Toad Priest is an unnamed Toad with a cross symbols on his fungus.


He appears to explain about Toad Christ and the Taco God in his first appearance. However starting from "The Visitor" he announces events such as deaths or freakouts.

He first appeared in The Toadassass-ination, visiting the other Toad(s) at Mario's second house. He's obviously a priest. He asks if Toad knows about their religion. After explaining it to him, he tells him to pay 85 dollars, which makes Toad almost kill him.

He later reappears in The Visitor (2014) where he attends Luigi's funeral and tries to cure Peach.

He also made a small cameo appearance in The Idea Block with Luigi and Toad, his role announcing SuperMarioGlitchy4's weird reaction.

His recent appearances are in Sonic the Derphog: The Item Brick and SM64: Meet the Luigi as a cameo.


In his first appearance, he looks like a Toad but he has a head with cross symbols. Starting from "The Visitor", he wears black clothes.


  • He is the third Toad with a different head design, the first being Toad Guards, the second being Ben, and the fourth being Toadsworth.
  • Toad dressed up like a priest during Mario And The Well.


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