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During the earlier bloopers and nowadays, Toad despised Mario due to his antics, but Mario himself never acknowledged this, because of how dumb he is. There would be times where Mario would intentionally harm Toad though, as shown in Plumber Academy for Idiots where he's seen ground-pounding Toad's face after the latter erased his Legend of Zelda save file.

In the 2014-15 bloopers, the situation seemed to be reversed. Mario's idiotic behavior had gotten to Toad, and he became equally stupid. Toad idolized Mario and had made a fan club about him; on the other hand, Mario found Toad a big nuisance and tried his best to avoid him. In a few episodes, Toad was even Mario's slave.

Eventually, Toad snapped out of loving Mario and his personality went back to the one in the older bloopers. Now Toad finds Mario annoying and hates him but never to the extent that Mario hates him.

Toads hatred for Mario goes so deep that he actually wants Mario to die. An example of this happens in Mario and the Diss Track, when Luigi prepared to deliver his friends bad news, Toad cheerfully asked if Mario was dead, and expressed frustration when Mario turned out to be still alive. This is also happened by SMG4: Stupid Mario 3D World, when Peach Toadstool, himself and Luigi jumped over an river but Mario fells down and downed into the river, he was saved by Plessie and everyone was happy that Mario is still alive except Toad that is pissed that Mario is still alive.

Despite their animosity, Toad often works together with Mario or joins him when going somewhere, whether he wants to or not. For example, he teamed up with Mario to get some milk after they accidentally destroyed the milk carton they were fighting over.

According to Toad himself, he likes Mario when the latter is angry.


In the older bloopers, Toad found SuperMarioGlitchy4 a nuisance and avoided him, but not as much as Mario. SMG4 didn't acknowledge Toad much but nevertheless would stand against him when he tried to take over the castle.

In the more recent bloopers, SMG4 finds Toad to be annoying, but beyond that, the two do not interact much.

SMG4 dressed Toad in drag and claimed that he was his girlfriend "Toadee" in SM64: The SMG4 QNA (400k Subs :D).


Despite the fact that Luigi is treated just as much a chew toy as him, Toad despises Luigi with a burning fire. Like Mario though, Luigi is unaware of Toad hating him, and even mourned his apparent death twice. However, he teamed up with him to get back with Mario after the latter crushed him with a giant cheeseburger.

Princess Peach

Toad is Princess Peach's servant and has to follow her orders. Since she likes to boss him around a lot, he naturally dislikes her, but unlike the other characters that he hates, Toad rarely strikes against Peach as he's scared of her.

Despite his dislike of her, the two are sometimes seen playing games together, although Toad is usually the winner.


Toad seems to have a crush on Toadette in the episode Retarded64: the Toad, the Fat and the Ugly, but at the end, she admits she's 9 years old, which makes Toad shocked. He is then arrested by a Policeman crew because they thought he was a pedophile. However, 46 episodes later, Toad being a pedophile has apparently been retconned, as he is confirmed to be in a relationship with Toadette.

However, Toad doesn't have any feelings for Toadette anymore, so he ignores her and treats her carelessly. In the episode Mario VS Sonic: PRANK BATTLE, Mario ruins their relationship by doing a prank with a Toad doll and a Hatsune Miku waifu pillow. Toad also uses her to attack Wario in one episode, causing him to crash his kart and become seriously injured. He calls her a "Crazy Girlfriend" when he does so.

In more recent videos, Toadette takes on more of a "crazy girlfriend" personality. In DOKI DOKI MARIO CLUB, Toad warns Boopkins about Saiko, saying that he made the same mistake and it is too late.


Toad and Bob are shown not to get along. Like everyone else, Toad sees Bob as a selfish nuisance, while Bob doesn't care much for Toad. Their enmity is best seen when fight each other in SMG4: Mario's Train Trip.

During The Mario Purge while Bob was locked outside the castle when the purge started, Toad was among the residents who elected not to let him in, claiming he wouldn't do the same for them.

At the end of The Most Important Thing, he and the rest of the gang went to visit Bob after he denounced his rap career in favor of his friends. However, in response to Boopkins telling Bob that he missed him, Toad said "Speak for yourself", showing that he wasn't very moved by Bob's gesture like everyone else was.

Mama Toad

Mama Toad (Hank Hill) was proven to be toad grandmother in Hobo Theater: Toads Garage Sale. She works in the military and make nuclear weapons.

Fishy Boopkins

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