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The Wacky Wario Bros.: Waluigi Origins is the 6th episode of The Wacky Wario Bros. It marks the return of the series after over a year of absence, as only one video of the series appeared in 2015.  


Waluigi was banished from "The Waa Kingdom" after committing many crimes, and after meeting Wario with a stolen Gold Bowser head, they fought for it while trying to escape from the Policemen and Bowser. This is the story of how Wario and Waluigi met and became "The Wacky Wario Bros.".


We start off in the "Waa" kingdom, where everybody pretty much says nothing but "Waa!" However, everybody is kind and caring for each other. However, one day, Waluigi, a bad guy, commits a crime, pushing a person into the lake. Waluigi is then sent to court, where Mayor Waa tells him of all the crimes he has committed. He then asks what Waluigi has to say for all these crimes, only for the criminal to rap, "F*** the police coming straight from the underground!" As a result, Mayor Waa gives Waluigi a punishment, which is exile. Therefore, Waluigi is sent away from his home kingdom on a broken raft, never to return.

Meanwhile, in the Mushroom Kingdom at Wario's house, Wario is seen sleeping on his couch, and a screen is showing a program on Animal Planet. On that show, two Luigi Dolls are trying to mate with each other. While mating, one Luigi Doll proceeds to make a sound very annoying noise, waking up Wario from his sleep and causing him to fall off the couch. When Wario recovers, he looks at the TV and finds the program playing. He then changes the channel, which proceeds to show a news report about a man touching a Toad's butt. Wario changes the channel once more, which switches to a channel called The Bowser Channel.

Bowser Jr. reports to the viewer his Bowser's stone made in gold. Wario thinks he win & he see Koopa Troopas army singing Barbie Girl. Wario stole Koopa Shells & picking Gold Bowser, but Gold Bowser head fall down. Suddenly Bowser appears in bottom of Wario. Then Wario screams like a Barbie Girl.

He suddenly starts running. Meanwhile, Policeman sees Waluigi & he starts to chase him, but Wario fell into this boat. And he start to fights, then he suddenly be chased & driving Old Man Hobo car around the town. But Old Man Hobo car fells down. Then he tells Waluigi let ice cream falls into the water & sending Wario fells into Peach electronics boat owned by Toadsworth. In present day he seen Wario as big brother & throws Waluigi hat into Bowser face & Policeman starts to arrest Bowser and the episode ends with the brothers walking across the street.



  • This is the fourth video that Mario & Luigi makes no appearance. The other three being the first two videos in the Guards N' Retards series & BattleToads.
  • According to the mayor of Waa Kingdom, Waluigi's crimes include:
    • Kicking a grandma
    • Blowing up homes
    • Robbing the bank
    • Stealing a kid's ice cream
    • Farting in church
    • Blowing up said church
    • High fiving the mayor
    • Punching a guy
    • Not being very nice
    • Vandalism
    • Running over pedestrians
    • Swearing
    • Being a douchebag
    • Hating
    • Pooping on people's lawns
    • Hitting people with pingases
    • Setting everything on fire
    • Sleeping with the mayor's husband
    • Being stupid
    • Having illegal weapons
    • Smoking weed everyday
    • Having toast
    • Mustache not being zigzaggy enough
    • Slapping booty
    • Prank calling
    • Drawing dicks on sleeping hobos
    • Pushing a guy off the bridge
    • Kidnapping the mayor
    • Kidnapping mayonnaise
    • Why is this so long
    • Insert more bad stuff here
    • Slapping people
    • Smooching da pooch


  • Luigi Labyrinth: In 2015, Mario watches on the news that Luigi touches Toad butts.
  • Luigi Doll Show: Narrator says his Luigi dolls try to mate to get some shit.
  • The Mario Channel: In The Mario Challenge, Wario tires to make money by winning present is Gold Bowser.
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