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Toad Babeh (Also known as simply Babeh) is one of the four members of the Battletoads Justice Squad.  He is Frankie's older brother.


Babeh is a Toad who, like his brother, wears his glasses, and his head is blue with a lightning bolt design.


Babeh is the brains of the group. He tries to do something in a sensible way, but no one really listens. He is also extremely shy, and usually doesn't like to get in on the action, but he tries to help anyways. This is evident in Battletoads Justice Crew when he is hesitant to help a person inside a burning building. He is also shown to be protective of his younger brother as shown when Dr. Pootis bullied him.


  • Babeh is supposed to sound like it is sung in Justin Bieber's "Baby".
  • Like his younger brother, he wears glasses.
  • If his relation with Frankie is canon, then that makes Toadsworth his grandfather.

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