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The Villager is a minor character in the SMG4 series.

He is the main protagonist of the Nintendo franchise Animal Crossing as well as a fighter in SSBU/SSB3D and had appeared once in SMG4's blooper SM64 Bloopers: Can the Villager come out to play? as the main antagonist. He is also one of the two main antagonists in the 2015 Christmas Special, the other being Roprinplup14.


Despite being a character with not much-written speaking lines, the Villager has shown a large degree of personality. He appears to be evil and likes killing almost everyone that crosses his path. It was revealed that what triggered his kill-happy persona was when his bag of Doritos fell into the sea. This made the Villager become a sadistic psychopath, immediately setting his village on fire and killing countless victims, even people who actually were never responsible for what happened to him.


The Villager made his SMG4 debut as a brief cameo in Sonic The Derphog: The Evilness Of Eggman(?) at the evil villain meet-up.

Four years earlier he found a pack of Doritos, but Tom Nook made him throw it in a river and that killed him. The Villager was sent to prison, after taking a rampage and killing people with his axe. His main motive for the killing was Doritos. After he finds a bag of Doritos and Tom Nook made him drop them in a river, the Villager goes on a killing spree. He was later sent to prison, but he eventually breaks out in SM64 Bloopers: Can the Villager come out to play? and somehow finds his way to Peach's Castle, which he then meets Mario and tries to kill him. Even though he has been blown up by a gas tank underneath Peach's castle, it is revealed that the Villager is still alive.

Later, in Christmas Crazies, the Villager teams up with Roprinplup14 to exact his revenge. This time, he has spiked hair. He has a new axe as well. The Villager and Roprinplup14 attempt to ruin Christmas by hijacking an airplane to breaking into Santa's workshop. The Villager begins to take revenge again because he lost his Doritos, as seen in his last appearance. After many attempts to kill SMG4 and his gang, Mario gives both villains presents in an attempt to bring back their Christmas spirit. Mario gives the Villager Doritos because he did not know what he likes. However, Doritos were what the Villager wanted all the time. Seeing this, his Christmas spirit was restored.

After that, he appears in some cameos in videos, such as SMG4: Mario's Lemonade Stand and SMG4: Sans's First Day In Smash Bros, no longer bearing a psychopathic personality.

Later videos show that he does still have psychopathic tendencies. In Super Smash Bros All-Stars Battle Royale At The Olympic Games HD Remix & Knuckles segment from SMG4: SMG4 🅴🆇🅿🅰🅽🅳🆂 His Brain, he saws Little Mac in half. In SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special, he decides to hunt down SMG4 just because he ruined a recording of Bowser reading "Go the F*ck To Sleep".


  • The Villager's personality in this blooper mostly likely has been inspired by the running "Villager" meme where he is portrayed as a violent serial killer behind his innocent demeanor.
  • For unknown reasons, when he does his victory cry in the 2015 Christmas Video, his hairstyle goes back to the style used in his first appearance. This is most likely stock footage.
  • The Villager's lack of speech and psychotic mannerisms makes him similar to Michael Myers from the Halloween franchise. (Not in Animal Crossing itself, but in the SMG4 series).

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