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The Wacky Wario Bros.: Golfing for Gold, sometimes more simply called Golfing for Gold, is the 224th video made by SMG4, and the fifth episode of The Wacky Wario Bros.. Which is a reference to the Mario Golf video games series.


Wario and Waluigi find an advertisement for a golf competition whose winner earns one million of coins, so they join it to earn a lot of gold.


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One day in the Mushroom Kingdom, Wario, Waluigi, and Donkey Kong are playing The Cup Game. Wario crazily shuffles up the cups and Donkey Kong loses by picking the wrong one. He gets enraged and chases the Wario Brothers before Wario crashes their kart, causing Donkey Kong to fly off. After recovering from the crash, the duo start to wonder why they aren't earning billions of coins. They then stumble across a bulletin board with an ad for a golf competition, with the grand prize being 1 million coins. 

The Wario brothers then head off to sign up for the competition, although there's a slight problem; the person at the desk can't understand a single thing the duo are saying since they keep shouting "Wah!". This upsets Waluigi, who screams "WAAAAAAAAAH!" at the receptionist, scaring him.

The first round is against the Mario Brothers. Mario has his turn first, in which he hits the golf ball which ricochets off Luigi and lands in the hole for a Hole in one. Mario fakely and sarcastically apologizes to his brother while Waluigi sets up. Waluigi thinks that golf is too easy (which is easy for him to say) and hits the ball, which quickly flies out of the park. Wario, destined not to lose, chases the ball and it ends up hitting him square in the face and ricochetting off of him 4 times before landing in the hole for a hole in one (Impressive).

Next up is round 2, a windmill designed course. Wario wishes himself luck and hits the ball underneath the windmill. Waluigi, who is hiding underneath the windmill, ties the ball to a Spiny Shell, which goes out the other side, flies past Luigi, who is sitting on a rock watching everything go by, and delivers the ball in an explosion for a Hole in One. Wario comments that that play deserves a spot in the record books. Luigi takes his turn, and Waluigi replaces it with a Poke Ball, which releases a Pidgeotto which chases Luigi. Mario, now growing suspicious, hits a Bob-omb underneath the windmill with detonates in front of Waluigi.

The scene changes to round 3, where Wario and Waluigi are playing against the Princesses Peach and Daisy. Wario makes a bad play, resulting in a +34 record for the Wario brothers, causing Wario to slam his club against a palm tree, knocking it down. Daisy takes her turn and scores a hole in one. Daisy starts to boast, enraging Wario and causing him to dress like Daisy, laughing at and insulting her, commenting "Who has time for women these days?" This really pushes Daisy over the edge as she starts chasing them. Wario tries to use Waluigi as a Waluigi Launcher, but Waluigi dodges his grip, declaring "Not today!". Wario is then thrown at, beaten up and exploded on by Daisy.

At half time, Wario and Waluigi go to the house to check out their standing and scores on the leaderboard. It shows that the Wario Brothers are eliminated from the championship in the first round, on the second round Daisy and Peach where eliminated and that Mario and Luigi have gone on to the championship. Waluigi pulls out a pen and gets ready to fudge the results with Wario when Toad catches them in the act. To make matters worse, Mario and the other competitors are arriving through the other side. As Mario turns around, he finds Waluigi telling Toad that he's cheating. It turns out the Wario Brothers had fudged the results on the chart, making it look like Toad, who was also eliminated from the playoffs, had drawn himself over the winner spot and had slipped the pen over to Toad. Mario shouts that Toad cheated and he and Daisy start chasing Toad while the others watch, giving Wario and Waluigi the chance to fudge the results even further, to makeit look like the Mario Bros were eliminated. as the team that goes to the championship. When Mario calms down, he sees the new results and faints in defeat. Wario and Waluigi cheer in excitement, which soon turns to shock and awe when they find out that their opponents are Yoshi, and even worse, DK.

The scene switches to the final round, where the competitors all arrive at the golf course, on a snowy mountain. DK tricks Yoshi into going off the cliff with a watermelon, stating that he can take down the Wario Bros by himself. As DK prepares to hit the ball, Wario and Waluigi taunt him, asking him if he's sweaty and making weird noises. DK hits it far. Thinking that it went out of the park, Wario and Waluigi laugh. In reality, the ball traveled across the mountain, down a hole into a cavern, where it goes in for a hole in one. DK begins cheering while Wario states, "This is bulls**t!" While Waluigi gets ready to hit the ball, DK taunts him, telling him not to lose, but Wario encourages him that it's his time to shine, stating it's Waluigi Time! Waluigi tries to hit the ball, but his club goes flying, and hits an Old Man's Lodge window. The Wario Bros. continue to fail miserably, with Wario missing on Hole 2, Wario scoring a triple bogey on Hole 3 and trying to commit suicide, Waluigi hitting the window of the Old Man's Lodge again on Hole 4, the ball bouncing off a pine tree and missing on Hole 5 (which crashes down on top of them thanks to DK's stomping), and Waluigi hitting the window of the Old Man's Lodge yet again on Hole 6.

Before the final hole, they each check their standings. DK got 153 points, while the Wario Brothers get none, in addition to $100 in property damage. They are almost ready to give up when Wario gets an idea. After some time at the final hole, DK starts to wonder where the Wario Bros are. Suddenly, Wario appears driving a golf cart pickup truck and hits DK (who was just about to hit the golf ball), stating how if he can't be the best, he won't be the worst. After a few seconds, DK flies off and crashes onto the course while Wario crashes his pickup truck. DK tries to run away, but Waluigi stops him, and chases DK until Waluigi gets back on Wario's pickup truck. Meanwhile, DK buys a rocket launcher from Dr. Pootis' Weapon Shop, and surprises the unsuspecting Wario Bros. DK then chases the duo while firing his rocket launcher. Wario tells Waluigi to hurry up and take care of DK, which gives the latter an idea. Waluigi hits a golf ball just as DK fires a Bullet Bill. The golf ball and Bullet Bill go flying in opposite directions after hitting each other. The Bullet Bill hits and explodes on DK, much to the satisfaction of the Wario Bros., who then drive off a cliff and crash into an icy lake below. The ball continues flying, passing Toadwardo, Ztar, and Mario Head somewhere in space, two Japanese golfers (one of whom resembles Fire Mario) somewhere in Japan, and then starts descending towards the Mushroom Kingdom, where it bounces off Toad's head and lands in a hole near Peach's Castle, which awards them 10,000 bonus points. The Wario Bros. are declared the winners and they start celebrating, until the pickup truck crashes down on them as the episode ends.



  • Wario and Waluigi being crushed by pickup truck.


  • The snowy mountain course might be located in Finland.
  • It's shown Dr. Pootis has his own shop, which is called Dr. Pootis Weapon Shop (as he calls himself "Dr. Pootis" instead of "Lord Crump" in SMG4's canonity).
  • This is the third time Toad is seen wearing a bandit mask, the first being Sonic the Derphog: The Evilness of Eggman(?) and the second being SM64 Bloopers: Castle Royale.
  • At the end (not at the outro), the sound when the ball fall down to the bonus hole were from Mario Party 6 (maybe) new record sound, and the winning announced sound were from Mario Party 3 all 4 player are the winner sound.
  • In reality D.K could've lost because in golf the person/ persons with the lowest wins.
  • This marks the first blooper in which Waluigi has not been used as a Waluigi Launcher.


  • Just when Waluigi says "don't expect mouth to mouth", there is an FPS counter.
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