Toad guards1

Two Toad Guards are keeping Mario out of Princess Peach's Castle in the video "Master of Fail Disguises".

Toad army

The new Toad Guards: they wear glasses and have a black and red afro.

Toad Guards are guards who are Toads in SuperMarioGlitchy4's videos. They usually stand in front of the Princess Peach's Castle to protect the Princess Peach, and keep Mario out whenever he is ordered not to come in the castle.


Their main and debut appearance in SMG4's bloopers is in the episode "Master of Fail Disguises", where after Mario destroys the castle, Peach puts out two Toad Guards to stop Mario from coming to her birthday party, so Mario tries to sneak in with some disguises, however ultimately fails. One appeared again in the video "Birthday Freakout" to keep Mario from coming into Enzo's birthday. Later some appeared in the blooper "A Fungus Among Us", but this time they had glasses and a black and red afro. 


  • In the real Mario video games, the Toads protect the Princess by keeping Bowser out of the Castle, and not Mario.
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