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Toad Barrage (Also known simply as Barrage) is a minor character in the SMG4 series.

He is one of the four members of the BattleToads Justice Crew


Barrage's cap is orange with red six-pointed star with thick black outlines, with an orange vest, black pants. He has angry eyes, with a black goatee.


Barrage is the "Tough Guy" of the group. He can be described as a loose cannon, he's not very smart and usually jumps right into action without thinking. Barrage usually goes all-out to solve a problem, even when it was just getting a cat down from a tree.


  • Barrage's name shares its definition of bombardment of bombarding, very much like his personality.
  • Out of all the BattleToads, Barrage has had the most appearances.
  • He is the only Toad who has facial hair.
  • According to SM64 halloween 2015: The 2Spooky story, Toad Barrage is Frankie's uncle.

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