realizing the meme was too powerful for any one person, Bob sent Mario along with Luigi and Fishy Boopkins to destroy the meme in the sweaty ball pit at Dashcon, believing Mario would be too stupid to be tempted by the meme. SMG4 summoned the Mario Head and Memewraiths to get the meme back.

Mario, Luigi, Bob and Fishy began their journey, narrowly avoiding the Memewraiths. During the adventure, Fishy accidentally caught a glimpse of the meme, causing him to become obsessed. Eventually, the party made it to Dashcon. Evading the Memewraiths with the help of the con attendees, Mario prepared to destroy the meme, but Fishy attempted to take it for himself. Luigi ended up being the one to destroy the meme by knocking Fishy into the ballpit with it. Though destroyed, Fishy's knowledge of the meme tempted Bob into seeing if another could be made.



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