Stop It. This is not Okey dokey.
Stop it! This is not okie dokie!
WARNING: This arc contains scenes of horror/terror violence, frightening images, peril, nudity, bloodshed, depressing themes and frequent language. Viewer discretion is advised! (Don’t let your kids watch it!)

Waluigi has been rejected from games for far too long...

—Official description

The Waluigi Arc (sometimes called Waluigi's Rejection , Waluigi's Rejection Arc or Waluigi's Revenge) is a 2018 story arc on SMG4's channel that ran through 2018. It is the first official story arc (unless you count previous two/three-parters) on the SMG4 series, and the first arc in Season 8 and 2018, and was succeeded by The Rapper Bob Arc.

It is a monthly story arc on SMG4's channel. It's a series of videos by SMG4 that are part of a storyline involving Waluigi wreaking havoc on the Mushroom Kingdom after obtaining his secret power due to being rejected and demoted to an assist trophy in Super Smash Bros. for far too long, thus becoming a major villain, and eventually the main antagonist of the SMG4 series and ultimately taking over the channel for a period of time. This is the story form of this arc.

Warning! This article contains spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk. If you want to see the list of episodes, go here.


Road to Rejection

Prelude: Stupid Mario Tennis Aces incident

Luigi and Waluigi were having a tennis match that resulted in Waluigi winning, but to Fishy Boopkins it seemed very funny. He then asked to play, but Jeeves, the referee, said that the two were training for Tennis Aces, and that he should first train in order to be the best. However he allowed Boopkins to play, only that Boopkins must win the match in order to be accepted. Boopkins claimed to be a pro player in tennis, but misses against Waluigi, whose ball hits him in the face. Leaving the tennis match, Fishy Boopkins cried all the way back home, until Mario appeared in a wheelchair due to an accident from playing tennis with a Chain Chomp. Boopkins believed that he was Naruto before he revealed himself, seeing Boopkins weeping over his prior loss. Mario then offered to train Fishy Boopkins to become a professional tennis player, so that the money that they earn from winning Tennis Aces could help him pay bills for a hospital treatment.

The training session began with Fishy Boopkins attempting to throw his ball, only that it just dropped straight down to the ground. Mario then told Boopkins to use his mouth, not knowing whether that would violate the tennis rules or not. Boopkins did what he was told, and he was able to launch the ball high enough to smack it with his racket, albeit hitting and killing an old man in the process.

Up next, Mario decided to launch a series of tennis balls at Fishy Boopkins to test how efficiently he can hit the ball back at him. Boopkins was able to hit all the balls hurled at him, until Mario started to turn up the difficulty by throwing other various objects at him, such as a chainsaw, melon, Baldi, and even a fighter jet. Fortunately, Boopkins was able to knock Luigi back at Mario when the former was put in the launcher, sending Luigi "blasting off again" like Team Rocket.

After Luigi was hit out of the ballpark, Mario told Fishy Boopkins about a "special move" that he may have in tennis. Although Boopkins didn't know what his move was, Mario just advised him to believe before launching many tennis balls at him simultaneously. Eventually, Boopkins' racket turned into his "waifu" body pillow and was used to deflect all of the tennis balls from the launcher. Impressed by Fishy Boopkins' performance, Mario decided that he was ready to have a rematch with Waluigi at Tennis Aces.

Waluigi returned to have a match against Luigi, who kept losing to him. But Fishy Boopkins then surprised him with a request for a rematch, defeating Waluigi once with his newfound tennis skills. Jeeves decided that there was only one way to settle the match, by having the first player to earn one point win.

In the match, Boopkins played against Waluigi and held off quite well, until he lost his racket when Waluigi used his Waluigi Launcher attack to hit the ball. Out of options to hit the incoming ball, Boopkins then used Mario's sign as a temporary racket, before throwing Mario at Waluigi and recovering his own racket as the match became very intense. Waluigi uses his special move, which was simply a taco stand attack. But at the same time Waluigi used his move, Fishy Boopkins used his special move in retaliation, hitting the ball with his "waifu" and sending Waluigi flying around the world (Including Inkopolis) before KOing him. Boopkins thought that he won upon seeing Waluigi burning on his side of the court, but Jeeves stated that since the ball didn't touch the ground once, Fishy Boopkins had committed a foul with the win still going to Waluigi. Waluigi went to celebrate his victory, but then felt guilty when he overheard Boopkins crying about being rejected. He proceeded to convince Jeeves to let Boopkins join the tournament, saying that he knew the feeling of rejection "all too well" (referencing the meme that Waluigi is always rejected from Super Smash Bros.) and started to cry about being left out. Jeeves let Boopkins join the tournament, and Boopkins took Waluigi to get ice cream in order to cheer him up. As the two walked away, Mario tried to convince Luigi to pay his hospital bills, but he refused after Mario told him about lending one coin 5 years earlier. Luigi refuses to pay his hospital bills.

The Saga Commences

Prologue: Waluigi's Time incident

While eating ice cream with Boopkins, Waluigi is reminded about his lack of playability in the Super Smash Bros. series. 3 weeks later, at Nintendo HQ where Master Hand and a bunch of Teletubby Workers are working on the new Smash game, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Waluigi is outside the HQ.

Waluigi sneaks into the office and into the ‘Smash Corp’ room. Master Hand is bossing the Teletubbies around to work faster. Waluigi goes to talk to him, in which M. Hand responds, “The Assist Trophy meeting is over there.” Obviously, Waluigi is not having this, so he shouts his signature Wah as loud as he can. It ultimately sets the computer on fire. M. Hand agrees to talk.

In the C.E.O room, Waluigi is begging to be included in Smash. Master Hand says that to get in, he needs a Special Move, and asks what it would be? Waluigi thinks for a bit, and decides on WAH. It isn’t a special move according to Master Hand. He explains that everyone has to be unique. Now Waluigi has no ideas, and is utterly disappointed.

At the Wario Bros’ so-called house, Wario is munching on some KFC chicken, and wonders where Waluigi went. Waluigi arrives "home," and asks Wario if he is unique or not. Wario agrees, but when Waluigi asks about a special move, Wario thinks day and night, but then makes an excuse to get more chicken. Waluigi looks at his reflection on the pile of trash bags and then digs in, hoping to find something he can use. He finds a Swiss Army Knife, and settles on it. However, Bob shows up looking for some sugar so he can finish making his "hash brownies". Waluigi asks Bob if he has a special move, prompting Bob to show off his swordsman skills. Waluigi, seeing the knife has little appeal compared to Bob, throws the knife aside and runs off crying in frustration, leaving Bob without his sugar.

Waluigi walks down a residential street, commenting on everyone's special moves. Several characters demonstrate their special moves, or something close to it. When Mario shoots Luigi with F.L.U.D.D., Waluigi requests Mario to give it to him. Mario thinks it over, and despite Waluigi's best attempts at begging (a sad anime girl face, to be precise), Mario shoots him with F.L.U.D.D., and Waluigi angrily retaliates with a passing Bob-omb. Mario is on fire, but compliments Waluigi's "special move." He thinks maybe this COULD be his special move, until Mario compares it to Solid Snake, Toon Link, and Samus Aran and their explosive antics, so Waluigi yet again struggles on the originality of his move. Luigi comments he imagined Waluigi as a dancer rather a bomber. Once again, Waluigi sees the potential with a fantasy dance sequence before busting a move for real. Luigi can't help but dance and accidentally activates the Negative Zone. Mario explains that Luigi slows down time when he dances as King Dedede is pulled into Luigi's special move, but Waluigi is not there.

Mario and Luigi find him sulking in an alley, and Mario tells him everyone has their special move; his is being naked. Luigi reminds Waluigi of all the sports games he's been in, to which Mario responds that his move will be "smacking balls". Walugi isn't amused, and the area goes black, with a single spotlight centered on Waluigi. Mario suddenly gains interest as he and Luigi watch from a couch to the side; Mario has popcorn for the occasion. Waluigi claims he just wants a special move that would make people know it's him, something unique, as Mario and Luigi have been in more sports games, so the ball smacking idea isn't unique. Luigi is moved to tears as he felt sorry for Waluigi, while Mario is dumbfounded.

Suddenly, Waluigi shifts character, and starts shouting 'Wah' louder and louder like he's something up. Mario claims that he broke, but Waluigi's 'Wahs' intensify, and a yellow aura appears around him while Luigi starts to panic. Waluigi 'Wahs' at the top of his lungs and undergoes a transformation. The silhouette alone frightens Luigi, while Mario asks if Waluigi is suddenly Jesus. Waluigi reveals himself as a muscular, shaggy, shirtless, deity with a sceptre featuring his cap and mock moustache. He now wears a headband similar to the visor he wore in Mario Tennis Aces, and wears pants similar to the overalls he normally wears, though he kept the shoes and gloves. Waluigi claims he's found his power: the power of rejection (not a stroke like Mario thought). He fires a ball of energy at Mario, which upon contact, explodes into black fire and Mario is suddenly very sad. Luigi reveals himself, and freaks out at Waluigi did; he made Mario feel the pain he felt his entire life. He then fires at Luigi before taking his leave.

Meanwhile, back at Nintendo, Waluigi floats through the halls past shocked Teletubby employees. Master Hand is playing with a toy, when Waluigi bursts through the door. Although he was pissed off at first due to the sudden intrusion, when Waluigi insists he found his special move, Master Hand agrees to have it tested out, and with a snap of his fingers, teleports himself and Waluigi to a digital arena. Waluigi prepares to fire, but Master Hand dodges last second, claiming he's not getting with it before he drags a random Teletubby employee as a test dummy. Waluigi fires away, and likely because of his terrible working conditions, the Teletubby is incredibly quick to break down in tears. Master Hand is awed at how "beautiful" it was, so he accepts Waluigi into Smash. Waluigi gets so excited, however, his powers disappear, and is once again demoted as an assist trophy. Waluigi is heartbroken, but then shouts no, and he is not having this. He then looks angrily at the screen, and is then partially obscured by the flames from his special move...

Waluigi's Time aftermath

A few days later, Shroomy was taking a stroll on the forest, until he discovered an angered Waluigi with his Staff of Rejection (which Shroomy initially assumed was a wand). Luigi's purple rival then proceeded to spawn a T-Pose Shroom and ordered Shroomy to eat it. The mushroom boy agreed and ate it whole, transforming him into a T-Posed person.

The Wah-Man's First Strike: Mario And The T-Pose Virus incident

Meanwhile, at Peach's Castle, Mario annoys Toad as usual, with Toad even commenting that he wanted to die while Luigi was playing with his dolls by having them in an explicit position. SMG4 however, was looking out through a window. Luigi then asked what was he looking at and SMG4 replied that he noticed that Shroomy had been stuck in a T-Pose for a long time now. Luigi wondered if it was a new kind of yoga but SMG4 thought that that kind of yoga was very strange and went over to check him. Luigi then called for Toad and Mario, who although was angry that he was being interrupted from his dinner date with spaghetti naked, agreed to come over. Luigi showed what SMG4 was doing and Mario happily reported that he "is being a bird with Shroomy!" Upon hearing that, Luigi realized with horror that SMG4 had also become just a T-Posed person. Suddenly, both Shroomy and SMG4 turned around and started approaching the castle, freaking Luigi out and worrying Mario. As Luigi barricaded the doors, Mario reassured it was nothing when suddenly, one of the T-Posers made a hole in the door, freaking Mario too. Thinking quick, instead of using a bat or a machine gun, he threw Toad through the hole and reassured that Toad would solve the issue, just for him to become T-Posed too. Screaming in horror as the T-Posed characters, which now included Po, Shrek, and another character, headed their way, both Mario and Luigi headed upstairs.

Upstairs, Meggy, Bob, and Fishy Boopkins were playing Yu-Gi-Oh! with Meggy thinking they were playing Go Fish or Pokémon Trading Card Game and Bob thinking they were playing Poker. Just as Boopkins reiterated that they were playing Yu-Gi-Oh!, Mario and Luigi burst into the room panicking. Meggy thought they could play for her but instead, they ran all the way to the next room upstairs. Soon after, the T-Posers showed up through the door, with both Meggy and Bob confused as to what was going on. Boopkins was oblivious to the danger of the T-Posers and asked if they were here to see his Yu-Gi-Oh! collection but instead, they attacked him. Meggy was worried about him while Bob recorded the whole thing. Soon after, Boopkins became a T-Poser too. Meggy asked Bob to help her defeat the T-Pose Zombies but instead, the Garo went to join the Mario brothers, forcing Meggy to deal with them on her own. Although she easily knocked back down, she realized with horror that they were unaffected as they proceeded to gang up on her as they prepared to make her one of them.

Upstairs, Luigi was panicking as to what they had to do with Mario saying they were all going to die. Bob suggested setting the castle on fire to kill the zombies but Luigi disagreed because they were their friends. Mario suddenly remembered about Meggy and said she could handle them but when he peeked through the door, he realized with horror again that she became a T-Poser too, causing him to faint. Bob then asked if that was the time to set the castle on fire. Luigi and Mario quickly tried blocking the doors as more T-Posed characters, including one of the Koopa Bros., Toadsworth, Birdo, and Ronald McDonald struggled to get through the barricaded doors. Bob decided to ditch the Mario brothers and headed to the roof, but not before praying for them after Mario complained of him ditching them. As Mario got distracted by Bob, the T-Posers burst through, including a Knight character. The Mario brothers then headed up the roof, being chased by the T-Posers that now included Bowser, a Tostarenan, and another character. As they tried to budge the door, they realized it was locked. Turned out Bob had barricaded the doors with random objects. As he commented on his genius plan on how all the girls have no choice but to have babies with him due to being the last male alive, he looked from the roof to realize that several toads, Whomps, Koopa Troopas, Dr. Eggman, Shy Guys, Monty Moles, another Birdo, another character, and SMG3, who were all T-Posed, were waiting downstairs, causing him to realize that he was trapped.

As Mario continued to struggle opening the door, Luigi quickly looked around to find a fire extinguisher. He tried to throw it at the head of one of the T-Posers, which included Donkey Kong, but it did nothing to halt the horde. Luigi cried thinking they were goners but Mario told him to stop crying and help him open the door. As they tried, Bob said they should not bother as he claimed they were too many T-Pose zombies on the roof. Luigi cried that they were going to die with more T-Posers including a Kamek, Kratos, Zangief, Link, Colonel Sanders, Mega Man X, and Rubeus Hagrid were fast approaching them. Bob, however, wanted them to stop complaining so he could read in peace. Angry, Mario activated his "Fat Powers" to break through the door. it worked but while Mario and Luigi celebrated, the T-Pose zombies, which included Heavy Weapons Guy, grabbed Luigi and slowly turned him into one of them, much to the horror of Mario as he could not do anything. Bob complained that now, the T-Posers were able to get onto the roof and said how could the world survive if he died. Mario though, furious for Bob's negligence resulting in his brother killed, pushed Bob to the edge. Bob said it was a prank and that he still had a lot of girls to love and money to make but Mario was not buying any of that and kicked him down to the ground where all the T-Pose zombies, including another character, were waiting, where Bob's last words were: "Bury me in women." After dealing with Bob, Mario turned to realize with horror that the T-Pose zombies were upon him, which now included Funky Kong, Kermit The Frog, and Rayman. He tried to go back but when he saw below several more T-Pose zombies, which now included Falco Lombardi, Slenderman, a cat-like humanoid, Sans, an anime schoolgirl, Mr. Bob, another character, a bird-like character, a video game character, a character covered in blood, another Heavy as an investor, Santa Claus, Godzilla, Master Hand, a Shy Gal, and a character in a blue jacket, Mario realized he was done for and that he never got to eat the golden spaghetti.

Unexpectedly but fortunately, Peach arrived in a helicopter armed with a machine gun, who then fired away 1-Up Mushrooms at the T-Pose zombies, saving Mario. She then fired another burst at another group, although she had to repeat due to Yoda not being fully knocked down. Any T-Pose zombie who got hit returned to normal with Bowser wondering what was going on. Peach than told the Koopa Troopa pilot to drop the 1-Up Mushroom bombs. The outcome slowly returned all T-Pose zombies back to normal with Master Hand and SMG4 confused as well, Luigi being happy, and Meggy seemly injured. Once all the T-Pose zombies were back to normal, the helicopter landed on the roof and Mario was confused as to how she knew what to do. She replied that she is the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, and therefore had to know what caused the T-Pose outbreak and showed a T-Pose Shroom, the source of it. She then furiously asked who idiotically ate it, causing everyone to look at Shroomy, who recounted how he became a T-Pose zombie. He then apologized for the entire ordeal. Luigi wondered what was Waluigi's motive for the T-Pose Shroom, Bowser and Meggy suggested finding and beating up Waluigi, and Mario was glad that everyone was ok. Boopkins though suggested that they should look at his card collection, causing Mario to ask who wanted to do anything but Boopkins' suggestion, causing everyone else to cheer for Mario's decision. They quickly boarded the helicopter and left Fishy Boopkins, who then dejectedly looked down.

Phase 2: Intricate Game of Rejection

The Mario Café incident

2 weeks later, Bowser opens his new café , Koopa Café, with him announcing that the café was now open for business. Kamek noticed that no one else was around and tried alerting Bowser to it but the Koopa King took no heed as he was too engrossed with announcing the opening. When he realized there were no employees, he asked Kamek where were they, which he responded that it was what he was trying to tell him too. He also said that it was because Mario squished all the employees. In a flashback, while singing I Sit On You, Mario ground-pounded the Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and even Bowser Jr.. Realizing that having no employees meant he could not have a café, Bowser broke down on the floor crying. Kamek, wanting to ensure that Bowser was happy, told him that he would get new employees and flew off.

At Mario's house, Mario could be seen watching meat sauce being poured on spaghetti while naked which was typical of him when Kamek suddenly burst through the house's wall. Mario asked if Kamek wanted to join him but the Koopa wizard did not respond. Instead, he sent him to Bowser's café, where SMG4 and Saiko were already there. Then, Luigi and Toad were teleported in as well. Mario finally reached the café but landed on Toad who screamed at seeing Mario naked. Kamek then informed Bowser that he had gotten him the employees per his request. Bowser naturally became happy while Mario wondered why they were all here. SMG4, angry, explained that it was because he killed all of Bowser's employees, forcing them to take their place. Saiko was even less thrilled as they were not even getting paid for the work, even though Luigi tried to convince her that Bowser was not that bad. Toad decided to leave but Kamek stopped him by summoning Toadette. Rather than deal with his crazy girlfriend, Toad decided that they should all work at the café.

In the café, Bowser assigned everyone their roles:

  • SMG4 as the barista (who was pouring bleach into the coffee)
  • Toad as the cashier (who was stealing a few bucks for himself)
  • Luigi and Saiko as the servers (Luigi was happy while Saiko was understandably not pleased)
  • Bowser as the head chef
  • Mario as the assistant chef (who was scratching his butt with a cheeseburger before choking on it)

Bowser asked if they were all ready but everyone shown were not with Mario still choking on the cheeseburger. He told everyone to get ready for the first customer, which was Shroomy. He had positive words for the café before proceeding to order a very complicated coffee (a venti ice skinny decaf hazelnut macchiato no whip ultimate grand super craft party coffee deluxe) and a side of eggs benedict. Toad rudely told him to go take a seat, as he angrily headbutted the cash register, printing the order as Luigi brought it to Bowser. Unfortunately, Bowser was out of eggs as the delivery never came, so Mario had to find new eggs fast.

As he headed outside, Mario saw Dr. Eggman leaving the women's restroom, the actual delivery of the eggs, and Yoshi on his phone with an egg in a baby carriage (which resembled the Rattle Buggy from Mario Kart: Double Dash). Mario swiped the Pink Yoshi Egg while Yoshi was distracted. A Pink Yoshi then showed up and asks Yoshi where their daughter was (it was the Pink Yoshi egg).

Mario cooked the "Eggs Benedick," which was a couple of fried eggs place at either side of one end of a sausage, and threw it at Luigi. SMG4 was still trying to comprehend the drink order, but as Saiko was getting impatient, SMG4 quickly ran out the door in a panic but noticed a coffee vending machine. Seeing it as the answer to his problems, SMG4 ordered a drink from the machine and sampled it just to be safe. He threw it up almost immediately but decided it could do. Shroomy was still waiting patiently, and Saiko threw the coffee while Luigi brought him the eggs benedict. Shroomy downed his coffee and ate his eggs benedick in seconds. As he contemplated the taste, Luigi and Saiko looked at each other nervously, as do Mario and Bowser, but Toad was still banging his head while SMG4 tried to look nervous. Fortunately, Shroomy enjoyed his meal, so Mario celebrated, while Luigi and Saiko high-fived.

Suddenly, a huge crowd appeared outside, looking for a meal, concerning everyone except Bowser, as that meant more customers. The customers stormed inside, trampling poor Luigi, and Bob even showed up requesting for the finest hoes and beer. Being a rude customer, Saiko threw him through a wall, and Luigi had to calm her based off of their earlier lessons. The customers have now formed a line, with Steve at the front, unable to decide what he wanted, while Toad napped and left a sign telling everyone to order themselves. Steve understood but mistakenly stole the register as the place was suddenly on fire. A shadow hanged over Toad, revealing himself to be none other than Waluigi. Waluigi just wanted a coffee, but Toad was still pissed of about an earlier incident and refused to serve him. Waluigi attempted to trick Toad into unleashing his rejection powers, which only failed due to a Snowman's angry comment on the long line. Waluigi left, scheming a future plan while SMG4 loaded up on vending machine coffee to the point where it stopped working. Refusing to accept it, he sold water as "tasteless coffee".

The café was suddenly a ruckus. Luigi was buried in the orders while Bowser was struggling to make all of them. Mario was no help either, eating most of the complete ones. Bowser then heard people complaining about the service and leaving. That caused him to be so heartbroken that he had a heart attack and passed out. Toad attempted to leave as he had been planning, but Luigi, being the only other enthusiastic character, called an emergency staff meeting and literally shoved everyone into a meeting room. He then asked Steve to entertain the few customers who have not left. He agreed but not being prepared, did a mock barbershop dance, complete with hat and cane.

Saiko was unhappy as her day was wasted with everyone, but Luigi attempted to motivate everyone with a song resembling the Car Rap from Parappa the Rapper. Toad threw a chair in response, salty as ever, especially the choice of song. Bowser woke up from his coma and said they needed a team-based system. Mario threw up at the thought of it, but Bowser insisted on putting their strengths into the correct roles would help. Meanwhile, Steve got worn out and passed out (possibly dying) while Bob was impatient and wanted Steve to dance faster. Everyone emerged from the meeting room, ready to get back in business.

Luigi convinced several would-have-been-customers who were still nearby with a bargain: 1% off of everything and extra dip, free of charge. Even Big Smoke was impressed. SMG4 agreed to swap places with Toad, as SMG4 "has typed stupid shit" all his life, meaning he could quickly type in each customer's orders. Toad, however, was unwilling to do much as he did not understand why people would like coffee until he sampled it, and in a similar manner to his sugar rush, started pumping it out of the machine. Mario used a golf club to swing several pieces of food, which Bowser instantly cooked with his fire breath. Luigi threw the orders to the tables, while Saiko threw the customers into their seats. Bowser was overjoyed as his café was finally running smoothly, and played the Car Rap instrumental to celebrate. SMG4 and Luigi broke it down, Saiko bobbed her head to the music, and Toad had gone completely addicted to coffee. Mario was bored and attempted to leave, but was stopped by a The Police, inquiring about the Yoshi Egg that was stolen earlier. Mario decided to continue work at the café to avoid the police.

Mario, The Ultimate Gamer Incident

One Month Later...

Mario and SMG4 are standing outside the castle War of the Fat Italians style before charging at each other and switching to the Garry's Mod 2D ragdoll modeled combat. Turned out both of them were playing Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. where eventually, SMG4 defeated Mario. It also turned out that Mario lost to SMG4 for the 20th time with SMG4 saying that Mario just sucked at gaming. Mario had enough of losing and said he was going to train to become better than SMG4 before leaving the game room, although the latter was laughing as he knew Mario would not keep to his words.

Turned out SMG4 was right as Mario could later be seen eating ice cream at the mall. He then heard some commotion and headed to the source of it to find a huge crowd at a game store surrounding Bob and a blue haired girl as they were about to begin playing Super Smash each other in the ass Bros.. When Mario asked Fishy Boopkins who was also part of the crowd, the spike responded saying that Bob challenged the blue haired girl to a game of Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. and that she was also one of the best players of the game in the world. Bob proceeded to taunt her saying that girls were bad gamers. When the round sounded, Bob, who chose Dr. Eggman as his character, and she, as a Yoshi in the game, would never defeat him but was proven wrong when she easily knocked out Dr. Eggman, causing the crowd to cheer for her. The girl then smugly left, with Bob saying that he only lost because he went easy on her and wanted a rematch. Impressed with her easy sweep over Bob, Mario wanted her to teach him how to be good at the game and went after her. After getting her attention after spooking her a brunch, especially when his head just appeared out of the drink vending machine, causing her to be blasted onto a snack vending machine which gave her a free bag of chips, she introduced herself as Tari as a way of thanking the plumber for letting her have the free chip. Mario wanted her to teach him how to not suck at video gaming and at first, she declined due to claiming she only played for a living. Mario insisted, reminding her of her total victory over Bob, who came over to tell Tari to "Suck a di**." before leaving. Once he begged her, she relented, saying that she will try to help train Mario. When she said that, he went super ecstatic, to the point he was dancing naked. A Goomba walked by but was shocked to see him naked. Tari then told him that she did not know Mario, which was true since she only just met him.

As they were walking down a hallway, Mario asked what secret techniques would she teach but Tari said she needed to know how good Mario's skill was. with that said, they headed to the arcade to test Mario's capability. In it, she and Mario began a game of Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. where Mario just mashed buttons. Tari, as Yoshi in-game, timed when to hit Mario and proceeded to instantly knock him out. Mario reacted to the loss badly but Tari said that she had an idea and headed to it, although Mario proceeded to flip her off behind her back. They went to a Whack-A-Mole game called Whack A Luigi that had the Luigi Dolls as the moles. Mario did not know why she suggested that game but Tari responded saying that he needed more than just button mashing skills and that she needed Mario to focus. Mario hated being told to focus because he was always focused, although, in his mind, he was focused on Baldi doing the Fortnite Dance on a spaghetti background. Tari decided to believe him and started the machine for Mario to play. Mario, determined to win, proceeded to repeatedly hammer the machine in the bid to hit the Luigi Dolls. However, he was too focused on the game to take notice Tari telling him to stop, forcing her to find a quick solution: In this case, Popo's "ice cream", which was actually a Freezie, and throwing it at him, causing Mario to be encased in ice. Not only was Mario now frozen, but he also scored 0 points. Tari then reminded Mario to focus, which he finally did by clearing his mind of Baldi dancing and spaghetti. When he did that, he managed to hit the Luigi Doll a few times consecutively. Tari was happy that Mario got the idea of focusing and told him that they could move onto another game but as she was on the panel, Mario accidentally smashed her face.

The next game was a crane game. Tari said it was her favorite game and explained that it would help train hand-eye coordination, accuracy, agility, and a chronic gambling addiction for kids. Mario, uninterested at first suddenly wanted to play the game badly due to seeing a partly eaten pizza in the crane game, although Tari suspected that someone might have dropped it in the box. He tried grabbing the pizza a few times but gotten a Thomas the Tank Transformer, Shy Guy, and Pengaz. Unhappy with what he got, Tari encouraged him to focus. He did that and the crane smashed through its box to grab Toad. Toad was suddenly shocked to find he was grabbed by a crane and proceeded to hold onto a nearby arcade machine to not be dragged any further. Tari, realizing the situation, used another crane to help Mario grab Toad.

Tari had one more lesson for Mario. Mario thought it would be a super secret technique but Tari said it was even better. They could later be seen at a park with Tari feeding some of the Duck Hunt ducks. Mario was confused as to how this would help him be a better gamer but Tari replied saying that it was important to stay calm before a match. When she turned to ask if the ducks agreed, one of them, which crept up to eat the bread Tari was offering had now bitten into her arm, causing her to flail in pain. Mario did what she said and found that her wailing in pain was actually pretty relaxing. With that, Tari concluded the training and Mario felt ready to fight. He asked her to come with him to defeat SMG4 but she declined, saying she had to feed the ducks. He thanked her for the help and went off to face SMG4. She then felt relieved as she did not want to meet new people, recalling the earlier incident at the mall and that she was happier where she was. While she said that, both of her hands were bitten by the ducks, causing her to be in shock.

Back in the castle, both Mario and SMG4 had a rematch. Mario did better than last time but SMG4 still had the upper hand. Mario then remembered Tari's words on focusing, just to really hear those words. He turned around to see Tari telling him to focus and that she came to cheer for Mario, just to fall down an unstable, collapsing support platform. With that, Mario suddenly improved drastically, shocking SMG4 into doing even harder. However, at the last few seconds of the match, Mario delivered a finishing blow to SMG4, winning him the game. SMG4 became morbid that he lost while Mario was super ecstatic that he won. SMG4, crying to the door knowing that Mario would not let this go, suddenly saw Tari at the door, who quickly left. Mario however, dragged her back into the room to comment on how he won thanks to her training. Tari then saw SMG4 sad because of his recent loss and asked him if he wanted to play for fun, which he agreed to. The video ends with SMG4 and Tari playing Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. and Mario flaunting his victory over SMG4 at him and even going naked.

It's important to know that while Mario and Tari were at the crane game, Waluigi was spying on them.

Mario: The Ultimate Gamer aftermath

Some days later, Waluigi decided that the only way to get revenge on the others for ignoring and hating him is by achieving his final form. Since he needed to be rejected or hated to gain enough power, Waluigi decided to post emails to every citizen in the Mushroom Kingdom to come to a fake birthday party. Nearly everyone rejected the invitation (even Wario, who did plan on coming but had a "date" with some KFC chicken), mainly due to his actions during the T-Pose incident. As Waluigi rejoiced the hate he received, he discovered much to his dismay that both Mario and Luigi had accepted his invitation, with Mario hoping to eat some food. Since he needed to be rejected to gain power, Waluigi set up an obstacle course in an sewer maintenance building.

As a result, when the Mario Bros. arrived at the party, Waluigi knocked them out and took them to the building.

Mario SAW Incident

Mario wakes up in the sewer maintenance and wonders if he partied really hard yesterday with Luigi. He then fully woke up, finding himself and Luigi in a room with a chain tied to his leg and a Piranha Plant mouth on his head. He wonders what is going on, observing the Piranha Plant mouth on his head (which he mistakes for an ugly hat) and the chain that is tied to his leg. Luigi woke up, fearfully asking whether they might die or not. Mario then tells Luigi that its probably one of his fans that kidnapped him, before being interrupted by a person wearing a Majora's Mask on a screen. The person asks the Mario Bros. if they want to play a game. Luigi panics, whereas Mario asks if they can play a particular game. The person instead says that in thirty seconds, the Piranha Plant heads will close on their heads, although Mario ignores this and wants to play something else. As the person tries to resume, he was interrupted by Mario a couple times over how the "game" is boring. Annoyed, the person leaves and the clock starts to count down from 30 seconds. Luigi panics, telling Mario to help him, even though Mario slams himself on the wall in an attempt to get the Piranha Plant on his head off of him. 20 seconds remain, and Luigi asks the Piranha Plant to get off his head in a nice tone, but instead the plant bites down harder on the green capped plumber, sending him into a total panic. 10 seconds remain, and Mario tries to saw the chain off his leg, while Luigi lies on the floor, hopeless. 5 seconds remain, and Mario boasts that he can't die like this. Suddenly, the two Piranha Plants get off the brothers' heads, and greet each other. They then walk off, with the person wearing the Skull Kid mask looking in confusement. The chain unlocks both brothers' feet, with Mario celebrating while Luigi remains in shock. Then two more chains relock themselves onto the brothers' feet, dragging them into a dark tunnel.

Mario and Luigi keep on getting dragged by the chains, entering into the Tunnel of Doom, where they notice a tunnel filled with obstacles. Luigi manages to avoid some of the obstacles, while Mario barely dodges any of them. They then approach a Whomp, and although Luigi manages to go under it, Mario gets stuck due to his obesity. The person wearing the Majora's Mask then speeds up the chains dragging Mario and Luigi, resulting in the Whomp being dragged with Mario. At the end of the tunnel, the game's mastermind meets them in person (only for Mario to throw things at him in anger), sending them to the next room.

The Mario Bros. then find themselves in a room full of lava where they're hanging into chains with buttons attached to their legs. The person tells them that one of them need to press the button attached to their leg, which would send them falling to their doom, while the other one advances. If none of them press the button, they'll all die from the rising lava. Luigi panics over the idea, while Mario throws multiple items at the chains hanging him. Luigi eventually suggests that Mario swings over to him, although this proves unsuccessful. Luigi looks at the lava, and, with no other choice, tells Mario that he's going to press the button. Mario pleas Luigi to not do so, but despite this, sacrifices himself, leaving his older brother into tears. Suddenly, Luigi comments that the lava tastes weird, with Mario in surprise,and then reveals that the "lava" is actually watermelon-flavored really warm Kool-Aid. The person then comments on the show, eventually draining the Kool-Aid room with a green pipe, bringing Luigi with it,and sends Mario to the "Bonus Round".

Mario then falls into a chair in a dark room and is cuffed to it. he's asked by the person with the Majora Mask if he wants to play a game, to which he simply answers no. The person says that the game is about Mario truthfully answering his question... which is "Will you be my friend?". Mario obviously says no repeatedly, even if the person said "Please". The person then laughs, ultimately revealing himself to be none other than Waluigi. Mario, in total ambushed shock, instantly recognizes Waluigi, who thanks Mario for rejecting him, laughing villainy, turning into his super power mode and teleporting in front of the red plumber, who, still in terror, claims Waluigi has gone insane. After Waluigi listed his reasons, Mario realized that the madman set up the obstacle course and made him think Luigi died just so that he can hate him. Waluigi confirms this himself, and before he opens up a portal, he tells Mario that they will meet again. Mario is left in the dark room, wondering what will happen next. He also comments that his ass itches.

Mario, The Scam Artist Incident

With Waluigi gone, Wario decides to scam people out of their money by himself. Wario is seen showing Shroomy his card which decides his fate. It is revealed that he has been given the Cory in the House card, to which Wario says that is a "bi-jillion years of bad luck". He the takes this advantage by showing Shroomy his collection of good luck charms. These include, but are not limited to: a whole "rabbit" (Who is actually a Demoman) instead of just his foot, and a live "lucky cat". Afterward, the cat just dies in front of him. Wario says that it can be all his for a low price of 1,000,000 coins. Shroomy hesitantly agrees; but as soon as Wario is about to take the money, a gnome appears and Shroomy goes off after it (Mistaking it for a leprechaun) in hopes of good luck.

After that, Wario reminisces about the fact that it has been harder to scam people since Waluigi left. He looks at a part of a building side which looks like Waluigi, and a successful bank robbery which reminds him of the good old times. After this, he goes on to call Waluigi a few names, believing him to be useless, but is interrupted after hearing Mario's cry for help from the sewer maintenance building.

Mario continues crying for help until Wario walks in to discover him strapped to a chair. Mario hears Wario come in and begs for him to free him from the straps keeping him stuck. Wario momentarily ponders the possibility but eventually decides to rob Mario while he has a chance, but instead of him finding money, he begins to pull out lump upon lump of spaghetti. Mario angrily shouts at his greedy rival to stop, but Wario instead asks why he only has spaghetti in his pockets. After eventually deciding to stop, Wario asks Mario why he's trapped inside the sewer maintenance building and the red plumber gives a very simple synopsis of the events of what had happened earlier, which makes Wario uninterested before he realizes that Mario has seen Waluigi recently. He tries hiding his excitement, but fails, causing him to attempt to mask it as curiosity. He then states that he "just needs someone to help him with his scams", quickly realizing that he could make Mario a substitute for Waluigi. Wario then runs out of the building, coming back moments later with a tow truck to save Mario, hooks the tow cable up to Mario's chair and proceeds to drive like a madman to a nearby parking lot, landing on top of a car that was locked mere moments before landing. The two leave to go scam people out of their money.

Afterwards, Wario and Mario find Fishy Boopkins sitting on a bench while talking to his waifu body pillow Miku. Wario then comes in and lies to Boopkins that he can make Miku come to life, so he does a short ritual, and then tosses the waifu onto a roof. He then orders Mario to do his part, and the red plumber emerges from the roof dressed as Miku. Completely fooled, Boopkins attempts to kiss Mario, much to the plumber's disgust and he's forced to kick Boopkins in the face. Realizing "Miku" doesn't like him, Boopkins leaves, much to Wario's anger.

The duo then find a wheelchair-bound Koopa, and Wario posing as a magician decides to put up a show. He then orders the Koopa to close his eyes, and while he's not looking, Wario tosses the wheelchair to Mario (holding a magnet) on a nearby roof, but accidentally knocks him out of it, making him fall into the street. The Koopa then opens his eyes and, fooled, asks Wario to make his wheelchair appear again. Unfortunately, the wheelchair is run over by a car and set on fire, much to Mario's despair. Although the Koopa is still fooled, Wario gets angry at the red plumber's stupidity ruining his scams and threatens to have him cuffed back in the chair. Panicking, Mario reluctantly agrees to do what he says.

Afterward, the duo finds a screaming Luigi floating in the sewers. Panicking, Mario knocks out a nearby man selling fish, ties a rope and order Luigi to grab on. Listening to his brother's command, Luigi grabs the rope and Mario pulls it with all his strength, saving him. Wario then comes in dressed as a nurse and offers to tend his wounds. Though the green plumber assures he's just tired, Wario ignores him and repeatedly electrocutes him with defilibrators, setting him on fire. He then orders Luigi give him 30,000 coins as saving lives aren't for free, but when Luigi reveals he has no money, he angrily attempts to toss him back into the sewers and leave him to die, but Mario interverned by kicking Wario aside and saying he's no better than Waluigi. Realizing his horrible actions, Wario goes back home where he starts getting instantly depressed, so he decides to go on a journey to find Waluigi.

The Mario Carnival Incident

Mario discovers on TV that Bob had opened a carnival. Instantly excited, Mario asks Luigi to come with him. However, Luigi refuses as he's taking a bath to remove the sewer smell, and Mario angrily decides to go by himself.

After arriving at the carnival, Mario checks the prize cabin and discovers a "very rare" Eggman football, but is angry at how expensive it is, so he decides to play as many games as possible to get more tickets. He eventually finds SMG4 playing a game of throwing a ring into a bottle, only to fail miserably. After several failed attempts, he finds a fan near the bottles. Angry, the YouTuber asks Bob (who somehow got there first, much to Mario's confusion) if he put the fan there to rig the game. Not wanting SMG4 to discover that this was indeed the case , Bob decides to give SMG4 some tickets for trying his best. Happy, SMG4 says he'll win the Eggman football, but Mario says he wanted it first. Annoyed, the two compete to get the most tickets and get the football first.

After numerous games, SMG4 is about to play a fishing game and finds Tari playing the same game. Knowing she's a good player, SMG4 asks her to help him, yet she says that she isn't as good in carnival games, but she agrees nonetheless.

Meanwhile, Mario is playing a game in which he must shoot the most ducks, but his aim is so horrible that he misses every shot causing Bob to taunt him. As Mario berates himself, Meggy shows up and helps Mario win thousands of tickets with her excellent sharp-shooting skills. Tari then comes in with SMG4 and she successfully shoots more ducks than Meggy, much to the latter's shock. Bob then raises the difficulty level to "POWER DRIVE" mode, and shocked at how fast the ducks are moving, Tari is forced to use her Cyborg skills to shoot every duck. Completely shocked, Meggy begs Tari to teach her how to shoot like that.

Realizing they have enough tickets, Mario and SMG4 make a run for the prize cabin, only to discover that the tickets needed to buy the Eggman football were actually 100,000,000 tickets rather than 100,000. As a result, the 2 start crying on how they'll never get the football, only to see Meggy and Tari with a lot more tickets. Happy, the 2 quickly buy the football and start running out of the carnival, accompanied by Meggy. Tari then states that while she's glad Mario, SMG4 and Meggy are happy, she is reluctant to join them because she doesn't like excercising. Bob then states that there's enough leftover tickets for a rubber ducky. Tari happily buys the rubber ducky and joins Mario, SMG4 and Meggy as they run out of the carnival.

Phase Three: The Waluigi War

The Mario Convention incident

Mario, Luigi, Meggy, and Tari visit a famous convention named Glitchcon to check out what they have. Mario is uninterested in the attractions, but gets happy after learning from Luigi that there's might be spaghetti appreciation booths. Luigi then tells Mario to come with him too. Mario is still unimpressed, but he half-heartedly agrees to go with him. They first go to a Sci-Fi booth, of which Bowser is running it with a Darth Vader helmet on. Mario is not intimidated (probably due to his bad mood) and due to his lack of knowledge in the Star Wars franchise, thinks Bowser is dressed as a Pokemon.

Bowser insists that he's not, and Luigi and Mario start looking at the stuff Bowser has in his booth. Then, Luigi finds a replica TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) outside the booth. Mario asks Luigi what he had called him, confusing the word TARDIS for another name for retard. But, Luigi steps into the TARDIS and pretends to be the Doctor from Doctor Who, when suddenly, the TARDIS de-materializes with Luigi inside it. Mario, unconcerned, then finds a lightsaber, although he doesn't know what it is. He begins tossing it around despite Bowser saying that it's a real lightsaber, inadvertently activating it and making the blade go through Bowser's hand. Bowser stares at the blade for a few seconds and yells in pain, much to Mario's amusement. Elsewhere, the TARDIS re-materializes a few feet away from the booth, with Luigi walking out of it. All this as Tari and Meggy pass by them.

Tari, cosplaying as Link, gapes in amazement at all the booths at the convention, while Meggy follows her, uninterested and weirded out by a Goomba and a Morty Mole cosplaying as Inklings. Just then, Fishy Boopkins notices the duo and welcomes them to his Anime Store. Meggy, having had past recollections of all the horrors she experienced watching anime, turns to leave, but Tari rushes past her and looks at everything in the store, much to Meggy's disbelief. Meanwhile, Luigi and Mario walk away from the Sci-Fi booth, and Mario questions the convention's excitement. Just then, he spots SMG4 going around a corner and happily goes to join him. SMG4, seeing the brothers, welcomes them to his "Tabletop Gaming Paradise!!!!" which is empty except for a lone Birdo in the corner. As Mario turns to leave, Luigi asks if they can play Warhammer 40K, much to Mario's disbelief, and SMG4 happily sets them up to play.

Meanwhile, Meggy and Tari come across a basketball hoop, and Tari shoots three times. Unfortunately, Tari only managed to hit the backboard, barely miss the rim, and hit a Spider-Man doll next to the hoop, of which the latter explodes when it hits the ground. After Meggy shows her how to throw the ball, a determined Tari throws the ball, but it hits the rim and slams Meggy in the face. After Meggy reassures Tari that's she's fine, Tari notices a huge crowd gathered around Hideo Kojima, the creator of the Metal Gear Solid series. Tari asks Meggy to get her introduces to Mr. Kojima, which she accepts.

Meanwhile, Luigi and Mario have finished playing, and head to the celebrity meet-up. Then, Luigi notices Hideo Kojima and begs Mario to get him an autograph. Although Mario goes to sleep, uninterested, he happily accepts when Luigi promises that they'll look for the spaghetti appreciation booth.

At the meet-up, while Meggy jumps from person to person, Mario rams through the crowd with his kart. They both arrive in front of Mr. Kojima at the same time. Realizing that only one of them can talk to Mr. Kojima, they start pulling at him while Tari watches from the side. Even though Tari wanted to meet Kojima, she suddenly got distracted from the meet-up by "something." Back at the meet-up, Mario wins the tug of war and asks Kojima to come with him to Luigi. Suddenly, Kojima holds a T-Pose Shroom in front of Mario's face, and the Shroom starts to glow. Realizing what was about to happen, Meggy knocks Mario out of the way a second before the Shroom explodes, sending the convention-goers into a panic while Meggy and part of the crowd become T-Pose Zombies, much to Mario's disbelief.

Kojima then reveals himself as Waluigi in his WaluRambo form and cackles evilly. Mario tries throwing a 1-Up Mushroom at Meggy, but it fails and bounces off the Inkling. Waluigi laughs and says that there is no cure to being T-Posed, as his powers have grown stronger ever since the events of Mario SAW. He then throws a bolt of purple lightning at Mario, but Luigi tackles him out of the way just in time. Despite Mario's protests, Luigi pulls him away from Meggy so the two can leave the convention immediately, joined by Boopkins and SMG4, while various characters including Bowser, Shroomy, and a random booth owner become T-Pose Zombies from Waluigi's lightning bolts. As they near the exit, Waluigi notices them and throws a bolt at the group. While the rest manage to avoid the bolt, Luigi gets hit and is transformed into a T-Pose Zombie. Mario, in tears, promises his little brother and Meggy that he'll come back for them as he runs away from the destroyed convention with SMG4 and Boopkins.

When night falls, Tari emerges from a bin full of toys, having found a rare wizard duck that happened to be what distracted her earlier. As she walks around looking for Meggy, Tari hears Waluigi's laugh and sees him above his army of T-Pose Zombies. She was then shocked to see Meggy among the T-Posers, now obeying Waluigi and under his control. As Waluigi announces his plans to make the world feel the rejection he felt, Master Hand intervenes, but when he tries to use Flying Punch on Waluigi, the madman stops him effortlessly and tortures him until Master Hand pledges his servitude to him. Having taught Master Hand who's the "master," Waluigi laughs while a horrified Tari clutches her duck and cries in fear watching the scene unfold from behind the bin.

The Waluigi Apocalypse

A news report comes on with CrimsonMan5 saying that the T-Pose Virus was spreading and to stay indoors at all times. Waluigi is then seen zapping citizens into T-Pose Zombies. It then goes over to Jeeves reporting at the scene, saying that the policemen are trying their best at saving everyone. He then talks about the "THICC" beam of light that the kids were talking about and how Waluigi caused it. Jeeves asks a policeman how they're handling it, who shouts "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!" and runs away. Suddenly, Jeeves gets surrounded by T-Pose Zombies and in the process, the camera gets damaged and color bars appear onscreen.

Mario, watching the events unfold at his house, wonders what to do without Luigi. He then hears a knock on the door. Fearing that it was a T-Pose Zombie, he grabs a frying pan and proceeds to the door. Mario opens the door to SMG4, and hits him in the face. After a short conflict, SMG4 tells Mario they need to save their friends. Mario then tells SMG4 that there is no cure to the virus, and there's too many T-Pose Zombies. SMG4 tells Mario they need to destroy the "THICC" beam, and that he has a plan. He shows Mario the DEATH BUS, an old city bus decked out with spikes and guns. After Mario adds a cap and mustache in his likeness, they head to the ruined Glitch-Con.

Meanwhile, at the ruined convention, Tari distracts Bowser, Luigi, and Shroomy with a rubber duck, and tries to bring Meggy back to her senses, but since she's under Waluigi's control, she cannot return to her original state. As Tari cries over Meggy, Master Hand notices Tari, who in her sudden shock, faints.

Outside, Toadsworth is being chased by a small horde of T-Pose Zombies, he then sees SMG4 and Mario driving towards him the Death Bus and exclaims “Oh thank the stars! Rescue!!!” However, he is then run over by the Death Bus. SMG4 wipes Toadsworth off his windshield, but when he notices a huge pile of debris blocking the road. While SMG4 guns the engine, trying to get over, but the debris is too tall and too heavy. Suddenly, they are surrounded by a mob of T-Pose Zombies, who rock the bus. Mario actually enjoys it until a T-Posed Woody leans into the Death Bus through the back window. Mario, panicking, finds an emergency minigun and throws it at Woody, knocking him away, and celebrates. But his victory is short-lived, as the zombies later barge open the door. Mario, undaunted, kicks them back, despite SMG4's protests and yelling at him to get back inside. He holds up well, until a Pianta grabs his leg and drags him into the T-Pose zombie crowd. SMG4 cries out for his fallen friend as Mario starts to black out.

Just before Mario is turned into a T-Pose Zombie, Saiko drops in from nowhere with a giant hammer and knocks out several T-Pose Zombies, including Woody. The two are shocked to see her, and she knocks the debris out of the way so SMG4 and Mario can go through. She hops into the Bus, and SMG4 happily drives away, almost leaving Mario behind, who manages to catch up to the bus and jump. On the bus, SMG4 and Mario ask Saiko why she's helping them. She responds that she's only helping is that most of the people are "brain dead" and that she can't get any attention from them. Mario thinks she might really care about them, which Saiko denies. Mario presses further, making Saiko punch him in the face. The bus arrives at what was once Glitch-Con, which is strangely unguarded, which Saiko acknowledges. Waluigi laughs as he reveals he's right behind them, and throws a ball of energy their way. The trio freak out and SMG4 drives away as Waluigi chases them.

Meanwhile, inside the building, Tari runs for her life from Master Hand, who attempts to rocket himself into her. Tari jumps up near Waluigi's scepter, the source of the "THICC" beam, and throws the Wizard duck she found earlier and a copy of Nintendogs in a fruitless effort to stop Master Hand. Then she pulls out an NES controller, but has little time to react as Master Hand speeds toward her. She narrowly avoids him, while the controller goes flying, hitting the scepter before bouncing back to her. Noticing the almost ethereal purple glow it has, but with little time to marvel as Master Hand attempts a second attack, holds up the controller in defense. Surprisingly, Master Hand stops in mid air. Confused, Tari presses the A button, and Master Hand recoils. Tari giggles, and presses B, which makes Master Hand strike a pose and shout "KAWAII". Tari then has a little fun and makes Master Hand dance a solo kickline followed by the Dance Moves emote from Fortnite.

Her fun is cut short, however, when the death bus crashes through the front doors, with Waluigi close behind. He regains control over Master Hand and tells him to destroy Mario, SMG4 and Saiko. Mario calls out to Luigi and Meggy that they will save them. However, the bus is headed for a head-on collision with Master Hand, but Saiko climbs to the roof, and makes a hard-hitting blow. Master Hand falls to the ground and Mario and SMG4 run to the scepter. Mario lunges for it, but Waluigi snaps his fingers, and Mario just misses getting a hold of it as the scepter flies back into Waluigi's hand.

Waluigi mocks Mario and SMG4 at their effort, as well as Bowser, Luigi, Meggy, and Shroomy for being idiotic guards. Adding insult to injury, Master Hand has Saiko literally held captive, and Waluigi turns her into a T-Pose Zombie, amid SMG4 and Mario's protests. Unaware of its impact, SMG4 calls Waluigi an ass, who gladly accepts the hate, making him stronger, prompting Mario to once again call Waluigi a weirdo. Waluigi then reveals he has the complete set of all the other major characters, which includes Steve, Toad, Nintendofan997(aka X), Bob, Shy Guy, Daisy, Donkey Kong, and Peach. Mario and SMG4 are the only ones missing, and now that they're there, Waluigi's set is complete, and is ready to show the world what true rejection feels like. SMG4 just wants to know why Waluigi's doing this, and what he wants from them. Waluigi laughs, and says he just wants to play a game. Waluigi then teleports the two, and proceeds to teleport himself as well.

Fishy Boopkins Plays VRChat Incident

Horrified at the events, Fishy Boopkins decides to stay home and play VRChat until the apocalypse is over. After going to sleep in game, Boopkins hears the door bell ring and Waluigi shows up, infecting him.

The Finale: War of the Fat Italians 2018 Incident

SMG4 and Mario wakes up in a dimension where they were sent to by Waluigi. Mario was horrified to find that he was flying and hoped that it was only because they were tripping out. SMG4 said he did not know and that he last recalled Waluigi sending them into the place they were in now. Suddenly, Waluigi appeared and told them that they were in the "Rejection Dimension", a place where nothing, not even life or companionship existed. SMG4 did not understand why Waluigi sent them here to which the crazed person replied that if he could not get into the latest Smash Bros. game, then he would create his own Smash Bros. SMG4 disagreed with the idea but Waluigi said it was not just any Smash Bros., but also a form of War of The Fat Idiots to which Mario corrected him saying it was Fat Italians but Waluigi did not care any longer and said they had to fight each other in a series of challenge or they would never leave the dimension. Mario hated it but Waluigi just sent them to their challenges anyway to a barber shop. Then he summoned Bob and released the Garo from his T-pose state who proceeded to ask what was up with Mario and SMG4. They asked if Bob felt OK which he replied he was feeling great although he suddenly had the urge to cut some hair and went over to do so, much to their horror. This started the war.

Challenge 1: Who can survive a haircut done by Bob, AND not try to die during it?

The first challenge, "Who can survive a haircut done by bob AND not try to die during it", suggested by @Zomblox on twitter, had the Garo tied both SMG4 and Mario to chairs. They were panicking a lot with Mario claiming he already had a haircut recently. Bob dismissed that, saying his haircut would be much better. When SMG4 and Mario realized that Bob gave Baldi his haircut, who commented that both of they were f**ked, it caused them to panic even more. Bob just thought of them being excited and went to get his hair-cutting blades which were scimitars. Bob started with SMG4 who dodged the blade a few times before pleading with Bob to have mercy on him, which the Garo whispered to him that it does not exist in his world before cutting SMG4's hair to his dismay. Mario, seeing that was going to happen to him too, distracted Bob by saying there were women's boobs nearby, causing the Garo to scan for them while SMG4 was left with a large bald patch on his head. Mario used that time to make his escape but he did not get very far before he fell, causing Bob to realize what Mario tried to do. The round ends in a tie.

Challenge 2: Who can make a better anime for Fishy Boopkins?

The second challenge, "Who can make a better anime for Fishy Boopkins?", suggested by SomethingChara on YouTube, had Mario and SMG4 try to make an anime that would impress the Spike more than the other participant. SMG4 went first showing his anime, a city-based one where he tried getting groceries against Jeeves. Fishy Boopkins however gave it a mixed review, causing SMG4 to get mad before being pushed aside by Mario, who showed Fishy Boopkins his anime, a high school anime with plenty of memes like Ronald McDonald, Shrek, Hobo Mario, and Kermit The Frog thrown in it. Fishy Boopkins loved it and SMG4 announced he quit making anime for the Spike, making Mario the winner.

Challenge 3: Who can steal Bowser's chicken nuggets without getting caught?

The third challenge, "Who can steal Bowser's chicken nuggets without getting caught?", suggested by @MarvinComix on twitter, had the two of them try to steal Bowser's chicken nuggets without getting caught. SMG4 tried to use a Minecraft fishing rod to steal Bowser's nuggets, but pulled the wrong items, including, a vase, a picture parodying the Bowsette meme called Kamette, and Bowser Jr.. That caused Bowser Jr. to scream out, distracting Bowser into finding out where was the noise. Mario exploited that situation by dressing up as Bowser Jr., and taking Bowser's nuggets. However, Bowser then turned around to see that Mario was stealing his chicken nuggets and said he could not take them while doing a parody of Johnny Johnny Yes Papa. After a while, Mario made a run for it with the nuggets. Bowser chased after him hoping to grab him, but instead grabbed Bowser Jr. who was still recovering from his injury, saying he would give him "seven across the ass!". SMG4 continued to try to hook Bowser's nuggets, this time from the hallway, not knowing Mario already succeeded, making the red plumber the winner.

Challenge 4: Who can make Yoshi pay his taxes?

The fourth challenge, "Who can make Yoshi pay his taxes?", suggested by King Inkling on YouTube, had the duo try to get Yoshi to pay his taxes. Mario went first with the entire police force surrounding the house. Mario made Yoshi pay his taxes which the dinosaur replied he would do it. Mario then smiled knowing he easily won the challenge just for Yoshi to suddenly pull a fast one on him and escaped. He crashed landed on a boat when suddenly, SMG4 was nearby. He said that either Yoshi paid his taxes or he would never see his son again. Yoshi decided that rather than save his son, he would keep evading his taxes and just jumped into the ocean to swim away. That resulted in a draw for the duo.

Challenge 5: Who can build the best paper airplane and fly it farther?

The fifth challenge, "Who can build the best paper airplane? Farthest one to fly wins!", suggested by Viger the Magnemite on YouTube, had Mario and SMG4 try to build a paper airplane that could fly as far as possible. Mario made a simple airplane and used a slingshot to launch it as far as possible. When he let go of the band, the airplane flew for a while, killing a Jay, before crashing into a couple, Red Yoshi and Birdo, in a nearby city, causing it to explode. Mario was pleased with the outcome until he saw SMG4 create a much bigger paper airplane which resembled a 737-800 and took off with it. Mario was pissed at that, resulting in SMG4 being the winner.

Challenge 6: Who can get Luigi a date?

The sixth challenge, "Who can get Luigi a date?", suggested by Damian Johnson on YouTube, had both SMG4 and Mario try to get Luigi a date. At a clothing store, SMG4 said he would get him a suit, a tie, and some hair products and told him to stay put meanwhile and then added when he was done, he would look fabulous before leaving. Just then, Mario appeared with a wheelbarrow of spaghetti. Luigi wondered what would Mario do with that load and Mario said it was to get the ladies. In this case, by covering him with spaghetti. Mario then said to go out and get the ladies, which Luigi agreed. Later outside, a crow spotted Luigi covered in spaghetti, since his a** was holy. More crows came and went to attack him, just as SMG4 returned with some cologne and the suit. Mario claimed he succeeded but Luigi was being attacked, resulting in this challenge being void. However, the rules didn't say anything about animals wanting Luigi's ass, so technically, Mario is the winner for this round.

Challenge 7: Who can beat Wheelchair Koopa in a wheelchair race, with obstacles?

The seventh challenge, "Who can beat Wheelchair Koopa in a wheelchair race, with obstacles?", suggested by @silveosalgentum on Twitter, had Mario and SMG4 try to beat Wheelchair Koopa at an obstacle wheelchair course on Rainbow Road. Both Mario and SMG4 started very fast while Wheelchair Koopa started very slowly. The duo fought each other in the race, with Mario slapping off SMG4's hat, and to with SMG4 responded with a chainsaw. Meanwhile, Wheelchair Koopa was in no way ahead of the race. Eventually, the duo upgraded their vehicles using the question mark boxes. Mario's upgrade gave him a bike, and SMG4's, Thomas the Tank Engine, which proceeded to get both him and Mario into the sky before exploding. Wheelchair Koopa soon followed nearby but then fell, resulting in a three-way tie for everyone and a draw for both Mario and SMG4.

Challenge 8: Who can scare Meggy?

The eight challenge, "Who can scare Meggy?", suggested by Jazvil, had Mario and SMG4 trying to scare Meggy. Mario went first by disguising as Callie (although he did succeed in freaking Marie out), an Octoling (but got gunned down instead), stealing her headset, and finally tried calling her and disrupting the power supply to her house. Mario laughed as he expected to win but Meggy was soon outside behind him. He turned around to realize he was done for and subsequently stuffed in a trash can. SMG4 then appeared with Fishy Boopkins in his hand before throwing him inside her house. Fishy Boopkins told her that she wanted to watch anime with him, causing her to get frightened to no end, giving SMG4 this challenge.

Challenge 9: Who can survive a night out with Saiko?

The ninth challenge, "Who can survive a night out with Saiko", suggested by gabenpereira, had Mario and SMG4 on a date with Saiko at Bowser’s cafe. Mario was first but as she talked about her problems, Mario became very distracted with 3 Baldis doing the "Take the L" emote in his mind. When Saiko asked for his opinion, he told her to shut up. Insulted, Saiko angrily threw him through a chandelier, resulting in Mario failing the challenge. SMG4 was next and Saiko grumpily told him to listen to her or he would regret it. SMG4, scared, agreed. Saiko then angrily asked why was he not pouring the drink to which he quickly struggled with but managed to do so after a while. Saiko thanked him but he had a heart attack, causing him to fail the challenge, too. This resulted in the challenge ending in a draw

Challenge 10: Who can last longer in a match of "Super Smash each other in the ass brothers" against Tari?

The tenth and final challenge, "Who can last longer in a match of "Super Smash each other in the ass brothers"", suggested by Mike Geno & Gavyn_Games, had both Mario and SMG4 come out of the rubble like in the trailer. Waluigi then came tasking both Mario and SMG4 to play Super Smash each other in the ass Bros.. Mario initially was relieved that he could simply sit down and play. Waluigi then corrected him saying it was in real life before taking control of Mario's body and using him to beat up SMG4. As the two fought, suddenly, an unknown voice told Waluigi to stop it. Turned out it was Tari but she clumsily fell from the rubble. She was soon back on track where she claimed she would help end the challenge by taking control of SMG4 with the magic controller she used to control Master Hand. Turned out the challenge was "Who can last longer in a match of "Super Smash each other in the ass brothers" against Tari?". Then, after a few more punches, Mario kicked SMG4 into a building and was forced by Waluigi to finish off SMG4. Realizing she cannot let Waluigi win, Tari went into hyper mode and had SMG4 fly out of the building and rush towards Waluigi, expertly dodging all the bolts shot at him and knocking the scepter out of his hand, and exploding. Due to the scepter being destroyed, all of the T-Pose Zombies returned to their normal states. (Although it was really unknown whether if everyone else and Master Hand return back to normal after Waluigi's Staff of Rejection gets destroyed or not.) On a technical level, SMG4 won the challenge, but only with the help of Tari. As a result, Waluigi became even angrier as the rest of the SMG4 cast celebrated.

The battle was not over, though. Waluigi challenged everyone to a rap battle. During the rap battle, Mario and SMG4 said that since he gained power by rejection, he must be weakened by affection. Therefore, there had to be someone who still loved him, even though Waluigi believed it was impossible. Suddenly, Wario joined in the rap and in it, he apologized to Waluigi for always being an a**hole. Waluigi momentarily lost his power but he declared that it was too late. Wario said that he expected such a reaction and because of it, he went on a long journey to find a therapist, who happened to be SMG3, with the therapy meeting in front of the cast. SMG3 said he was only doing this due to Waluigi being the bigger villain than he was. After evaluating Waluigi's mood, SMG3 asked if Wario had anything to say to him to which he replied, that despite his villainous acts, he still loved his brother. Moved, Waluigi's power left for good and the two hugged, causing everyone except for Toad(who found it disgusting), Saiko (who found it boring), and Bob (who was disappointed as to how the arc was ending so generically), to be happy. SMG4 was happy that everything turned out to be okay but Mario realized that The Mushroom Kingdom was still destroyed. Since nobody seemed interested in restoring the kingdom, Tari suggested playing some more video games, to which everyone except for SMG3, Wario, and Waluigi all happily agreed to. SMG3 then shrugged and left shortly after, leaving the Wario brothers in their hugs.


Mario's Late!

Afterwards, in Peach's Castle near the portrait to Tick Tock Clock, SMG4 is viewing his own reflection in the mirror, commenting on how fabulous he looks. However, as he turns around to see if the others are ready to go downstairs, he sees that no one else is even close to ready, as the room is in total chaos: Toad is merely lounging on the sofa while browsing his phone; Luigi is panicking in the corner by a storage chest; and Mario and Bowser are in the middle of Tug-of-War over Bowser's tie.

Understandably frustrated, SMG4 tries to remind the rest of the group that everyone else is waiting for them. However, Toad repeatedly insists that he doesn't want to go. Apparently, the reason why everyone is getting dressed up is to go the Mushroom Award Ceremony, where SMG4 has been selected as a guest speaker for one of the categories. Furious, SMG4 grabs Toad by the neck, threatening not to let anyone ruin the night for him. Toad questions what the award is even for. As SMG4 tries to remember, he is suddenly knocked over by Mario and Bowser during their scuffle.

Mario continues to demand that Bowser hand the tie over, despite the fact that it belongs to the Koopa King in the first place. SMG4 manages to break up the fight by kicking Mario to the ground and slapping him, causing the plumber to cry. Mario reluctantly throws the tie back over to Bowser, only to immediately start fighting again; this time over Bowser's top hat.

As the fight continues, SMG4 goes over to check on Luigi, who is crying in the fetal position. He explains that the reason why he's so flustered is because he can't find anything suitable to wear, as the chest next to him is filled with nothing but his usual attire: green shirts, white gloves, brown shoes, and denim overalls. Annoyed, SMG4 decides to go downstairs and ask Meggy to give them five more minutes to prepare. He warns the rest of the group that if they aren't ready by the time he comes back up, they'll be in serious trouble. However, as soon as he's gone, Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and Toad simply carry on with what they were doing.

Luigi frantically starts pulling clothes out of the chest for something proper to wear, leaning in further as he does so. Meanwhile, Mario and Bowser continue to fight over the top hat, bumping into Luigi and pushing him into the chest, causing the lid to snap shut and trap him inside.

Mario eventually snags the hat for himself and puts it on, though Bowser threatens to just snatch it back later. In response, the plumber decides to take extreme measures by supergluing the hat in place atop his head. He proceeds to mock Bowser, who becomes furious and pulls a crossbow on him. Mario quickly ducks for cover behind a table and pulls out a crossbow of his own. Fed up with their bickering, Toad tells Mario and Bowser to be quiet and pulls two more crossbows on each of them.

SMG4 returns at that moment to see if everyone's ready yet, only to find his friends in a complete standoff. However, instead of getting angry, he quietly walks out of the room and comes back carrying the internet router, which is strapped to several sticks of dynamite. SMG4 starts the timer for five minutes and tosses the router up onto a high platform, threatening to blow it up and shut down the internet if everyone doesn't finish before time runs out. Hearing this, Mario, Bowser, and Toad all immediately go into a panicked frenzy. Bowser tries desperately to detach the top hat from Mario's head, while Toad starts searching for something to prepare himself with. Amidst the newly formed chaos, SMG4 suddenly notices Luigi's absence.

Meanwhile, Luigi finds himself falling through an unknown void that was apparently inside the chest. He eventually crashes back into the same room he was in before; however, Luigi notices that his body has turned transparent, as he has somehow fallen into another plane of existence. He sees that his brother and his friends are looking for him and tries to get their attention, but Luigi quickly realizes that they can't see or hear him.

Toad eventually finds what he was looking for and pulls out a bottle of "Ball Shiner" to polish his mushroom hat with. Luigi runs over to Toad and tries calling out to him, but he is unable to get a response. However, he is able to grab the bottle in Toad's hand, which makes it appear as though it is levitating in the real world.

Everyone else in the room immediately starts to panic, believing that they are being haunted by some sort of ghost. Toad pulls a Bible from out of nowhere in an attempt to exorcize the "spirit." Amused by his newfound ability, Luigi takes a moment to joke around by grabbing Toad and tossing him up in the air. While Mario starts laughing at the Mushroom person's expense, this only horrifies SMG4 and Bowser even more, thinking that Toad is possessed.

However, they are suddenly reminded of the task at hand when the bomb timer counts down to two more minutes. Luigi drops Toad, who runs over and proceeds to pour the bottle of polish all over his head. Mario begs Bowser to get the top hat off of him, to which the Koopa King pulls out a giant sword and chases him around with it.

Not wanting to let his friends down, Luigi tries to come up with a way to tell them where he is. He calls out to them to open the chest, but it still falls on deaf ears. When Luigi attempts to open the lid himself, he is propelled away by some unknown force. He finally resorts to throwing the chest at SMG4 to get him to notice it, but this somehow leads to him guessing that Luigi is downstairs.

Luigi panics as SMG4 prepares to leave the room and turns back to everyone else. Bowser is still trying to get the hat off of Mario, this time with a lawnmower, while Toad finishes polishing his head. Noticing the overly bright glare that it's giving off, Luigi gets another idea and picks the Mushroom person up once more. He walks over to SMG4 and uses the light from Toad's head to cast Luigi's own shadow on the wall. SMG4 finally realizes that it's Luigi and asks where the green plumber is, to which Luigi throws Toad over to the chest.

SMG4 takes a moment to inspect the chest, along with Bowser, who finally managed to get his hat back, and Mario, whose head in now almost completely bald. As they open the lid, a portal suddenly appears in the alternate plane, and Luigi jumps in. He reemerges from the chest in the real world and everyone takes a moment to rejoice.

Unfortunately, their celebration is short-lived, as Toad reminds everyone about the bomb. He pushes Luigi out of the way and grabs a pair of denim overalls from the chest, which Toad proceeds to paint black to give Luigi something "formal" to wear. However, SMG4 confesses that he was bluffing about blowing up the router, as even he wouldn't want the internet destroyed, and pulls out a remote to shut the bomb off. To his surprise, though, the remote itself blows up, and the bomb continues to count down to one more minute. Horrified, SMG4 begs the others to help him reach the platform, and everyone proceeds to stack on top of each other (including Luigi, who hasn't finished getting dressed). SMG4 manages to pull the bomb off the router, and Toad instructs him to throw it outside. Luckily, he tosses it out the castle window just as it's about to go off; though the bomb still manages to blow up Parakarry, who was outside delivering the mail. SMG4 is relieved that everything worked out and asks if everyone's ready to leave, only to see them all in shock, with Mario still mostly bald, and Luigi still naked.

Shortly after, the group finally arrives outside the theater for the awards ceremony, where Meggy, Tari, and Saiko are all waiting for them. Meggy teases the boys for taking to long, prompting SMG4 to list down all of the evening's events, which he sums up as "the usual." They suddenly hear applauding from inside the theater and head in just as the ceremony is about to start.

Inside the theater, Jeeves walks onstage and introduces SMG4 to the audience as the guest speaker for "Most Outstanding Civilian." SMG4 happily opens up the card to announce the winner, but is completely flabbergasted when he finds out that it's SMG3, who won the award for "saving the world from Waluigi" through his therapy treatment. SMG3 runs onto the stage and proceeds to taunt his rival. Furious, SMG4 tackles him and they get into a fistfight. Jeeves reluctantly puts up a sign on the wall, betting the audience to see who comes out on top. Ecstatic, Toad pulls out a large sum of money, finally happy that he decided to come.



Main Episodes




  • This arc was inspired by the fans who protested against Waluigi's position as an Assist Trophy rather than a playable fighter in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.
  • Tari debuts in the SMG4 series during the arc.
  • The Waluigi Arc saw the bloopers developing and maintaining an ongoing sense of continuity and character development, whereas all previous videos were strictly comedy and continuity was not a necessity.
  • As a tie-in to the arc, starting with Mario SAW, Waluigi appeared on SMG4's channel banner, and as the videos progressed, Waluigi got closer and closer to the front of the banner. After SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018, the banner returned to normal, marking the (assumed) end of the arc.
  • Despite being released months before the Waluigi Arc was even conceived, SMG4: Mario waits for pizza is canon in this timeline as confirmed by a flashback in SMG4: The Mario Convention!
  • After SMG4: The Mario Convention!, an official playlist for the arc was created in SMG4's channel.
  • Mario seems to undergo some character development around this arc (e.g. caring more about his brother's safety).
  • There is a video that explains how Luke & Kevin came up with and developed the episodes of The Waluigi Arc.
  • This is the second-darkest arc SMG4's channel, only beaten by The Anime Arc.
  • Though officially the first story arc, the first actual story arc could be considered to be Mushroom wars: that space series?.

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