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—Toast Guy

Toast Guy (or Toast-Obsessed Shy Guy , McShyGuy or McShyGuy the helping toast fairy) is a recurring character in the SMG4 series. He has made many cameos, but has had major appearances in the Cooking with Bowser and Mario series. His name was revealed in a 2020 Hobo Bros video.

Toast Guy is, as could be guessed, a Shy Guy obsessed with Toast, and often screams his famous quote "YEAH TOAST!". He has the impressive ability to instantaneously create toast out of thin air, as seen in Cooking with Mario and Bowser when he was a special guest on the show. However, he can be sane without toast, as shown in Love for Luigi where he is seen running a cookie shop.

He was gifted a piece of toast by Mario who he believed to be his mother after helping him in SM64 Bloopers: Shy Guy Showdown. Mario told him to cherish the toast forever, which he obviously did.

SMG4's Origins revealed that before SMG4' Guardian Pod landed in the Mushroom Kingdom, he was a regular Shy Guy. When memes were unleashed on the land, he was zapped by the Pod, turning him into what he is now.


Toast Guy is shown to be scarily obsessed with toast, and will scream about it on many occasions. He is shown to be incredibly violent and angry without it and will go into a fit of rage. He also likes putting on fairy wings and calling himself a "Toast Fairy". He is mostly seen as an annoyance by Mario and some others.


Powerlevel: B

  • Toast-Reaction: Toast-Guy can immediately fly to a toast that has been thrown.
  • Flying: Toast Guy got wings with the help of a special mushroom, but sometimes he doesn't have the wings.


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