• Hello, fellow SMG4/Meta Runner/Glitch Productions Wikians.

    My name is Dinosaurus1, and I am a user on the Jurassic Park Wiki. I decided to put it upon myself to ask the many editors here to join the wiki.

    The FANDOM site in itself is well over a decade old, but we still get too little activity there. And though the topic is popular, we for some strange reason can’t get up in the ranks with the Disney, and Star Wars Wiki. I have a few reasons why you should come join us:

    1.We are a smaller, but friendly community, with a well-managed staff. 2.We have many pages to edit, but the sites not messy(we don’t have any unused templates, pages without categories etc.), so the editing is actually pretty easy to do there, with not many edit wars. 3.The users there are all helpful if you need aid in something, and kind, to newcomers, and our guidelines are simple and fair.

    Well, I hope you guy’s can join! Here’s the link:

    [I’m advertising this for another friend on that wikia]

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