• People like you piss me off to high hell

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    • Shedletground
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      Don't wanna be involved in this
      00:41, July 23, 2019
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    • Oh no....what's this?

      well too bad that Peater bothers you and that you piss your fucking pants during your drug fueled trip to Hell.Maybe you should try to get help for your addiction, its clearly not doing you bladder any good...

      In all seriousnesss fan items are NOT allowed to have pages on this wiki, they are NOT canon to the SMG4 canon and thus have no place, just becuase it appeared in a seminar or collab video doesn;t make it canon to the universe and just becuase you think this fan-made item would make a neat addicion to the wiki's pages doesn;t mean it actually is.You come here and harrass someone just for saying no, that is stupid and inmature.This wiki strives to be a safe place for the SMG4 comunity a place free of drama and hatred and you are disrupting the peace.So I hope your actions were  worth it becuase now I'm damming you to burn in Hell.


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    • Ooooooooookay, somebody's got serious issues

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    • I know...I know....

      But that won't make anything change...

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    • A FANDOM user
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